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  1. Steve (sdh2903)

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    Well I'm happy to pay more for decent quality parts delivered when they are promised. I'm fed up with dealing with companies bulls*** on quality and non existent lead times. Buy quality buy once. It turns out cheaper in the end
  2. Steve (sdh2903)

    Ross & Dave's s2000 Build

    The s2000 handbrake is much much nicer than the green ka handle.
  3. Steve (sdh2903)

    Sump Gasket

    Have used the loctite one with no issues. https://www.halfords.com/workshop-tools/garage-equipment/head-gasket-exhaust-repairs/loctite-si-5980-flange-sealant
  4. Steve (sdh2903)

    What have I done now..... V6 seiw build

    It's just some black vht paint from Halfords.
  5. Steve (sdh2903)

    What have I done now..... V6 seiw build

    Haha yes I'll have the time. Only problem is I need my next budget instalment, and the bank manager is being awkward
  6. Steve (sdh2903)

    What have I done now..... V6 seiw build

    So managed to get a bit of tinker time the last couple of days. Propshaft went in Then the engine went back in and sat on it mounts proper. Hopefully for the final time. I could have done a few more bits first but it was getting in the way. Front corners built up and calipers fitted. Got the steering rack in and then the lower column reassembled. There was a bit of shimming needed for the lower bearing. Must be the quick rack ever so slightly different to the mock up rack I used. Just hope the change in angle is enough for IVA.
  7. Steve (sdh2903)

    Sport 250 Lowered Sump

    He's back! Needs a bit of s2000 bashing to wake him up
  8. Steve (sdh2903)

    Sport 250 Lowered Sump

    Haha just wait til you mention the word torque. That gets them all flustered
  9. Steve (sdh2903)

    Sport 250 Lowered Sump

    It's a mustang engine cover from the 2.3 ecoboost. Cheaper to buy in the states. @Rednop1 I think found the cheapest place on eBay.com a couple of weeks ago. It was under £100 all in Inc shipping and import duties iirc.
  10. Steve (sdh2903)

    Sport 250 Lowered Sump

    Or go full carbon. Would be painful cutting it up at that price though
  11. Steve (sdh2903)

    Sport 250 Lowered Sump

    Yep. Must have took a fair bit of fettling though as it was way too clunky when I tried to fit it.
  12. Steve (sdh2903)

    Sport 250 Lowered Sump

    The current owner of my old car has done a pretty good job of masking the ugly baby though.
  13. Steve (sdh2903)

    Sport 250 Lowered Sump

    All show and no go Although let's be honest the ecoboost has got the face only a mother could love
  14. Steve (sdh2903)

    Steering Universal joints loose on splines

    I definitely think it is. I'm assembling my column today and this is a decent quality cast knuckle. No slop or looseness at all. And as soon as the nut starts to tighten it grips. And the other end into the shortened westfield zetec column. Again no slop and tightens up a treat. Although it is pressed steel so you expect it would. The sport 250 column pinch bolt needed well over torqueing just to even grip the shaft. That's not right.
  15. Steve (sdh2903)

    Sport 250 Lowered Sump

    Well westfield have and still do sell engines for years with aftermarket sumps. And if (I'm not sure) WF still get their engines from powertorque then they sell the non turbo version of these engines to several car makers Inc Morgan and they fit the lower sump before it's shipped out of the door. I suspect it's purely a cost/Labour time issue more than anything else. I think @Valentinik used the 10 degree sump on his build?

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