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Tel's Tales Issue 015 Three Sisters 2013

Terry Everall - WSCC Competition Secretary


Tel's Tales 015: 3 Sisters 30th June 2013

Just a short hop down the road to 3 sisters and most of us and the paddock banter started on Saturday night. First problem was that the bay allocation had put slick shod Westfield on a pebbled/gravel area so we moved to alternative parts of the paddock to keep our tyres clean. That also proved a bit tricky as on Sunday there was gravel on the route to and from the pit lane start as well as water puddles. As a repayment for using all my whole roll of duck tape at Aintree Richard James and Tim Nunn ( with a very neat bbq griddle) kindly provided burgers and food for myself and Steve. Stephen Herbert and photographer and wife Sally paid a visit to a local church en route so maybe he was asking him upstairs to let him beat Stephen E again. Scrutineering went well and Stephen E avoided an argument about why he was required to tape over the Negative battery terminal. The weather looked great and Matt Turner joined me in class G for a great battle. In the end we had 2 practices and 5 timed runs and n class C John Loudon set a new class record as did John Hoyle. Stephen Everall turned the tables on Stephen Herbert beating him by 48.64secs compared to 49.09secs. Class E was fought out between Richard James and Andy Hargreaves with Andy setting a new class record with 47.14secs. Matt Turner was on the gas all day and his car seemed to get round the bends faster than others particularly at the cafe corner and the uphill hairpin so that despite the fact that we both broke the class record I came second on 44.61secs to Matt's 44.25secs. I tried so hard on my last run but went into the last right hander way too quickly and was sideways looking at the green stuff for too long but I survived the slide. At one time I think that Matt was preparing a speech for FTD with his great time which was fastest Westfield. Gary Bunn and Del had there usual battle but the car was not able to put its smooth power down to Del's satisfaction.

So lots of good points and cars going well but 100 points per event if clearly not enough to even be in the hunt for the Championship as class records seem to be tumbling everywhere.


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