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  1. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Your experiences of... Toyota MR2 Turbo (MK2)

    What about when it was moving
  2. IanK (Bagpuss)

    New MD for Westfield

    No he'll need to sell more cars to cover his wage increase Well deserved and best wishes @Simon Westwood - Westfield Sportscars Ltd
  3. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Your experiences of... Toyota MR2 Turbo (MK2)

    I had a NA Mk2. MR2. Great fun and a driver focused car, but you were always aware of where the engine was and where it wanted to be! I always used the expensive OE Bridgstones all round which were grippy but only lasted 3000-4000 miles for the back end! I imagine a turbo brings a whole host more of challenges in keeping it pointing in the right direction! At least you'll be saving it from become a donor for a fake Ferrari ;-
  4. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Plumbing routing.

    Hi Steve, Are these coolant inlets or outlet pipes? As It's best to have the pump on the outlet of the rad pushing cooled water into the engine.
  5. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Plumbing routing.

    My EWP sits in the passenger side front wishbone area and is about 12 inches from the bottom of the rad. It makes it tricky to get the coolant tank feed and several other return feeds to the pump inlet. Hence I've got a hose barb in the rad where the M22 thermostat usually lives. This requires the boss to be in the lower rad tank to work. More details etc in my build thread.
  6. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Cheshire and N. Staffs Christmas Curry, Thursday 6th December

  7. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Cheshire and N. Staffs Christmas Curry, Thursday 6th December

    I hope she you dresses you the same as Billy again
  8. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Coolex Radiators Nottingham

    Yep. Run it and keep checking all is well. The thermostat won't have allowed any water passed it, cold. So you may get some more water in as you progress. Feel the hoses as it warms up to give you an ideal where the waters getting to etc.
  9. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Battery Question

    Yep: https://www.ctek.com and https://www.halfords.com/workshop-tools/garage-equipment/battery-chargers-jump-starters/ctek-comfort-battery-charge-indicator-panel?cm_mmc=Google+PLA-_-Garage+Equipment-_-Battery+Chargers+&+Jump+Starters-_-166739&istCompanyId=b8708c57-7a02-4cf6-b2c0-dc36b54a327e&istItemId=lippax&istBid=tzwp&_$ja=tsid:94971|cid:1537737348|agid:57846660239|tid:pla-350069481079|crid:291898457468|nw:g|rnd:10274358568978284445|dvc:t|adp:1o1|mt:|loc:9073591&gclid=Cj0KCQiAoJrfBRC0ARIsANqkS_661GnwPWxgIapVLf8fcWNfx9le8X92Zti25ksA17qHdAv2p7K6gz0aAsQxEALw_wcB
  10. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Battery Question

    It's to connect a Ctek charger to. It's a little easier than crock clips onto the battery each time. I assume you've not got the charger though? Most usually fit it somewhere that's easily reachable without lifting the bonnet off etc. I've got a Ctek comfort Indicator on my dash which shows the battery status and allows easy connection of my charger.
  11. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Omex 600 and Aim MXS aerial telemetry

    That's a least a positive step forward and clearly identifies the issue is at the Dash end. Let's hope you get it all back working soon.
  12. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Daughter to Father Talk................

    And you'll usually find they will lap faster than you as they've got no sense of fear!
  13. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Cracked upright, wide track part identification

    I suspect this part: Is to allow you to use non wide track shocks with the wide track wishbones and moves the shock lower mount inboard. As you've worked out though, you won't need the parts as you've got the correct length shocks for wide track.
  14. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Coolex Radiators Nottingham

    Hi Steve, You can get either red or blue anti freeze. Ready mixed or mix to the ratio as per the instructions on the container (typically 25-33% anti freeze to water, for UK winter). Just ensure it's suitable for an alloy engine given you've got a nice shiny ali rad . Others may be better placed to advise on bleeding for your engine. I've got an electric water pump, so can bleed without running the engine. Best to massage hoses and try to 'burb' air out as the engine warms up and the thermostat starts to open,, you may need to top up coolant a few times until you've got all the air bled out. Some engines are easier to bleed than others. ID=inside diameter. You should find the spiggot on the rad and the coolant tank to be 8mm OD (outside diameter). I doubt you'll get it in Halfords but most good motor factors should sell it by the metre.
  15. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Daughter to Father Talk................

    I'm sure Carlie will give you a nice 4 figure sum to put you off

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