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  1. Paul Hurdsfield

    Peak District's Finest, Sun 17th June

    I've been hanging on, but now it is confirmed......we are having the Grandchildren staying over tonight so i can't come out to play Have a good one.
  2. Paul Hurdsfield

    Happy Birthday my tigger Wendz

    Happy birthday Wendy
  3. Oh well maybe next time, you missed a gud un' what a great night almost like the 'old' days six Westfields Enjoyed a run out led by Wayne (thanks Wayne) chips and coffee at Hollingworth lake then back to the pub for a pint of shandy. special thanks to Bernie (pistonbroke) for making the long journey from St Helens, I hope you got home before the rain came. we left the pub at 10pm and it had just started raining but I got home without getting too wet, I hope everyone else was just as lucky so thanks all for making the effort, it's what being a club member is all about
  4. I thought the rain was due after midnight, maybe the winds stronger than predicted The Horton arms Terry. Not sure about the chippy Jim, let's see what folks say at the start Ive been out playing in this today.
  5. Paul Hurdsfield

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    And this was last Saturday.
  6. Paul Hurdsfield

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    This was two years ago, but I love it,thanks Marcus.
  7. Paul Hurdsfield

    Happy Cake Day Julie

    Happy birthday Julie from Sunny Manchester
  8. Ok 7pm it is, all ready for a 7.15 getaway Can everyone make sure they have sufficient fuel for a 30ish mile run, it's a little frustrating when you say "lets go" and someone says I need to stop for petrol
  9. It won't e a long run, out through Delph up towards Ripponden then back past the White House and down past Hollingworth lake, returning to the pub. Come along you will enjoy it, can you make 7pm?
  10. Bump. Now C'mon boys lets have a bit more response, looking at the forecast we wont get a better night For any newbies out there reading this, don't be shy come along, if you aint got a car yet, no problem there will probably be a couple of empty seats Please can all attendees confirm that they can make the early start time? if you cant dont worry we will be back at the pub about 9ish.
  11. Paul Hurdsfield

    Railway Run in the Peak District, Saturday 9th June

    It really was a great day, Julie had sorted out a fantastic route.
  12. Paul Hurdsfield

    Railway Run in the Peak District, Saturday 9th June

    Is anybody going to mention the suicidal cyclist who nearly made himself useful as an organ donor?
  13. Paul Hurdsfield

    Railway Run in the Peak District, Saturday 9th June

    We are coming, don’t leave Matlock without us.
  14. Paul Hurdsfield

    Day trip to the Nürburgring

    Aah yes Germany, i remember it well
  15. Two important things about this meeting. Smeggy is on holiday. My car is back on the road. So weather permitting we will go out for a run, we could do an early start, say 7 or 7.30 please tell me what would suit you best. We wont get a night with more daylight so lets make the most of it And one more thing. Julie is having a run out tomorrow morning around the Matlock area, i know it's short notice but is anyone up for it?

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