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Found 9 results

  1. Glen_I

    2004 SEiW 20XE 'refresh'

    Evening all, First of all, apologies as I had every intention of starting a diary last April but as we all know the past 10 months have been odd to say the very least and not gone to plan (more on that later)! So then long story short (as possible)..... I purchased my one as a kit back in 2002 after placing the order at Stoneleigh (did look at a Caterham but found the salesman not very helpful, maybe because I normally look scruffy being a mechanic and was in my mid twenties??) but after approaching Westfield it was a different story, so order placed. Collected the kit the day after my partner (now wife) moved into a new home, got back from Kingswinsford placed the body on a wooden jig and stored that in spare bedroom and then started the build, no real drama's and in 2004 it passed it's SVA 1st time and in time for me to use it as our wedding car, however I never really had any pics of the first build (no camera phone). I used it in all conditions which never bothered me (caught in the snow in the New Forest - that was, errrrrr interesting!) and I was having fun and in 2005 we purchased a bigger 1930's house which turned into a project, so Westfield parked in a 'damp' leaky roofed garage integral to the house whilst we set to work on what was a straight forward refurb/update as previous owners had lived there since 1950 (we are the 3rd owners) and had not been updated since. So then, garage built at bottom of garden, 2 extensions, a loft conversion and after being told my wife will struggle to carry children we now have 2 children - and after one or two moments of thinking this house is beating me and on the verge of tears I am now done (well, there is always something else to do). So I had it all planed that Easter 2020 I was going to rebuild the old girl, my wife and I had fairly decent secure jobs and she had been putting some money away for the Westfield 'refresh' so what could go wrong🤨 As I should have started this last April it will probably be best for me to update this diary over the next few weeks to the point where I am now and how our lives have changed along the way, otherwise there will be information/picture overload and I can't even remember what has happened, also l lost a fair few pics from back when I started in April, phone gave up the ghost and the pics weren't backed up like I thought, my fault! Maybe I will add approx date each time I add to this? Anyway this was the poor old girl last April, a dusty expensive storage system (junk thrown on top) with a tax disc (remember one off those????) dated 2007. Cheers Glen
  2. I'm selling a genuine Westfield SEIW aeroscreen that has been profesionally hydrodipped with a carbon fibre effect. These are £422 from Westfield. https://parts.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=539 Good condition with a couple of very light marks that are difficult to photograph. As I don't have any packing material I'm going to offer this as collection only in the first instance. Price: £160
  3. Chris Broster - Bristol & Bath AO

    Too much Carbon Fibre...

    Just seen this and whilst I love the Carbon Fibre body and weight saving, the inside is a bit much??? https://newatlas.com/koenigsegg-bare-naked-carbon-knc-regera/57584/ CeeBee
  4. carbon-nv

    carbon-nv: New parts

    Hi All For anyone who's not a regular watcher of the site, I'm pleased to announce one or two new additions to the range of carbon parts available to order Just added have been some moulded arch covers to suit standard width 'ZK' rear arches. In addition to this, I've also recently added some cover plates for top-mounted pedal boxes, some nose cone canard/dive plates and a wider variant of the existing 'Aero+ cycle wing'. For anyone looking for a more simplistic cover for their rear arches I can always supply a pair of flat carbon panels with sufficient flexibility, cut to your specified width and length. Work will continue throughout the Autumn/Winter on new parts so I hope to be able to add more soon, including one or two bigger items. More details can be found on www.carbon-nv.co.uk Thanks for looking Mark
  5. 7Fan7

    Carbon Fibre Tub / Chassis

    Hi everyone, I'm a university student, currently working on a project with regards to the use of carbon fibre in kit cars such as the Westfields. Essentially, we are working with Axon Automotive on a passenger tub, where the passenger and the driver are seated, made entirely of carbon fibre (including the beams, the flooring and the side panels); whereas, the front and back of the chassis remain with the original steel frame chassis. So the method used to join the steel frame to the carbon fibre tub is through nuts and bolts. I'm currently conducting a survey just to determine your perception on the use of carbon fibre in kit cars, especially for the tub. More information about the product itself is available in the survey link below and I'd really appreciate if you could take a couple of minutes to answer the survey. All responses will be stored anonymously and I really hope that I can get a great number of responses from you all. Click here for the Survey. Cheers, Will
  6. Hey guys, was wondering if anyone happened to know a bit more about (I think) Axon Automotive and Westfield's prototype on replacing the standard passenger tub (originally made using steel or aluminum bars) to carbon fibre. I tried to look through their website, I thought the kit car was supposed to be in production by the end of last year but I don't see much information about it. On the other hand, I did manage to find a picture, below, of (what I think is) the prototype. Any thoughts on the use of carbon fibre for the tub? I assume it will provide substantial weight saving, and possibly extra stiffness on the tub but I'm not sure about the connections between the front and rear steel frames with the tub. What do you think?
  7. JulianE

    Carbon etc clearout

    Garage clearout as follows more to come next year probably .... 5 x 75/90 gear oil £45 Delivered to standard UK addresses . 5m carbon fibre 2x2 twill dry cloth £50 plus postage 1m + red carbon fibre twill 2x2 twill hybrid cloth 1.5m + pink carbon fibre 2 x2 twill hybrid cloth 2m blue carbon fibre 2x2 twill hybrid cloth 1m orange carbon fibre 2x2 twill hybrid cloth All the coloured cloths for £50 plus postage
  8. Kalli

    Time to treat myself!

    Ahoy all! For those that have seen a few of my posts, i've had a bit of a trial by fire during my first few Westfield months. Within week 2, the alternator failed; or atleast thats what I thought. After buying, attempting fitting, trimming, refitting and finding out it was actually just a broken mount I had another issue... The oil filter was pierced by the newly trimmed alternator. So I removed it, removed the oil filter, changed the oil, refitted a new oil filter, retrimmed the alternator, refitted. Then the radiator played silly b*******s. Then the headlights. Then the dipstick. Then forgetting to put the oil cap back on, and having a blat end very promptly from the smell of what I can only describe as an old locomotion tailgating me Then some lass decided to use me as a reversing sensor. Sadly the noise didnt stop her from continuing. So after having to fork it out myself (as she's decided to go all silent on my claim request (outside of insurance...grrr)) I now have 4 new tyres, 2 new top ball mounts at the front...took it for a spin and bang. Exhaust fell off. FML... So on Friday I have a chappy at my friendly MOT station to weld the mount back to the exhaust! So given all that, this week i've decided its TLC time. Enough of the crap. Enough of the 'oh this is starting to hurt the wallet'. I've now thought 'Sod you wallet, time for you to lose some weight'. Cue the brand new 270mm Momo steering wheel, exhaust wrap that was starting to look tired(especially after the spillage!), Julian's custom carbon dash with red trim, and a bit of a wax treatment in store. The questions however: 1. Steering wheel; I havent been able to find a walkthrough guide on how to 'best' drill the holes for a new wheel. Any suggestions? I'm a perfectionist, and i'd hate to have my wheel misaligned by even a micron. 2. Exhaust Wrap; any tips, beyond that of skills from wrapping mates in toilet paper at halloween as mummies (as a kid ofcourse...)? 3. Guages; given the speedo is calibrated..if I disconnect it to 'plug in' the new dash, will it lose its settings? Likewise with the other instruments. Many thanks in advance all!
  9. Aerodynamix Ltd

    Left Hand Drive

    Left Hand Drive Carbon Fibre High Level Aeroscreen . (One available , will include rubber strip for lower edge too) Will post worldwide (of course !!) This one is on a special and will do for £40.00 so a bargain . As per photo any questions please email info@aerodynamix.co.uk or PM or call 07971 264550
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