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  1. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Happy Birthday John (Kernow)

    Have a great day!
  2. IanK (Bagpuss)

    OMEX 630 ECU Connection

    Terry's Breaking Bad, crystal meth approach above!
  3. IanK (Bagpuss)

    OMEX 630 ECU Connection

    It's been modified and on it's way back to you
  4. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Wiring Diagram for Fan needed (or Help!)

    This isn't off a westie but should help:
  5. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Radiator stat to fan wiring

    It's here: @Terry Everall - WSCC Competition Secretary though this is based on the factory loom for an S2000 which may help you.
  6. IanK (Bagpuss)

    oil catchment tank yes or no

    Too many 'woolly' girls to tempt you @Thrustyjust
  7. IanK (Bagpuss)

    oil catchment tank yes or no

    tha dunner af to tak cam cova off! Just unscrew PCV valve with a socket!
  8. IanK (Bagpuss)

    OMEX 630 ECU Connection

    send i t over to me by e-mail and I'll take a look
  9. IanK (Bagpuss)

    oil catchment tank yes or no

    Hi John,, you've got it bang on! Tank height can be on the scuttle or low down on the battery it's only oily air the tubes may be carrying. Try to use a double wall re-enforced oil/fuel hose as some softer hoses can collapse with the heat. The reason you drill the PCV out, is that it was originally designed by Honda to such the oily fumes into the engine when the throttle is closed to burn them to keep the planet clean. Once you connect it to the tank, there is no vacuum created in the tank to suck the valve open, hence nothing will pass through it. If you drill it out, it will then allow the oily/moist fumes to go to your catch can.
  10. IanK (Bagpuss)

    OMEX 630 ECU Connection

    Are you on V9 Dash Firmware (i.e.. does it say Westfield on boot up)? Do you have the config file for what's in it at the moment? if so, set the formula to Y=x for the water temp channel and plot the water temp values from the ECU vs. the dash readings, then enter them into the config software on the enter formula from a table.
  11. IanK (Bagpuss)

    oil catchment tank yes or no

    Yep, the one circled in blue is blanked. The PCV valve is screwed into the cam cover. Here's a view from inside with the baffle plate missing. The PCV valve is arrowed in red Here's with the baffle plate fitted. The valve when removed looks like this: you will see the ball and spring assembly which makes the one way valve by looking in the threaded end. Hold it in a vice and drill it out so it's clear.
  12. IanK (Bagpuss)

    oil catchment tank yes or no

    Hi @LukeW no such thing as daft questions on here (but plenty of daft answers ). Yep, yellow hose needs to go to a catch can and drill out PCV valve in cover (it can be removed from the cover to drill). The green hoses can be blanked as shown below:
  13. IanK (Bagpuss)

    oil catchment tank yes or no

    Blank for inlet from ASH- https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/190892513049 Catch can filter from here: https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/k-n-filters-breather-filter-244153/
  14. IanK (Bagpuss)

    oil catchment tank yes or no

    Hi John, The Honda engine does seem to like to breath. The one closest to the gearbox will likely still have a PCV valve in which needs drilling out as it's never going to get sucked open by vacuum. I've got an OBD catch can fitted here: I did use a cheap filter from Ebay but it allowed oily fumes out. It's now got a K&N one on. One of the hoses needed an inline reducer as the nipples on the cam cover are different diameters. http://www.obpltd.com/Alloy-Products/-Alloy-Products/Catch-Tanks/1-Litre-Square-Bulk-Head-Mount-Oil-Catch-Tank-OBPCT001 The tanks doesn't have any mesh/gauze/baffles inside to help separate the oil from air. It's just an empty tank. It has collected a little oily water over the time it's been on and it's worth fitting to stop unfiltered air getting sucked back into your cam cover. You may have to mount in a different location on yours due to your screen wash bottle. I'm aero screened, so don't have such luxuries. You don't want the connection to the inlet manifold, blank it off like Rich has. The oil vapours can help gum up the idle air control valve and lead to smoking on tight bends.
  15. IanK (Bagpuss)

    OMEX 630 ECU Connection

    @Scotty72 drop me a PM with your e-mail address and I'll send across what you need !

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