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  1. @graham frankland do i need to put my name down for the afternoon or just come and find you
  2. ok graham ill come find you mid morning
  3. i Assume cash on the day for the afternoon graham? how much is the afternoon session
  4. If i booked on the full day i would have been there for the sign on. not to worry though ill make my way down mid morning
  5. no space left for the whole day then @graham frankland
  6. Ben (bunje)

    Anyone other than Andy Bates?

    it will be great to see a bike engine conversion being done
  7. @graham frankland are there still spaces for the run up the hill
  8. Ben (bunje)

    Donnigton Evening Session June 15

    Come to Anglesey and have a blast with us
  9. Ben (bunje)

    Breakdown cover? AA alternatives?

    ive had greenflag for a few years and used there services numerous times and have never paid anything. other than my yearly premium. i have ther top cover all but european driving though. they have recovered my westfield twice back to my house with no quibbles. me and my wife are both covered for any vehicle we are in and all the other stuff that comes with it
  10. Ben (bunje)

    Mazda SDV build (Surrey Area)

    i thought the spacers were included in the kit Dom i dont remeber cutting the one out of the diff down. i can remeber getting it out though
  11. Ben (bunje)

    Mazda SDV build (Surrey Area)

    http://www.autolinkmx5.com/bolt-front-lower-balljoint-vertical-mx-5-mk1-1989-98-99784-1225h-2585-p.asp you need two one fro either side
  12. Ben (bunje)

    Mazda SDV build (Surrey Area)

    i remeber now the flange bolt is to fix the bottom ball joint to the wishbone. i got new ones from autolink i think
  13. Ben (bunje)

    Mazda SDV build (Surrey Area)

    if i remeber correctly the diff brackets are included in the starter kit, id change the oil before putting it in, the bolts for all the wishbones are supplied with the starter kit, the diff sleeve is also part of the kit. and the iva bar needs fitting before the fuel tank otherwise you end up taking stuff back out to fit it so get it with the kit hope that helps
  14. Ben (bunje)

    Mazda SDV, Build Number 3

    If its not loose already loosen the gearbox filler plug before fitting. I also made a flap in the passenger footwell for filling the gearbox. I've just changed my gearbox oil and its a nightmare.
  15. Ben (bunje)

    Fuel Tank Ohm Values

    If you were to cut the filler off and weld it back on pointing upwards it would work much better. You may need the extra few litres for your massive engine

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