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  1. Ok guys seeing as the AO doesn't post reminders anymore who is coming tomorrow night?
  2. My silvertop was initially fitted to an MT75 gearbox then to a Type 9, i had no issues with fit in either case.
  3. After 10 years on poly bushes. i'm going back to metalastic. So i'm looking for a full set (18). Anyone got any lying around that they want to sell?
  4. Not one of the current bunch in the Houses of Parliament are worth getting out of bed to vote for. if they couldn't sort this out in two years, how on earth do they think a few weeks extension will help
  5. Yep Bernie they were brothers, remember his battles with Gerry Marshall?
  6. Very sad news indeed Charlie had been in F1 as long as i've been watching, rising up from a mechanic with the Hesketh team, to Brabham where he joined forces with Bernie and then on the his current position within the ruling body. I travel long haul about once a year and i'm very aware of what can happen, i sit there there doing all the exercises that are recommended and a few more of my own, and i very rarely see anyone else doing likewise. I seem to remember after the 2003 USA trip Buzz Billsbury had a bit of a problem with a blood clot? Anyone remember his brother Nick of All Car Equipe Escort fame in the early 70s? He too met an untimely death, he was linked to the Brinks Mat robbery and was stabbed and shot by underworld hitmen.
  7. Ok i'm back now and i've got a lot of catching up to do Who's coming tomorrow?
  8. Thanks Carlie and the aplan.team. The thread only kept going cos of all the banter. it was all my fault really, renewal due 30 Jan and we go away early Jan, I usually renew before my reminder comes through, but this year I completely forgot. another senior moment, oh well.
  9. Ooh you better keep a low profile after that
  10. I've brought my mozzie magnet with me, the wife doesn't half attract them and they leave me alone
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