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  1. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Mazda SDV, Build Number 3

    Great progress
  2. IanK (Bagpuss)

    FW special build project inspired by Lego

    Looking great! Well done!
  3. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Mega s2000 Omex throttle bodies

    I suspect you mis-heard Barry. They said 4 2 6 weeks Did you put a Honda plenum back on?
  4. IanK (Bagpuss)

    help on exporting a road car to germany

    Oops- good spot Andy
  5. IanK (Bagpuss)

    help on exporting a road car to germany

    Not wishing to ‘rain on your parade’ I doubt he’ll get the car registered in Germany as it is. I suggest he contracts Westfield’s German agent. I recall the sport 250 required some work to get through the emission requirements and that’s on a Ford ECU. The S2000 is on an Omex motorsport ECU which doesn’t have ODB etc which will be required from memory.
  6. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Westfield MegaS2000- Omex ECU serial data enable request

    @Stuart Faulkner - Shows & Events Coordinator @CraigHew @westyjord87@Rednop1@Tom (T3OMF) - Cotswolds AO @Chrisn01
  7. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Aim mxs info thread

    No need to rub it in I'm very jealous!
  8. I've been trying to convince Omex without success so far, to enable the serial data port on our 630 ECU, which will then enable those of us with a Dash2 to display ECU parameters on the dash. This would also mean I can loose one of my 3 water temperature probes! It's not so much that they don't wish to do it, it's just they would need to test it etc and the more of us that require this may help my cause!
  9. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Aim mxs info thread

    During my ECU cut out investigations, Omex did at one point consider sending me a 710 and I did ask about loom compatibility. I recall it was plug and play. However they changed tack and I never had a 710 to try! To be 100% clear. I'm not after CAN Bus, it's purely the serial data output of the 630 ECU to my Dash2, I'm after. It's really frustrating that they are so reluctant to do this. It would have made diagnosing my ECU cut out issue easier (now fixed) and also the current sticky throttle issue as I'd like to see TPS on the Dash, so when I feel it's stuck slightly open or slow to close fully, you could view TPS on the dash etc.
  10. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Omex s2000 throttle bodies, rpm hanging issues

    @Gregory G Omex must have a pretty good idea. Have you spoken to them? Have you not seen my answers to your similar question here:
  11. IanK (Bagpuss)

    GBS Cars and Coffee, Ollerton, Notts, Sat 22nd Sept

    Have a fab day. Can’t make this one, sorry. I nominate @Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO to eat my slice of cake and Charlotte’s too.
  12. IanK (Bagpuss)

    LED bulbs for front indicators

    I moved mine to under the headlamps post IVA and fitted LED Bulbs and changed Lens from Amber to white. Should be details on my build thread here: you can fit an electronic flasher relay rather than fit power sapping resistors! All lamps in my car are LED ! Looks like Dave beat me to it! I was typing as he did!
  13. IanK (Bagpuss)

    It can be really handy, owning a Westfield

    It was too cold to leave her outside for soo long! I'm sure a moderator has provided her with their coat and offered to defrost her!
  14. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Ride Height Sorted

    I hope you emptied the car, bottle by bottle with a straw
  15. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Toyo T1R's

    That’s got to be th3 best typo / spell correction I’ve seen for a while or is it

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