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  1. Paul Hurdsfield

    4 point harness flaping around when strapped in

    Bit of velcro.
  2. Paul Hurdsfield

    Where next?

    And the Scottish borders
  3. Paul Hurdsfield

    Alcohol free.

    FREE! how much did all thar equipment cost then?
  4. Paul Hurdsfield

    Where next?

    Oops nearly forgot Paul Ricard, lol.
  5. Paul Hurdsfield

    Where next?

    Like you said there's so many places to see. Have i inspired you yet ?
  6. Paul Hurdsfield

    Where next?

    You could go here John. Or here I did Ireland this year, not in the westy, the crossing was £300 with a caravan in tow, from Cairnryan (Scotland) to Larne, only a 2 hour crossing.
  7. Very sad news, my deepest condolences to his family and all who knew him
  8. Paul Hurdsfield

    Completely off topic. Small claims court. legal advice.

  9. Paul Hurdsfield

    Full Zk seiw body work set

    You really need to get the rear behind the wheel arches supported otherwise it will be a nightmare to fit after such a long time. Not trying to p1$$ on your sale, but those back ends really do sag. Those little pits in the gelcoat are probably air holes and will fill with a bit of clear gel.
  10. Paul Hurdsfield

    zetec starting - again!

    I recently went through this, here are my findings relating to the battery. Your symptoms are exactly the same as mine, I had 12.7 volts at the battery and the starter, but only 7 volts on cranking, the battery was about 8 years old, so last saturday i got a new one from Halfords i paid £48 cos i have a trade card. It's this one https://www.halfords.com/motoring/bulbs-blades-batteries/car-batteries/halfords-hb028-lead-acid-12v-car-battery-3-year-guarantee it is about an inch taller than my last one so for now i have used longer bolts on the battery retaining strap until i can make a new one. HTH Now dont ask me about starter motors Edit to add. mine is in the nosecone also.
  11. Paul Hurdsfield

    Wirrai N/Wales Pensioners Section Run Out

    Eventually we found each other. Billy no mates. Found something interesting. Here we all are. Many thanks Jeff for organising this, what a great turnout on a great day, nice meet friends old and new
  12. Paul Hurdsfield

    Wirrai N/Wales Pensioners Section Run Out

    Ok the layby it is are you coming Bernie?
  13. Paul Hurdsfield

    Wirrai N/Wales Pensioners Section Run Out

    .Are you not coming out to play @Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO.

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