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January 2024



January 3rd, 2024

Spend: £16.60


Continuing with the side panel by bonding in the bonnet locating block


2024-01-0316_52_05.thumb.jpg.6fe790e978350eca4f02ecfa0a37e787.jpg 2024-01-0316_52_23.thumb.jpg.d34c1418efe85aceecf05a417111b9af.jpg


And then trial fitted it all when cured





January 14th, 2024

Spend: £48.00


Dreaded this moment a bit, but it's now time to fit some AeroCatches to replace the old bonnet locks.  Decided against the lower position which would have covered up the two holes left by the old lock, but would have also mean some extensive cutting away of the bonnet locating blocks.


2024-01-1413_00_38.thumb.jpg.d6322e3e80f134814459acb71aa68128.jpg 2024-01-1415_39_22.thumb.jpg.500cd4e13c4fa0c8412e63470826f897.jpg 2024-01-1415_39_59.thumb.jpg.cbd4ca4aa58ac9d16d6d1c4c23eaea38.jpg


Used Everbuild Stixall to bond it in.



January 20th, 2024

Spend: £0.00


Fabricated a bracket from an old metal T plate and managed to position it such that it clears the side panel and sits on a metal plate underneath the bodywork.  Did have to remove the VIN plate, but found a nice new location for that already.





January 27th, 2024

Spend: £84.60


2024-01-2417_12_50.thumb.jpg.c5cfd8c627c3a03bc9c12f893035682b.jpg 2024-01-2713_01_40.thumb.jpg.9caeb03054dea1ccdd027b484239f19d.jpg


Used some vinyl wrap to tidy up the are where the bonnet fixing bracket sits and the side panel part that is covered by the detachable side panel.



January 28th, 2024

Spend: £0.00


2024-01-2812_37_27.thumb.jpg.96abb66bcb14600db2f0a91c0ae59581.jpg 2024-01-2814_42_19.thumb.jpg.a6a97528895c3bc3a4e21ab8feaf2122.jpg


Using the laser level and a template from when the exhaust headers were fitted, I cut a hole in the side panel, just about big enough for the headers to pass through.  Still need to enlarge it though as I can't remove the panel with the headers fitted.  To be continued next month ;) 




Last month: £  5486.94

This month: £   149.20
Total:      £  5636.14

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