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Races 3 and 4

Posted by Terzo204 in My Lawnmower Runs on Super..., 25 August 2016 · 34 views

The racing continues. This time at Pembrey on the 21st of August.

It didn't start well. We stayed at a hotel near to the track and there was an enormous and loud wedding. Not a problem until the bar closed. Not the best nights sleep I have ever had. To top it all off, both my phone and my wife's phone did not wake us and we overslept, albeit only by abou...


July 2016

Posted by Quinten in Quinten's Mighty Blog, 31 July 2016 · 18 views

Nothing to report


Tel's Tales Issue 069 Three Sisters 30 July 2016

Posted by terry everall in Tel's Tales, 31 July 2016 · 191 views

TEL's TALE's 069/16
Three Sisters 30 th July 2016

This was the second visit to the Three Sisters track near Wigan and used course number 2 again. A total of 9 Speed Series guys were entered and the weather forecast was good and indeed it stayed dry all day. I was on holiday in the south of France and did not leave Nimes airport until 1030hrs Friday...


Wiring the dash - actual progress

Posted by Wagoneer in Wagoneer's Blog, 30 July 2016 · 128 views


Starting with a picture, here's the new dash sitting almost in place. In a pun free entry, I'm currently working out wire by wire what goes where. The engine start switch is working fine now, being connected via an ignition switch tucked away out of sight. Having achieved that with a celebrato...


Lego westfield MSA rollbar fitted :-)

Posted by marcusb in marcusb's Blog, 08 April 2016 · 360 views

This is the old roll bar, time to go....

old roll bar removed and holes made in bodywork for rear stays:

MSA bar arrived and ready to fit :-)


Almost Track Day Ready

Posted by Kevin (Mr T) - Joint Essex AO in Mr T's Blog, 18 January 2016 · 459 views

Had a few things that needed doing over the Winter, but a few electrical gremlins and time flying have seen the list cut back.

However the main thing, to get the Westy ready for track days this year, is almost complete.

Have a few fixings to sort and fettling to do but finally, it looks how I visualised when I started to make the changes.



Racks and tacks

Posted by AdamR in AdamR's MX-R1000 Build, 29 December 2015 · 618 views

Not had much chance to get stuck in recently due to work being busy, but can't complain. Have had a lot of time to think about stuff though and work things through in my head, which helped when I did get a few hours at the weekend.

Things will quieten down at work now after Xmas so hoping to make better progress... although I have just taken on two engin...


Self cancelling indicator BlinkStop

Posted by Kit Car Electronics in R7 WSC's Blog, 25 October 2015 · 2,014 views

I have a website now - http://www.blinkstop.co.uk

msisleman and de04* both have their BlinkStop working now - hooray!

Updated the fitting instructions to be clearer [thanks to everyone's comments]
[s] superceded

Updated the fitting instructions to correct Right and Left wiring colours [thanks Dean]

Updated assembly instructions to match the...


Sport E Sprinting - Plan B

Posted by johnev in johnev's Blog, 18 October 2015 · 635 views

Back in July 2015 my Sport E electric Westfield was very badly damage due to a 'racing incident' at the Curborough sprint circuit. The car rolled three times and in the process ripped off or bent all four corners of the car. None of the wishbones, uprights or wheels escaped undamaged. In addition all the bodywork was broken in some way. On the face of it...



Posted by TREVORGIDLOW in TREVORGIDLOW's Blog, 07 September 2015 · 544 views
headlights, halogen, LED

I have 1995 Westfield with the traditional halogen headlights and I would like to upgrade to something brighter/whiter, ideally both. Does anyone have any suggestions for brands, suppliers. Prefer the smaller headlights mine are approx. 140mm diameter (guessing from memory).


Stephen's Story

Posted by stephenh in stephenh's Blog, 06 July 2015 · 589 views
Curborough 5.7.15

Curborough July 5th 2015 Stephen’s story
Arrived at the track at 7.20am to find most of the Westfields already there and ready for signing on and scrutineering.
Unfortunately the driver’s briefing wasn’t until 8.50 but we managed to fill the time! The briefing was exceedingly brief for the 99% who had driven the track before and rather more deta...


Set off on the wrong foot ....

Posted by Nosbod in Nosbod's Mega S2000 Blog, 25 June 2015 · 693 views

Slow going today, realised that I have set off on the wrong foot with my build (following a printed manual i got when i collected my kit from Ian which I assume is now out of date) suggests to fit all the panels first. Here is the culprit .........

I only realised this today at work when i stumbled across a downloaded .pdf of the S2000 specific manual...


St Goueno Blog

Posted by Marto303 in Marto's Blog, 09 June 2015 · 698 views

So after months of anticipation Wednesday 27th May had finally arrived and time for us ( Michelle & I ) to set off on our trip to the St Goueno Hill Climb. We set off for our ferry from Portsmouth to St Marlo at 2.00pm, after an easy run down the A34 we’d soon joined the queue at the ferry terminal and could see ahead another member of Team WSCC Gra...


Roll Cage

Posted by pickmaster Andy Lowe in pickmaster's Blog engine swap, 12 February 2015 · 1,247 views

Roll Cage Last year after seeing a photo of a Caterham stuffed under some Armco on the internet and being horrified by just 4 x 8mm bolts through fiberglass holding my windscreen away from my face I started making some phone call about buying a cage
For one reason or another I could not buy one off the shelf, have a delivery date or I would have to trail the car ha...


XTR 2 or 4

Posted by Master Thatcher in Master Thatcher's Blog, 27 January 2015 · 540 views

Spent 8 months looking for a decent XTR, Anyone out there help me?

I had a 2 year association with a 2 in 2006/8 and want to reaqaint myself with this quirky mini Le Mans racer.

I would appreciate any help in finding the right car!!

Do you know anyone who is hiding one??


1st track day.

Posted by Chriscooper1 in Chriscooper1's Blog, 03 November 2014 · 681 views

I'm thinking of doing my first track day, is there anything I need to do to my westy or just the usual, tyres, water, oils etc?


Taking the plunge

Posted by Dave Stirrup in First Westi, 20 August 2014 · 640 views

Well after a couple of years warming the passenger seat in Mark Redpath's SEW i started to look for one of my own. Following a car accident when i was younger (which we don't talk about. do we Mark?) its time to give up motorcycling. The pain in my wrist and hand is just to much. I needed something to replace the feeling i get from biking but without the...


IVA passed

Posted by JPLS in Nothing ventured nothing gained, 23 June 2014 · 767 views

It would seem i have been a little remiss in keeping this blog up to date - but all things come to an end. So ends this blog

Long story short I passed IVA on Friday 20th June :t-up:

Admittedly it was 2nd attempt, but not dissapointed - I trailered the car for the first appointment on Tuesday and as it passed all the safety bits i.e brakes, steering, bui...


Prescott Blog

Posted by alexander72 in Alexander72's Blog, 20 June 2014 · 653 views

Apologies for the delay in preparing this blog but I have been on a Site Supervisors Health and Safety Course all week.... enough to drive any one insane!

Prescott Hill is owned by the Bugatti Owners Club and as such is one of the old classics in the Hillclimb world. Situated in gorgeous woodland on the edge of the Winchcombe hills it really is typically...


Curborough July 6th

Posted by Paul Morcom in Speed Series Results, 17 June 2014 · 629 views

Received these from NSCC.....

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