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  1. Looking nice for tomorrow.................. so the neighbours will be getting their 6am alarm again lol..
  2. Andy can't you get smaller tyres on those rims? ie smaller wall depth p zero type?
  3. Thank you all who attended Stoneleigh 2019 and helped to raise money in aid of The Air Ambulance, we had some of the guys from Air Ambulance on site this year helping which you will be able to read all about in the next issue of WW, safe to say they really enjoyed it and are keen to attend again next year . We can also thank the team at Westfield Sports Cars Ltd @Julian Turner - Westfield Sportscars Ltd @Simon Westwood - Westfield Sportscars Ltd for their kind and very generous donation this year Here is our certificate from Air Ambulance with total amount raised : -
  4. Practice run was a bit foggy.. role on next week 😃
  5. I've decided the weather is so fine I just can't wait........... so I'me having a practice run tomorrow
  6. @Quinten 2019 National Drive your Westfield to work day is FAST approaching
  7. All in the name of Charity well done
  8. @tuonokid58 your lonely spax damper is in my garage
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