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Found 79 results

  1. I am looking to buy my 1st Westfield imminently...I have looked at 3 so far. When cars are posted up for sale on here with no phone number or email address, is there a way to contact the seller, if you are not a fully paid up member yet? It doesn't seem possible to send a direct mail through the site or reply to the topic...? There is a car for sale on the site that I would be interested in. Cheers Bex
  2. Westfield SEi restoration - Part 3 Good to see it tipped by HPI & Pistonheads Making progress now I'm getting up close and personal with the car. Great to see HPI and Pistonheads tipped the Westi as a buy, good news for owners and values;o) Latest episode below for anyone interested https://youtu.be/AO0-gV-C3Z8
  3. Xtr2 history

    Hi all So some of you may be aware in January this year I bought the xtr2 from malgene, this is Westfield’s ex demonstrator that appeared on topgear. When I collected it from the factory I was given boxes and boxes of parts but the only paperwork I received was the receipt for the work the factory carried out and the V5, As I’m rebuilding I’m trying give the car some history and didn’t know if it has previously been owned by a member on here, ive obviously seen the episodes of topgear and men and motors but if anyone has any pictures / info on it it would definitely help
  4. Crossflow Exhaust Manifold (Sold)

    Hi, I have a genuine Westfield crossflow stainless steel exhaust manifold. Unfortunately I couldn't use it, or modify it to fit the pre-lit chassis. In good condition, but has been slightly modified by a previous owner, as shown in the photos. How does £25.00 + postage sound. Happy for it to be collected from Buckingham. cheers Gary
  5. XTR2 diff alignment

    Hi Guys So the XTR is now Taxed & MOT'd, I have a couple of little teething problems but noting too bad, the only one I'm unsure of is the alignment of the rear diff/sprocket. It all looks to be inline but as you turn the wheels the chain gets tighter and then loosens off, like its egg shaped, is this something anyone's come across. I've just read that maybe I should of loosened the grub screws in the bearing carrier, although I'm not sure how this would make a difference. Any help would be appreciated Chris
  6. Looking for a transplant

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum so please be gentle. I'll cut a very long story short to spare you all... I bought a part built GBS Zero last year which was supposedly almost finished. As you'd expect (and as I'd now expect) the car was not nearly complete and the work that had been done was poor at best. Although I've almost finished the car now, I'm not happy with what I've ended up with and am looking start again. I'd like to invest in a new chassis and body as the old one has been treated pretty badly during by the previous builder (their favourite tools appear to have been the angle grinder and a hammer). The car has the following parts (all new expect the donor parts) which I want to try and use for the new project: 2.0 Blaktop Zetec (new crate engine) running a GBS plenum Raceline sump, alternator kit, GBS cooling rail kit... Emerald K5 ECU Sierra Running Gear (could do with a refurb) Leather Seats and 4 point harnesses Wheels/tyres (ford stud pattern) GAZ adjustable shocks GBS factory wiring loom Lights etc GBS fuel tank Smiths flight gauges IVA bonnet catches (unused) Radiator So I was initially just going to buy a new Zero chassis in GT trim as I find this one a little tight due to the cross brace that sits above the right knee. Then I fell in love with the MK Indy. Seems to be a better design, well thought out and more roomy. I also like the full GRP bodywork for ease of assembly. The reason I haven't looked at Westfield was because I assumed they would be too expensive (as Caterham). However, at present, the starter kits for the Zero and MK (for what I need) will cost me around £3.5k or £5.5k respectively...then I saw the Westfield starter kits can be had for around the same money. Now, I'm no fool. I know it will still cost a fair bit more even with the parts I have but I must have nearly everything now surely - especially seeing as the zero is nearly finished. My question is, can I use most of the gear I have on a Westfield Multi-donor vehicle starter kit and why should I do so over buying another Zero or an Indy?
  7. Xtr2 spare bracket

    Hi so I bought the xtr2 in the picture below just after Christmas, it came needing a lot of putting back together and it's about ready to go for its MOT I have 1 bracket left and can't figure out where it goes, it looks like it could be a bodywork support from somewhere. Does anyone have a idea ?
  8. Fuel Sender Unit Seal

    Hi everyone, I have a pre-litigation Westfield and have been struggling with a strong fuel smell when in the garage for a couple of months now. I have now identified the leak around a screw on the fuel sender unit which I have removed and found the seal needs replacing, I believe the sender unit is a MTU115 moprod from a MK2 escort. Westfield, Demontweeks and Rally Design have all been unable to help me find a suitable seal as a replacement so I am hoping you will be able to point me in the right direction. Could any of you tell me whether a newer sender unit from westfield would be suitable or where I could obtain a replacement seal from? Cheers Andy
  9. I've been published!

    My local rag have ran a feature on my car and I; http://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/westfield-s2000-gives-ian-lightweight-fun/story-30428494-detail/story.html @Simon Westwood - Westfield Sportscars Ltd You may recognise a committee Member in one of the pics too!
  10. Westfield SEIW 2 LITRE ZETEC After a lot of soul-searching, i’ve decided to let the Westfield go. I’ve owned the car for the last ten years, but recently hasn’t been getting the use it should and I’d rather it went to a good home and got the use it deserves. It’s a well presented and specified car that would make an ideal first Westfield, or a solid upgrade for an existing owner. The car incorporates a blend of practical and safety upgrades, making the car equally at home on road or track. Car is advertised here, before it goes on the usual sites. The car: Registered on a ‘Q’ plate in August 2000 WSCC members car Folder of receipts etc. Build manual and photo CD 19,448 miles 12 Months MOT with no advisories Engine/Transmission: Ford 2 litre Zetec (16v) Twin Weber 45 DCOE carburettors (5 progression hole modified for smooth power delivery) Weber Alpha ECU Scholar baffled sump and modified oil pick-up pipe Westfield stainless repackable sports exhaust Engine tuned and mapped by Troy at Northampton Motorsport Ford MT75 gearbox Westfield quick shift Ford Sierra LSD Disc brakes front and rear with plenty of life in them Fully adjustable poly bushed AVO shock absorbers and coil springs MOCAL oil catch tank Body: Westfield SEIW bodywork in Chrome Yellow with detachable rear arches and ducted nosecone Westfield Chrome Yellow aeroscreen Clear lenses front and side Westfield carbon lookalike rear arch protectors Westfield sports seats Sabelt 3” 4 point harnesses RAC type rollbar (with detachable stays) Westfield lockable bootbox Heater 12v socket Momo Team 280mm steering wheel Thatcham grade 2 immobiliser High level brake light 15x7 Raceline Alloy wheels in graphite grey with locking nuts and fitted with Toyo R888 medium compound tyres with plenty of tread Waxolyed chassis Original windscreen with side doors, hood and wiper motor will be included should the new owner wish to revert back to the original windscreen setup. Spare wheel and carrier (not fitted) supplied Haynes Sierra and Cortina manuals included Two sets of keys Hamilton Classics cover will be included as well as a Walker St Clair cockpit cover. £8750 ONO Any questions please PM, email or call: p_stead@hotmail.com 07776 255459 Car is located 10 mins from Junction 4 of the M40 Serious buyers only please.
  11. I've decided to sell my Westfield which I have owned from the time I built it, registered in 2001. This is an ideal road car in immaculate condition. I am planning to retain the number plate. The engine was completely rebuilt using an older and mature block. This enables the car to run without Cats and MOTs without a problem. This car will be sold with a new MOT as it currently expires at end of May 2017. The engine was built and tuned by a V8 specialist (Progress Engineering in Maidstone). R380 gearbox (new when fitted) Heavy duty clutch LSD Diff (Westfield supplied) Moroso electric water pump Immobiliser Rev limiter Toyo R1R tyres 205/15 (almost new) New Protech shock absorbers fitted Wrapped stainless steel headers and stainless steel underslung exhaust (Westfield supplied) Tonneau cover with zip for half cover if wanted Removable side screens Full weather gear - Hood and frame Spare wheel and carrier included but not currently fitted. Various spare parts, Manual and many receipts and info folder If not sold this car will be at Stoneleigh on Monday 1st May Car is based in Letchworth, Herts. Contact Ron 07885 524495 Price: £14750 ono
  12. Carbon Fibre Tub / Chassis

    Hi everyone, I'm a university student, currently working on a project with regards to the use of carbon fibre in kit cars such as the Westfields. Essentially, we are working with Axon Automotive on a passenger tub, where the passenger and the driver are seated, made entirely of carbon fibre (including the beams, the flooring and the side panels); whereas, the front and back of the chassis remain with the original steel frame chassis. So the method used to join the steel frame to the carbon fibre tub is through nuts and bolts. I'm currently conducting a survey just to determine your perception on the use of carbon fibre in kit cars, especially for the tub. More information about the product itself is available in the survey link below and I'd really appreciate if you could take a couple of minutes to answer the survey. All responses will be stored anonymously and I really hope that I can get a great number of responses from you all. Click here for the Survey. Cheers, Will
  13. Here's the link to my listing https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/282375737977
  14. Here's the link to my listing https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/282375758772
  15. Hey guys, was wondering if anyone happened to know a bit more about (I think) Axon Automotive and Westfield's prototype on replacing the standard passenger tub (originally made using steel or aluminum bars) to carbon fibre. I tried to look through their website, I thought the kit car was supposed to be in production by the end of last year but I don't see much information about it. On the other hand, I did manage to find a picture, below, of (what I think is) the prototype. Any thoughts on the use of carbon fibre for the tub? I assume it will provide substantial weight saving, and possibly extra stiffness on the tub but I'm not sure about the connections between the front and rear steel frames with the tub. What do you think?
  16. After 3 years of fun, I am looking at moving into Tin Top racing so my Westfield is going up for sale. It's a fantastic car, and is the perfect road / occasional track day car in its current spec and could be taken either way to make an out and out track car, or an even better road car. So the car: Westfield SEiW registered on 1998 on an R plate, wide body with V8 ducted nose cone and vented bonnet. 2.0 Vauxhall XE Red Top with oil pump, hydraulic tappets, plugs and a Varley red top 30 battery fitted within the last few years. Fully serviced with oils and fluids over the winter, also garaged over winter. It runs on MBE Engine Management with tapered throttle bodies giving 197bhp on a rolling road. Gearbox is a Type 9 close ratio straight cut competition box with short quick shift. Paddle type clutch Sierra Limited Slip Differential Front brakes are Wilwood 4 pots with solid discs, rears are Sierra disks. Braided brake hoses Gaz adjustable suspension 2.4 Steering Rack 13 inch Compomotive alloys Carbon fibre effect rear arch protectors and rear lights Carbon fibre exhaust Playskool Half Cage Willians Harnesses Momo steering wheel Recently fitted with an upgraded Coolex radiator with new fan Cooling override switch (never had any overheating problems but the switch was already fitted and I upgraded the radiator for more track work) AP Racing Brake Master Cylinder (took me almost a year to get hold of one of these to fit! Rocking horse s*** springs to mind!) Heater Full leather dash and carpets Immobiliser Hamilton car cover (with slight tear) Side doors and soft bits for sevens tonneau cover The car has been fully set up with geo and corner weights by Northampton Motorsports MOT until September 17 As you can see, it is a great spec car. I have spent thousands on this car and it is in fantastic condition, I have stacks of history and receipts too. I have loved owning it and hope the next person does too. I just want to try my hand a bit more seriously on track! I am in no rush to sell so please no silly offers. Car is based in Leamington Spa. Contact 07429155373. Price: £11,500
  17. Megabusa geometry

    Hi, picked up my Megabusa today and want to start making sure it is set up properly as it has only done 160miles from build and geometry never set up. Has any one got some basic camber,toe, ride heights etc for fast road occasionally track use for a westy Megabusa, just to get me started?
  18. Hello again

    Hi guys I've just rejoined the club as I've just bought my second westfield. i was a member a few years ago when I had my megabird, although I didnt really get involved on here to much. Think I spent most of my time fitting new engines in it and not doing westfield stuff. Ive just bought malgene's xtr2 so fingers crossed it'll be a good track car.
  19. Hello, I am having trouble finding out what ABI insurance group my car is in. Does anyone have information on this? I have tried speaking to my current insurer and Westfield but neither seem to know. Any help with grouping details or where I could find this information would be very much appreciated. My car is as 2001 Westfield Seight - VRM S30 OGT Thanks in advance! Josh
  20. New member from Kent

    Hi everyone, Having recently bought a Westfield Seight in September last year I have decided to get involved with the WSCC. I am looking forward to going to my first meet over in sunny Essex in March, Kev from Essex has kindly mentioned a few people who will be going there from near me in Maidstone area. I would be Interested in meeting up on the way with you guys if your up for that. I am also planning to go to the Silverstone Classic show with one of my mates and would be interested in getting my car on the club stand, Kev also mentioned Stoneleigh which I would also like to go to. I have a passion for classic and sports cars, I will be going to the London Classic Car Show and Goodwood FoS this year. Josh
  21. I am selling my high specification road going Westfield Megabusa as I have recently put a deposit on a different 300bhp Westfield with a ridiculous spec which I just couldn't resist. I will be extremely sad to see the Busa go as it is such an amazing car. I have owned it for the last 10 months since buying it from Greg Barton. Greg owned the car for 2 years and in the first year he stripped and rebuild it with lots new parts ready to compete in and then competed in around 5 hillclimbs the following year, he said that it ran reliability all year. Since I have owned the car I have competed in about 6 hillclimbs and had great fun doing plenty of road driving on the weekends. The car had never missed a beat. The engine is incredible, a standard Busa engine produces 175bhp and this one is running 185bhp with out any engine mods (dyno print out to prove) When I first got the car I had it serviced with new spark plugs also by Pete at Bike Tech in Padtsow and at the end of season I had the engine taken out by David at Richards Bros of Redruth and sent to Karl at extreme engines to check the engine over. The reason for doing this is because I wanted Karl to check the engine over as I was then planning on keeping the car and depending on what Kark said I was considering taking it up to 1400cc Karl said a really common problem with the Busa engine is that the 2nd and 6th gear dogs are not undercut and he replaces them all the time but never puts back in the same standard Hayabusa 2nd & 6th gears as he has seen them slip again in a little as 200 miles, so I decided that would be a better area to spend some money as Karl said that after inspecting the engine it was in great condition (Karl would be happy to verify this I'm sure) and power was never an issue anyway. He also blanked off the exhaust gas recirculation as its a waste of time having it on there. David Richards of Richards Bros who removed the engine bled the whole system dry and cleaned it thoroughly, put in new oil, changed the oil filter and changed the clutch fluid. Richards Bros got the Busa on the rolling road to run through the gears and check they were all working nicely which they were, whilst on the rollers David did a power run where the car produced 185bhp. The car is running so sweet since then, its amazing. The work carried out by Extreme engines and Richards Bros came to £1500. It has also just had a new 12 months MOT which it sailed through. I also had all of the rear 6 rose joints upgraded to the NMB military grade ones by Toniq Sports Cars as I was told they are indestructible and didn't think much of the Westfield ones. After that I had a Geo set up by Hatton Motorsport. The car has also literally just had 4 brand new road legal R888's fitted (SG compound) they've done about 20 miles. I have loads of documentation/receipts for the car, literally every receipt since birth including the stuff I have listed above. 2007 Westfield Megabusa SEIW 5-6k miles done since built Standard 1300cc Hayabusa engine (new oil, filter, plugs, coils this year) dyno print out done this year at with strong 185bhp Power commander 3r Westfield dry sump (new belt and tensioner fitted this year) Carbon air box Westfield reverse box Westfield alloy hubs all round Ap racing mc, wilwood 4pots at front 265mm discs(new this year), Sierra rear calipers with mintex 1144 pads Full caged cage with FIA padding Ab performance gearchange paddles using rods and a flatshifter pro for clutchless up and down shifts (new this year) V8 front end, FW rear, with grp diffuser Freelander 3.21 Quaife LSD Westfield Wide track front end Suspension all nylon bushed Protech shocks all round built/tested by Procomp (new this year) Playskool ARBs front/rear Geometry and corner weights been done this year and last have the setup sheets Carbon double bubble aeroscreen Carbon tunnel top Carbon dash Carbon pedal cover Carbon csr cycle wings Carbon sill protectors Carbon moulded rear arch protectors Carbon winglets Caterham style front indicators Bare Grp/carbon seats 2" 4 point willams passenger harness 3" 6 point lightweight alloy willams Silverstone drivers harness Brand new Dash2 complete with DL1 logger fitted this year Dash uses full set of savage switches, with push button indicators using backoff module 7"x13" 3 piece image wheels with basically new Soft R888 tyres (205/60/13 all round) Carbon silencer new this year (also included standard Westfield stainless version with cat for MOT's) Omp 300mm suede steering wheel on extended and quick release steering column Lithium battery FIA cut off switch on dash Softbits Tonneau cover (new this year) Also flared carbon fibre sides, not yet fitted are available I store the car in a PRG mini sporter race shuttle which is also for sale as I am moving to a larger trailer. As I store the the car in the trailer the buyer of the Busa will have first refusal on the trailer but if they don't want it then I will happily sell to anyone who is interested in it. The trailer is fitted with an electric winch and long lead remote. It is about 8 months old and like new! I wouldn't take less than £15,000 for the Busa and £3,600 for the trailer. I'm not one for haggling so I have given my bottom line now to save everyone the agro. I paid £17,000 for the Busa and I have spent a few grand on it since buying it. The trailer was £6,300 about 8 months ago so that's a huge saving for someone on what is pretty much a brand new trailer (receipt/invoice available) I'll chuck in the Tonneau cover, the Carbon fibre flared sides and a spare set of 4 used A048's for free for the buyer of the car. If you are interested or have any questions please contact Mitch on; 07896071413 or precisionwoodwork@hotmail.co.uk I have spent the last 2 hours trying to copy the photos of the Megabusa from photo bucket but I can't seem to do it for some reason? Every time I try and copy the IMG code it won't copy it then pastes a sentence copied previously. I am on apple mac if anyone has any advice please? In the mean time I can email pics to anyone who is interested. Thanks for looking. Link to PGR website for mini sporter dimensions etc; http://www.prgtrailers.co.uk/covered-trailers/minisporter.php
  22. Ended up being my last race but should have been the penultimate I won the class easily, however I had to take the class win in the final round...the clutch said no! So this was my final round. Best ever overall result 5th https://youtu.be/EqoXswo3bsQ
  23. This weekend sees the Battle of Britain race meeting at Croft Circuit Bike and car races throughout the day I will be in the NSSCC races with my red FW
  24. A set of Westfield 4 point harness 2 inch straps with Westfield running down the straps, navy blue - great condition. £50 for the pair +pp (circa £6.00) or free pick up from SS5 (Essex). Will send photos on request - please quote email address. Buy new from Westfield £82 each