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  1. Steve (sdh2903)

    Buttercup 2

    Think the colour's more marigold than buttercup
  2. Steve (sdh2903)

    FW Special Build Thread by Complete Novices

    Drill holes further fwd and then bend the adjuster bar upwards to clear the rail? Either that or cut the adjuster bar down a bit and reweld? Looks like you could trim a couple of inches off it?
  3. Steve (sdh2903)

    Zk fuel tank

    Still looking or anyone got a reccomendation for a custom tank manufacturer?
  4. Steve (sdh2903)

    Rich's S2000 Build

    As above. There's more than one instance of killing an engine by grit being left under the baffles. I'd paint it or get it painted to save the hassle of blasting. If your insistent on powder then remove all the baffles and thouroghly clean before reassembly.
  5. Steve (sdh2903)

    Mazda SDV, Build Number 3

    Glad this has come up. Which dynamat is it? I was reading the spec for the extreme and it only states for interior use? I too need as much internal space as possible for seats.
  6. Steve (sdh2903)

    Aluminium Flywheels: A cautionary tale

    Some very general statements being made. All dependent on the material. A correct alloy for the job will be just as safe and suitable as a steel equivalent. If made out of the cheapest aluminium available I agree stay well clear. Also lightening an oem cast flywheel can be as dangerous if not more so if done by someone who doesn't fully understand what theyre doing.
  7. Steve (sdh2903)

    fw hood & contoured dash for sale

    Pm regarding the dash.
  8. Steve (sdh2903)

    Le Mans 24

    And some after sun?
  9. Steve (sdh2903)

    Exhaust Wrap recomendations

    I would be looking at ceramic coating vs wrap. Somewhere like camcoat. When I was building mine I was looking at getting the turbo housing and downpipe done.
  10. Steve (sdh2903)

    S2000 donor car.

    Keep it, the honda one is much nicer.
  11. Steve (sdh2903)

    Le Mans 24

    Haha only 20 more hours to go
  12. Steve (sdh2903)

    Zk fuel tank

    Anyone got a widebody zk fuel tank they no longer have use for?
  13. Steve (sdh2903)

    Duratec overheating.

    Have you verified your stat isn't b*******ed? Pan of boiling water and a thermometer.
  14. Steve (sdh2903)

    Legal Advice for dispute with invoice of work done on Westfield

    I suppose it depends on what they quoted for and/or agreed to do? If you've asked them to do a set job and they've quoted to do it then i would expect to pay that amount and expect the work to be complete. If it's taken longer than that it's their problem for underestimating the time. If the agreed work hasn't been completed then yes I agree you need to work out a percentage of work done vs the total bill. If however they've agreed to carry out work and charge by the hour then I'm not sure how you can dispute it if they can provide logs of the time worked. Unless obviously you can provide evidence that the work carried out was sub standard or unsafe then I'd tell them to stick it and consult a solicitor if they start getting heavy handed. All just my opinion of course.
  15. Steve (sdh2903)

    New colour from WF.

    Even named it after him. How sweet

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