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Loton Park 2017

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Glutey's Gurston Gander

graham frankland


By about 4-00 pm on Friday afternoon the decision to go for a 2 day event in July (because of better weather) seemed a little silly. After over 3 hrs to do 120 miles to get to Gurston we arrived to be greated by insecent rain.

Fortunately we had a small window of dry to allow the tents to be put up without being soaked. Almost as soon as we had finished, the rain returned for another session. A second dry period allowed Keith the Teeth to assist with the beeding of my new rear calipers after all the intermitent binding problems I had previously at Blyton!

After that it was off to the clubhouse for a thoroughly enjoyable and economically priced meal complete with beer and wine!

All was quiet on the weather front until about 3 am Sat when the heavens opened once again!

From 7-30 am onwards it was very damp and chilly.

Points of interest included a late entry oldish saloon car whose driver and passenger were from Devon that was located in the paddock bay next to us together with their very tame and very obediant Bearded Dragon from Australia. The said Dragon was only interested in sun bathing (didn't need my sun cream) and eating live Locusts!

Also present was Peter Steel (former Paul Edden car owner) now driving a very well prepared 2015 Radical SR1.

As the morning moved on the early runs proved that the track was not very warm and a little green from the recent harvesting work by the resident farmer.

As a result the course was in tip top order, being well manicured and with a keeness amongst all the admin staff to be pleasant helpful and ready to put on a good show!

As the sun came out and the track got faster the agedas for the day in the Westfield SS class started to become apparent:

Adam V Charlotte

Adam V Matt Hillam 2011 Course Record

Keith Adams V Howard G


Some succeded and others did not


Adam beat Charlotte but did not beat Matt's course record with 32.73

Keith was second with 36.52

Charlotte 3rd with 36.59

Howard 4th 36.81

Glutey 5th with 39.17 just .12 off my PB


A good's days intence competion was had by all considering the wet start we had.

With not may repair issues to deal with we focussed on evening leisure activities.

Mark Bishop arrived in readiness to share my car with me on Sunday

Then 5 of us meandered off to Bishopstone for a well earned bar meal and a beer!

Sunday arrived much more humid, cloudy and a warmer track!

Right from the get go in practice the times were much faster than Saturday!

The true SS competitive spirit was on show right from the off.

During one break Simon Broadbridge (ex Tom Caldecote car) came over to tell us about his total  lost of his Westfield, Trailer and part of the rear of his Motor Home into field just north of Oxford on the A34 some time earlier. (Dodgey things motor homes) He is now in the process of just owning a F Ford single seater with assistance from Paul Morcom.


All Saturday's objectives and rivalry with the addition of Mark Bishop surfaced very quickly Sunday morning.


Mark took to my car like a duck to water and posted a first timed run faster than my PB at the start of the day so no holds were barred anywhere!

The Phelps car had minor technical issues with starter motor and steering rack issues but John was able to come up with quick fixes as he is still in the middle of his 3 month driving ban because of the Presscott off!

With times getting faster the afternoon flew by and the final class positions were as follows:


Adam 31.48 NEW CLASS RECORD beating Matt Hillam's 04/11 time of 31.90 Well done Adam but beware Matt is threatening to come out of retirement and get you!

Charlotte was 2nd with 34.34 which was a new PB. What a Great Example to us all!

Keith 3rd with 35.90

Howard 4th with 36.22 (Now threatening to put the Dog Box back in)!

Glutey 4th with 37.31 a new PB by nearly 2 secs (Well chuffed)

Mark B did a great job in my car which he had never driven before today with a 38.20!


What a w/e of great competion and the usual banter which proved that with a positive mind set and a great outlook a small group of drivers can still have agreat time as part of the Westfield SS

We would have liked more Westfields for sure but Gurston is a hill climb in the south of the country so we have to be greatful for small mercy's.


Guston Down was well presented this weekendand I believe the Westfield group did Gurston and themselves proud! Well Done all!


Glutey (Temporary blog reporter)




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Great write up Glutey, certainly brilliant to see you all again at such a good venue!

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