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  1. Thanks.. will measure mine later in the week.. it's away having the dif changed..
  2. How deep is the airbox? Not sure it would fit over my trumpets, but I need to reduce the noise...
  3. Rob the Red Top

    The build continues...

    Gearbox and paint work to do over the winter and we shouldn't be far off.....
  4. Sorry for the late reply.. I was so tied up in the other bits of the build I completely forgot about this but I'm nearly there so pads time is upon me... Thanks for the advice and the only thing I need to work out is which pads I have as I threw away the box with the code on and I cant see anything on the pads.. doh...
  5. Another busy month.. New radiator and oil cooler fitted just in time too remove the engine and gearbox which are are now out, as is the rear axle. Fitting new pistons with a re-bore, new shells, balance etc. The gearbox has a slight leak on the main seal so that's being replaced and I'm fitting a breather just to be safe. The axel had badly fitted bracing (very poor welding that resulted in some oil weeping) so I've thrown the case away and invested in a replacement along with a new 4.1 diff and a full set of bearings and seals... The exhaust was a bit of a pig to fit and required some re positioning of the engine and some stressful cutting of the bonnet. This should give good gains in booth power and torque along side the other engine work that I have carried out... To improve the rear I have fitted some graphics (well I will do once its all back together) and a couple for the sides of the bonnet... Nearly at the finishing post (for this year anyway....)
  6. Sorry if this has been asked a thousand times but I'm trying to find the beast pads for my Westie.. It has Wilwood four pots and grooved and vented disks and I'm currently using DS 2500 which I'm not that keen on. I had pagid in my VX220 and they worked well but not sure which one (or different make) to buy.. It's 95% track use.. Thanks Rob
  7. Might be a bit much for my engine... Running a red top with 12.5 to 1 compression and lights...
  8. What engine were you running with this? Cheers Rob
  9. I've changed the look of my car and opted for a bonnet exit exhaust so my current one is for sale. I thought I would pop it on here and see if anyone is interested. It cost me £900 and I will take £450 ono. Its only six months old and has done less than 30 minutes on track...
  10. Remover the radiator yesterday and to my horror I discover it weighs about 15kg.. New lightweight one ordered. On a positive note the scrap value is quite high...
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