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Onliest Music - alternative Smeg selections

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About this blog

As some of you know I have a very eclectic music collection (from household names to the obscure), but what all the best of the art form have is the ability to draw the listener in – involving them and immersing them within a world away from their physical reality.

Music can definitely be theraputic treatment in a chaotic demanding world. Music is an excellent de-stresser for these lockdowned troubled times.


So I thought I'd start a blog of what I've been listening too, some as I've been discovering it for myself.

This could be the prompt for posting a well known classic album, there are plenty out there from Pink Floyd, Queen, Radiohead etc. etc.

But where would be the adventure in that!

Experience something different/new.

Entries in this blog

For More Gilmore

Thea Eve Gilmore (born 25 November 1979) is an English singer-songwriter. She began her career working in a recording studio, where she met Nigel Stonier an English rock, roots and pop record producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.   Gilmore was born in Oxford to Irish parents and lived in the village of North Aston, Oxfordshire. She became interested in music as a result of her father's record collection, which included work by Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and The Beatles. Later,

Dave (OnliestSmeg) -  Manchester AO

Dave (OnliestSmeg) - Manchester AO in Onliest Music

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