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Thea Eve Gilmore (born 25 November 1979) is an English singer-songwriter. She began her career working in a recording studio, where she met Nigel Stonier an English rock, roots and pop record producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.


Gilmore was born in Oxford to Irish parents and lived in the village of North Aston, Oxfordshire. She became interested in music as a result of her father's record collection, which included work by Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and The Beatles. Later, she listened to Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, and The Replacements, among others. Having always written poetry and stories, she began seriously writing songs at the age of 15.


Gilmore released her first album as a teenager, entitled Burning Dorothy, in 1998 and over the course of the next four years, released increasingly well-received albums that earned her a reputation in the UK music press but no chart success.


I first came across Thea’s music in 2000 when I picked up her 2nd album ‘The Lipstick Conspiracies’ as a random purchase, something about the cover attitude  caught my attention. And listening definitely grabbed me ear. Her vocal tone, way with wordology and composition – Her musical ability to play with genres and her lyrical ability shades other singer songwriters. Her lyrics display emotion, intelligence and an understanding of the world as it really is - warts and all. It's not a pretty picture out there and Gilmore highlights and salvages life with her strong sense of humour.

She also has a great way with cover versions, making them her own. Album ‘Loft Music’ being a great example. In January 2011, Gilmore appeared at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall in a tribute concert celebrating the 70th Birthday of Bob Dylan. She performed versions of "I Pity the Poor Immigrant" and "Masters of War." Subsequently, Gilmore entered the studio with producer and husband Stonier and recorded the entire set of tracks found on Dylan's original release of John Wesley Harding.


An artist of enduring international acclaim (Bruce Springsteen regularly names her as a favourite) and a justly revered lyricist, Gilmore’s musical settings have taken many ingenious detours over the years years.


Given the reverence in which Gilmore is held among contemporaries it was no surprise that UK folk royalty including Cara Dillon, Seth Lakeman, Sam Lakeman, Katriona Gilmore, Jamie Roberts and BBC Radio 2’s Young Folk Award winner 2013 Ciaran Algar all step up to contribute to her latest recording ‘Small World Turning’. Moreover the engine room of the record  - which contains no traditional kit drums - is a stellar and diverse transatlantic rhythm section of Matt Owens (Noah And The Whale) and Michael Blair (Tom Waits, Elvis Costello).









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