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  1. @TableLeg Sorry mate - I ended up giving them away to a local guy who was building an mk indy. Regards, Brads
  2. Unfortunately not Mark, the paperwork is very limited! However, the car is spot on. It's always nice to understand a little bit of the background though right?
  3. Thank you for confirming @Mark (smokey mow) / @Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO! It has had 5 previous owners, I'm sure one of them must still be active on this forum!!?? /B
  4. @Storvite Welcome - From a not so sunny Manchester!
  5. Evening gents, I have been to view a Westfield this evening, and was wondering if anybody can tell me anything about it? 1) Has anybody else owned it? 2) First registered in 2006, detachable arches, what model is this? ZK? 3) Front uprights - they don't look cortina, can somebody advise? Many thanks! Pics:
  6. Cheers gents, Nick you have a pm incoming. Brads
  7. Hi mate, I'm unsure if does fit in the newer style fw bodywork. Can anybody else assist? This is out of a 93' SEiW. Many thanks
  8. For sale, Good condition Westfield branded grille - Black £15 (plus a small amount of postage) Cheers
  9. Hi all, 2 x m16 front calipers for sale. Could do with a paint, good life left in the pads. £30 collected / postage at cost. Brad
  10. Hi all, I have a spare set of 13 inch minilites for sale - Westfield centres and valve caps. Yokohama advances 185/80 tyres, about 3 or 4 mm left. £175 for the set - collection from Leeds or Manchester. Cheers
  11. Price dropped. Crosfflow, dry sump and type 9 gear box package: £1600.
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