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November 2019



November 16th, 2019

Spend: £10.00


Winter upgrade time!  After cleaning the car last weekend, today I finally made a start with replacing the damaged nose cone.  Part of the hesitation to do it 'in season' was that I wanted to go from 2 bolts holding the nose cone down, to 2 dzus sliding fasteners.  I had @Ben (bunje) create two M8 to M4 reducers which would allow me to re-use my rivnutted M8 mounts on the chassis.  But once they've been screwed in, there would be no unscrewing.  But I shouldn't have feared the job, it turned out to be quite simple!




Now I just need to fit a new stripe and grille




November 23th, 2019

Spend: £13.99


It took some effort to get the stripe on neatly (I'm not a sign writer!), but it does look tidy, even up close




November 30th, 2019

Spend: £10.00


I bought a nice badge from @marcusb again, but it has no fixings on it.  I didn't want to drill screw holes in it, so I got some JB Weld SteelStik and improvised.


2019-11-30_13_03_09.thumb.jpg.b0ef0f44c566f7d98edb3a44f02486e4.jpg 2019-11-30_13_09_35.thumb.jpg.36dd54ed48e4d6b59cb650645fc069a6.jpg 2019-11-30_13_49_13.thumb.jpg.45cc1ad3762eba8b12a3e28c604c760b.jpg


And then I 3D printed some fixings that will hold it into the grille I bought from @Steve (sdh2903).


2019-11-30_14_57_08.thumb.jpg.98933cbc2c27a3b1a196915419a3d711.jpg 2019-11-30_14_58_12.thumb.jpg.68e30982e30f0e7d561a3472cc586f44.jpg




Last month: £  9402.26
This month: £    33.99
Total:      £  9436.25


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Ian Kinder (Bagpuss) - Joint Peak District AO


Looking great!


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