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  1. As I'm wandering the streets of Belfast again you can meet without me. let's see a good turnout
  2. Paul Hurdsfield

    My inheritance

    Hello and welcome from sunny Manchester. after such a catastrophe the only way is up, and it sounds like that's your opinion too, good luck for the future.
  3. Paul Hurdsfield

    A Little Taste Of Stoneleigh 2018

  4. Paul Hurdsfield

    In the "Old" days

    Not quite as 'old' as some of these pics. Silverstone probably 1979 or 1981 when you could wander around just about anywhere.
  5. Paul Hurdsfield

    Lancashire Area Meeting

    See ya lata alligata
  6. Ok i know its very short notice, but does anyone fancy a run up to settle to meet up with the lancashire lot tonight? We could meet at McDonalds rising bridge, Haslingden just before 7 and go up through Barrowford, Gisburn and Long Preston. Whos up for it?
  7. Paul Hurdsfield

    Lancashire Area Meeting

    What time at Settle Steve? Is it the chippy opposite the car park or is the Naked man still open in the evenings?
  8. Paul Hurdsfield

    Blyton Park Track day briefing

    What if someone who just wanted a few passenger rides turned up after the briefing?
  9. Paul Hurdsfield

    End of an era for me

    I think this just about sums up my six years of retirement.
  10. Paul Hurdsfield

    Manchester meet blat or football???

    We are on the Caravan club site near that sign Gary. youve got some nice roads round here.
  11. Paul Hurdsfield

    Manchester meet blat or football???

    Hi Dave I can’t make it, currently in the Cotswolds, the nearest I’ve been to any Westfield is this.
  12. Paul Hurdsfield

    Westfield Newbie - Manchester / Leeds

    They are Compomotive Evolution, no longer available I'm afraid, originally they were antracite, but I had them powder coated black years ago.
  13. Paul Hurdsfield

    Zetec oil consumption

    My 2.0 silvertop zetec hasn't used a drop in 24,000 miles from new, that includes a few track days (no mercy shown) and a number of long distance tours round Europe, circa 2,000 miles in 2 weeks.
  14. Paul Hurdsfield

    Peak District, Sunday 1st July

    Another great day out organised by Julie, As you lot know i wasnt on the circular but met you all at the pub half way round my own little 80 mile circular. Thanks Julie
  15. Paul Hurdsfield

    Westfield Newbie - Manchester / Leeds

    Hello and welcome from Sunny Manchester.

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