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Tel's Tales Issue 007

Terry Everall - WSCC Competition Secretary


Tel's tales Issue 007 - late April 2013

Speed Series & other gossipTerry EverallSpeed Series Correpondent Gurston Down 20th April 2013 (Round 4)

Terry Everall

Speed Series Commentator

(Class G competitor)

This report was compiled with the help of notes from Peter Goulding and Stu Hill so if the facts are wrong its their fault because I never make things up! (Apart from writing the sprinters book of excuses to use when things go tits up). The weather behaved itself and after a misty start the track got drier and warmer. There was an excellent turnout of Westfields all mixed together and raring to go( 16 drivers including 7 novices) . After Pete Goulding's midweek collision with a boulder in the road he was glad to on the road at 0700hrs with fingers crossed that his mangled sump and bellhousing would survive the day. Luckily when he arrived Barry Slingsby was there already to give him a handkerchief, kiss and a cuddle whilst they walked hand in hand up the course. According to secret sources Pete was the man to watch following his drive last year although Pete cant remember being there.........memory loss issues!(apparently he could not remember the track either)

P1- most competitors seemed to make excuses about a dusty track (that excuse is already patented by me) with Pete, Barry and Stu Hill immediately getting close to the target times and good drives in all classes.

P2 – No excuses now as track was really dry, clean and warm. James Alexander (A) decided to pretend he was a lawn mower and go grass cutting. Pete Goulding (F) who was getting better starts due to a change diff, banged in a quick run and beat the target and Barry (D) was close to target with Paul Morcom (F) close behind. Class A was proving very close between Simon Broadbridge and Roger Donaghue with James Alexander playing catch up. James Thatcher (F) was getting used to his new Protech shocks and was battling with martin Watson whilst Brian Jones was on his own in G.

T1 – Track now warm and perfect for all to attack the target times. Simon (A) had a big lock up whilst trying too hard but was still quickest in A. In Peter Steel provided the light entertainment with an exhibition of off road driving whilst Stu © showed how to do it and beat target by over a second. Barry Slingsby (D) was on the pace and also broke the target by over a second. Pete Goulding improved again and beat target so lots of points were already in the bag for some drivers. Stu Hill also beat the HSA target and record which was a great drive. Mark Bishop ©was finding it difficult to keep up with that pace but his times were improving.

Keith Adams D) had a debate with his gearbox about selection - and missed the gear, whilst Rob Crossland had a sideways moment but was still quicker than practice. Paul Morcom (F) went slower than practice due to being a bit of a whimp in the “hollow” as the survival instinct took hold.

T2 – Class A – James Alexander was a bit miffed at not achieving hi personal target of a sub 40sec run whilst Roger Donaghue did 38.64sec but was pipped by Simon Broadbridge with 37.48secs.

Class C – Times smashed by Stu Hill ( Woodman) with a 34.62secs against target of 35.63secs with Mark Bishop and Graham Frankland finishing closely on 39.01sec and 39.05sec respectively.

Class D – Barry Slingsby missed a gear change so could not better his excellent time of 33.83secs against the target of 34.86secs and Tim Pennington ran 35.27secs. Keith lost another fight with the gearbox but still ended on 35.80sec followed by Rob Crossland who went slower than T1 and Peter Steel with a good 38.32sec.

Class F – Pete Goulding (having electrical connection problems including the alternator playing up) took the class win with his quickest time of 33.63secs against target of 34.15secs with Paul Morcom pulling his finger on 34.62secs. James Thatcher and Martin Watson both finished with fastest runs of 36.55secs and 36.75secs and not much between them.

Class G – Brian Jones finished with his fastest run of 36.53secs against target of 34.43 bt had nobody pushing him.

The overall battle between Barry and Pete went on all day with leg pulling and even Pete getting a scrutineer to suggest Barry would be removed for cheating.... . Pete's video clip of his last run shows how much he was trying and he nearly lost it big style through the finish. Maybe Barry needs to get back in class F with a proper sequential gearbox and get his record back off Pete? ????

So, a good turnout with perfect track and weather, plenty of thrills but no spills and all cars still in one piece.

Looks like a few records are already being beaten by drivers in very quick cars.

My next event is Aintree on 27th April 2013 where we will give the Caterham Academy lads an exhibition of how to do it …...hopefully!!

See you in the paddock.

Terry Everall

Speed Series Correspondent

aka “Tel's Tales”


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