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  1. Ben (bunje)

    Team dynamics pro race 1.2 13inch sold

    Wheels now sold
  2. Ben (bunje)

    Team dynamics pro race 1.2 13inch sold

    It just fits on my trailer 1650 wide the bed of the trailer. It's tight but it does fit
  3. Ben (bunje)

    Team dynamics pro race 1.2 13inch sold

    Sorry mate the clear out begins unfortunately
  4. Ben (bunje)

    Team dynamics pro race 1.2 13inch sold

    100 percent they are off my mazda Westfield
  5. Ben (bunje)

    Mx5 1.8 clutch. How much power?

    I have the same clutch as dave. It can be a little harsh though I feel compared to normal. Also not the best when reversing it's hard to make it slip
  6. Team dynamics pro race 1.2 13inch 4x100 et35 7j perfect for mazda cars these currently have a set of hankook slicks on which have plenty of life left in them. These have always been used as track wheels by me and the previous owner to me no marks or curbing. I only have 3 centre caps but they can be purchased from ebay pretty cheap I don't really want to ship these so collection only £350 open to offers
  7. Brian james twin axle clubman trailer for sale. I've had this for about 3 years last year it had a full service including all new brakes and a new nose damper. It tows great I've covered over 600 mile with it this weekend and it never causes me any problems. The only thing I would highlight is the jockey wheel socket appears to be bent its been like this since I've had it and it doesn't cause any problems. It's the bed is 1650 wide and 3300 long its a 1350kg gross trailer with original Brian james plate so it can be towed on a normal car licence There is a box on the front with a homemade bracket to hold that can fit 3 20litre Jerry cans in which can be sold with the trailer or removed if not required £1500 offers considered though
  8. Ben (bunje)

    Mazda sdv 1600 turbo

    It's from car builder solutions it was about 12 quid biggest one they do
  9. Ben (bunje)

    Mazda sdv 1600 turbo

    Forgot to add its still taxed so prospective buyers can be taken out to show just what there buying and being as I still have my trailer I can deliver it for extra cost
  10. Ben (bunje)

    Mx5 1.8 clutch. How much power?

    I think your right on the limit of what the 1.8 clutch can take. But I'd trial it with a new one spec excedy clutch
  11. Ben (bunje)

    Mazda sdv 1600 turbo

    Westfield SEIW Mazda SDV 1600 Turbo Well the time has come for me to part ways with my mazda derived westfield. I'm only selling it as i need to free up the cash for something else. It was built and iva’d by me in 2016 and registered on an age related G Plate. Since then its covered just over 2000 miles some road some track. It so new it still hasn't had its 1st mot Standard ZK Body in white with detachable rear arches, Carbon fibre arch protectors Flat panel carbon fibre boot cover, Caged Full cage with sticker purchased from playskool last year GRP Black half doors passenger side has a crack in where i leaned on it Lifeline Wing Mirrors and wide angle centre mirror All Lights are LED except the headlights Dominator Headlights Front Mickmade Carbon Fiber Splitter Mickmade removable Carbon Fiber Sides (makes for easy access) Carbon NV CSR Style Carbon Fiber front cycle wings Team dynamics pro race 1.2 15 inch wheels with toyo r888r tyres with plenty of life left in them JK Composite seats with white trim Schroth 4 point 3 inch Harnesses ETB Digidash Lite Dashboard CArbon Nv Carbon fiber Flat dash Stack Mechanical Oil Pressure gauge OMP trecento suede steering wheel Freewheel 8 channel wireless kit Aerodnamix Carbon tunnel 1600cc Mazda MX5 Mark 1 Engine fully rebuilt bottom end last winter with all new bearings and seals block honed and forged rods fitted Omex 600 ecu Jenvey Throttle bodies with custom made plenum Mac Boost solenoid control valve currently turned off Canton racing accusump with electronic valve Radtec radiator/ intercooler package Mocal 13row oil cooler with thermostat Standard mazda sump with smokey mow designed baffles 5 speed mazda gearbox, 1.8 shortened propshaft Ashcroft ATB LSD 4.1 ratio virtually brand new Mx5 uprights and brakes all the way around 1.6 smaller and lighter than the 1.8 Alloy Racing fabs header tank Odyssey p680 battery Protech Shocks all the way around Long range fuel tank Westfield chassis and engine loom The mac boost valve isn't turned on because we ran out of time when it was being mapped the car is only running wastegate pressure around 8psi producing 184bhp at the fly mapped by NMS. after the winter redbuild with the forged bits the boost can now be turned up safely to around 14psi which should see around 240bhp at the flywheel. But it needs remapping for this and i've not really felt the need for it but it's there if you want it There are a few marks here and there but nothing major Its had a geo setup at Clear Motorsport last year which completely transformed the car. And it holds the road better than i can drive it Its equally happy on the road as it is on the track so can be used for both. The wiring loom has all of the connections to be able to fit a full screen wipers and a heater if you really wanted to I also have a Brian james Clubman trailer which can be sold with the car or separately. With further negotiation I feel is worth £15000 but I am willing to listen to offers I've probably missed a few things off but I feel its alot of car for the money any questions get in touch
  12. Ben (bunje)

    Andy's Mega S2000 upgrades

    Competition clutch stuff is usually very good
  13. Ben (bunje)

    Zetec running hotter

    I had High temps at Blyton Friday but in the cooler air at Anglesey Monday it never got warm enough for the fan to come on unless in the pits
  14. Ben (bunje)

    Anglesey 16th July with Opentrack

    Yeh I was plagued by the rain on the way back. I think it followed me until I got to Whitchurch and it cleared up. Its a shame as when I did get chance to get some dry running on the slicks I was getting more confident
  15. Ben (bunje)

    Andy's Mega S2000 upgrades

    To be fair if it is a fake. I don't think you've done too bad out of it. Like you say it's had some stick over the 3 years it's been in their.

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