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Reports from our Speed Series Correspondent


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Tel's Tales Issue 024 - Autumn 2013

Tel's Tales 024 Already getting a bit stir crazy so thought I would go into print again. My engine is out of the car ready for a strip down and check following this seasons successes and a need to manufacture a more reliable alternator/flywheel/24 toothed trigger wheel to use with the MBE system. My Andy Bates built honda CBR100RR 2008 fireblade engine has proved very quick and effective so unlikely to be uprated over winter. I have no doubt that several wallets are being checked for available

Tel's Tales Issue 023 Ty Croes, Anglesey 2013

Tel's Tales 023: 5th /6th Oct 2013 Well this was it guys, the final countdown and the last two events of this year's speed series to finish off a great season. Barry Slingsby had already sewn up the overall championship but several of us were keen to attack records and see how quick we could go on probably two of the best circuits that we compete on. As usual the weather was unpredictable and windy but we did not need wets even on a sometimes damp and cold track. It was good to see several peop

Tel's Tales Issue 022 Thoresby Park 2013

Tel's Tales 022: Thoresby Park 14th & 15th Sept 2013 Thoresby Park, run by Nottingham Sports car Club, has been supported by Westfield competitors for many years now and still has its challenges. It is on normal Thoresby Hall Estate roads that are only 8ft to 10 ft wide, are lined by trees and the course is protected by very large straw bales and the famous Thoresby barrels which not only damage your car if you hit them but also adds 1sec to your time if you clip a red one and knock the ten

Tel's Tales Issue 022 Thoresby Park 2013

Tel's Tales 022: Thoresby Park 14th & 15th Sept 2013 Thoresby Park, run by Nottingham Sports car Club, has been supported by Westfield competitors for many years now and still has its challenges. It is on normal Thoresby Hall Estate roads that are only 8ft to 10 ft wide, are lined by trees and the course is protected by very large straw bales and the famous Thoresby barrels which not only damage your car if you hit them but also adds 1sec to your time if you clip a red one and knock the ten

Tel's Tales Issue 021 Ty Croes, Anglesey 2013

Tel's Tales 021: Ty Croes, Anglesey Sept 2013-- Race 28 and 29 Well this is the one I wait for every year! The 2 lap National (Saturday) and the 1 lap International circuits are just unbelievable to drive. Good spectating as well with the only downside being that there is no electronic time display as you finish so that waiting for the results can be a little tedious. The additional bonus this year was to be a Sunday visit by members who would drive 2 laps of the International circuit during th

Tel's Tales Issue 020 Curborough 2013

Tel's Tales 020: Curborough 24th August 2013-- Race 27 Well Steve's car was now repaired with new bottom wishbone, new bottom bearing, and a new wings fitted to all 4 corners so we were ready for the 2 lap event at Curborough run by BMMC attended by 17 WSCC sprinters. The weather forecast was horrendous with rain predicted but there was a dividing line running north to south down the country and amazingly we were about 5 miles away from the rain front and survived the whole day in dry, warmish

Tel's Tales Issue 019 HETHEL 2013

Tel's Tales 019: Hethel 4th August 2013 Following the trauma of Steve having a moment with the grass and tyre wall at MIRA we had a relaxing night at the pub near Hethel and arrived in the paddock at 0630hrs and Steve immediately got stuck into taking the b*******ed wishbone off and getting the car ready to accept the donor part from Keith Adams, delivered on time by Barry Slingsby ---Thanks guys. Steve and I got stuck into the repairs and by 0730hrs the car was back in business with replaced w

Tel's Tales Issue 018 MIRA 2013

Tel's Tales 018: MIRA 3rd August 2013 Due to holidays I had missed the earlier MIRA event so I was eager to get out there again. As we know itsa fast track and has lots of horrible cones to test how well the car wings are attached to the tub. There was a three quarter hour delay to get in and there was a reasonable Westfield turnout with 14 cars, except for Del and Gary who had fallen out with the track and course previously. Scrutineering proved difficult for Kev Jones as there was side to sid

Tel's Tales Issue 017 Llandow 2013

Tel's Tales 017: Llandow 27th July 2013 Having missed 2 events at Harewood I decided that I would travel down to south Wales and try to score a few points at Llandow. For those who dont know south Wales is not my most popular arae as this year at Pembrey my engine had a problem in 2nd practice so I did not figure in the points and in 2008 I had a big crash at high speed, smashed the Duratec and broke 2 ribs in the process, when a single seater dumped oil on the wet track. I set off on Friday a

Tel's Tales Issue 016 Blyton 2013

Tel's Tales 01: Blyton Sat & Sun 13th & 14th July 2013 Well after a successful Curborough WSCC event earlier in the year we had all been looking forward to this weekend. Firstly Nick Algar and his team must be congratulated for all their hard work and time put in both before and during the event that made it a fantastic weekend for everyone but particularly the drivers. I arrived on Friday night and it seems that the trackday went very well and Del had been there all day testing geo cha

Tel's Tales Issue 015 Three Sisters 2013

Tel's Tales 015: 3 Sisters 30th June 2013 Just a short hop down the road to 3 sisters and most of us and the paddock banter started on Saturday night. First problem was that the bay allocation had put slick shod Westfield on a pebbled/gravel area so we moved to alternative parts of the paddock to keep our tyres clean. That also proved a bit tricky as on Sunday there was gravel on the route to and from the pit lane start as well as water puddles. As a repayment for using all my whole roll of duc

Tel's Tales Issue 014 Aintree 2013

Tel's Tales 014: Aintree 29th June 2013 Well, Steve Everall returned from a short honeymoon in the Lakes (how did Margaret fall for that one?) after his wedding on 22nd June. I was best man so the speed series got a lot of coverage in my speech and amazing I did not spot anyone falling asleep. This was the second visit to Aintree but for me I was still awaiting a new trigger wheel for my best engine so the standard one was back in place. Free golf driving range golf balls had been liberally sca

Tel's Tales Issue 013 Curborough 2013

Tel's Tales 014 – Curborough 16th June 2013 Behind the scenes people such as John Fisher, Emma Gaskin, Nick Algar etc had worked their magic and organised the 2 day event including the sprint school on Saturday and the speed series event on Sunday which was blessed with sunny weather all day until it started to rain a bit after the awards ceremony which was brilliant timing. Following my engine problem at Pembrey I was desperately hoping that the new trigger wheel I needed would be ready to fi

Tel's Tales Issue 012 Pembrey 2013

Tel's Tales : Pembrey June 2013 Well, much to my wife's displeasure I rushed back from my 3 week holiday after visiting Toronto, driving the Canadian Rockies including Icefield Parkway, Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Kamloops and Whistler before doing a one week Alaska cruise and finally 3 days in Vancouver. Brilliant holiday and saw bears, whales, seals, bald eagles and had a bit to eat and drink- sod the diet! Arrived home Thursday lunchtime , loaded trailer and car before setting off Friday lun

Tel's Tales Issue 011 Shelsley Walsh

Shelsley Walsh 4/5th May 2013 Eight WSCC Speed Series competitors headed to Shelsley Walsh to sample the 2-day format at this historic venue; all in roadgoing classes. Most lived fairly locally to the venue; David Reed being the exception by travelling in from Silverstone. The weather forecast was good and all looked forward to some blistering times! It was good to see old and new faces, this event being Craig Spooner’s first ever competitive hill climb. None of us had experienced the 2-day fo

Tel's Tales Issue 010 Wiscombe

Wiscombe 2013 Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th April 2013 The Woolbridge club had done a superb job in preparing the paddock and track for the event. The conditions were almost perfect, a bone dry and clean track combined with sunny but cool weather. We were all running in a dedicated WSCC class on both days, with James Thatcher and Martin Watson in F, Barry Slingsby, Pete Steel and Rob Crossland in D, Stu Hill and Mark Bishop in C. Additionally we were joined by Roger Donaghue in A, on Sunday S

Tel's Tales Issue 008 Aintree

Tel's tales Issue 008 - 27th April 2013 Aintree report :Speed Series & other gossip Terry Everall Speed Series Correspondent Aintree 27th April 2013 Terry Everall Speed Series Commentator (Class G competitor & SSOT Well for me this was event number 2 and had a lot of the Yorkshire guys out playing including brother Steve , John Hoyle and Kevin & Paul Jones (first double drive this year). Early start from York at 0530hrs and joined Steve on M62 with our trailers heading east f

Tel's Tales Issue 009 Goodwood

Tel's tales Issue 009 - 27th April 2013 Goodwood :Speed Series This report was was compiled by Simon Broadbridge A small (but some say perfectly formed) Westfield contingent of Pete Goulding (class F), John Loudon (class C) and Simon Broadbridge (class A) converged in the Goodwood paddock on a chilly but bright Saturday morning. The limited entry was the result of a number of factors, including the clash with events at Wiscombe and Aintree, serious concerns over track monitoring of noise le

Tel's Tales Issue 007

Tel's tales Issue 007 - late April 2013 Speed Series & other gossipTerry EverallSpeed Series Correpondent Gurston Down 20th April 2013 (Round 4) Terry Everall Speed Series Commentator (Class G competitor) This report was compiled with the help of notes from Peter Goulding and Stu Hill so if the facts are wrong its their fault because I never make things up! (Apart from writing the sprinters book of excuses to use when things go tits up). The weather behaved itself and after a misty sta

Tel's Tales Issue 006

Tel's tales Issue 006- April 2013 Speed Series Terry Everall Speed Series Correpondent 3 Sisters Wigan 14th April 2013 (Round 3) The first 2 rounds down south had hightened the anticipation for the first northern round and we all hoped for dry weather and a bit of warmth. The date in April seemed miles away at the start of the year but it came as no surprise that final preparations for several competitors was a last minute job just like every year. In my case the newly built race spec blad

Tel's Tales Issue 005

Well round 2 has now taken place and the "wet" rule came into place even though it was not wet but a cold track with not a lot of grip so well done to the 3 drivers who got themselves out there. Martin Hepworth's report is attached so thanks to him for putting pen to paper. The 3 sisters event is on 14th April and has attracted about 9 entrants as Richard James had to withdraw due to is car not being ready. Tim Nunn has now registered for class G ( well done mate) and will be battling with me

Tel's Tales Issue 004

Tel's tales Issue 004- March 2013 Speed Series Terry Everall Speed Series Correpondent Castle Coombe 23rd March 2013 Report by Stu Hill ( Woodman) / Terry Everall Well we are off at last into the new 2013 season, not so much a flying start but more like a damp squib! Many competitors still seem to be building engines or putting cars together so well done to theose that got ready on time. It never ceases to amaze me how every year its always down to the last minute. Due to a massive 50% ov

Tel's Tales Issue 003

Tel's Tales Issue 003 - 19th march 2013 Speed Series 2013 Terry Everall Speed Series Correspondent Preparation for a Sprint/Hillclimb Well the season is about to start with Castle Coombe this coming weekend so I thought I would write a few words about preparation and the event process. I will assume you are trailering the car etc. On the day before the event (or earlier) fuel up and fully charge the battery. Check oil level and water levels are ok and set tyre pressure at around 18psi if u

2013 Speed Series Reports - Part 2

Tel's Tales – Issue 002 Speed Series 2013 Terry Everall Speed Series Correspondent Chit chat I hope those that are interested have had a look at the “Beginners Guide” on the website as I have now updated the information etc. Its amazing what you think you know but don't and it only becomes evident when you have a detailed question and you have to search through regulations and classes etc in attempt to come with black and white advice. If you dont like or agree with any advice given then ref

2013 Speed Series Reports - Part 1

Tel's Tales – Speed Series 2013 - Part 1 by Terry Everall - Speed Series Correspondent Introduction Well, in a rash possibly inebriated moment I agreed to appoint myself as official Speed Series Correspondent for 2013. So unless someone else volunteers you are stuck with me but I hope to publish both factual reports as well as coordinate articles , views and questions from all members so that we communicate the interest in our Speed Series, which many other clubs envy and congratulate us on a
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