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  1. Ben (bunje)

    Car Trailer and Caravan mot's

    like you say it wouldnt be a bad thing. some of the trailers ive seen knocking around are terrible
  2. Ben (bunje)

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    this is a great project youll have to be careful it doesn blow away in these storms we keep having lol. on the subject of lightness Adam i assume this is going to have lights and things. what are you doing for your chassis loom?
  3. Ben (bunje)

    LED bulbs for front indicators

    I have the same led units as quoted by Kevin above. Used them for iva also and have never had any problems
  4. Ben (bunje)

    Anyone work for ADT

    Does anyone one here work for Adt on the alarm side of things? I'm after a bit ut of advice about my alarm system
  5. Ben (bunje)

    Toyo T1R's

    It wouldnt be the first time lol
  6. Ben (bunje)

    Toyo T1R's

    There also the recommended tyre for the mgtf as I've been told by the guy I woke with. He has just had two new ones fitted to the rear of the car and it made the car undrivable. Turns out his front t1rs were made in Japan and the new ones are made in Malaysia. We contacted Toyo and they said it was a known problem and the two different country manufacturers shouldn't be mixed. They agreed to replace his front tyres with a new pair from Malaysia. I was sceptical that this would fix the problem as I drove the car and it felt like there was something broken on the back. But low and behold the tyres were swapped and it was back to normal
  7. Ben (bunje)

    Toyo T1R's

    I have t1rs on my wife's diesel fiesta. In the wet its lethal. So much so It struggles to put all of its 70bhp down in 3rd gear.
  8. Ben (bunje)

    Gates barricade 5/16 7.9mm fuel injection hose

    Last roll left if anyone needs it
  9. Ben (bunje)

    FW SE Zetec Build 2018

    id get yourself a gunson easibleed and use that to bleed the brakes. makes life so much easier
  10. Ben (bunje)

    SEi rear body mounting - how?

    not sure what others have done but on my widebody bodywork i have stuck 3 large headed rivets through the body into those box section peices so id say you are correct
  11. dont forget the eye bolts are an english thread 7/16UNF usually
  12. Ben (bunje)

    Cadwell 27th Sept

    a few of us are booked on the 16th at cadwell if you can make that one
  13. Ben (bunje)

    The “People Who Need A Slap” Thread

    I have something similar to Scott. Chap around 30 who lives at the opposite end of our cul-de-sac to the entrance. He thinks it a great idea to go up and down the street as fast as he can in his civic type r. He says its because his car is loud. I've had a few civilised words with him over it but it doesn't seem to be getting through. There are only 20 houses in the street 10 either side there's just no need for it with young families in the street in my eyes he deserves more than a slap.
  14. Ben (bunje)

    Gates barricade 5/16 7.9mm fuel injection hose

    1 full roll left
  15. Ben (bunje)

    Gates barricade 5/16 7.9mm fuel injection hose

    ok steve im not entirley sure how much i have left at present its all happend a bit fast lol let me check when i get home and ill get back to you tonight

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