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    It's been a day of dodging showers but my son and I wrestled the crossflow's sump off. Annoyingly the dust sheild between the engine and bellhousing was one piece so a little cutting was required to get the lower portion off. It'll be fine of course. The oil pick-up pipe got snagged on one of the baffles but a little wrestling and it soon came off. Tomorrow I'll clean it, screw it down to a stable surface and cut the bottom off! Full details and pictures as we go. Here's the car at the moment, perched up on axle stands.
  2. It's true! After several dormant years of ignoring the car as I walked past each day, a furious amount of activity and a fist full of cash waved in the right direction has seen my car turn a wheel for the first time in 20 years. Having gotten fed up with a non-running car it came to the point where I sought help. The ever helpful chaps at Car Builder Solutions recommended Aeon Sportscars over in Marden, just a short blast away from me. Having explained my woes and citing that a car with an MOT would be lovely, Keith, John and Chris there waved their collective magic wands and within three weeks called to tell me to come get it! There's plenty to do still to make the car better but at least after each tweak I can now drive it when I want to. First up though, our interestingly contoured lanes have highlighted the need to shorten the crossflows' very low sump. I've a sheet of 1.6mm steel so I can knock up a new bottom and include a little extension forward to make up the lost capacity from the shortening. Pictures to come. Best I re-join the WSCC then. Certainly, I'm glad to be back.
  3. It was a cracking good day and a real pleasure meeting you all and obviously being ever so slightly faster than the Westfield Warriors. I guess a return race is on at some point in the future!
  4. I find that mine (an HJC) is the only make that'll fit my peculiar shaped bonce having spent much time trying all that my local bike shop had to offer. Are we all wearing carnations in our lapels or is a general 'oi, oo are ya?' going to be the order of the day? You won't miss me, being beardy and having a girlfriend in tow who is ever so slightly ginger. Kev, I'm really sad that you can't join us. Suffering occasionally with your own ailment (and having cured a strained muscle gained on Tuesday) I know just how debilitating it can be. I guarantee that yoga, breathing and water works a treat.
  5. I'll see you all there but like Kevin I'm suffering a bit! Yoga and luck will see me right though. No Westfield ride for me, the daily will be doing the job. I'm off to polish my helmet now.
  6. Progress often seems to be one step forward, fifteen back. My own total lack of knowledge of vehicle wiring doesn't help here so I've appealed to an old friend to come and rescue me. He's a time served auto electrician (handy) and can probably help me finish the wiring with no more than a custard cream and a cup of tea. Mind you, the wipers are now working. Previously only one speed was connected. Following the installation of a new 2 speed switch and a little help from the Car Builder Solutions catalogue which carries a wiring diagram for the Lucas wiper motor, I made it function as intended. At the insistence of Graham (as above) I stripped and re-greased the spindle boxes then turned them over for a better fit on the scuttle. This helped with the angle that the spindles have with the screen too so better operation is in order! Having accidentally blown a fuse today (dropped the indicator/high beam lever on the stainless side panels) and not having any old style glass fuses, I was prompted to put the new blade style fuse box in. This of course involved more work than intended and ultimately meant the battery had to be turned through 180 degrees to aid cable reach. It's an improvement all round though. On the basis of making one thing at a time work, this is progress for me. Graham has promised to visit and help sort out the issues and even said the scary words 'let's make a new loom' so hold tight, more coming.
  7. Hi Russ, No, not permanent. They are really handy for mocking up though. It is possible to use them for mains electricity in permanent set-ups, they are very capable. I use them for 12 volt demo models at work as I often build temporary displays that I then re-purpose. The Wagos make de-wiring so much easier.
  8. The migwelding forum is excellent, highly recommend it. I've got a modified SIP that uses the little canisters and other than the wire feed mod (well documented) works well from new. The best thing I bought was a light reactive mask, it absolutely transformed my welds. It's more than capable for car work.
  9. Starting with a picture, here's the new dash sitting almost in place. In a pun free entry, I'm currently working out wire by wire what goes where. The engine start switch is working fine now, being connected via an ignition switch tucked away out of sight. Having achieved that with a celebratory dance around the garden I pressed on to get the horn working then the screen washers too. Having planned to get this all working so that an MOT can be acquired, I'm drawing a new wiring diagram as I go so that a complete new loom can be made off the car then installed at a later date. Doing it this way gives me a chance to modify the existing one to my satisfaction without having to be too concerned over the finish of it, This second picture shows the mass of wires still hanging about behind. The small grey block with orange fingers (one cocked ahoy) is a super little gadget called a Wago block. They come in varying types and are essentially modern Scotch locks that can be re-used. Very handy when roughly assembling something like a dash. If it stays dry out, I'll get a bit more done during the coming week.
  10. Is it not going to be difficult to get a really good smooth finish on the glassfibre matt without loads of filling and sanding? It would be a shame if your carbon finish was anything less than perfectly flat. Good luck though.
  11. Thanks for being the organiser Kev, it's often a pain in the whotsit that job. I'm a sprightly 47 and 12 stone. Girlfriend asks if I'm embarking on a training programme...
  12. I'm fine with whatever happens. Meeting some new people and racing is going to be good fun.
  13. Can you show us the team list so we know who's confirmed as coming please. There doesn't seem to be many of us about in Kent but it would be sporting fun to have Kent and Essex teams.
  14. I've got to stop making up daft titles as much for my own sanity as yours. Having said a quick thank you to Mother Nature for the warm and dry weather this afternoon, we cracked into a simple job, steering rack gaiters. Previously on other car projects I can remember mashing a forked tool into the track rod ends to separate them from the uprights. Fortunately, this evil tool has disappeared so the simple use of heat from a blow torch did the job of persuading the parts apart. The rack itself is good, no play so I cleaned it a bit and popped the new universal boots on. Even re-tightening the rod ends in the tapered seat went well. A light tap from below with a hammer coupled with a little heat and they stayed put whilst I got the nylocs back on. All good. The I stood back and realised I'd not put them back right despite counting threads. Now I have to undo them again and set-up the toe-in. The last time I did this is was pretty accurate but I'll still get it checked by my nearest tyre centre. Now I really must get on with the wiring of the dash - there's nothing else to do!
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