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  1. Can’t make tomorrow unfortunatly, although was out past the falcon enjoying the nice weather this afternoon Hopefully see you next month.
  2. I've just booked up Donnington 19th April (Good Friday) through Javelin if any one wants to join? The discount code worked too
  3. LukeW

    Removal of Rear Hub

    Thanks for the info, I’ve just got the hub out after freeing up with the dw just gotta get in into work and and press out the old press in the new. I’ll probably replace all nuts and washer when I piece it all back together. Will have to remember the copper slip when pricing back together also.
  4. LukeW

    Removal of Rear Hub

    Replacing wheel bearing. I have a press that I can use at work so getting the whole hub there to do a proper job, I hope.
  5. Hi, This should be a simple one for all out there, so forgive my daft questions. How do you remove the bottom bolt from hub, the top has come out easy, but the bottom one is threaded on both sides, I don’t want to knock it out in case of damage to the threads. I cant see how else it comes out just looking for confirmation, before I get the persuders out.
  6. @Ruttager I'm looking at doing Mallory the 24th March if weather is dry, that'll be through Javelin. It'll be my first time on a track with other cars as only done sprint circuit so far.
  7. If weather is dry I’ll be up, not sure I have the time for run round the peaks afterward though
  8. LukeW

    Rear Brakes

    Thanks Ian, nice bit of info Ta
  9. LukeW

    Rear Brakes

    Cheers, I’ll give that ago over the weekend when I have it back up on stands. Fixing yet more problems
  10. LukeW

    Rear Brakes

    I was investigating a scuffing noise from my rear RH wheel over the weekend whilst car was up on stands, I got the wheel off and looked as though brake was binding. Also noticed the pads maybe look too big for the calipers, and the groove on the inside diameter of the rotor is leaving the pads with a Lip which made them a little difficult in removing. I'm guessing the lip left on the pads is not normal and the small chunk missing isn't the best so may look to change them. Can anyone advise on what brake pads are needed for the caliper, or is it a case of remove the old one measure up and find suitable replacement, I also noticed some movement on the outer pad but not the inner pad when the caliper was both on and off the disc, Is this right? This is all new to me so any advise is welcome, Thanks
  11. LukeW

    S2000 Servicing

    I already have the syringes to do the job as mentioned earlier in the thread just wandered about magnetic plug before I fill back up, that's all
  12. LukeW

    S2000 Servicing

    The sierra diff uses the same plug to fill and drain but agree it sits above the oil, I only ask the daft question because i've been reading other post from different forums and finding magnetic fill plugs for sierra diffs on the web Like this: https://www.bearingkits.co.uk/FORD-SIERRA-DIFF-MAGNETIC-FILLER-PLUG/123.htm Surely when being driven the oil will still move around above the fill plug? As for the gearbox, I was wandering if any one had bothered swapping out the drain plug for a magnetic one, like this: https://h-tune.co.uk/blox-racing-magentic-oil-drain-plugs-engine-gearbox/?currency=GBP&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIq6fM9afM4AIVb7XtCh3m4Q6cEAQYAyABEgKJqfD_BwE#195=1720&192=1719 @Thrustyjust what Diff do you have, or did you drill and tap your own drain plug into a sierra one?
  13. LukeW

    S2000 Servicing

    Can anyone confirm the standard filler plug on sierra Diff is a magnetic one. Also what about the Gearbox drain plug has any one put a magnetic one of those in?
  14. Thanks, Just one more question I've noticed this part is not on any of the other pictures, What is it, What does it do and wheres in connected? obviously it can be removed as it not on others Car, if removing it where do the relevant hoses etc go?
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