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Found 3 results

  1. Well…………… where to start. I guess fair warning is in order. If you don’t want to see any images of a poorly Westfield this may not be the place for you. However if you want to see one of the most iconic Westfield’s of recent times come back to her former glory, then continue reading. The story really starts in July 2021 where 3 cars meet up near the border of wales for a blat. Pre blat brief with special emphasis on one particularly notorious crossroad, carried out and we hit the road. One hour in and we get to the infamous crossing. Even with our early morning discussion, sometimes you just can’t beat fate. Luckily no physical injuries at all but the ex factory demo S2000 lay wounded at the side of the road. Whilst it wasn’t my car it tore me up witnessing the incident and the aftermath. Unfortunately at the time there wasn’t much to be done. The car went off to a salvage auction, where I did my best to keep track of it. Through pure chance I found out the car was bought for restoration and thought nothing more of it. Fast forward to late March and another chance conversation revealed that the current owner is juggling a few projects and could be looking to move this one on. Didn’t take much to convince @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary and @Ian Kinder (Bagpuss) - Joint Peak District AOto waste a miserable day in early April and off we went to see it. Please Note, if you want advice on all aspects of a Westfield and good inspection, take some very knowledgable owners with you. If you want some restraint take a bank manager instead of a pair of shoulder devils. I would say it looks worse than it is but it’s just not true. In a testament to the chassis design it did its job well. There are areas that have bent or shifted that you couldn’t imagine but considering it did a near 360 after being hit it’s not surprising. The main focus of the trip was the engine. We already knew that the remote oil filter had been ripped off but there was very little signs of oil on the road and the engine shut down instantly from what we know. She is a bit beat up but and will need some serious TLC but the dipstick still reads nearly full of lovely golden oil and no obvious external signs of significant damage. So with the inspection out of the way the deal was done and I became the new owner! It comes with a new replacement chassis and whilst it will be permanently marked as a cat S this build thread will serve as the evidence it needs to show the lengths of the rebuild process. So now we reach the present day again and after the very generous offer of a loan trailer from @Paul Aspden (MoFast) I went and collected the chassis and loose parts. What’s left of the car being hopefully collected tomorrow ready for her new home next to one of the many offspring her legend bore fruit to, my Hoonicorn. Well what’s the only thing better than owning a Westfield? 2 Westfields? Where does it stop? It’s still not quite sunk in yet but I’m sure when the car lands in the garage it will hit home hard. I can’t wait!!!!!!!! I’m like a kid at Christmas. I really enjoyed the build last time and now I have a car to drive when the weather is too good to build. The plan is a full strip and rebuild to how she was with maybe a few little tweaks along the way but it was already a great spec car. Now where did I leave my parts cannon?????????????
  2. Samuraipxi

    Oh god not another intro...

    Hi everyone, my name is James, I'm 28 from the northwest and extremely privileged to own a SEi wide V8 Westfield. I am an aircraft fitter currently working for Airbus UK and before that I worked, I mean, made the brews at a garage whilst I was in college. My hobbies include traveling, 2-stroke 1/5 scale RC cars and gaming mainly along with volunteering as an RNLI lifeboat crew member. My Westfield is my proudest possession, my Dad built her in 1996 in the garage in our back garden. She has always been his pride and joy and he loved nothing more than taking friends out for a quick scare. Unfortunately however, he passed away last year from pancreatic cancer. And about 2 weeks before he died, his last gift to me was the Westfield. So now the once hugely sentimental car my Dad built is even more sentimental to me. My family had gathered to watch him hand over the log book so they could see my reaction. It was as you would expect, I was dumbstruck, I had no words for him that could possibly describe what I was feeling. Even know I can't. 20 years on she still looked amazing. You may be wondering why I would tell you that. It's because I'm about to make a plea. 3 days ago I was driving to work when on exiting a blind bend there was a wagon overtaking a parked wagon. I was extremely lucky as I managed to avoid the collision with the wagon, however I was unable to avoid the brick wall and pillar. My heart broke the second I watched the nearside wheel crumple against the bodywork, I had done the unthinkable. He trusted me enough to look after her and I ruined her. This is my plea for help, I can't let her go, I have a need to get her back in one piece. So much so, the day of the accident I didn't seek medical attention, I spent the day removing the mangled parts I could. I couldn't leave her looking like that. But I need advice, I have mechanical skills but I don't know the first thing about rebuilding a car. Any advice you guys can give me on what the best course to take and parts suppliers would hugely appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this, stay safe.
  3. With the pace picking up on the new project I really need this out of my way, I am therefore listing it for sale for one final time before it goes into storage. I have amended the description, removing some of the parts that were previously included so as to reduce the base price and offer a massive price reduction. Please note that this base price is non-negotiable however I am more than happy to discuss prices if you are also looking to buy any of the other body panels or running gear I also have available separately for this car. I was building this car for no other purpose than the enjoyment of doing so and it had always been my intention to sell the car on when it was completed. The rebuild of the car and its history in my ownership is well documented in my rebuild thread (see link below), so it's only for me to describe further what will be included in this sale. http://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic/88905-smokey’s-narrow-rebuild/?p=893554 The chassis is a 1990 SE Live axle Narrow body. It is not road registered, and to the best of my knowledge has spent its whole life as a track and race car. It was my intention to rebuild the car as a cheap track-day toy. I bought her in 2011 from the previous owner who was breaking her following an on-track accident. The damage was limited to the front of the chassis and engine bay tubes, which also because of previous modifications were cut out by me and replaced with new. All the photos of this work are available in my build blog. The chassis comes with all the necessary major parts with the exception of a few nuts and bolts to complete this to a rolling chassis stage. The front wishbones have been fitted only for the photographs but have been removed again for ease of storage. The nuts for the front suspension ball joints are missing and I also don't have any steering track rod ends. Also included in the sale will be copies of all purchase invoices, receipts, and build photographs which would be required should you decided to IVA the car. Chassis Transmission tunnel has been widened from 9" to 12" to accommodate an Mx5 gearbox. Chassis was degreased and undercoated with grey POR-15 and with 2 topcoats of satin black. New mounting bosses for 4-point harnesses welded on. Floor is panelled in 2.0mm NS4 aluminium, back panel and tunnel in 1.2mm 1050a aluminium. 3 additional unfitted panels will also be provided for the cockpit shoulder panels and scuttle top panel. The copper brake lines are installed and fitted with unions, 3 flexible brake pipes are included. A short length of brake pipe still needs making up for the rear axle. No fuel lines are fitted or included. Steering Brand new (from Westfield) upper steering column with lock and 2 keys. A bracket still needs making to attach the top of the steering column to the dash hoop. Mountney classic steering wheel with Allegro boss and crashpad. Lower steering column. Mk2 Escort steering rack and rack mounts. Bodywork Wide body detachable arch tub cut and modified for fitment to a narrow chassis. Rear of tub still needs either fibre-glassing together, or joining with an aluminium flange. Narrow body scuttle (in need of painting) Front suspension Cortina uprights, fitted with alloy hubs. M16 calipers with Ferodo DS2500 pads and solid discs Cortina bottom balljoints (look new but one has a small tear in the gator) Transit top balljoints Spax front dampers with springs (the dampers need replacing, but springs are in good condition and useable) Standard track front wishbones refurbished and fitted with new bushes. Rear suspension Escort live axle fitted with Westfield 4-link brackets. 9" drum brakes, all cleaned and rebuilt. 3.9 open diff Trailing arms and panhard rod, all fitted with new metalastic bushes. Gaz rear dampers are brand new, and come with dyno plots and springs. Handbrake, and cables are all fitted and working. Other Stuff Westfield wide Race Seat and mounting frame. Narrow body Westfield "RAC" braced rollbar with back stays. Set of 5-off capri laser (similar to RS) alloys with tyres (tyres all need replacing) Full set of correct open wheel nuts. The rolling chassis parts as described above I am offering for £1250 no offers The following parts are not included but I do have available separately Brand new yellow high-line narrow body bonnet (still in delivery crate) Brand new black high-line narrow body nose cone Full set of Westfield Pedals Tandem brake master cylinder Brand new Polo Radiator and Westfield mounting brackets 1600 MX5 engine and gearbox Fabricated Westfield engine and gearbox mounts to suit MX5 engine Westfield Exhaust Manifold for Mazda engine Pair of new wide body detachable rear arches in Black The car is located on the Essex/Suffolk boarder just north of Colchester. I have a trailer and may be willing to deliver locally at cost depending on distance and location. I can be contacted by PM or email to wsccessex@btinternet.com any questions please ask Thanks for looking. Mark
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