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Found 11 results

  1. OK – here goes…another build diary…! Deposit paid last week on an FW kit with the following spec: 2.0 Zetec + throttle bodies Orange body Wide track wishbones Westfield front & rear calipers FW rear diffuser Heater kit Luggage rack with extra boot lid plus locks LED light pack (less headlamps) Carbon effect stone guards Sport turbo seats with orange piping and diamond stitching Four-point harness Momo steering wheel Exhaust guard – powder coated I’ve gone for mid-January delivery as I finish work end-November and I have a rather long list of jobs to do after that, including clearing & sorting the garage (shelving, getting some white paint on the walls and laying some PVC tiles). I’ve been stalking the forum for a while and following a few build diaries, which have all been a great help, so hopefully I can return the favour in the months to come, although I'm sure I'll have a few questions of my own along the way. I must also thank the Thames Valley group for letting me quiz them all during a rare Sunday pub run and ianht71 for showing me round his similar spec FW and taking me for a blast on the roads near his place. The Westfield will join a TR6 in the garage, so it will be interesting to compare the two, and I’ll be spoilt for choice in the summer, although I do now have to buy some metric spanners! I have previous Westfield history, having owned a X-flow engined yellow 7SE back in 89 - 97. I was amazed to find the sale ad I placed in the December 1996 / January 1997 edition of Westfield World (volume 6, issue 56) in the archives on the website – what a great resource! My nearest IVA centre is Yeading, just north of Heathrow, so I’ll be looking for feedback on how to prepare for that at some point next year (fingers crossed…) Wish me luck! Steve
  2. Scott Young (Captain Colonial) - Club Secretary

    Spend the (ex) chairman's money (formerly "This year, I will mostly be...")

    ...considering selling my lovely classic narrow CVH powered Westfield SEi. .... ...and buying a different one. I've had The Wench for 16 years now and loved her to bits, but the time has come for something a bit newer and with a newer engine, an injected Zetec or Duratec (sorry, no BEC, MX-5 engine or V8). As much as I love my girl, and also the thought of sticking a new engine into her and giving her a change of heart, the cold hard logic is that it's better to buy a correctly spec'd car that matches my needs now, and find a new home for my girl, someone who needs a very good, sorted entry level Westfield that they can just get in and drive. Frankly, it's breaking my heart to type this, but I know it makes sense. I'm patient enough to sell her and wait for the right replacement that doesn't require me pouring money into, just get in and thrash it. One element that might affect my timing is the fact that my old girl will have passed her IVA 25 years ago on 1st December, which could make it more attractive to buyers on the Continent. Above all, I want my baby to go to a proper, loving home and carry on bringing happiness to her new owner. Luckily, I'm a patient sort of chap and not in a desperate hurry, but that's what I'm considering this year. Call me an idiot or call me sensible, but there we are. Feel free to snipe and abuse below. Feel even freer to contact me if you want more info before I put up a For Sale ad at some point.
  3. Hi I've had my blacktop zetec on a rolling road remap today. It wasn't running great, felt like over fuelling. Was hard to drive. Car has a newish (probably year or two old) omex 600 ecu with omex tb's. The original map wasn't the standard omex one, someone had tweaked it. Not mentioning any names... Collected the car today runs beautiful, until you go from 1st to 2nd and stab the throttle pedal. It then starts to lurching like it's got kangaroo petrol. Engine revs dropping in and out. Took it back and showed the guys, who I must say were very helpful. They changed the TPS, made no difference, then changed the ecu for a new one and reloaded the map. Still same problem. They've captured the data logger and sent of to omex to see what they suggest. One suggestion was perhaps a poor earth. The ecu earth looks to be wired to the coil clamp on the engine. The guy suggested trying an earth wire directly back to the battery. Am also wondering if whoever put the omex ecu and tb's in knew of the problem and tried to mask it out by tweaking the map... Welcome thoughts, comments, suggestions I must say the car now drives beautiful and if your gentle on the loud pedal you can avoid the jerking. Booking it back in for some more diagnostics next week.
  4. GaryD1971

    ECU - Now sorted.

    Hi all. Does anyone happen to have an ECU laying around gathering dust? I would like to run throttle bodies on my zetec 1800 engine, but haven't got any yet so I could potentially purchase a set to match the ecu. A loom would also be helpful if it's not too expensive. Thought I'd ask before I think about going out to buy a new one! Thanks in advance. Gary.
  5. Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Chairman

    Important (good) news for those considering Mega S2000 builds

    I had Richard from Omex round this morning to collect my car so that Omex could sort out a final niggling issue, (been fixed in current throttle body kits since late December 2016). While I had the chance, I asked about the second generation fly-by-wire S2000 engines, (everything post 2006, if I remember correctly. Fantastic news; Omex have already done one with a throttle body kit. So essentially, if you buy a 2006 onwards drive-by-wire engine, you need to let Omex know, they will supply the Mega S2000 ecu already configured for the DBW engines different trigger wheel patterns on the cam and crank, (actually, Honda changed them to K20 pattern wheels, according to Richard). As usual, you will also need to supply the Honda engine loom, so that they can raid a few of the connectors, and then Omex will supply you a set of throttle bodies and ecu plus loom to convert your DBW engine to normal cable operation with their ITB's For anyone that already has an engine, but needed to change, then your existing Omex S2000 ecu can be reconfigured by Omex for the DBW engine. You would also need a couple of the connectors off the newer F20C engine and have to swap them on to your current S2000 loom. If you already have Omex throttle bodies, that's all, if you haven't, then you'd need to upgrade to their throttle bodies at the same time! So suddenly, the 2006 onwards engines are available to us, without having to mess around with internal trigger wheels.
  6. jimbobtcc206

    S2000 query

    Hi guys, I'm looking into building a Westfield and current preference is the S2000. I've searched the forum and found a few bits relating to my query but no definitive answer as yet....... Now the Omex TB kit is out does that mean that post 2006 fly by wire engines are an easy option for this build? I've seen people thought maybe it would but are there any hard facts on this now? Thanks, James
  7. Scottc88

    Webcon alpha throttle bodies

    Selling my alpha webcon throttle bodies off my 2006 2.0 Duratec good condition! Car was set up by Troy at NMS with these on last year 181 hp from standard engine. Includes titan inlet mani pico injectors 260cc filter and back plate linkage and throttle cable brand new TPS ready to bolt on and go £1200 new from burton .. £600 plus delivery
  8. Scottc88

    Jenvey or omex

    Buying new throttle bodies for my duratec (hopefully tomorrow at the auto show) bit late I know but anybody suggest the better out of the omex bodies and the jenvey probably be using the omex ecu with either. Havnt seen many people with the omex bodies but they look pretty decent and priced the same... any input greatfull cheers
  9. (Below are contents of letter sent to Westfield Sportscars Ltd and sent to WSCC by Simon Westwood with request for us to post in this section on his behalf - PDF of actual letter attached. WSC Ltd have sent this letter to all purchasers on this Omex S2000 throttle body kit.) 9th December 2016 Westfield Honda S2000 Throttle Body Installation Letter of instruction on Behalf of Omex Technology Dear Customer, It has been brought to our attention that there have been some instances of rev hang up with our Honda S2000 Throttle Bodies in the Westfield Mega S2000 application. We have investigated this fully over many hours of rolling road testing and have been able to reproduce the issue that some of you have been seeing. We have now changed some of the internal clearances to remove the problem. Testing with two customer's cars has shown a complete fix both on the road and on the rolling road. We are therefore operating a rebuild of all the kits currently sold. They will be fully rebuilt with new butterflies, bearings and O rings etc to the new specification. Please note that even if you have not had any issues with your Throttle Bodies it is most important that they are rebuilt to the new specification. We will arrange collection by carrier from any UK address of your Throttle body assembly. We will then rebuild them and return them by carrier to yourself. We will carry out the rebuild as speedily as possible but please allow one week for the work to be undertaken. Please could you contact Simon Joyce, Business development Manager, at Omex Technology, ideally by email stating the address you wish to have the throttle Bodies collected from and the address you wish to have them returned to. Simon.|@omextechnoiogy.com if you wish to discuss this please feel free to contact Simon on 01242 260656. We apologise for the inconvenience caused and look forward to correcting this issue. if you have any queries whatsoever please feel free to contact us. Best regards Richard Wragg Managing Director Omex Technology Systems Ltd. SKMBT_C28016121214050.pdf
  10. Just wanted to publicly thank Dan for how he has just dealt with my order and numerous questions about GSXR Throttle bodies and manifolds today. His advice, service and overall attitude were second to none. Top bloke and highly recommended.
  11. Weber 45 DCOE, 45mm 20xe Inlet Manifold, TPS and Ramair filter. Everything you see in the first 3 photos. Has 150 jets fitted and also has 165 jets that will come with it. Had them setup by Peter Baldwin on standard engine, Mbe Ignition and Sbd Manifold peaked at over 200 but held 196Bhp on his rollers realistic figure is around 185bhp as his admittedly run high. They will need a re-tune as they have been on and off a few times. £450 Plus Postage Mbe 967ig Ran with the Carbs still fitted in car but will be removed shortly. Has a complete loom as well. Will need tuning to suit your engine bu has a good base map for a standard engine £250 Plus Postage SBD Weber 48 DCOE Inlet Manifold (last 2 Photos) £60 Plus Postage Have a 52mm inlet and 52mm Jenvey throttle bodies to sell very soon has fuel rail, Cable linkage and trumpets for sale soon, also untested go tec pro x ecu for sale as have had a change of plans. Happy for Collection St.ives Cambridgeshire
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