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Tel's Tales Issue 024 - Autumn 2013

Terry Everall - WSCC Competition Secretary


Tel's Tales 024

Already getting a bit stir crazy so thought I would go into print again. My engine is out of the car ready for a strip down and check following this seasons successes and a need to manufacture a more reliable alternator/flywheel/24 toothed trigger wheel to use with the MBE system. My Andy Bates built honda CBR100RR 2008 fireblade engine has proved very quick and effective so unlikely to be uprated over winter. I have no doubt that several wallets are being checked for available cash to carry out upgrades.

The big issue for the speed series committee is to consider how to consolidate the regulation to attract more competitors and make the championship as fair as we can to all entrants. Barry Slingsby drove brilliantly all season and the other competitors could not match his consistent results. This year has been quite exceptional in my opinion as I believe that the target times have been equalled or bettered on about 98 occasions by several drivers and that indicates the level of improvements and how quick our Westfield are. The awards will show that 5 drivers have achieved 9 FTDs (fastest time of the day) against theoretically quicker cars including single seaters and we continue to be regarded as the most competitive and friendly club around the paddock. We just need more of us out there. It is hoped that some drivers who have had a year off will reappear in 2014.

The issue of list 1B tyres, gearboxes and the class structure continues to be debated at length as well as the use of target times and events where Rule 1.6e has applied. The class structure and class positions seem to have worked reasonably well with the main debate revolving around scoring points for the overall championship. Double header events seem to be popular as it reduces travel time and makes for a good weekend of sprinting/hillclimbing providing that your car stays in one piece. Our Blyton weekend, Pembrey and the Ty Croes events are my favourites and I hope they are in our 2014 calendar. If anyone has any good ideas about how we attract more people into the speed series please let me know as we are all keen to help and guide new people into this addictive sport. Nick Agar will be working overtime to finalise the arrangements for next year so if you want to influence any decisions please post your views to me or any other Speed Series Committee member.

I hope to see as many as possible at the awards do.


Speed Series Correspondent

Class G competitor


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