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  1. if you have amazon prime theres a good documentry about the dunlops narrated by liam neeson. well worth a watch
  2. Who didnt make it andrew?
  3. Have good day Gents. im dissapointed in myself that i couldnt make it
  4. i towed my trailer with the mini on it with one of these. i almost forgot the trailer was there. i did feel a bit pikey though
  5. I'm definite no also. I can't get the time off
  6. A good quality carbide drill will probably drill the easy out
  7. There's also dave fab. His kits get good reviews but I'm not sure if he makes for the t25. Might be better changing to a td04.
  8. I contacted revent a few weeks ago about a manifold and downpipe kit. He quoted me 3 weeks.
  9. You can come and pick me up then
  10. Can bring to Stoneleigh if anyone is interested
  11. Well I ended up buying a mondeo Estate. 2.0 diesel. Bit boring but it does what I need and its massive inside
  12. it appears to go like stink. i havent really had a good chance to look at it but i know it has a set of kw coilovers on it mintex pads not sure about the disks yet or the calipers it has some fancy dot 5.1 brake fluid. and an uprated intercooler. i cant see yet if it has a pulley or not. it even has sat nav and heated seats incase i get lost or do a trackday in the arctic
  13. it has the uprated brakes part.
  14. if i were building another mx5 engined westy i wouldnt use omex. id use the ME221 that you have. As andy says above try Ben at BHPerfomance its on the same estate as westfield just turn left at the gate rather than right. im sure he will be able to help you theres also https://protuner.co.uk/ i dont know anyone whose used them but there an me221 registered mapper
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