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Mark (smokey mow)

Smokey's JW4 Formula Four Rebuild Thread

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With the excitement of collecting the Costin now out of the way and the trailer unloaded last weekend it's back to working on the JW4 again.  Last week I had a rather big delivery of laser cut parts so I can make some more progress on some of the remaining jobs.



The fire wall panels I'd had cut to roughly the right shape but I'd left a small allowance for final fettling to get them to fit the body profile exactly.  



Footwell panels fitted as well for extra crash protection.



And finally I turned up a some top hat spacers for the steering rack bolts.


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A day off work today gave me a chance to complete another couple of jobs.  

First task was to make a bracket for the throttle cable.  The new master cylinders I'm using have a taller reservoir compared to the original parts which meant they would fet in the way of the throttle cable run to the pedal. The easiest solution was to make a bolt on extension bracket for the oringal mounting that would raise the mounting slightly so it would clear the top of the master cylinder.



The other job for the day was fitting the windscreen. I'd had some screen blanks made recently by the laser cutters from perspex but these needed to be formed to the correct shape.  I'd been hoping to use the oven but the blanks were slightly too big to fit so I had to resort to using the paint stripper gun to soften the perspex. Once softened sufficiently it was laid over a curved former that I'd made using hardboard and then left to cool. (Sorry for the lack of pictures from this process).



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A little update today as after a 3-month wait (yes really!) I finally collected the wheels from the painters. Things didn't go exactly to plan for them as after two failed attempts at powder-coating they eventually 2-pack painted them as they were having issues with the finish bubbling during baking. We suspect it was some residue left behind from media blasting the original 1968 paint off as there was some soft gunge left behind in the corners of the webs that had to be cleaned out by hand but they didn't want to risk a third attempt at powder-coating hence why they sprayed them.


To be fair to Impact Coatings though they honoured the original price we agreed which was actually from a quote they'd given me three years ago.



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Although the weather outside hasn't been too favourable for working on cars over the last couple of weekends I've still managed to make a small amount more progress, this time with the headrest.

in the traditional fashion, i started with a bit of wood... Well technically it's an off cut of oak from when I built my staircase several years ago but the thickness was just right for the job.  I don't have a wood lathe but after getting it roughly to the right size with a saw I could then mount it in the metal lathe to turn to the final diameter.



A quick sand to smooth the edges off and then several coats of paint later.



Meanwhile, while the paint was drying I made the vinyl pad on the sewing machine.



and then a bracket made for mounting it to the chassis.



and finished





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Wheels collected from the tyre fitters earlier today.  With wheel sizes having grown quite considerably sine the 1960's its actually quite difficult to find somewhere that still has machinary that can fit tyres to 10" rims, most I spoke to locally can only go down to 13".


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