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  1. I bought some cheap shield of eBay and it works a treat . I have a bonnet exit exhaust so it's close and it stays cool...
  2. I don't suppose anyone local to me has experience of setting up a bias bar? It seems I am completely clueless.
  3. I'm running 888s and they were very grippy yesterday but I did have my ARB set very badly so I was steering with one wheel in the air... As I mentioned I think I will drop back on the rears and change the bushes at the same time as I can feel a teeny bit of play.. I have Nylon on the front now as well.
  4. I up graded both at the same time by the same percentage.. I was pushing on yesterday and it was fine, but as mentioned earlier a bit of oversteer was present but I thought that was down to the power.. I may drop back to 175 on the rear, but I did find it felt a bit soft with them on..
  5. That would be very helpful as I'm chasing my tail a lot here.. The calculation would be very helpful... I am running sticky tyres and I do push quite hard in the twisty bits..
  6. I will drop then.. I just found it a bit soft before and it wont be used on the road...
  7. Does Gareth still want this?
  8. I'm going to strip it down this week and set it up correctly.. I do recall there were a few issues when I was bleeding the brakes, but didn't realise how much impact it would have.. I'm going to move the drop link right out to the end of the ARB and work in slowly until I find the right spot. It was quite lively yesterday so as soon as I can its going for a full Geo to sort out any other handling gremlins..
  9. I didn't love it yesterday .. but I have to say the engine is epic... loads of torque and progressive power delivery.. it does sound really good as well
  10. I've found the issue with the lifting wheel... spoke to Luke at Playskool as I have his front ARB and due to my lack of experience I've fitted it so its far to hard... If I move drop link out 4 inches to the end it should be fine. As for the brakes it looks like it could be the bias bar which isn't allowing the piston to return fully..
  11. sorry other way around…. 350 front and 225 rear...
  12. The pistons were free moving and I took some thikness of all the pads but it still did it... Yes love axel and standard track on the front. I have 225 pound on front and 350 on the rear..
  13. Inside pad was tight when hot.. Neither have I, but I felt the back had some roll and the front hasn't. Never experienced it either..
  14. Well the first test today was interesting.. Couple of issues that I could with some advice on, one that was my fault and one that we all need to be aware of.. I have Wilwood four pot radial calipers that I have used before but I'm using Westfield hubs etc now. After three laps of hard use the brakes started to bind really badly so the car couldn't even be moved. After 20 minutes they were fine... I'm using new pads but surely they can be the problem? Ferodo Dunso. The other problem I had was the front inside wheel lifting when I was pushing into certain corners? Is this due to a lack of rear anti roll bar as I have a front one? My fault was a badly fitted throttle body linkage that resulted in a 100+ mile and hour stuck open throttle approaching a 90 degree bend. Lesson learned 🙄 The worst problem was a faulty battery which caused a small fire.. luckily no damage other than a melted earth lead .. Could have been much worse.. if you have a Odyssey Extreme PC 680 be warned...
  15. Welcome… I've been an owner for just over a year and still living the dream..
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