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  1. graham frankland

    Herts, Beds & Bucks Area Meeting, September 2018

    Too far to come for me! Need a closer location! See u all next month! G
  2. graham frankland

    Herts, Beds & Bucks Area Meeting, August 2018

    Hi Matt I will try not to let you down this month as I will be in my Speedo's next month! G
  3. graham frankland

    Hethel Results 5/8/18

    The short course was very demanding in the heat yesterday and we only had 2 recoveries all day which resulted in 4 timed runs and an early finish! The short course was defined in the Supplementary Regs with the description being similar to that of the April Event but perhaps not quite as clear! Sorry not to see you there yesterday Howard! Graham
  4. graham frankland

    Loton Park 25th & 26th August

    Richard The closing date for entries is the 10th August so they should be in touch with us all shortly after that date! Hope this helps? Regards Graham
  5. Hi All Meal and mini bus arranged as usual for the Saturday Night! Once you have your entry confirmed in a couple of weeks time please let me know that you are in for the meal! Thanks Graham
  6. graham frankland

    wide track front on narrow chassis

    Yes the suspension pick up points are the same but you need about 1 inch longer shocks. I was lucky to be running Protech ones and they provide a longer top mounting bracket in place of the standard one1 This worked fine for me! G
  7. graham frankland

    WSCC Blyton 2018 Trackday and Booking Info - 13th July 2018

    Trev You are always welcome! BR Graham
  8. graham frankland

    Gluten Free Dinner Blyton 13th July 2018

    Hi Folks Thanks for all attending Friday night and help me turn 70! Good to see new faces as well as the regular party goers! The BDay cakes worked well as I won my class on Sunday! Thanks again Best wishes Glutey
  9. graham frankland

    Gluten Free Dinner Blyton 13th July

    Hi Folks Thanks for all attending again this year! I think a good time was had by all and thanks for the second BDay cake of the day! Best wishes Glutey
  10. graham frankland

    wide track front on narrow chassis

    It really depends on what you are planning to do with the car? If competing any small improvement is worthwhile! I run a narrow car in the SS with wide track together with a fast rack. I have a live rear axle and all these add up and as John says your options for different tyes and wheels are enhanced! For me the great advantage is the front and rear track widths are almost the same so that reduces the amount of things to think about when cornering! The fast rack reduces the amount of hand and arm movement also! It is really fantastic when the car set up is predictable and consistent which just gives a little more time to concentrate on going as in my case just a little bit faster! Hope this helps G
  11. Hi Folks Ian's official Pictures of the 21st Anniversary at Shelsley are absolutely fabulous: The clarity of expression on peoples faces through their visa's is something to behold. If you haven't seen the pictures they are all available at: www.trackactionphotography.co.uk/gallery_738239.html Ian was with us for 14 hrs on the day capturing the memories of our celebration and he is only charging £9-95 each for a 10 x 8 print so please give him a little support to help remind us all into the future of the enjoyable day we spent together! Thanks Graham
  12. graham frankland

    21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    They were announced on the night but for the record here they are again! Gold: Outstanding Achievement Award (For competing in each of the 21 years in a Westfield) the ONLY Entrant to do so KEITH ADAMS Silver: Regular Achievement Award (Most Championship Wins THREE) ADRIAN CLINTON WATKINS Bronze : Consistent Achievement Award (Most Class Wins over 30 Rounds in the 100 + points era) JOHN HOYLE Bronze: Persistent Achievement Award (Most Events Entered) TERRY EVERALL Thanks Graham
  13. graham frankland

    Herts, Beds & Bucks Area Meeting, July 2018

    I cannot bear to miss it! C U there! G
  14. graham frankland

    Gluten Free Dinner Mini Bus Rides

    Hi Folks Should have stated that the 1st departure of the min bus from the Raceway is 7-00 pm Friday Sorry Glutey
  15. graham frankland

    Gluten Free Dinner Blyton 13th July

    Please see the final info relating to menu selactions, meal time and mini bus arrangements for the 13/7 Gluten Free Dinner on the thread on the Forum Events page! Thanks see you all Friday. Best wishes Glutey

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