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  1. Put a loop on the hose and put an inline filter on (not provided in the kit, sorry). Then try to get the open end as high as you can, may be best waiting until the body work is trial fitted.
  2. Do they have the same mounting details though? (I could use CF to cover the original holes and then drill new ones). Anyhow what are you doing looking backwards, when your front view looks like this:
  3. @Si.Dalziel? Never too early to start carbon adiction
  4. Enjoy. I had play in mine early on too. I tried to do it and failed (oven/freezer) method. Ended up dropping them into the factory. My local Kwikfit had a 240ftlb torque wrench but not the 1/2 socket for the hub nut. I took my own and they checked the tighness for free! If you leave the wheel centres out. You don't need to jack it up/take wheel off etc.
  5. Yep, it has to come out. Either use a drift on either end to avoid damaging the thread or use a nut on the bar partly unscrewed. Spray plenty of WD40 on the inside too. If using a drift you can leave the nut on loose and wind it off once the bar is moving to recover any thread slighly distorted by the hammering! Why are you removing it?
  6. Did you do it, to make it easier to get at in the event of a roll over?
  7. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Wiper fuse

    @westyjord87 has this problem with his factory built S2000 car too. I'd measure the current and see what the normal running current is first. The mechanism could be stiff and need bedding in etc.
  8. Another great write up. Keep up the good work!
  9. Not at, all what format would you like .ai or .pdf or something else? Just drop me a PM with your e-mail address Mark and I'll ship it over.
  10. @bob25 I've just modifed mine, see my thread here: I woudnl't want you to damage your nice new aero screen in a similar way! I've no idea what my mirrors are off, they came in my kit from the factory(they look like the ones linked above, though the picture isn't too clear). I'd not buy them again. The edges of the mirror/glass are starting to tarnish and they seem very good a catching dirty water from the front wheels, which the dribbles down the glass and makes the rear view difficult. Based on my experience, take your time to work out where to fix them and ensure the view is what you want. Mine are mounted simply by two 8mm holes, and then repair washers, nylock nuts with black plastic IVA nut covers on.
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