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Found 17 results

  1. TableLeg

    SEiGHT Build Diary

    Hello I am in the early stages of a Westfield SEiGHT build. This is my 3rd kit car all have been 7 type cars. No.1 had a 1700 Full race X-Flow that made 155Bhp back in 1991, the second a Dax Rush had a tuned Sierra Cosworth Turbo engine circa 360Bhp running 28psi back in 2007. So what made me want to build an SEiGHT, well..... Having had a normally aspirated 4 pot, and a Turbo charged 4 pot the only thing left was either a V6 or a V8. I had always liked the unique sound of a V8 engine even from a young age. Living in an area where there are a large number of US servicemen/women I have seen and heard many big V8's over the years. However I have always liked to do things slightly differently and prefer the challenge of the build rather than assembling all the parts direct from the manufacturer. So after much deliberation (and after monitoring the forum for a while) I felt that a Westfield was the route I wanted to take. I was impressed very early on with this forum and how willing forum users are with sharing information and helping out others. Anybody who replies to another users post with help of any kind should be commended So I started by selecting the engine I wanted to use and then the transmission. Then I ordered the SEiGHT starter kit. I bought the chassis in bare metal so I could make some modifications and that is basically where I am at. The engine, a Chevrolet L33 5.3 all alloy V8 mated to a Tremec TKO600 using an LS6 clutch. The L33 is essentially the same as the Corvette LS6 5.7L which has the same stroke just with a slightly larger bore. I have had the engine in an out several times now but as is the way with using anything from the US the inevitable wait for parts to be shipped over the pond holds things up. I am hopefully getting some more parts next week so then will be able to make some more progress. I have the wiring loom (a Premier loom) which I had modified during the manufacture to add some additional relays for my ECU. So thank you to all those who have replied to my numerous questions :yes: I hope you will be as equally supportive once I actually start the build which hopefully won't be too far away I may put up some photos if any body is interested.
  2. 1998 Westfield SEIGHT V8 3.9L EFI, S reg. SOLD 7,500 documented miles from new. My ownership since 2017, previous owner from 2006, and 3 prior to that date according to the V5C. Rolling road shows 194BHP/205lbft. Factory built (original invoice) in red with black trim. Westfield sports seats with 4-point harnesses fitted. Side screens, boot tonneau in black, Walker St Claire cover, and Perspex wind deflectors. Boot cover has additional zipped bag for storage. 15in Super Tourer wheels with Yokohama A520 205/50/15 tyres fitted (3.5mm front and rear, spare unused). Black carbon effect guards to rear wings. Upgraded brakes, anti-theft immobiliser, DRE shift light system. R380 gearbox, Tornado software, Magnecor leads, and all hoses / gaiters replaced 2019-21. This is a really lovely car and the 6th Westfield I have had over the last 25 years, but age is catching up with me (81), and having spare garage space would be a bonus. email: emdservices@msn.com
  3. Hi All, I know this is not the right time to sell a car such as this (in the middle of a pandemic and a economic downturn!), but it is simply to good too good to go as part of a trade in for my new company/tow car (It is my company so using it as part of the deposit). I have done a deal with a dealership (so match the price and it is yours!), but would rather it goes to someone who will appreciate the care and cash that has been spent on it over the years, rather than it end up in a auction and then neglected on a 2nd hand car lot! The background is that my Dad purchased the car back in 2007, brand new, from the local Jeep main dealer (he really wanted a Range Rover, but could not justify the massive price!). Sadly he died earlier this year and I have inherited it, after using over the years for towing etc and more often in the past 6 months, I cannot justify the fuel costs any more so have decided to move it on. My Dad was a true petrol head with a collection of cars from a 99 year old Morris to a 2 year electric BMW. It has not wanted for anything, I have a a thick folder full of service receipts, original order paper work, and info/receipts for the bits and bob's he added or replaced to maintain the car in tip top condition. The private reg number is included in the sale - LBL 11W - just have a look at the MOT history, find a cleaner one 🙂 ! It is a Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7L Hemi Limited in silver with a grey leather interior, with a automatic box. With only just under 72000 miles on the clock from new and is in overall superb condition. Good bits: Rust Free, has been parked in a carport all of it's life. Low mileage top of the range car, with a V8 engine, in really good condition. All the electrics work - dimming rear-view mirror, heated seats, computer, electric seats, sat nav, radio, cd, parking sensors (see below), tyre pressure monitor (see below), reversing camera (with external plug and cable to add trailer camera), duel zone air con nice and cold, central locking etc. Full service history, good alloys with recent Cooper Discovery All Terrain Tyres (see below), a good spare, load liner, all the original tools, hand books, radio code, 2 keys (1 needs the battery holder soldering - I have fat fingers trying to change the battery), chassis/under body professionally protected, privacy glass, heavy duty tow bar with 13 pin electrics, starts first time every time. Not so good things: Due to the nonstandard tyre size it sometimes flags up a low tyre pressure warning ( a common error apparently), one of the rear parking sensors keeps popping out of its hole thus flashes up a error from time to time, one of the lower aftermarket spot lamps is broken, has 2 small body marks (one on front bumper, one on lower passenger door) and the front lower spoiler has become loose on the right hand side. All of these can be seen if you look really closely at the pictures and are easily fixable. As i have mentioned I have already had a trade in price agreed, but if anyone fancies a really quick 4x4 with the reassurance that is in great condition for any car, let alone of one of this age give me a shout. I have tried to be as honest as possible, and do not want to waste anyone’s time or my own, so if someone fancies it, the first to see will buy at £4500. Thanks for looking and please do ask any questions. I live in Gloucestershire, near the M50.
  4. Samuraipxi

    Oh god not another intro...

    Hi everyone, my name is James, I'm 28 from the northwest and extremely privileged to own a SEi wide V8 Westfield. I am an aircraft fitter currently working for Airbus UK and before that I worked, I mean, made the brews at a garage whilst I was in college. My hobbies include traveling, 2-stroke 1/5 scale RC cars and gaming mainly along with volunteering as an RNLI lifeboat crew member. My Westfield is my proudest possession, my Dad built her in 1996 in the garage in our back garden. She has always been his pride and joy and he loved nothing more than taking friends out for a quick scare. Unfortunately however, he passed away last year from pancreatic cancer. And about 2 weeks before he died, his last gift to me was the Westfield. So now the once hugely sentimental car my Dad built is even more sentimental to me. My family had gathered to watch him hand over the log book so they could see my reaction. It was as you would expect, I was dumbstruck, I had no words for him that could possibly describe what I was feeling. Even know I can't. 20 years on she still looked amazing. You may be wondering why I would tell you that. It's because I'm about to make a plea. 3 days ago I was driving to work when on exiting a blind bend there was a wagon overtaking a parked wagon. I was extremely lucky as I managed to avoid the collision with the wagon, however I was unable to avoid the brick wall and pillar. My heart broke the second I watched the nearside wheel crumple against the bodywork, I had done the unthinkable. He trusted me enough to look after her and I ruined her. This is my plea for help, I can't let her go, I have a need to get her back in one piece. So much so, the day of the accident I didn't seek medical attention, I spent the day removing the mangled parts I could. I couldn't leave her looking like that. But I need advice, I have mechanical skills but I don't know the first thing about rebuilding a car. Any advice you guys can give me on what the best course to take and parts suppliers would hugely appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this, stay safe.
  5. LythamBrownie

    V8 Scoop - Not Full Bonnet

    Afternoon Collective..... I’m thinking of getting a V8 carbon Scoop to put on to my existing bonnet..... both for technical & aesthetic purposes..... I am also looking at a full Westfield V8 bonnet and Patrick (WSC) is sending new a colour sample.... but I’m interested in to find out how easy it is to fit a carbon V8 scoop? Pictures of them and suppliers would also be really great !!! KR David
  6. Amazing car, sound and performance in superb condition. 1996 8k miles . Receipts and modifications and upgrades from RPI and Terry Nightingale plus original invoice from factory. Open to offers. Contact James on 07986 201069. Stage 3 cylinder leads Piper 285 camshaft Tornado ECU upgrade chip K&N free flow air filter AVO competition shock absorbers Competition adjustable springs 4pot AP racing upgrade Underslung exhaust system LSD Battery cut off switch Vented nose cone with alloy radiator Chrome upper and lower wishbones Long range fuel tank Lockable boot lid Sports leather faced seats 4 point harness Contoured dashboard, immobilizer.heater Full weather gear Two sets of keys
  7. cast iron

    Muscle car rental USA

    Heading over to California early October for belated honeymoon I know I've married a good one when I mentioned the cost of hiring a Dodge challenger and her reply was you only live once... So with a green light in mind, has anyone experience of hiring a muscle car in the USA. I'm not interested in a Mustang, plenty on the road over here. Needs to be a Dodge challenger or a Camaro SS, any recommendations or experiences welcome
  8. MertianB

    V8 WSY registration

    I have a registration plate that might be of interest to anyone with a SEight, as long as your care is currently on an age related plate Looking for offers. V8 WSY
  9. I've decided to sell my Westfield which I have owned from the time I built it, registered in 2001. This is an ideal road car in immaculate condition. I am planning to retain the number plate. The engine was completely rebuilt using an older and mature block. This enables the car to run without Cats and MOTs without a problem. This car will be sold with a new MOT as it currently expires at end of May 2017. The engine was built and tuned by a V8 specialist (Progress Engineering in Maidstone). R380 gearbox (new when fitted) Heavy duty clutch LSD Diff (Westfield supplied) Moroso electric water pump Immobiliser Rev limiter Toyo R1R tyres 205/15 (almost new) New Protech shock absorbers fitted Wrapped stainless steel headers and stainless steel underslung exhaust (Westfield supplied) Tonneau cover with zip for half cover if wanted Removable side screens Full weather gear - Hood and frame Spare wheel and carrier included but not currently fitted. Various spare parts, Manual and many receipts and info folder If not sold this car will be at Stoneleigh on Monday 1st May Car is based in Letchworth, Herts. Contact Ron 07885 524495 Price: £14750 ono
  10. Josh Hampson

    New member from Kent

    Hi everyone, Having recently bought a Westfield Seight in September last year I have decided to get involved with the WSCC. I am looking forward to going to my first meet over in sunny Essex in March, Kev from Essex has kindly mentioned a few people who will be going there from near me in Maidstone area. I would be Interested in meeting up on the way with you guys if your up for that. I am also planning to go to the Silverstone Classic show with one of my mates and would be interested in getting my car on the club stand, Kev also mentioned Stoneleigh which I would also like to go to. I have a passion for classic and sports cars, I will be going to the London Classic Car Show and Goodwood FoS this year. Josh
  11. cast iron

    Wanted - Bonnet

    FW style with "V8" or "Mega" style top air sccop Will consider any damaged bonnet wit the top scoop in tact - to graft on WHY
  12. alfie_fraser

    Westfield owner - reborn

    Hi all, after a 10yr'ish absence I have no rejoined and taken a punt on an Seight after my previous 1600CVH. The one I have bought is running a little rough but managed the 198mile trip back to ours Saturday afternoon, in the rain, and dark and cruising just to make sure on reaching final destination. Will post updates as time goes on and funds become available etc etc
  13. Mark (smokey mow)

    SOLD - Wide Body ZK V8 Bonnet in Burgandy

    This was my spare bonnet and bought brand new from westfield in 2010. I used it for sprinting so i could have one bonnet for the road and car shows and another for the track which would carry the stickers and race numbers. This has been used for 10 events between 2010 and 2014 and other than being drilled for the locating pins and locks this has not been cut or modified in any way. The bonnet locks and pins are not included in this sale. The bonnet is in good condition and has always stored on the wall when not being used. All the stickers can easily be removed. £200 (no offers) Collection only from Colchester CO6 NOW SOLD Pictures to follow
  14. Tommygun

    Hello everybody :)

    Well the time has come to let the moths free from their leathery confinement and purchase a V8. This will be my first Westfield and the reason for the V8? Well the uncanny resemblance to the soundtrack of the beginning of the universe of course (though that may be a dream involving some exceptional whiskey) I'm wondering what advice you fine gentlefolk could bestow on me to help me on my way? Aero screen or windscreen? RAC bar or chrome bar? What are the best waterproofs to get that don't make you appear to be a stunt man from JASON or other horror films? (The all in one from the WSCC does have a touch of 1980's horror though that may just be me) How best to enjoy your westys in winter? Anything else that people might recommend? Very new to this internet thing of forums etc but I'm very keen to be part of this community. (I'm 31 but always preferred girls and sticks laden with politicians promises) I hope everyone is well and soon hope to have a numb bum and massive smile on my chops. Tom
  15. So as you can tell from the title, yesterday did not end well... I've had my SEight for 6 months now and in that time have uprated the cooling system, sorted the brakes, fitted new wheels and have done a basic service - oil, filters etc. Not done anything on the engine apart from that. However while cruising home after a great day at Bedford Autodrome, the old V8 punched a hole in the side of the block, spitting lumps of metal on to the road. Presumably some sort of con rod failure - the RAC man suggested possible blocked or oil starved con rod bearing. - Is it worthwhile or even possible to repair the damaged block and rebuild the bottom end? - If not, is it worth sourcing a new block and rebuilding the engine using my existing parts? - Are the cylinder heads in my car completely standard, or uprated in the Westfield builds? How can I tell? - Could I find a fully build engine and fit the cylinder heads etc from my existing engine? - Where's the best place to find spares / whole engines? I do love the drama and performance of the V8 but more modern engines could 'add lightness' whilst providing a similar power output. As another option, how complicated would it be to replace it with a 2.0L Duratec for example, but keep the existing LT77 5-speed gearbox? Anyway, I don't have the work space or time for a long term perfect rebuild project, I would just like to get it back on the road as soon as possible, hence coming here for some advice! This is my first kit car so go easy on me, I have much to learn and any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Oscar
  16. snicko1


    hiya all having problems with a 4.6 v8 its hunting and cutting out when hot we have changed ecu temp switch air flow meter lambda probes throttle potentiometer checked for vacunm leaks idle valve now checking wireing loom anything else anyone think we could do cheers
  17. chris-v8-euro

    V8 Seight Cats

    I am after a pair of the factory supplied cats from a Seight with underslung exhausts, Hopefully someone has some sitting in a garage, would evan be interested in a couple of de-cat pipes so i could get cats fitted.
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