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Found 23 results

  1. Quinten Uijldert - Webmaster

    WTD: Westfield SEiGHT vinyl sticker - Got some!

    Had to remove the ones on my car and stupidly didn't take a good picture of what they look like. The best I could find from a Google images search is but I suppose those who know what they look like may be able to point me to finding some replacements...
  2. Badger56

    Seight nose cone fasteners

    I've managed to lose one of the three fasteners from my Seight nose cone, the little hexagonal drive ones that secure the radiator ducting, any body know were they can be sourced? mine are chrome but black would do if I change all three. By the way, I think I know were the lost one is I just can't get it without taking the nose apart and being made of stainless steel a magnet wont pick it up.
  3. groucher

    seight decal or sticker

    hello all, I am looking for anyone that has a picture of the original westfield supplied SEIGHT decal or sticker. Think it was the word seight with an ringed outline....in black..... Just cant find anything online or in my archive of photo's. Cheers scott.
  4. Hi, I have a Seight with the usual arrangement for the radiator, I.e it “floats” in the nose cone. I’ve seen brackets which hold / support the radiator which makes things easier when removing the nose. Does anyone have the designs for such a thing or know where they can be obtained/ bought
  5. Set of RISTS suppression 1515 numbered spark plug leads, and Hotwires high performance coil lead. Replaced mine with Magnecor, so surplus to requirements. Now on EBay £8, free P&P Now SOLD https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/162973996181?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  6. MertianB

    V8 WSY registration

    I have a registration plate that might be of interest to anyone with a SEight, as long as your care is currently on an age related plate Looking for offers. V8 WSY
  7. Badger56

    Seight engine "Stumble"

    Hi all, I have a 4L Seight running an Edelbrock / Webber 500 4 barrel carb, I've sorted out various issues since buying it in May last year, recently I noticed a "stumble" in slow bends usually after running along at a steady speed then turning into a side road. I am thinking maybe fuel pressure or surge in the tank but not really sure where to start looking, does anyone have any suggestions? The car was set up on a rolling road about 6 or 7 months ago and runs really well otherwise. Any thoughts gratefully received.
  8. Badger56

    Seight Oil Leak

    This may be a stupid question but, I have a Westfield V8 (4ltr range rover block) which started leaking oil somewhere towards the front following an oil change. It has a Mocal remote filter. The leak is bad enough to need attention so I'm going to take the front off to gain access, the stupid questions are, why following an oil change? and are there any "usual suspects" for leak points? as its all a bit mucky at the moment its hard to see where the leak(s) may be but I'd guess at right at the front and possibly something to do with the remote filter. Any pointers before I get the front off wil
  9. Tommygun

    More seight overheating

    Hello again, cars back from V8 developments and running beautifully......apart from... on the motorway, engine temp gauge (sensor is just before the rad) goes from 80 ish normal operating temp around town and spirited driving, to 65/70deg que 5-10mins later the needle jumping up to 110/120 and venting. rad is mounted to the chassis, filling the nose cone and is massively efficient. after driving from Lincoln to Macclesfield via snake pass I think the thermostat is to blame. shuts when temp is too low and the water in the jacket then boils, que temp needle going h
  10. Josh Hampson

    New member from Kent

    Hi everyone, Having recently bought a Westfield Seight in September last year I have decided to get involved with the WSCC. I am looking forward to going to my first meet over in sunny Essex in March, Kev from Essex has kindly mentioned a few people who will be going there from near me in Maidstone area. I would be Interested in meeting up on the way with you guys if your up for that. I am also planning to go to the Silverstone Classic show with one of my mates and would be interested in getting my car on the club stand, Kev also mentioned Stoneleigh which I would also like to
  11. Badger56

    Remote oil filter Seight

    I hope this isn't a stupid question but, what replacement do I need for my remote oil filter canister? it's just a plain white filter with no marking that I can see. I think it's probably standard factory built Seight but I'm guessing if I say that in Halfords I'll get funny looks. Cheers Dave
  12. Hi, I'm a new member who joined today. I'm here because I've just bought a green Seight, K865WWD. I was curious to know if any members (or non-members) were previous owners of this vehicle and could tell me anything about its history (shows attended, track days, touring venues, etc ). I'm intending taking it on a trip to Italy, where I spend much of my time now I'm retired. Any comments, advice, inside knowledge, anything at all would be really appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Hi All, I bought my Seight back in May and set about various improvements such as getting the suspension set up correctly fixing the over heating problem and getting it running smoothly on a rolling road. I'm very happy with the results and intend to get the suspension re-built over the winter probably using ProComp. The car runs a TVR 4.0 litre cross bolted block Offenhauser inlet manifold. and Edelbrock / Webber 500 4 barrel carb with PRi Ignition amplifier and Magnicore 8.5 mm leads. So what's the question, well I've noticed a slight "hesitance" when cruising or driving
  14. Badger56

    Seight Air Lock

    Hi All, does anyone have any advice for removing or reducing an airlock in the cooling system on a Seight ? mine gets pretty hot (about 100 - 110) then it's fine at about steady 80 odd, the top hose (from the thermostat) is almost empty as its the highest point and although I'm obviously getting some flow (the radiator gets hot) there is definately air in there. Any advice would be welcome. Cheers Dave PS the Thermostat is a 74 degree one.
  15. Badger56

    Seight Water pump "squeal"

    Hi all, Had some rolling road work done today and the car popped a hose due to the high revs, this hasn't caused any problem except that something now squeals intermittently. My thought is water pump and the only thing to do is change it, however I thought it may be the alternator as it probably got wet during the hose incident. Questions are, how do I find the source of the squeal as it only does it when driving i.e. I can't make it do it on command and if it is the water pump how do I identify which one I have? The car was factory built in 2004 but I'm told was re-built in 2012
  16. Hi all, My Seight is running a TVR 4.0l V8 on a Edelbrock 1404 4 barrel carb with a Offenhauser inlet manifold and K & N pancake air filter. The Rocker covers are both vented to atmosphere with no pipe to the carb vacuum. Having had the car set up on a rolling road I noted quite a lot of oil smoke from one of the vents at full revs (has an after market filter on it) due to "blow by" and I'm thinking of connecting one of the rocker covers to the carb either via the air filter or to the PCV vacuum pipe at the front of the carb. I'd use a standard TVR flame trap and a pipe into th
  17. Hi all, I've searched the forums to no avail, trying to add a thermostatic switch to my Seight as it just has a manual one at the moment. I have the following : http://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/adjustable-fan-controller-thermostat and I'm not sure which wire goes where, from the fan I have a red & a black wire, finding a suitable connection to disconnect I've found that with the switch on they are both live, I assume there is a relay involved somewhere and I've tested the circuit before this i.e. on the fan side in the engine bay. I could do this by trial & error bu
  18. Badger56

    Seight Radiator Mounting

    Hi All, Did a bit of work on the seight the other night which necessitated removing the nose cone, I found that the radiator is mounted to the cone and not the chassis, i.e take the cone off and the radiator comes with it. I doubt this is the best solution (although it appears to work fine) due to the weight etc and I think it was done when a past owner fitted a higher spec rad. I'll probably look at mounting it "properly" over the winter but wondered if anyone has any thoughts or pointers? Are there brackets etc available? or is it a fabrication job? I have no detail about
  19. Hi all, Probably a daft question but, the bottom of my flywheel is exposed i.e. not covered by a plate or anything, is that correct?? it sits behind the sump but I would think it's subject to road dirt grit etc and really should have a plate in front of it. Anyone got any thoughts? Cheers Dave
  20. harrypotter

    Vacuum Advance Fitment

    Is there a 'best place' to connect the vacuum advance tube coming from the distributor? There seem to be a few take-off points from the carbon plenum chamber and it's fittings. I'm assuming it's going to be somewhere near the inlet mouth of the plenum. Thanks all for your help and patience. Harry
  21. So as you can tell from the title, yesterday did not end well... I've had my SEight for 6 months now and in that time have uprated the cooling system, sorted the brakes, fitted new wheels and have done a basic service - oil, filters etc. Not done anything on the engine apart from that. However while cruising home after a great day at Bedford Autodrome, the old V8 punched a hole in the side of the block, spitting lumps of metal on to the road. Presumably some sort of con rod failure - the RAC man suggested possible blocked or oil starved con rod bearing. - Is it worthwhi
  22. Hi There, I'm new to the club, just got a SEiGHT with 3.5l Rover V8 a couple of weeks ago. It's brilliant, just one problem has emerged with the hazard lights/indicator. With the ignition on, the hazards lights flash when the switch is off aswell as when the switch is on. I can make them stop by positioning the switch between on/off, but then the indicators don't work. This has just happened the last week or so, when i first got it the hazards were off with the switch off, and the indicators worked fine, so i know they have worked at some point. With the ignition off, the hazards a
  23. Rugby Al

    Seight steering rack

    My Seight was, I guess, a rolling chassis when it left the factory in 1996. I now have very slight play in the rack (I can move the pinion a few degrees without the rack moving) - no problem with MOT or drivability, but I know it's there. I have looked around, and the rack of choice is the Escort Mk1/2? But my rack does not look like an Escort rack - it does not have any adjustment capability (which I think the Escort rack has?) Any idea what rack Westfield factory fitted to the Seight in 1996?
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