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Found 14 results

  1. ralphy

    Bodywork query

    I'm confused as to what's going on here. Is it that the bonnet is a lowline and the scuttle is standard, or some other explanation entirely? (FWIW the bonnet does seem to be the correct measurements for a standard SE). R
  2. I offer a GRP bonnet for sale in excellent clean condition removed from a 1998 Westfield SEiW Speedsport Car during upgrade to a vented V8 bonnet. Please see the attached photograph detailing the Westfield Factory mould number, pigment, production code and batch number. I also include photos illustrating the original locks fitted in place (now removed and not included in the sale) - the mounting positions are pre-holed to accept these locks. Locations for forward securing pins are also pre-drilled. Other photos are included purely to indicate the fit / chassis to which this bonnet is intended (the car is not included in the sale). Buyer to collect - this item is too big and bulky to post. I'm located in The South West, just off of The M5 Motorway near Exeter. £300.00 or nearest offer (sensible offers will be considered). Please note this is advertised elsewhere. Many thanks for looking. This is probably the best used example you are likely to find anywhere!
  3. harrypotter

    Black body parts

    Not sure that's the best title to have!!!! Wanted Black nose cone, rear wings, bonnet for 2004 seiw. Ideally black but that's probably a big ask.
  4. LythamBrownie

    V8 Scoop - Not Full Bonnet

    Afternoon Collective..... I’m thinking of getting a V8 carbon Scoop to put on to my existing bonnet..... both for technical & aesthetic purposes..... I am also looking at a full Westfield V8 bonnet and Patrick (WSC) is sending new a colour sample.... but I’m interested in to find out how easy it is to fit a carbon V8 scoop? Pictures of them and suppliers would also be really great !!! KR David
  5. I'm in need of a navy blue bonnet, nose and book for SEiW 2008. Mine are looking tired. Can't afford new from Westfield. Live in Essex.
  6. ralphy

    Bonnet measurement help please

    Could some kind owner please confirm the rear width of the narrow-bodied bonnet please? For completeness, it would be helpful to find out the difference in measurement between the narrow and wide-body bonnets too. Thanks. R
  7. cast iron

    Wanted - Bonnet

    FW style with "V8" or "Mega" style top air sccop Will consider any damaged bonnet wit the top scoop in tact - to graft on WHY
  8. woodywestie

    Bonnet Wanted

    Just upgrade to AT Zetec Direct to Head Trottle Boides.... New Bonnet is Required due to the different location of the air filter! The original tub was bought back in 2003. I'd prefer Red but i'm open to other colours.
  9. Mark (smokey mow)

    SOLD - Wide Body ZK V8 Bonnet in Burgandy

    This was my spare bonnet and bought brand new from westfield in 2010. I used it for sprinting so i could have one bonnet for the road and car shows and another for the track which would carry the stickers and race numbers. This has been used for 10 events between 2010 and 2014 and other than being drilled for the locating pins and locks this has not been cut or modified in any way. The bonnet locks and pins are not included in this sale. The bonnet is in good condition and has always stored on the wall when not being used. All the stickers can easily be removed. £200 (no offers) Collection only from Colchester CO6 NOW SOLD Pictures to follow
  10. I have just started my winter upgrade projects. I will be stripping down the car over the next few weeks, and will update when parts are available. List is as follows:- Savage Billet Aluminium Switches and Warning Lights:- Battery warning light - soldered wiring tails Handbrake light - soldered wiring tails Heated screen switch - soldered wiring tails Available now £12.50 per item. P&P at cost Electric blue windscreen fillet £20. Collection only from Kidlington or Banbury, or WSCC courier service, buyer to arrange. AVAILABLE NOW ZK bonnet - REDUCED TO £100 http://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic/115206-zk-bonnet-electric-blue/ SOLD RAC Rollbar compete with carbon effect third LED brake light. Good condition. £100. Collection only from Kidlington or Banbury, or WSCC courier service, buyer to arrange. Available now. SOLD Soft Bits For Sevens Half Hood complete with heavy duty zipped storage bag and home made roof bars £150. This was made to suit the above Rollbar with the third brake light. Really good condition, only been used about half a dozen times. Plastic channel that goes over windscreen is snapped which is the norm. Does not affect performance. Collection only from Kidlington or Banbury, or WSCC courier service, buyer to arrange. Available now. SOLD Westfield windscreen electrically heated complete with pillars and electric mirrors. All in black. £200. Collection only from Kidlington or Banbury, or WSCC courier service, buyer to arrange. Available now. SOLD Westfield vinyl covered race seats, complete with subframe. Seats mounted into frame using rivnuts for ease of fitting and removal. Westfield logo on top of seat. One small nick in vinyl on top of seat back on both seats (Photo below is of the worst seat, other seat the nick is smaller), otherwise they are in great condition. Very comfy seats, I have covered 300 miles in a day sat in these with no problem. New from Westfield this bundle would cost £660. Collection only from Kidlington or Banbury, or WSCC courier service, buyer to arrange. Available by weekend. Yours for £300 all in SOLD Westfield wiper motor kit complete. Black wiper blades and universal refills fitted £100. Collection only from Kidlington or Banbury, or WSCC courier service, buyer to arrange. Available shortly. SOLD VDO Vision gauges, complete with wiring loom connector blocks:- Speedo Tacho Fuel Oil pressure Oil temperature Coolant temperature The instruments are pictured as below, they are all fitted with Red LED backlight bulbs. The speedo reading is 7325.4 miles. All the senders are still fitted to the car but can be removed if you want them. There is a bit of scratching on the Rev counter bezel, and the paint has worn away a touch on the speedo bezel. Brand new all the gauges would cost £448.80 from ETB http://www.etbinstruments.com/VDO_Price_List.htm Yours for £225. P&P at cost. SOLD Senders would be an additional £75 for Speed; Oil pressure; Oil temperature; Coolant temperature. P&P at cost. SOLD AA Composites interchangeable aeroscreen kit complete with fitted mirrors. REDUCED PRICE £50. Collection only from Kidlington or Banbury, or WSCC courier service, buyer to arrange. SOLD Westfield side screens/doors. 2 additional press studs added to provide additional fixing points for half hood. Very good condition. REDUCED PRICE £100. Collection only from Kidlington or Banbury, or WSCC courier service, buyer to arrange. SOLD Pm's please
  11. Bakersbucks

    Westfield Fw bonnet nose

    Hi I wonder if anybody knows if a FW Bonnet nose (where the bonnet and nose are one piece) would fit a 1998 SEiW, I don't mind a bit of tweaking but is it likely to fit in place of the original bonnet and nose. Thanks in advance Sean
  12. Soon for Ebay but may be open to sensible offers Damaged but usable bodywork, all genuine Westfield ZK baodywork in black gel coat Black ZK style bodywork, (does not include fron Arches or Scuttle so not a full set) - this bodywork was on my car for 8 years, and has taken the odd knock - some trackdays, and some silly nkocks getting it on the traler etc, as a track focused car my intention was to live with it and then replace if I ever sold the car, which I did earlier in the year Nosecone - heavy crazing to the front (some may recall my nkock on the tryewall during the spped series at 3 sisters back in 2006, as a Ducted nose type this originally had the grill system moulded into the design 9rather than mesh) but the timing strut punched through these so they got cut out with the dremel and converted to mesh front. The star crazing / cracks are pretty heavy - still got good structural strentgh and the crazing is only really seen once your within a few feet. Front Splitter - inc on the nosecone - this suffered damage when I did a bit of grass cutting at the ESCC trackday at Mallory, the engine / nose area had a flat floor plat system wich had quck release fixings into the splitter, this caught on the grass and ripped the fixings out along the splitter Main Tub - no structurla damage or shunts but has the odd scuff and some pebble dashing where where it curls out to meet the rear arch, this is low down so does not really stand out. The side pods were neatly cut and flared out, this cut is in line with the bonnet - scuttle line so looks right. The rear valance has holes for air vents (stops the old parachute effect of trapped air. doulble sided stickyback needs removing from old reg plate area. rear Arch- nearside - got it caughts on the edge of the trailer which reulted in it cracking mid way along, needs some fibreglass matting at the back to re-strengthen and could then be painted Rear arch - off side - dmaged to front / low down area where some road debbris hit it expsoing the internal fibreglass, no loss in overall structural strentgh,may gel coat repair or fill & paint Bonnett - unmarked & good condition (not splitting at the moment) Photo's are in the WSCC Gallery and I can email higher res copies for any one interested Thanks for looking
  13. Chrome Yellow bonnet for Megablade.... slight damage to front fibreglass but still perfectly useable.... seems a shame to bin it ! Free to collect from Plymouth.
  14. JulianE


    I have acummulated some body panels in the course of my business that I collected , not because I necessarily wanted them but it seemed a shame that they would undoubtedly be destined for scrap if I did not pick them up . These parts aren't related to my business as I paid for them personally , none of them owe huge amounts but if anyone is interested they can have for what I paid for them . I x Wide bonnet cut down and jointed to fit a narrow highline ... needs finishing £15 1 X Wide bonnet earlier kit type bodywork in green cut for air filter and crazed around air filter hole £15 1 X Zei Wide bonnet with multiple holes in very poor shape but may be good for someone £10 (kit type) 1 X Wide scuttle of Zei , front of scuttle has been cut out and has been repaired underside may be good for someone £10 (kit type) 1 X Bodytub off Zei has had arches extended , engine sides have been cut and are not with it is split in two at back £FREE (kit type) Could post the scuttle but the other parts are collection only really , I am in Gloucestershire GL15 area , I'm not in any hurry to shift these so if you read this post months later I may still have them so if you want to make yourself a V8 bonnet could be a good start above with the bonnets ! ........ I may have a separate power bulge if you wanted to do this .
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