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  1. From that description it sounds like you've connected the brake pressure switch wiring to the fluid level sensor and the fluid level wiring to the brake pressure switch.. Swap them around and see whst happens
  2. So why the hurry to get everything finished? Well next weekend I have an invitation to the car show for Motorsport at the Palace at Crystal Palace. If you happen to be near London and at a loose end over the bank holiday weekend come and say hi. Polished and ready As I close off this chapter I should also finish by saying that not a single cable tie was used anywhere in the assembly of this car 🙂
  3. Over the last few days I've completed the final two jobs that needed to be done. Firstly the rocker boxes were cleaned up and fitted together with the oil feed. The second job was the fuel tank. Massive thanks to Martin at MJS fabrication who made this with 3-days notice for me so I could get it fitted this weekend. Thanks Martin A
  4. The position sort of depends on the seats you are going to use and whether they have harness slots or if the belts will wrap around the sides of the seat. Likewise if the belts will exert any force on the seat between the mounts and your shoulders then the seat back will in effect become structural which may cause issues at IVa.
  5. Johnny Walker first began producing racing cars in 1965 with his prototype Walker Type 65, the following year the JW4 Mk2 his first production racing car was released to the market at the 1966 Olympia Racing Car Show. Chassis 6010 was originally built to Class 1 formula IV regulations with a 250cc single cylinder engine and later a 500cc Velocette but following the demise of Formula IV in the UK the car was to discover a new life as a hillclimb special in the hands of Ronald and John Shapley. By the mid-1970's Shapley had developed the car far beyond its origins. Carrying sponsorship by Carburol Oils and fitted with an 1050cc Kawasaki Z1 engine success was to follow within the racing car class that lead to a multi page feature in the pages of Car and Car Conversions. After the chassis eventually succumbed to the abuse of power far beyond that for which it was originally designed a full rebuild was commissioned from JW4 aficionado Rod Pickup in Blackburn that included additional bracing and reinforcement to the JW4 chassis. Over the following years the car passed between several owners and underwent further bodywork changes along the way until the Carburol Special was to eventually return to the ownership of Rod Pickup. Rod stripped down the car for restoration but progress stalled and sadly due to his sudden death in 2014 this rebuild was not be completed and the Carburol Special was sold again to its present owner. This car has now completed a chassis up rebuild over the last 3 years and is presented in 1966/7 class F4/2 Formula IV specification with all latter period modifications to the chassis retained. The surviving original parts have all been refurbished and used throughout the restoration but where unavailable or lost replacements have been sourced or made accurately to the original factory drawings and tooling. The chassis is presently fitted with a mock 500cc Triumph unit twin to give future owners flexibility in their final choice of championship or alternatively for static display. The car has a fully documented competition, owner and photographic history and has been rebuilt to comply with current MSAUK Regulations. With the right engine it is eligible for historic sprint, hillclimb in the 600cc classes, HSCC Formula Junior (Class G7) and 500 Formula 3 circuit racing offering potential buyers a very affordable entry into historic Motorsport or to enjoy in a private collection. Chassis: Retaining all latter modifications, reinforcement and alterations. Shot blasted; zinc pre-treatment and powder-coated Wheels: 10" JA Pearce Magna Alloys fitted with Falken FK-07E Tyres Shocks & Springs: Protech 400 Series single adjustable with Faulkner 8" 100lbs springs front and 125lbs rear. Suspension Uprights: JW4 Magnesium Brakes: BMC Mini 8" hydraulic drum brakes front and rear fitted with aluminium Minifin drums. Steering: Bespoke JW4 Rack and Pinion Wishbones and trailing arms: Rose Jointed and Bright Nickel Plated Safety: 1-1/2" Diameter CDS ROPS, MSAUK period defined Bodywork: New JW4 Mk2 3-piece moulding by Applied Fibreglass This is a unique opportunity to own one of the last few remaining JW4's and with a full history. With a guide price of £13,500, serious sensible offers are invited and prospective buyers are encouraged to contact me to discuss the car and for further details. The car is located in Colchester which for buyers who may be interested that are overseas is 30 minutes from the Port of Harwich for Ferries to the Hook of Holland and 2 hours from the Port of Dover for Ferries to Calais. The car will also be on display at Crystal Palace in London for Motorsport at the Palace on 26th/27th May 2019. For more information about the Johnny Walker JW4 and Formula IV please see the build thread for this car and my other JW4 at http://www.jw4.co.uk Thank you for reading Mark E. wsccessex@btinternet.com
  6. Assuming we're talking about a bare axle casing without shafts or diff then IMO £150-£200 as thats what it would otherwise cost you to have a fabricator make and weld a couple of brackets onto an axle case of you.
  7. 1. I have the same issue and just live with it. The extra ventilation helps minimise condensation. 2. I stuff a small microfibre towel in the bulge of the front corner of the door which stops the spray coming in.
  8. Very much as above ^^^^ a heat gun probably won't do much more than a hot engine or a sunny day to soften it. if it needs much more then I can recommend Colin at Applied Fibreglass (next door to AB performance).
  9. Only a small update as I've been back on the DIY for the last couple of weeks. There's not much left to do now but one of the jobs was to fit the chain. This was on the list to do a few weeks ago were it not for an ebay seller who let me down by promissing a 2day delivery that in the end turned out to be 6weeks! Suffice to say I cancelled the order and did what i should have done originally and bought one from the local motorcycle shop. Even after finally getting a chain the problems didn't end there as it wouldn't fit the sprocket! No problem as I have plenty of alternative sprockets but I'd obviously fitted one in error that had the wrong pitch. With the engine now in the final position and the chain adjusted correctly ita time for a brave pill and cutting the engine cover. The position of the cut out was marked from the underside by drawing around the cylinder head and then the corners of the cut out drilled with a hole saw. the straight cuts were then made with a fine saw with a file and sand to finish. A quick clean and polish then the roundels were applied. a race car needs numbers so 67 seemed a fitting choice since this car would have first been raced in 1967. j
  10. Sound like you need a document management system such as idox or good old Microsoft access.
  11. +1 for a local fabricator I'm getting something very similar made at the moment but as a mesh end panel for my trailer, total cost including galvanising was £150.
  12. Ask for "storage and transit" insurance which will also provide cover while its being trailered. i'm currently with REIS but have also used A-Plan for the same.
  13. You'd be more than welcome Kev, I'm normally about most weekends.
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