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  1. Yes you can but theres not many places willing to do it unless you have the facility to do your self. I think you also effectively need 2 sets of flanges as they are different lengths and to work in the ATB you need 2 longer ones. Most of the diff places I spoke to this time round said just to buy the quaife flanges as it's not worth the hassle. Especially at the price burtons are selling them for. I believe storvite is having issues with his diff so looking at options to upgrade at the same time.
  2. Agreed 100% been a pleasure dealing with the parts dept these last few months. Totally different experience to a couple of years ago.
  3. You'll need the one with flanges unfortunately. This is still a very good price though. https://www.burtonpower.com/quaife-atb-differential-cosworth-4wd-rear-qualsd7.html
  4. I fully get that garages have to make a living and that overhead and decent staff aren't cheap but 325 plus vat is ludicrous for labour. I'm not saying that things should be done faster to make cheaper but I would fully expect a pro mechanic with all the tools, air/electric gun, 2 post lift out of the weather to be able to naturally complete a relatively simple task quicker than a decent home mechanic on the drive. And I Never rush where brakes or other critical systems are concerned. I would say the hourly rate quoted by @Snappy Would be around the number I would be expecting to pay at a decent indy garage.
  5. On a 3 pot 107? I've done a service and pad change on a mates lads c1 (same car) granted without the snake oil flush in just over an hour. And that's with no 2 post and no air gun taking a leisurely pace with a brew. Granted a few mins more to do the discs. A bulb change and a switch another 30 mins conservatively. They are the easiest modern ish cars to work on.
  6. I would have said 2hrs labour max for all that.
  7. But as I understand (so correct me if I'm wrong) the Westfield kit comes with the looms etc already modified and ready to go? So would be just as easy for them to pre wire into the dedicated speed input channel? I'd have thought that the critical items such as speed and oil P would have gone straight Into the dash leaving the secondary bits like warning lights going through the expansion module?
  8. Wonder why they would use the expander module (loads of reported issues) for speed when there is a designated speed input on the 23 pin plug?
  9. Cracked windscreen for seiw. Want this gone as I keep tripping over its box. Needs to be away by Friday or goes to the tip. FREE Collection from pa6 or postage is a tenner (to mainland UK) pics as in the link below.
  10. Spent the whole of my childhood school holidays riding shotgun with my dad who was a long distance lorry driver. Visited all corners of the UK from thurso to penzance and also into Europe. Then once old enough had a Saturday job at his work working in the workshop working on hgvs, trailers, cranes forklifts etc doing servicing and repairs. Since then been hooked on driving and tinkering. Even ended up as a aircraft mechanic/technician then onto a licensed engineer for my day job. All down to my old man I reckon. Although he wasn't too impressed when I was 17 and he came home to 2 stripped fiestas on the drive as I was using a donor to provide a new engine for my 1.0 fiesta. Was hoping to have it all done before he got home!
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