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  1. Paul Hurdsfield

    Aplan urgent

    Thanks Carlie and the aplan.team. The thread only kept going cos of all the banter. it was all my fault really, renewal due 30 Jan and we go away early Jan, I usually renew before my reminder comes through, but this year I completely forgot. another senior moment, oh well.
  2. Paul Hurdsfield

    Aplan urgent

    Ooh you better keep a low profile after that
  3. Paul Hurdsfield

    Aplan urgent

    I've brought my mozzie magnet with me, the wife doesn't half attract them and they leave me alone
  4. Paul Hurdsfield

    Aplan urgent

    If you can find it you can have it, I've got these two to play with the merc is one week old, Paul Jnr ordered it but when it was delivered last week he had b*******ed off to Ruanda to see the mountain gorillas, so I've got to run it in for him.
  5. Paul Hurdsfield

    Aplan urgent

    Ok you lot have your fun while you are snowed in, I'll get you back. its all sorted now they finally sent me the payment details. its very strange that they don't have a facility to renew online
  6. Paul Hurdsfield

    Aplan urgent

    Can somebody from Aplan reply to my email? My renewal on my tintop was due 2 days ago, I emailed you to ask for renewal details to be emailed to me because I am currently in Thailand. Yesterday I got an email saying I had til 2pm today to renew, I signed, scanned and emailed my renewal acceptance to you last night asking for details on how to pay by bacs, I need those details now so I can make the premium payment. please bear in mind I am 7 hours ahead of you! Ta Paul
  7. Paul Hurdsfield

    Manchester meet Wednesday 9th Jan

    I promised you a photo......
  8. Paul Hurdsfield

    Manchester meet Wednesday 9th Jan

    Not me Terry, I will have been in Thailand about three hours at 8pm I'll send you a photo
  9. Paul Hurdsfield

    Howdy All

    From Sunny Manchester We used to have a guy with a Dax come to our local meetings a few years back, we like variety
  10. Paul Hurdsfield

    Peak District Run, Sat 1st or Sun 2nd Dec

    Just look what your missing @Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO desserts chocolate volcano [v] warm chocolate pudding with a gooey chocolate fondant centre served with longridge farm’s honeycomb ice cream traditional christmas pud [v] with muscovado brandy sauce passionfruit eton mess [v] with mango curd, fresh passionfruit & kiwi, coconut cream, meringue and shaved coconut
  11. Paul Hurdsfield

    Awesome things on a Friday

    I shouldn't have read that today, It's my Mams birthday, she died in 1963 when i was 13.
  12. Paul Hurdsfield

    Model Westfield

    I remember that car as well.
  13. Paul Hurdsfield

    CNC micro mill conversion

    Is it three axis
  14. Paul Hurdsfield

    Fuse box cover

    So you just carefully drill it out and use a suitable self tapper.

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