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Found 7 results

  1. Mark (smokey mow)

    Smokey's JW4 Formula Four Rebuild Thread

    Much anticipated, and as promised, but before i give you the rebuild thread, first a history lesson...... Whenever I seem to mention Formula four people seem to pause for a moment, look at me and then question "did you say formula ford?" my answer is of course "no" which generally leads towards discussions about what exactly was formula four? When I speak of Formula Four i am referring to the 1960's variety, although more recently the columns of the motor sports media is once again being filled with talk of both FIA and MSV Formula 4. This thread is not about single seaters with wings producing 185bhp and costing in excess of £30,000 but instead something entirely different and originating from the grass roots of motor-sport. Formula four racing can trace it's origins back to 1962 in the US where the first F4 races were held. The cars were typically scaled replicas of the F1 cars and powered by 250cc motorcycle engines. It didn't take too long for the idea to be brought to Britain by American Servicemen working in Europe and in 1963 Trak-kart built the 500cc Triumph engined TK. As the concept gathered momentum in Europe in 1965 Tecnokart in Italy began producing the Tecno powered by 250cc Ducati engines and In the same year the first Johnny Walker cars appeared from their Gloucestershire factory with the JW4 Mk1 powered by the 250cc Villiers Starmaker. Johnny Walker was better known at the time for operating a bearings and machine tools business but he had a keen interest in motor sports through his son Stephen for which he'd built a kart they'd successfully competed. Walker saw the potential of Formula 4 and their first car emanated from someone who approached them with a design into which they built in the 250cc engine. The car was initially competed against the 750cc motor-club cars and with the interest this created Johnny Walker Racing Ltd was subsequently born. They employed David Peers a racing designer as their manager, together with a couple of engineers with previous racing car building experience and entered negotiations with the RAC and FIA for the formula to be officially recognised. The first car the Mk1 was 250cc but this proved to be slow and unreliable so the 650cc Mk2 was born fitted with a BSA engine and reportedly was capable of 120mph around Castle Combe. One of the conditions of the new Formula was that the cars should have a basic price (complete with engine) for less than £650. And following the new formulas acceptance by the RAC production of the new cars began. The regulations allowed for 3 classes which were 250cc and 650cc using motorcycle engines and 875cc which used car derived engines. The Mk3 & Mk4 JW4's were fitted with 875cc Imp and Saab engines. All the classes were tightly controlled for cost and engine tuning. Initially while the grids were small the cars were competed with the 750 motor club in Formula Libre however for 1967 and 68 they had their series comprising of around 7 rounds which included the British Grand prix meeting at Silverstone in 1967. Notable works drivers at that time for JW4's were Bev Bond and Derek Minter who had switched to four wheels following his retirement from motorcycle racing. In 1968/69 Johnny Walker teamed up with aerodynamic designer Frank Costin and together they built a completely new car the Costin Walker. The chassis was designed for a number of different engine options including Imp, Honda, Saab and Ford. It could also take any FIA formula 2 engine making it eligible for Formula 5000. In 1969 the car was exhibited at the international Racing Car show at Olympia receiving much interest and publicity. It was unfortunate that just as Formula four was starting to get going Johnny Walkers firm suddenly went into liquidation. This left left Tecno as the only major manufacturer and a handful of smaller companies producing specials and in November 1969 Johnny Walker retired from racing. It's reported that altogether some 50 cars were built and shipped all over the world including Japan, Jordan, Sweden, Belgium and Germany. Formula four racing ended soon after, but the cars lived on by adapting to complete in many different series and in 1970 the 750mc took Formula four under its wing amending the regulations to allow for 1000cc engines and aerodynamic devices. The JW4 did however live on to be used as the base for the Jedi Mk1 and many of the original cars have since evolved and now wear Jedi Bodywork and modern motorcycle engines. How many original cars still exist i cannot be sure? Of the owners I have managed to make contact with all the cars are now "slicks and wings" Jedi's and I'm only aware of two other cars such as my own that may be close to original, one in the USA and the other possibly now in south Wales. So that's the history of Formula four.... soon to follow a bit about the history of my car...
  2. Those of you who have been following my JW4 rebuild thread will know I have quite an interest in anything relating historic Formula 4, and in the Coy's auction listing for the Autosport show happens to be a Tecno Formula IV car which was extracted 2-weeks ago from the garage of motorcycle dealer Don Hichcock. http://www.coys.co.uk/cars/circa-1964-tecno-k250-f4 Unfortunately I can't make it to the show or auction myself and Coy's have so far been unresponsive to my requests to view it at their premises before it is taken to the auction. Whilst I'm not looking to buy (I've got enough cars already!!!!) i am interested to see how the design and construction of the Tecno differs to that of my own JW4's the internet has plenty of photos of these cars but nothing that really shows the detail. Would anyone going to the show be willing to take some photos of the car for me (as many as possible) and specifically close up details of the front and rear suspension, hubs and rear drive assemblies. In exchange for this I'd happily pay the £10 for the auction program that gives admission and access for two people to the auction and any extra costs associated with getting the pictures to me? I'd be eternally grateful to anyone that is able to help
  3. Mark (smokey mow)

    Springs (No not that question)

    That time has come to find some new springs for the single seater rebuild. I've got use to the fact that nothing is standard or indeed ever easy and the springs are proving to be no exception. With an all up minimum weight (including driver) of 500lbs (220kg) the spring rates adopted in period were 85lbs/ins front and 105lbs/ins for the rear. Faulkner have a range that comes close to this offering 80,100 and 125lbs/ins in a 1.9" diameter but i'm struggling to find anyone doing 85 or 105 unless I pay the extra for custom made specials. So the big question... Does anyone make 85lbs/ins and 105lbs/ins springs in a 1.9" diameter with an 8" free length?
  4. Chassis Number 7022D, this car was the original 1967/68 factory prototype during the transition from the Motorcycle engine 250/650cc Mk1 and Mk2 chassis’ to the 875cc car engine Hillman Imp/SAAB Mk3. In total 56 JW4’s were manufactured at Johnny Walker’s Gloucestershire factory between 1965 and 1969 and of them I am personally aware of Eight original JW4’s chassis’ that still remain worldwide. Five of these JW4’s are located in the UK (I presently own three of the five Including this one) and this is the only car engined example I am aware of that still remains in existence to this day. This car is being sold unassembled and as a project for an enthusiast to research, complete and restore; the sale will include only the following items: Fabricated chassis Original 3 piece bodywork comprising of the following: • Nose/upper body • Lower body/under tray • Engine cover Cast Aluminium Rear uprights (Un-machined) Pedal Box and Pedals Fuel Tank Dashboard, Instruments (shown) and switches JA Pearce Magna Wheels, 13” rear and 10” front fitted with the correct Dunlop Historic Motorsports tyres all of which are new. Along with the above parts I can also include full Fabrication drawings for both the front and rear wishbones together with machining drawings for the rear uprights. If preferred I can also supply details for altering these uprights to accept mini driveshafts, bearings and hubs which would be easier and cheaper to source than the original parts. The sale does not include any front uprights, however either MG Midget or Hillman Imp uprights could be used. Midget/Imp hubs would also have the correct 4” PCD to work with the JA Pearce wheels. The chassis is substantially complete and original however you can see in the photographs that the upper chassis tubes in the engine bay have been swaged and modified in the past to accept a Honda CB750 motorcycle engine and two vertical tubes have also been removed from the rear of the chassis. If required and for an additional fee I can arrange with a local fabricator for this modification to be reversed and the original straight upper rails and vertical tubes reinstated. Wherever possible full technical support could also be given by myself to any purchaser of this car to ensure it can be restored faithfully to its former condition. I hold the original factory manufacturing drawings for the JW4 Mk2 and therefore have all the information necessary to allow this to be completed to a rolling chassis stage. Unfortunately I do not have any details for the components necessary to fit the original Hillman Imp engine or gearbox, this will be down to the purchaser to research further and complete for themselves. For more information about the Johnny Walker JW4 and Formula IV please see the build thread for my two Mk2 cars http://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic/104577-smokeys-jw4-formula-four-rebuild-thread/ This is a unique opportunity to own and restore an exceptionally rare car with history. £££ serious sensible offers are being invited. To discuss further and for more information prospective buyers are encouraged to contact me by Private Message on this forum or by email at wsccessex@btinternet.com This will be strictly collection only from Colchester, Essex. The bodywork would fit in a large saloon/estate car and the chassis could easily be carried on a roof rack. For buyers who may be interested that are overseas I am located 30 minutes from the Port of Harwich for Ferries to the Hook of Holland and 2 hours from the port of Dover for Ferries to Calais. Thank you for reading Mark wsccessex@btinternet.com
  5. Mark (smokey mow)

    O/T hillman Imp rear wishbones & Driveshafts

    It's a massive long-shot but it's worth asking just in case I'm on the lookout for a par of Hillman Imp Driveshafts, Drive flanges and rear wishbones for my JW4 build. If anyone happens to have any kicking around in their garages please get in touch else i'm off to ebay to start bidding. TIA Mark wsccessex@btinternet.com
  6. As a few of you know I now have a 1966 Johnny Walker Racing JW4 single seater in my car collection for a bit of a restoration. Various incarnations of the JW4 was built between 1965 and 1969. The early mk1 cars supplied from the factory were fitted with the 250cc Villiers Starmaker Engine, the Mk2 with a 650cc BSA A65 engines, Mk3 with Saab engines and Mk4's were designed for the IMP engine. My car is a Mk2. The Formula 4 regulations at the time stipulated that the retail price of a running engine should not exceed £150, this was intended to keep the cost down for competitors and any possibility of engine tuning to gain an unfair advantage. As such cars were often sold without engines to allow owners to choose their own. Several different bike engines were fitted which typically included BSA, Norton, Triumph, JAP and Ducatti. As my car currently has no engine, The question is what to go for myself? The criteria is.... Built before 1969 650cc or under Air cooled Ideally a unit twin While I'd quite fancy a british engine, they are generally underpowered compared to some of the Japanese offerings from the same era in standard tune so my current thinking is the Yamaha XS650, but has anyone any other suggestions? For those that can't offer any help but are reading this and wondering what Formula4 or the JW4 was then have a watch of this period film http://bps.britishpathe.com/hls-vod/flash/00000000/00004000/00004168.mp4.m3u8 And before anyone asks, yes I do have a better roll bar
  7. Mark (smokey mow)

    Nickel Bronze Braizing

    Does anyone have any reccomendation for companies that have the skills and capability for Nickel Bronze Brazing? I need some parts making for the JW4 but I've let down by my local specialist and am struggling to find an alternative company. Somewhere in Essex or Suffolk would be ideal, but I'm not worried if they're further away. Note: I'm not interested tig or mig welding etc as budget is not a consideration TIA

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