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Loton Park 2017

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A great weekend at Loton Park was blessed by some super weather and fast driving.

The new black surface of the track and some of the concrete side strips removed created a totally different atmosphere for the drivers.

Trees removed from the start area provided a whole new vista for tyre warming and getting off the line.

A much smoother Cedar S traight together with all the other changes set us all up for some fast and enjoyable hill climbing.

Debutant Dave Cleaver took all the challenges in his stride and came out on top of the class once again.

Marto did his best to make a game of it with some startling driving including a 64ft time of 1.94 secs!

All the rest of us did personal bests but could not match the efforts of D & M!

The Old Hand and Diamond produced an exceptional meal for our party of 12 on Saturday night which included our own Westfield Marshall Mike West who was disappointed that he did not earn any points for wearing an oversize orarage suit and stood around for 2 days blowing a whistle!

Unfortunately we lost Keith and Barney for Sunday but we had the fastest results service ever provided thanks to Michelle H being in the hut printing them out as soon as the runs were finished!

Bacon sarnies were fantastic, paddock marshalling really slick so we got it all done including a wedding in the church on Saturday!

I had my usual association with parts of the track that I should not have reached but the tyre wall only inflicted minor damage and I was able to get it together for the final run of the weekend.

David Birch and Windy were there as spectators and luckily Windy had a rubber bobbin mount in his parts stock to be able repair "skidders" silencer which was threatening  to part company with the rest of the car and the driver!

I hope I have done justice to what was a fantastic weekend that was enjoyed totally by all!





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Glutey's Gurston Gander

By about 4-00 pm on Friday afternoon the decision to go for a 2 day event in July (because of better weather) seemed a little silly. After over 3 hrs to do 120 miles to get to Gurston we arrived to be greated by insecent rain. Fortunately we had a small window of dry to allow the tents to be put up without being soaked. Almost as soon as we had finished, the rain returned for another session. A second dry period allowed Keith the Teeth to assist with the beeding of my new rear calipers afte

graham frankland

graham frankland

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