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December 2019



December 1st, 2019

Spend: £36.99


Continuing with the badge fixing.


2019-12-01_10_59_36.thumb.jpg.7ce247fe4719a367bbd918f132075ee3.jpg 2019-12-01_15_09_22.thumb.jpg.13cbf91fbbad8f69d311f8b37aebed62.jpg


And then I moved onto the next thing, replacing the odo display.  This turned out to be a bit of a 'mare, but hopefully once put back together, not very noticeable where I had to damage things to get it apart.




I'm taking the opportunity to change the face of the gauge as the plan is to replace all gauge faces in a similar style.


December 8th, 2019

Spend: £6.69


New number plate and gel badge from Westfield completes the replacement nose cone.




Having replaced my sausage filter not too long ago, I thought that the bonnet hole could have been slightly bigger so it doesn't squash the filter as much.  Out comes my new favourite tool, the power file ;)


2019-12-08_12_36_59.thumb.jpg.04c7bcecc2ae665646a518c0da5f439e.jpg 2019-12-08_13_07_02.thumb.jpg.389d986c51427f62a486a1722be5b81f.jpg


Just need to replace the rubber edge trim.


December 14th, 2019

Spend: £0.00


With my son's input and execution as graphic designer, we settled on the following design.  Printed on thick glossy paper, but it soon was apparent that it had to be laminated and have a black backing to prevent backlight from bleeding through.


2019-12-14_11_33_33.thumb.jpg.5a1e29ad5e67810bcd89dc7ef999d818.jpg 2019-12-14_14_23_15.thumb.jpg.d3389874c0b5f7804460e463a32c96cf.jpg 2019-12-14_15_05_59.thumb.jpg.5a92fbe384298d137a3a2b1ddacb8840.jpg


And then assembly is the reverse of disassembly ;)


2019-12-14_15_19_15.thumb.jpg.8cda30ce8f3b5892e7cd0fb462067044.jpg 2019-12-14_15_34_45.thumb.jpg.2cf8d85814f5c39e65ed68e5be364add.jpg 2019-12-14_17_01_50.thumb.jpg.23c361e3ffab301d82841c06ab786026.jpg


December 15th, 2019

Spend: £0.00


And that's where I should have stopped.  But no, I wanted to redo the gauge face of all my gauges, so with the speedo done successfully, how hard could it be to do the tacho?  The ring went smoothly, but then I had to remove the needle, but unlike the speedo, this one is fused solidly on the tiniest of metal and after a few twists the metal just broke.  😭


2019-12-15_12_27_13.thumb.jpg.5da50e270c35daba605e1a4f4ffbb32c.jpg 2019-12-21_12_20_39.thumb.jpg.4be3754909459d3ccff9a1888b65111e.jpg


I've tried to solder it back together, but it's too fragile so I'm afraid I will have no choice but to replace the gauge with a new one.  Which means that I will have to either undo my speedo again (so it looks the same as the new tacho), or replace the speedo (so it looks the same as the new tacho).  Dumb f🤬ck! 


December 30th, 2019

Spend: £5.17


Odds and sods today.  Got the rubber trim fitted around the bonnet hole and fitted some spire nuts to hold the dash panel instead of the rubber rivnuts I've previously been using.


2019-12-30_13_30_41.thumb.jpg.054b0a4df4b64b703e0945dbe59ecdbc.jpg 2019-12-30_13_30_28.thumb.jpg.9d409bcbc72bfac6cb15324389aaeb26.jpg


And I also joined a new club ;) 






Last month: £  9436.25
This month: £    48.85
Total:      £  9485.10

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