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  1. bit too soon for me i think but ill see
  2. well brake lines are ordered brakes are rebuilt and ready to go back on. ive got my roll bar ive got some seats just need to find a decent set of harnesses and a few hours here and there and i may be ready for my first track day
  3. i had seen the matt lewis kits that was going to be my next question lol
  4. @BCF@AdamR whilst i have all my brakes off being rebuilt is it worth changing the brake lines to braided?
  5. I like lifeline racing mirrors if your going to swap them. You can actually use them if you get the convex glass ones
  6. I had a proper baffle In the westfield and never had any problems. You do have alot more power than I did though
  7. If I run my mx5 on slicks does the sump need additional baffling?
  8. Maybe I'll have to invest in some decent fluid. Mine Is bound to be full of water after the car was standing for so long
  9. i rebuilt them on my westfeild and never had any problems with them. ive gotta do a full system bleed what fluid are you going to be using now?
  10. i have been keeping an eye on some of your facebook posts lol. o rdered a gcfabs roll bar yesterday and have started rebuildin gth ebrake calipers as they all seem to be stuck on.
  11. ive had virgin internet for years and have only had one problem since having it installed in our house 6 years ago. the bill increase does get annoying but you can haggle it back down or just leave and start it in someone else name. the superhub router doesnt have the best wirless signal but all my stuff is hardwired one problem i did find is once youve had the speed its hard to drop back down to a lesser speed
  12. I think i may have a white one still in the packaging in the loft if that's of any use
  13. Ben (bunje)

    Duratec woes!

    What oil are you running?
  14. dictates what sort of track car this is going to be
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