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  1. marcusb

    For sale used Toyota R1R 195/50/15 x 4

    Sold subject to collection to @Pantherman
  2. For sale used on road going westy still all road legal tread depth see pics or good for track days £50 for all 4 collection only please from West Yorkshire or WSCC courier tba Please pm or call/text 07779 615666
  3. marcusb


    It has been done @Andy_R
  4. marcusb

    Happy Birthday Marcus.

    Cheers guys ... been stuffing my face with pies cakes and beers + the westy got some new R1R's
  5. marcusb

    Zetec blacktop alternator bracket NOW SORTED!

    got one now
  6. My alternator bracket has sheared 2 of the 3 mounting points I need one of these fairly urgent for a road trip ! anybody got one spare ?
  7. marcusb

    HUGE thankyou to Luke and Chris from PLAYS - KOOL.

    @Geoffrey (Buttercup) - North Yorkshire AO would have been an ideal time to go full cage and slicks?
  8. marcusb

    Find my Westy - Q813 KKE

  9. marcusb

    Chassis repair

    is your insurance paying?
  10. marcusb

    A Little Taste Of Stoneleigh 2018

    very good
  11. ''I've used all the tent pegs to fix the westfield... can you hold this till Monday?''
  12. marcusb

    Silverstone 2018. The photo thread.

    Last night watching ub40
  13. marcusb

    Silverstone camping.

  14. Got a spare silverstone classic adult 3 day weekend ticket for this weekend and weekend camping ticket (thurs to Mon) if anybody wants em £75 for both (etickets can email)

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