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Tel's Tales Issue 010 Wiscombe

Terry Everall - WSCC Competition Secretary


Wiscombe 2013 Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th April 2013

The Woolbridge club had done a superb job in preparing the paddock and track for the event. The conditions were almost perfect, a bone dry and clean track combined with sunny but cool weather.

We were all running in a dedicated WSCC class on both days, with James Thatcher and Martin Watson in F, Barry Slingsby, Pete Steel and Rob Crossland in D, Stu Hill and Mark Bishop in C. Additionally we were joined by Roger Donaghue in A, on Sunday


Practice P1:

This would be the first ever time up the hill for James, Pete and Martin , who summed it up well with a description of ‘Frightening’.

Never the less, everyone made it up ok but Barry struggled to select first gear, Stu was pleased to be in sight of target time, James was steady away at 54 sec and there was just over a second between the rest.

Practice P2:

Barry (missing a sequential box) tried selecting reverse but still stormed into the low 42s. Stu sneaked under target with a mid 43, Martin knocked 3 sec off, Rob and Pete in 46s with Mark just behind with a PB , James improved by 4 sec


Barry was on a roll with a 41-59 which was faster than his previous F time, Stu banked a 42-41, Martin was now in the hunt with a 43-92 , Rob set a new PB at 45-39. Pete stuck with a 46-86 PB, Mark lowered his PB to 46-28 and James knocked another 4 sec off with 46-53


Barry just missed a sub 41 with 41-02, Stu , Rob , Mark , James and Martin slipped back, but Pete was pleased to get down to 46-25

So Barry and Stu bagged the big 102 points followed by Martin with 96.97 and Rob 96.18


Now joined by Roger Donaghue in A

Similar conditions prevailed, so the stage was set for further improvement


Barry was straight on the pace by almost matching his Sat score, Stu hit a curb heavily, Martin wanted breakfast, Rob was still asleep, Mark eased himself in, Pete and James were close to Saturdays pace and Roger, who had spectated many times, reported as being ‘shocked and confused’


Barry nudged up to Saturdays time, Stu set a PB at 42-01, Martin a PB at 43-73, Pete dropped to 46-00, Rob and James set 46s, Mark slipped back , Roger was learning fast and in the 48s


Barry fired in a 40-80 which was faster than a lot of single seaters, Stu put in a messy 42-59, Martin slipped a tenth , Pete, Mark and Rob couldn’t quite match practice, James set a PB with 46-06 and Roger was getting faster every run and now in the 47s


Barry decided that it could all end in tears if he tried to go faster so elected to trailer the car, Stu was determined to go sub 42 but completely overdrove , Martin recorded his best time of the weekend with 43-60 putting it down to Pies for lunch, Rob was very happy with his 45-72 PB. Mark and James set similar times to T1, Pete tried an offroad route, Roger got confused again after a poor start.

Stu and Barry took 102 points again followed by martin on 97.72secs

A good weekend for all.

Thanks to Stu Hill for the report


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