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February 2024



February 1st, 2024

Spend: £26.25


Using some 3D printed moulds (thanks to @Paul Aspden (MoFast) for releasing the STLs for his bonnet vents; they weren't a perfect fit, but it made designing these moulds a lot easier) I pressed my own bonnet vent meshes.


2024-01-2615_57_34.thumb.jpg.f7d53c29d04f6ffef2d568090316ac1d.jpg 2024-01-2615_57_43.thumb.jpg.d7cf6bc47a8750756f142ef704714273.jpg 2024-02-1515_03_35.thumb.jpg.9060bbbf4eaf41a7695437394c5483b8.jpg





Have also given the meshes a quick once over with some paint as the original paint flaked off where it had bend the sharpest.



February 3rd, 2024
Spend: £0.00


Bonded some 3D printed fixings to the bonnet which hold the meshes in place


2024-02-0315_06_48.thumb.jpg.3925c0e3e03f7e27656bb00cdacac803.jpg 2024-02-1116_57_29.thumb.jpg.00eb00e8e738611f8f38d5fa61bafa7a.jpg





February 6th, 2024

Spend: £150.00



Picked up my nose cone from Martin at Ro-Fit & MH Auto Services and it's a beauty.  Couldn't wait to fit the new grille and badge!



February 19th, 2024

Spend: £11.18


Having more or less finished the driver side flared panel, I continued with the passenger side.


2024-02-1816_57_04.thumb.jpg.316fe0dbc4b2204e8c21f220a3dc3a11.jpg 2024-02-1917_30_10.thumb.jpg.b06b0fa54ea292f43fda2427d6ceae1c.jpg 2024-02-2511_51_10.thumb.jpg.0dd84310085c2805b766131a325a7ea9.jpg




February 29th, 2024

Spend: £0.00



Just like on the other side, partially wrapped the side panel so that it somewhat masks the old bonnet lock holes.




Last month: £  5636.14

This month: £   187.43
Total:      £  5823.57

Bonnet Vent Driver Side pt1.stl Bonnet Vent Driver Side pt2.stl Bonnet Vent Front Left pt1.stl Bonnet Vent Front Left pt2.stl Bonnet Vent Front Right pt1.stl Bonnet Vent Front Right pt2.stl Bonnet Vent Passenger Side pt1.stl Bonnet Vent Passenger Side pt2.stl


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