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  1. Mark (smokey mow)

    Lithium battery goodness

    Do you plan on using the car for MSA events in the future? If so have a read of the MSA regs and ensure you only buy one from an MSA registered manufacturer.
  2. Mark (smokey mow)

    Suspension struts

    Hi Liz, the rear uprights are unlikely to be Golf. You might have Golf rear calipers but the uprights on the seiw are usually of westfields own casting and design. Do you still have your old shocks as the easiest thing to do would be to measure the open length of what you had fitted before.
  3. Mark (smokey mow)

    The Mini Diet/Track Car Thread

    Gary are those brackets you've fixed the harness bar to structural? They only look to be spot welded in place? I'd also recommend against having the bolted connection in tension due to the risk of the bolts pulling out in a hard front impact or if shell deforms in a crash. They'd be much better if you could mount them in shear.
  4. Mark (smokey mow)

    Quick question, let’s see how quick.

    Theres an FAQ for that 2990mm but it will vary depending on whether its a wide/narrow and if its a later chassis with the spearate nose cone bracket
  5. Mark (smokey mow)

    Pedals needed

    There's a set on eBay at the moment item 382514570323
  6. Mark (smokey mow)

    Mx5 1.8 clutch. How much power?

    I'm not sure off the top of my head but its the same size as Westifeld use on all their cars with a hydraulic clutch. I can check later in the week.
  7. Mark (smokey mow)

    Mazda MX5 1.6 cut and shortened sump

    Thanks Rob, my attendance has been rather dire at the Lodge this year so it may be better if you could collect. I'll PM you my address.
  8. Mark (smokey mow)

    Mazda MX5 1.6 cut and shortened sump

    Just removed from my SDV, as it has a slight weep that I've been unable to trace. I suspect it may be from one of the welds but I did notice that the sump plug washer also had split. The sump has been shortened by approx 1" and the bottom plate is 5mm thick aluminium so it's got some protection from Knicks and bangs. The oil pickup pipe has also been modified and will be included. I've now switch back to a standard sump hence now selling. Yours for £25 and I can post at cost if required, I think this will be about £16 due to the weight (6kg) or I can wrap if you want to send a courier yourself.
  9. Mark (smokey mow)

    Ignition lead help - urgent!

    I'm not sure if they're open Sunday's but I've always found marks tey auto spares helpful when it comes to searching for "parts that fit" in their stock.
  10. Mark (smokey mow)

    MOT Failure

    It could be something as simple as the electrical connector or wire for the main beam has been knocked or disconnected from the rear of the high/low beam swich on the dashboard.
  11. Mark (smokey mow)


    Yes, spotted on the forum a few weeks ago. The current owner is a club member.
  12. Mark (smokey mow)

    Looking to contact Jay Pooly

    A quick google and he's on Instagram using the same user name as he does on here.
  13. Mark (smokey mow)

    Mazda SDV wheel offset.

    FWIW I run an ET38 on a 6" wide wheel front and rear.
  14. Mark (smokey mow)

    Door fixing

    The screen edge of the doors should be pre-drilled for the hinges. You'll need to find these holes though as they'll be covered by the vinyl. The best method I found for this was to hold the doors loosely in position against the screen pillars so you could find roughly where the hinges should fit and then using a sewing pin feel for the holes through the vinyl. I dont think the doors are drilled for the straps but as a general rule you want to fit them far engough back that the doors don't flap or try to open but not so far back that you cant reach to fix them shut when seated.
  15. Mark (smokey mow)

    Off side mirror

    They're from the Rover era Metro's rather than Austin so would be Rover 100. you can buy the complete mirror assemblies on ebay new for about £20 so it's not really worth messing around trying to fit replacement glass. alternatively the MGF / TF mirrors will also fit and are visually the same. These give you the option of electric adjustment with some simple wiring.

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