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  1. Ben (bunje)

    Wanted wide body westfield for hillclimb/sprints

    still have this for sale
  2. Ben (bunje)

    CNC micro mill conversion

    Looks well made Mike. if you need any help with the programming side of things let me know. as you know i have a bit of experience with cnc's
  3. Ben (bunje)

    Westfield Wanted

    Hi Mark i thkn weve spoken via email already but mine is for sale
  4. Ben (bunje)

    Boxing day sale opentrack

    havent been on here for a while but i wouldnt book through opentrack again just saying
  5. Ben (bunje)

    Car blower

    best off buying a small compressor with an air gun
  6. Ben (bunje)

    IACV. Yes or no?

    I think it's better for idle and light throttle isn't it. What's the alternative scattered spark?
  7. Ben (bunje)

    SOLD Gates barricade 5/16 7.9mm fuel injection hose

    @griffith500user Yep I still have it. Yours if you want it drop me a pm
  8. Ben (bunje)

    Logo Design

    Im all sorted now guys thanks
  9. Ben (bunje)

    Winter upgrades

    i think yoou can get them in differnt sizes depending on the size of the can. i have seen both inlet sizes
  10. Ben (bunje)

    Logo Design

    Do we Have any logo Designers on here or anyone know or used someone?
  11. that video is of dannydc2's k20swapped mr2. if your looking for a down to earth video blogger who blogs about trackdays his channel is well worth a subscription
  12. Ben (bunje)

    automatic gearbox

    the mk1 mx5 came with an auto gearbox im not sure what the sizes are like compared to the standard mx5 but maybe that could be an opition maybe @Mark (smokey mow) knows
  13. Ben (bunje)

    Donnington park unsilenced 3oth october

    Another couple of vids from me nothing spectacular
  14. Ben (bunje)

    Donnington park unsilenced 3oth october

    told you should have built a mazda
  15. Ben (bunje)

    Donnington park unsilenced 3oth october

    Lol. I do try my best on the trackdays I do to learn the track. And I do feel myself getting faster through the day so I must be doing something right. I have another 3 videos but there literally just me driving around as there is only 2 other cars in them. One a mini that I kept overtaking and a ferrari which kept overtaking me lol

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