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  1. bioman

    Peak District, End of Hulme End as we know it, Sun 25th Nov

    Morning :-) Is there room for 2 x Biomen? If so see you at Hulme End 10.30am Rick
  2. I have for sale my Ford 1600 CVH . The engine was rebuilt 4 years ago. It has a Stage 2 head, Twin DCOE 40's, new starter motor 4 years ago, Before engine rebuild it was 139bhp on a rolling road. (print out available) Was taken it out of my Narrow Westfield. Here is a link to a video of it running today 3/06/2017. Needs a new alternator but should just bolt straight onto a type 9 box. £700 and your off. Included is exhaust manifold, clutch assembly ETC ETC. Was going to split but haven't had time.
  3. bioman

    Peak District Rudyard Run, Saturday 1st Sept

    I'm in Julie but will be with Paul H. Andy Greenstreak will bring Header.
  4. Plus Bioman please and Richard Watton :-)
  5. bioman

    Peak District, Sunday 5th August

    Hi all, thanks Julie for letting Liz and I tag along this morning. Gr8 to meet some old faces and new ones. As always your group made us most welcome and despite my fuel problem (it didn't miss a beat after the HAY TRAILER) we thoroughly enjoyed it. Went to see a future member (mini bioman) and then home for tea. Park anywhere you like :-) ? Thanks again see you soon. Richard
  6. bioman

    Expansion Tank.

    Hi Andy, I managed to get an original one from Stoneleigh. Are you part of the NWKCOG? if so I could give you it for you to evaluate through a member at a meet :-). If its no good send it me back. Richard
  7. bioman

    Expansion Tank.

    https://www.autopartspro.co.uk/metzger-1813894 Hi, this is one I bought back in May. It is for a Mark V Fiesta not the Mk1 . It would need an alternative mounting arrangement to the standard Westfield one. If interested make me an offer. Regards Richard
  8. bioman

    Expansion Tank.

    I got one :-)
  9. bioman

    Off side mirror

    Austin Metro
  10. bioman


    Cheers Marcus , see ya soon.
  11. bioman


    Julie gave the tank my garage man at Stoneleigh and he fitted it at his garage where the car was stored. Sorry I didn't make it clear. Bioman
  12. This is probably posted in the wrong place however here goes. Just over a couple of weeks ago the header tank failed on my SE. I put up on the forum that i was after a new or second hand one. Although I got some replies I sent of for a new one on Ebay. When I got the conformation of purchase it said delivery would be Monday 7th (yes I know a bank holiday). I was fortunate to be on holiday that week but needed the car for Saturday 13th. I then had whilst in Lanzarote an email saying that the new header was going to be despatched from Germany on Tuesday 8th. What to do????? Well I got a message from Julie Hall ( AO Peak District ) saying she was at Stoneleigh, had seen a header on the jumble stall, not only that she had put it in the back of her car. Did I want it? A pal of mine picked it up from her and by the time I got back last Thursday the header had been fitted and the car was ready for the charity run on the Saturday. Many thanks WSCC but in particular Julie Hall for going "above and beyond the call of duty". BTW the header turned up but wasn't quite the correct fitting. BIOMAN
  13. bioman

    Header water container for Westfield SE

    https://www.autopartspro.co.uk/metzger-1813894 what about this new? Hope this might help someone in the future.
  14. bioman

    Header water container for Westfield SE

    Thnx Oliver 1 I've been told they don't do them anymore. But need it for the 11may. I'm overseas at the mo.
  15. bioman

    Header water container for Westfield SE

    Thnx DamperMan .

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