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Reports from our Speed Series Correspondent


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Tel's Tales Issue 049 -Snetterton May 2015

Tel's Tales 049– 2015 Season- Snetterton 16th and 17th May 2015 This venue is quite a long haul for most people but the one and threequarters laps on a wide and technical tracks run by Borough 19 is a great attraction and the trip is now better following completion of the A11 upgrade. There were 13 of us there including Matt Hillam and Paul Morcom in the J classes and it was good to see John Loudon back out with his rebuilt engine. The weather forecast was promising but as we left the bar on Fr

Tel's Tales Issue 048 -Harewood May 2015

Tel's Tales 047– 2015 Season- Harewood Sat & Sun May 9th and 10th 2015 This is the local event for me (25 mins drive) and set in God's own county so I was looking forward to the annual visit. I was very happy as Steve and I had to rebuilt Steve's and my own car in 4 days since the contacts we made with the Armco at Hethel. I have to thank Dennis Silman who runs Siltech racing for providing complete new Wishbones and fitting at record speed and its great quality. Alas the heavens had opened

Tel's Tales Issue 047 -Hethel May 2015

Tel's Tales 047– 2015 Season- Hethel Sunday 3rd May 2015 For me and Steve travelling south for 4 hrs was fairly easy despite the slow roads around Kings Lynn and East Anglia. We had a good meal and a few pints talking with Duncan Cowper ( Dax Rush Turbo fame) and his mate before getting to sleep I the trailer. Woke about 0400hrs with the rain lashing it down bang on forecast. As it turned out WET WET WET (not the pop group that formed in 1982) turned out to be the theme for the event. The 5 Wes

Tel's Tales Issue 046 -Blyton 2 Lapper 2015

Tel's Tales 046– 2015 Season- Blyton 2 Lapper 19th April 2015 So what would this new event be like? Everyone thought that 3 Sisters was cold but with an easterly wind today was every bit as cold and seemed to cut through your clothing reminding us that summer was not yet here! Steve was meeting me en route and despite me giving him instructions from the M18/M180/A15 etc he still nearly got lost. There were 12 Westfields taking part out of an entry of 30 cars and if the MDA club's Regs had been

Tel's Tales Issue 045 -3 Sisters 2015

Tel's Tales 045– 2015 Season- 3 Sisters 12th April 2015 From being sunburnt and sweaty at Croft to being frozen silly at 3 Sisters was a shock to my delicate system and a few others as well. People were wearing gloves, jumpers and every layer of clothing they could lay their hands on. In a nutshell it was bitterly cold in the wind and most of us thought that getting anywhere near the target times was going to be a joke. But, on a positive note the track was dry despite a bad weather forecast fo

Tel's Tales Issue 044 -Croft Easter 2015

Tel's Tales 044– 2015 Season- Croft 6th April 2015 Our prayer's (well hopes really) were answered as the day was dry and very felt hot at about 18deg C and I used 3 lots of suncream on my delicate facial features and still got a bit sunburned. There were 11 Speed Series competitors plus Nick Algar out in his new DJ Firehawk which very annoyingly had issues with the static and trackside noise levels so did not run competitively. We all had 2 Practice runs and hoped for the 3 timed runs as sugges

Tel's Tales Issue 043 - Rockingham 2015

Tel's Tales 043– 2015 Season- Rockingham 22nd March 2015 Well this was it, the start of the new 2015 season for 12 Westfield guys to clear the cobwebs and prove that their winter mods worked and their driving had not gone rusty over the winter period. It was clear that any New Year's Resolutions in terms of dieting and losing weight (rather than paying for more bhp!) had been long forgotten and last years overalls were still a skin tight fit for some. So there was 1 class A, 4 class B, 1 class

Tel's Tales Issue 042 - Feb 2015

Tel's Tales 042– 2015 Season preparation It seems a long time since the November 2014 awards night and the Speed Series Committee meeting held the day after. 2014 had been a successful season but one or two issues were considered for improvement in an effort to make a level playing field for all competitors no matter what class they enter or what car they drive! After many exchanges of ideas and god knows how many emails and telephone calls we have a published set of Draft regs (awaiting MSA ap

Tel's Tales Issue 041 Ty Croes October Weekend 2014

Tel's Tales 041– Ty Croes 4th & 5th Sept 2014 Well thats it......the season is over and unlike other years it did not all come down to the last weekend to see who had won! The weekend saw 19 entries on Saturday and 18 on Sunday so a good showing from the club. There was atrackday on the Friday and a few of us arrived early Friday afternoon to catch the back end of the action and prepare our cars and in a few cases our beds in the trailers for the night. And what a night it was with torrent

Tel's Tales Issue 040 Thoresby Park Weekend 2014

Tel's Tales 040– Thoresby Park 13th & 14th Sept 2014 Well here was the weekend I was not sure whether to compete at. Despite its great scenery it is a tricky, very tight track and atrocious in the wet due to the overhanging trees. Actually it stayed dry but overcast all weekend but even so the damage to cars, particularly bodywork has always been a bit more than other venues and the water/sand filled barrels and large hay bales don't take any prisoners, even for minor mistakes. In fact car

Tel's Tales Issue 039 Ty Croes September 2014

Tel's Tales 039– Ty Croes, Anglesey 6th and 7th Sept 2014 The finals for this 2 day event saw 22 Westfield entrants if I include Marshall Rowland and Steve Davies in The Lotus Elise so it was a good turnout and promised some great competition in most classes. Late Friday afternoon arrival for some of us gave us time to see the end of the bike trackday before walking the course ourselves and checking the rumble strip condition and heights were the same as last year. The food in the cafe was good

Tel's Tales Issue 038-Curborough figure of 8- Aug 2014

Tel's Tales 038– Curborough 23rd August 2014 This event marked a change for everyone, I think, as it was an introduction to the newish figure of 8 layout rather than the single or double lap course. There was a full entry and hence it was likely to be a slow day but hopefully the new challenge would make up for the anticipated low number of runs. The weather was also promising to be unpredictable but that’s not unusual and the promise of 100 points for this 1.6e event made up for the downsides.

Tel's Tales Issue 037-Hethel Aug 2014

Tel's Tales 037– Hethel 3rd August 2014 So after loan of my trolley jack Paul Aspden's tyre was changed at 0615hrs and Gary Bunn, Derek Hodder, Dave Cleaver, Paul Aspden were just about recovered from the lovely meal we had last night at the pub. Five minutes drive and we all arrived at the Hethel (Lotus cars) test track for todays event run by our friends at Borough 19 MC. Today's event presented a new challenge due to the new layout covering a 1.25 lap run so after signing on it was time to j

Tel's Tales Issue 036-Mira Aug 2014

Tel's Tales 036– MIRA 2nd August 2014 An early 0500hrs start again for me along with a very good chance of rain saw me on my way to Mira for the start of the weekend which also included the round trip to Hethel on Sunday (see Blog). A good entry of 13 cars were spread around the paddock which did not look very full so thoughts of lots of runs flashed through my mind but this is an MAC event so only ever get two timed runs! There had been rain en route and the track was wet but no standing water

Tel's Tales Issue 035- Blyton July 2014

Tel's Tales 035– Blyton Park 12th and 13th July 2014 Well I don't know where to start really as there was so much going on it was hard to record or remember all the good and bad bits. Firstly I have to say that as our own WSCC organised event this was very well managed and executed by Nick Algar and all the team of volunteers to which are thanks go are offered. Steve and myself set off early Friday afternoon to get settled in before the rush of competitors. It was good to see lots of Westfields

Tel's Tales Issue 034- Curborough 6th July 2014

Tel's Tales 034– Curborough 2 laps 6th July 2014 I spent the week before this event looking at the weather forecast as well as changing my fuel pump, coil sticks, fuses and checking the wiring loom to ensure the Aintree electrical gremlin had been eliminated. Well the forecast was dry am with possible downpours and heavy rain from 1500hrs onwards so the sprint was gong to be tricky. Got up at 0500hrs for the 0530hrs start and met brother Steve at Ferrybridge on the A1to travel in our usual conv

Tel's Tales Issue 033- 3 Sisters June 2014

Tel's Tales 033– 3 Sisters 29th June Sprint 2014 After a night that included more rain following yesterday's wet Aintree event we woke to a dry day but a track that was slippy due to a 4 hour kart race the night before. This time we had 11 Westfield guys out plus Nick Algar in his Force (he was also at Aintree). It was good to see Mark Anson back in the pack after a couple of years out whilst he rebuilt his car but he was concerned about his lack of seat time and adapting to the alterations on

Tel's Tales Issue 032- Aintree June 2014

Tel's Tales 032– Aintree 28th June Sprint 2014 My car was ready having had a complete strip down and new main bearings fitted (and big ends as a precaution) after the loss of oil pressure at Pembrey and I also had a new 2nd gear fitted as the dogs were worn and it kept jumping out of gear at the most inappropriate moments. The forecast was good for the weekend and when I left home at 0500hrs from sunny Yorkshire all was well until I got onto the M62 and went over the Pennines to that god forsak

Tel's Tales Issue 031- Prescott 2014

Report by James Alexander Apologies for the delay in preparing this blog but I have been on a Site Supervisors Health and Safety Course all week.... enough to drive any one insane! Prescott Hill is owned by the Bugatti Owners Club and as such is one of the old classics in the Hillclimb world. Situated in gorgeous woodland on the edge of the Winchcombe hills it really is typically Cotswold's (£4.50 a pint and £12 quid for a burger but more of that later). The weather was set fair for the weeken

Tel's Tales Issue 030- Pembrey 2014

Tel's Tales 030– Pembrey Weekend Sprint 2014 I dont really know where to begin as many of us there had a nightmare including me in the run up to the event as well as at the sprint. My problems started the week before the event when I needed to source and fit a replacement clutch to my brother Steve's sprint car after it failed at Snetterton. We found a good guy in Leeds who put new ceramic pads on the twin plate helix clutch and then I attempted to reinstall the engine and put the clutch arm in

Tel's Tales Issue 029- Snetterton 2014

Tel's Tales 029– Snetterton Weekend Sprint 2014 Saturday For me this was a new venue and the weather for the weekend was perfect with it being dry and warm during both days. After Steve and I fought our way through the Friday afternoon A1, A14 and A11 traffic we parked up in the paddock to enjoy a vodka jelly curtesy of Phil Nicholls who seemed to have an endless supply. (thats why he needs a big old Landrover as his tow truck.) We could all sign on immediately so that was easy and a quick tra

Tel's Tales Issue 028- Harewood 2014

Tel's Tales 028 – Harewood Weekend Sprint 2014 Saturday This year saw a good entry of 14 cars for Saturday and 11 cars for Sunday so all we needed was good weather......enough people had obviously not said their prayers because Saturday morning saw a wet track and building clouds! Oh joy! The red kite birds were flying along the hillside enjoying the breeze (gale) but most of us were trying to keep warm in our Westfield corner of the lower paddock. This was a little tricky as a few of us had d

Tel's Tales Issue 027- Croft 2014

Tel's Tales 027 – Easter Monday at Croft 21 April 2014 Following the 3 Sisters sprint a few people had repairs to make. Matt Turner had discovered the correct way to fit a clutch to his R1 and was back in action and I had a completely rebuilt Flatshifter fitted after it failed to provide ignition cut last time out, making gear shift slow. There were 18 WSCC drivers so a good turnout and the weather was a bit nippy but dry and at times sunny and after the earlier forecasts during the week, which

Tel's Tales Issue 026 - 3 Sisters 6th April 2014

Tel's Tales 026 – 3 Sisters 6th April 2014 Some of the competitors had a few preparation problems before the event including Steve Everall not being able to find any polish for his car and having the rear of the tub resprayed after a shunt last year. Matt Turner was still waiting for a new clutch which seemed to have got lost en route. I had a panic when the car would not start and I quickly traced this to a battery at 12.2 volts which will not power the MBE ECU. Nick Algar was also working unt

Tel's Tales Issue 025 - March 2014

Tel's Tales 025 Well this is it guys! The 2014 season has started and hopefully most cars are now ready and we are desperate to get on track and see if our expensive mods have worked and produced a better handling and quicker car. Thanks must be given to Nick Algar and the Speed Series committee members who have produced an extensive programme of events and updated target times for all but the new circuits such as Rockingham and Prescott. There is a vast amount of work involved in doing this ad
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