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  1. Please refer to my post on the Events Page for the details of this years usual Friday Night preparation for the Blyton Sprint Weekend! Thanks Graham
  2. Hi All It's coming up that time of the year again and I have booked the Black Horse at Blyton for our traditional Friday Night Fun & Frollicks ahead of our 2019 Blyton Sprint Weekend This year it is Friday 12th July. Sitting down to eat at 8-00 pm and all you need to is to add the names of you and yours to this post and I will do the rest! We can order our meals on the night so no head scratching in advance and I am hoping to arrange mini bus transport as usual! The pub has not been extended yet so numbers maybe restricted! Please get your dibs in EARLY so if we do go over the usal number I will do my best to negotiate additional space! Looking forward to your usual support and great night out and a super season of the Speed Series! BR Graham (Glutey)
  3. graham frankland

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    As I know from my own experience being a member of the SSOT can be a difficult and de-moralising use of free time. However when things go well it also can be very rewarding. So the challenge is to come up with proposals and regulations that can be accepted by a representative number of logical and reasonable minded SS participants. Had vouchers, something along the lines of Adam Reed's driving school idea or perhaps a "foundation" fund that we all had a chance of benefiting from could have avoided the emotion that the "cash for points" proposal generated! At the 11th hour there is still in my opinion an opportunity for further SSOT "browny" points by not having a requirement for passeger seats in any class. It has been a subject of disquiet over many years. No one is allowed to sit on them while competing in sprints and hill climbs and as far as my research reveals there is no requirement for them to be present for the MOT nor are they specified in the Blue Book to be fitted. If anyone wants to keep them in (in what ever class) then it is their decision but it should not be a rule IMHO. As far as I know all of the current SSOT members have been in post for most of 2018 so maybe some the workload issues identified are somewhat self inflicted. If Terry was swamped with work was he not able to get assistance from others or did he not ask? Yes we definately needed a 2019 calendar but I feel sure the existing regs would have stretched for another season after the great 2018 campaign just recently completed. Thanks again Graham Graham
  4. graham frankland

    Future use of list 1C tyres

    Keith has not mentioned that legislation is already in place to move the next batch of energy inefficient tyres from 1A and 1B into 1C as they do not meet the wear regulations that allow them to be sold into the mass tyre market. To meet these requirements Road Going tyres by definition will become progressively harder! So the list of 1C tyres will not go away! I have been looking at tyre options myself in conjunction with Keith and others and comparisons are not straight forward. Sizes are not always similar and there is no real price benefit to go with 1A or 1B in favour of 1C List The use of the road going sized tyres could involve needing new wheels, rear wheel arches and front cycle wings! All additional cost! I have been advised that the suppliers of 1 C tyres are committed to the continued sale of the tyres into Motorsport markets! It is important that we allow freedom of choice to allow the use of equipment most suitable to the specification of the cars built by entrants etc. The removal of the use of 1 C tyres will in the foreseeable future result in only two tyre type options: progressively harder road going variants or slicks. If they match your car specs and driving skills then fine but don't stop the use of 1Cs for others that are the best match for there requirements. Please have all the factors out in the open before jumping to hasty conclusions! Graham
  5. graham frankland

    Future use of list 1C tyres

    Hi Jezz By way of explaination,m back in 2015/16 when the MSA moved certain of the 1A and 1B to 1C many of our entrants in A B C B E and F were already using the Avon and Kuhmo tyres that were previously 1B in Road Going and were reclassified as 1C In fact the the SS was very innovative at the time to amend C D E and F classes to allow the re-classified Avon and Kumho to continue to be used with very little change to the car and equipment used! This is still the current situation today! For those entrants who now want to run on 1A and 1B tyres and conform in all other aspects C and D runners can move back to A & B without too much problem. The issue of Target Times for E and F classes wanting to use Road Going 1A and 1B tyres can be addressed by creating two new road going tyre classes ie E & F rg. For the first year the target times would need to be adjusted upwards from the existing 1C based times currently in existance. The SSOT have used this approach previously when the Avon and Kuhmo tyres were orininally moved to 1C and the new A and B and Novice target times were established 3 years ago. There will be an outcry that we don't want another 2 technical classes but I personally don't know how else we can cover all the different permutations that our sport throws at us season by season! I hope this helps Graham
  6. graham frankland

    Future use of list 1C tyres

    Terry I posted my reply in the original post on the 2019 Regulations Thread for completeness could you transfer it over to this threadplease? Thanks Graham
  7. graham frankland

    Future use of list 1C tyres

    Terry I put my response to your question on the original thread in 2019 Regs Can you move it over to this thread please? Thanks G
  8. graham frankland

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    It's not really difficult, we should carry on with our class structure that allows the use of 1C tyres as long as they are available from suppliers and as along as entrants want to use them. When equivalent sizes of 1B tyres become available or entrants want to be competitive in other clubs events on the day then the use of 1C's may diminish! Until that time the Regs should cater for entrants freedom of choice of the tyres that they are comfortable with. Just like we have the choice currently to use slicks instead of 1A 1B & 1C tyres! I do find it surprising that this topic has been raised at this time in the middle of considerable debate on other issues related to the 2019 Regs. Could you clarify please? Graham
  9. graham frankland

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    As some of you know I have always attempted to promote "level playing field" and sensible regs for the Speed Series I have the following observations on the proposed 2019 Regs 1) Passenger Seats As it appears that there is no defined requirement for passenger seats either for the MOT or specified in the Blue Book I propose that NO passenger side seat or seat belts should be allowed in Classes A B C D (Level Playing Field, no interpretation and no further discussion required) 2) Daylight MOT As I don't think there are many competing Westfields with out lights I agree that for classes ABCD the no Daylight MOT rule should stand. 3) Cash Prizes and Standard of Trophies To me the quality of the trophies underlines the quality of the championship! Lower quality trophies will only IMHO detract from the quality of the Speed Series The payment of cash prizes has to me somewhat of a "tacky" feel about it particularly when the proposed distribution of the prize money is looked at it more detail! I don't think the "Expert" cash amounts will provide a great incentive for additional drivers to come to the Speed Series in preference to other competitions! I feel the amounts proposed for the Novice and Ladies championship could in fact be a dis-incentive when compared with the Expert awards! I agree wholeheartedly with Adam Read that we need to make all potential and existing entrants feel important and wanted by using all available monies however generated to help towards attracting and developing the skills and knowledge of as many SS entrants as possible. Graham
  10. graham frankland

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    John In V2 of the 2019 Regs Section 3 clauses refer to 2018 MSUK regs and not 2019! Thanks G
  11. graham frankland

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    Please help me here as I am confused on what all this seat debate s based upon? I have had a look at the DVLA web site and the requirements for the MOT test seem to be : 1) The drivers seat can be adjusted 2) All seats are securely fitted and seat backs can be fixed in the up-right position. I cannot see any requirement for a passenger seat to be present in the MOT regs unless I have missed something (always possible in my case) Under these conditions I believe if any material used for the passenger seat is securely fastened then it should pass the MOT with suitable seat belts fitted of course. It does raise the issue of whether just sitting on the floor leaning against the rear bulk head panel does constitute being a seat for MOT purposes (providing both parts are securely fixed?) As for the Motorsport UK regs they do describe front seats in the plural which tends to assume that more than one is fitted and they can be replaced by fully trimmed competiiton seats. It does not say that two front seats should be present! What is clear is that head restraints are mandatory ! So my interpretation would be that both Road Going and Modified Classes can run without passeger side seat, head restraint and seat belts without problems of MOT and on the day scrutineering. No doubt this has all been thoroughly checked over in preparation for the 2019 regs but I thought I give another point of view in an attempt to reduce the interest the subject has generated. Thanks G
  12. graham frankland

    Herts, Beds & Bucks Area Meeting, 10th January 2019

    Planning to be there! HNY all G
  13. graham frankland

    2018: Worthy of a mention

    Trevor Thanks for the mention but you deserve the praise more than me, after all you did all the technical stuff and nothing was too much trouble! Thanks for all your help, I am sure you had a good Xmas and best wishes for 2019! Graham
  14. graham frankland

    2019 Speed Series Calender and update

    Great disappointment so I guess I will have to sell the Westie and buy an Aston! Thanks for checking anyway! G
  15. graham frankland

    2019 Speed Series Calender and update

    After all these years it is disappointing to hear its is being dropped after just one revisit. I accept that if the sprints are not running then we can't go, but if they are running we should attempt to go and try to get the organising club to improve the admin, organisation and hopefully toilets etc The paddock was no worse than 3 Sisters and parts of Blyton We run on long and short tracks elsewhere ie Hethel! Can I ask that you confirm if sprints are running or not and if they are try and get us an invite? Thanks G

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