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  1. Will this not limit cooling to the fins covered by the board? I can’t see how close to the fins the board ends up.
  2. Sadly not. I'm in Nuremberg this week.
  3. Hi Jared, Above the passenger footwell in the engine bay for me.
  4. Looks good @David_Thame I have no screen but mirror bases are covered by the crash pad...that OK? Yes! My fuel cap is not tethered but its lockable and the key cant be removed unless its locked. OK? Yes I seem to have a spare yellow brake sticker thingy which i have no idea where to stick it? is it on the master cylinder? it has to be near brake cylinder reservoir, so stick on bulkhead panel above brake cylinder reservoir You can just about see mine here: All nuts have covers on, but i have exposed roll bar mounts both sides...i'm getting a boot cover but is that enough for iVA as it will cover my nuts. Need to see pics to advise properly of this item.
  5. Some good advice on their site, thanks @BigSkyBrad https://www.venhill.co.uk/faq/
  6. Ignore the Mac books request to format. Can you connect the camera to you Mac book by usb and access it that way ? Alternatively have you any friends with a pc?
  7. Just be carefully that you don’t get caught out with throttles that don’t shut fully. It’s a scary experience. I’ve had personal experience of this 😂
  8. That looks well and not the 'barn find' I was expecting given the length of time etc. I'm sure you'll have it all ready with the great help on here and a bit of time and effort!
  9. I doubt the cable length will have any bearing on the issue. It's more likely the springing. Do you have any paperwork with the car advising who fitted the bodies etc? Perhaps talk to them and see what they suggest is normal etc.
  10. Has it always been stiff, did you fit the throttle bodies? We need a little more info to advise you fully. Most throttle bodies will have individual spindle springs (either per bank of two or per cylinder) and a linkage spring to hold them closed. How does it feel if you pull the linkage at the throttle body end by hand? This will rule out the cable etc.
  11. The stepped tube is for the bolt end of the harness on the insides to allow the buckle to rotate up and down slightly. You use just the longer tube for the eye bolts. To control where the eyebolt ends up once tight, you may need to use a washer to adjust or file material of the length of the spacer.
  12. looks like @Martyn Vann - Joint Warwickshire AO was grass cutting again Some great pics there @Paul T
  13. Here's a few more of my pics of the clutch slave. If you've been reading my build thread well, you'll have spotted I've trimmed off some of the slave body as the hose clashed with the chassis in the normal position of the hose union.
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