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  1. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Spot The IVA Failure

    Nice tidy build. Have you got rubber edging strip on your cycle wings? I glued mine on with superglue with the glue only on the inside of the wing. So when it 'fell off' after IVA, there would be less marks on the outside of the wing.
  2. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Chesterfield meet and Ashover Car Show followed by Tagg Lane Ice Cream Farm, Sun 22 July

    Sorry, can't make this one. Have a great day out.
  3. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Need a legup on re-engine project - North West

    Have a look on Facebook for NWKCOG
  4. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Need a legup on re-engine project - North West

    A lot of my NWKCOG friends rate: https://www.yell.com/biz/a-b-garage-deeside-266225/
  5. IanK (Bagpuss)

    MegaS2000 Alternator Plug

    @Rich201060, @Hadz @Si.Dalziel don't get caught out with this as it's an expensive mistake if you wire as per the build manual (unless it's been corrected!)
  6. IanK (Bagpuss)

    MegaS2000 Alternator Plug

    @CraigHew I've got a little one (I passed my original Honda one to someone who wired there's up wrong due to the build manual error!). My build manual shows(THIS IS WRONG !): My S2000 service manual shows: The attached Engine harness drawing shows: Alternator plug (Green is ignition feed, Brown/Yellow is charging indicator light) & Engine harness to chassis harness plug (the yellow brown wire is node NY12) Chassis harness to engine harness socket (The yellow brown wire is connected to node NY105 now) Which is wired to the ignition warning light here: I therefore suggest to wire as @Andy (Sycho) has shown above. The other two pins are used for economy purposed under ECU control in the Honda application and hence aren't required in a Westfield. 4994 Honda S2000 Engine Harness.dwg.pdf
  7. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Blyton 2018, The photo thread.

    It's the only shot, I took of you sorry. You must have been too quick Hope you enjoyed it!
  8. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Blyton 2018, The photo thread.

    Sorry, Tony. I wasn't there on Fri.
  9. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Blyton 2018, The photo thread.

    this one?
  10. IanK (Bagpuss)

    1.6 Ecoboost Build

    Yep, you need a pull up resistor Circa 1kohm should be fine. It will output 0V when metal is detected and stay high when no metal detected.
  11. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Blyton 2018 Feedback

    I suspect she's been let down by a lot of men
  12. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Blyton 2018, The photo thread.

    I used to read LOTUS as lot's of Trouble Usually Serious, however this poor fellow did his best to catch this. I conclude: Light On Throttle Usually Spins
  13. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Blyton 2018 Feedback

    @Andy Banks - Chairman- you're very welcome. Let me know if you want any full size or I can dropbox them etc to whoever wants them.
  14. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Blyton 2018, The photo thread.

    I was punished in advance with two hours of photo re-editing/uploading
  15. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Blyton 2018 Feedback

    I offered my services (sat only) to both Panda and Nigel and was told they had enough bodies? Hence I occupied myself with my camera.

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