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  1. Brad Stone

    Widebody Parts (Weather Gear, Screen, Ancillaries)

    Pmd: weather gear.
  2. Brad Stone

    SOLD. RAC Roll Bar and Boot Tonneau

    Is this still available? Many thanks
  3. Brad Stone

    Fuel filler cap

    Hi @matthew902, It's a really great bit of kit, I looked in the Westfield site originally and didn't want to pay that price, the one above fits a treat. As Ali said, they do a Lockable version but if someone wants to go to lengths of stealing £20 of fuel then so be it. Quick delivery too. Cheers, B
  4. Brad Stone

    Quick Release Wheel Conversion

    Thanks for the tip - I hadn't considered replacing. Can you advise what a binx nut is please? B
  5. Brad Stone

    Quick Release Wheel Conversion

    So a bit of an update.. Have got the column out this morning, it's got a 48 spline (allegro) and is 720mm in length. I have attached a picture for reference. Anything I need to bare in mind?
  6. Brad Stone

    Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    My to do list thus far: POR the block. New clutch. New coolant hoses. Replace nearside rear CV boot. Strip front and rear suspension to be sent off for powder coat. QR release conversion (OMP wheel bought, contacted GoRace regarding boss and column). High level brake light (inc hiding the wiring in the roll bar) Half hood.
  7. Brad Stone

    Picking up my FW KIT.

    I would also appreciate a build log - Good luck with the collection! Brad
  8. Brad Stone

    Quick Release Wheel Conversion

    Guys, I'm going to purchase the OMP wheel this evening - Can you advise on the best place to purchase? Is Demon Tweeks very much the go to site for this or can I support a local smaller business for a similar cost? Brad
  9. Brad Stone

    Quick Release Wheel Conversion

    I'm completely with you on the wheel point - I was sold on the Momo but the OMP looks absolutely delightful.
  10. Brad Stone

    Quick Release Wheel Conversion

    Great pictures chaps - these look absolutely fantastic - Is 300mm the sweet spot between low speed maneuverability and size from a "fitting in the car" perspective? I'm thinking I will go for the "Go race" option - 5/6 week lead time from WF however
  11. Brad Stone

    Quick Release Wheel Conversion

    Thanks Chaps - Makes complete sense. I am unsure what my existing column is - I will have a look this weekend. Are their any defining features I should be looking out for? Number of splines etc perhaps or will it be clearly marked? Are there any pros / cons to going welded over bolt on? The go race and bell options look absolutely spot on - Can anybody recommend a wheel? I'm currently running a 320mm and it's slightly too big - I'm thinking perhaps a 280 or 300 would be a better option - MOMO team? Thoughts??! -B
  12. Brad Stone

    Quick Release Wheel Conversion

    Afternoon all, I have decided I would like to put a removable Steering wheel on my westy, and would like some technical assistance on how I would go about this. I have attached some current pictures of my setup. Any help with a possible solution is massively appreciated. Brads
  13. Brad Stone

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    North end of the lakes..
  14. Brad Stone

    Steering Wheel 300mm

  15. Brad Stone

    Westfield Lockable Filler Cap

    Ali, Thank you so much. Worked a treat and saved me a small fortune from Westfield. Regards, Brads

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