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  1. Steve (sdh2903)

    Parts coming up for sale as the car gets its winter upgrades!

    Just for info I've sent a fair few big bits recently and the best service I've found is parcel force booked through parcel monkey and use the drop at post office option. I've been staggered at some of the size parcels I've sent for under a tenner where other couriers have quotes of 30+ My local post office lady however is not amused......
  2. Steve (sdh2903)

    Post IVA stuff n mods n upgrades, Suggestions please?

    Not an area of the car to be buying a cheap item imo.
  3. Steve (sdh2903)

    Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Nitrogen in road tyres is next to no improvement. Only a benefit on race cars or in applications where extremes of hot and cold are found. Especially at the low pressures we run. It's just an excuse for the tyre places to charge you more. I like the idea of the personal touch with the stickers however I always feel "less is more" where stickers are concerned. obviously personal preference.
  4. Steve (sdh2903)

    Ap racing master cylinder

    NTDWM EBay link
  5. Steve (sdh2903)

    View from your 'office' window

    Looks an interesting job. But no way you'd get me up there. I start shaking like a leaf cleaning the gutters out
  6. Steve (sdh2903)

    View from your 'office' window

  7. Steve (sdh2903)

    View from your 'office' window

    Changing view from the 'office' most days at the minute.
  8. Steve (sdh2903)

    Silencer heatshield and IVA external projections...

    Yes that's how I've read it Chris. They now put the emissions for the engine year on the v5 so that's what you get mot tested on. So if engine after 95 then it's a cat test.
  9. Steve (sdh2903)

    Silencer heatshield and IVA external projections...

    I'm not sure it's still as black and white as that on a Q anymore. I thought I'd read It goes off engine age regardless now. I'll be In the same boat with the v6 and hoped to ditch the cats as you plan.
  10. Steve (sdh2903)

    Silencer heatshield and IVA external projections...

    I always work on 'less is more' when it comes to IVA. A heatshield is not an IVA requirement so don't give them anything to test that's not a requirement and just fit after the test. Unless the shield is covering a load of other sharp edges?
  11. Steve (sdh2903)

    Mega S2000 Build By Si

    Haha your damn right @Thrustyjust I can get a complete jag engine for the same price as some of the super special Japanese whale/snake oil urea grease from Honda!! Someone must be having a right old chuckle in the honda parts dept at the prices they getting away with charging.
  12. Steve (sdh2903)

    ScooterTwo's Sport 250 build

    Haha. I'll place a wager on: 'No thanks our demo car doesn't have ground clearance issues'
  13. Steve (sdh2903)

    Wheel spacers ?

    @Paul T (tr3m5) I sent payment and replied to your pm a few days ago, did you not get it?
  14. Steve (sdh2903)

    What have I done now..... V6 seiw build

    Nothing's changed since I built it!!
  15. Steve (sdh2903)

    1.6 Ecoboost Build

    No that's how they should be. The issue is when the harness slot is higher than the eye bolt. With the large slots in the tillets you'll have no problem.

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