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  1. graham frankland

    What clutch material

    Mardi Gras Motorsport (previously at Silverstone now moved to Banbury) are a main Helix distributor and usually have a good selection of product in stock as well as some good technical advice std G
  2. graham frankland

    What clutch material

    I have 1400 k series partially lightened flywheel with a Helix updated clutch cover and paddle centre plate but not ceramic material Has worked well for me over a number of years I can fish out the paperwork for you if it would be of interest to get the correct part helix numbers? You now have at least 3 different options to consider! G
  3. graham frankland

    Herts, Beds & Bucks Area Meeting, 8th November 2018

    Hi Matt I plan to be there, to help lower the tone! G
  4. graham frankland

    1C tyres for Road Going in 2019

    Is Nick still on the sprint and hill climb sub committee? Just thought he may have the latest info? G
  5. Is there any truth in the rumour that 1C tyres may be allowed in Road Going again in 2019? If there is some discussion on the Forum please point me in the right direction. Thanks Graham
  6. graham frankland

    Awards Evening Menus and timmings 2017

    I guess it will be in the small room again!
  7. graham frankland

    Awards Evening Menus and timmings 2017

    Are we sharing the venue and date with the British Sprint guy's again? G
  8. graham frankland

    2019 Gurston Down

    Gurston camping field can be very damp early in the year so from my stand point (not having the luxury of a mhome) I would go for the 2 day event in July! G
  9. graham frankland

    Speed Series Awards Night & Menu Choice 2018

    Just to be sure as Chris has indicated is the menu for 2018 the same as 2017? G
  10. Hi Russ I can add another one if this event is going to proceed? If so pose advise payment details! Thanks G
  11. graham frankland

    Awards Evening Menus and timmings 2017

    Which yeare are you referring to 2017 or 2018? Please clarify Thanks G
  12. graham frankland

    Speed Series 2018

    Outstanding result! What a way to finish our 21st year of competition? Many congratulations to Howard a very worthy winner of the 21st Championship! I think you deserve a special commemorative trophy! Well done again! Very pleased for you! Graham
  13. Russ I am in but in Spain until next Sat! Will it be ok for me to send the money when I get back? Thanks G
  14. graham frankland

    Christmas Karting - Interest?

    I am in subject to final date Thanks Graham
  15. graham frankland

    Herts, Beds & Bucks Area Meeting, September 2018

    Too far to come for me! Need a closer location! See u all next month! G

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