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  1. Brad Stone

    Roll Bar For Sale -

  2. Brad Stone

    Steering Wheel 300mm

    Team MOMO or similar if possible. Many thanks Brads
  3. Brad Stone

    Roll Bar For Sale -

    £30 any good to anybody?
  4. Brad Stone

    Roll Bar For Sale -

    Evening all, Standard bar off of my SEW - Collection only or can meet within reason. Unsure what this is really worth so if you need one of these, drop me a PM and we can go from there. Leeds / Manchester //Brad
  5. Brad Stone

    New WSCC member saying hello

    Welcome from sunny Manchester!
  6. Brad Stone

    seats, wheels, roll bar and other goodies

    Hi Jim, Just to let you know these are still available. I didn't realize how much the crossflow book go for
  7. Brad Stone

    seats, wheels, roll bar and other goodies

    Hi Ollie, Interested in the books - Will PM you.
  8. Brad Stone


    Hi Mark, Received mine yesterday. Many thanks, Brad
  9. Brad Stone

    Seiw Indoor Cover

    Thank you for the responses chaps - I think I will place an order for the Hamilton supertex cover, seems to fit the bill perfectly. Having said that, I also think the Walker St Clair shower cap serves a different purpose for the camping / touring type trips that I am very much intending on doing, so I think I will pick one of these up at some point in the future also. Many thanks.
  10. Brad Stone

    Seiw Indoor Cover

    Evening all, I'm after an indoor cover for my wide body, I've tried the search function but not had a great deal of luck. Can anybody point me in the right direction? Mainly for dust protection but waterproof at the right price would also be useful. Brad
  11. Brad Stone

    I broke it, again.

    Where did you take the hub for welding? They've done a fairly decent job!
  12. Brad Stone

    Westfield Newbie - Manchester / Leeds

    Can anybody advise on a cover that will fit my SEiW? Would just like it for indoor dust protection. Will a generic Ebay jobby do the trick? Many thanks.
  13. Brad Stone

    New member

    Welcome from Sunny Manchester! Love the color scheme...
  14. Brad Stone

    Westfield Newbie - Manchester / Leeds

    Great - thanks for the clarification. Thank you Dave, I shall head on over to the forum events section for Manchester! Lovely looking car, are they Westfield spec wheels or aftermarket? Team dynamics perhaps? Thanks Bugman, I am absolutely planning on getting to a Yorkshire meet. Hi Jon, I have actually been looking at a 300mm Momo "Team" as a replacement, although I still need to do some research on splines, steering boss' and QR functionality. One for a different post I'd imagine.. Fantastic - I was out and about in the car in Rawtenstall last weekend, what a lovely place.
  15. Brad Stone

    Westfield Newbie - Manchester / Leeds

    Thank you Dave, will be sure to utilise the strong network of owners! Hi Andy, Thank you for your kind words! Hi Robin, That sounds fab. Is this the Red Kite in Wakefield?

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