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    Perfect ! I just ordered one for the mother in law xmas pressy
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    When I wear the gimp mask I confess that I struggle to breathe, not aided I must say by the snooker ball. However, these masks have a built-in air-vent.....
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    Well here goes, my favourite pass time over the last few months has been reading all of the fantastic build threads on the forum, so I'll do my best to document my build as I go along. All feedback, pointers and general banter gratefully received! Having spent months pondering over the various 7 type cars available along with the various power train options, with help from you guys on here I eventually realised that building a Westfield ticked most of my boxes. Having looked at other engine options and the costs associated with getting a Zetec or Duratec over or even up to 200bhp, the Honda S2000 engine really made sense to me. A visit to the factory in July impressed me in terms of the quality of components used in the cars and the backup that should be available from such a well established company. So decision made, I ordered a complete kit. Since July I have been stuck down by upgraditous on a regular basis, with the reasoning that it is cheaper to upgrade some parts now rather than later!! So at this moment the spec stands at: Mega S2000 kit - white body work - carbon effect front arches Powder coated panels LSD - this will be a Mazda unit (the first customer build Mazda LSD chassis!) 3.727:1 Wide track wishbones Protech shocks Hispec "Race" front callipers & rear Hispec callipers Wheel package - 8" rears 7" fronts, 205 T1R's Digi Dash Windscreen FW Rear MSA half cage Sport turbo seats - white piping 3" harnesses Carbon effect stone guards Black rear diffuser Heater kit and the latest edition.......Omex throttle bodies (something for the wife to wrap for Christmas!) So having ordered the kit at the end of July, delivery should have been end of October, but is now looking like being the middle of this month. Having spent some time looking for an engine and gearbox from a breaker I decided to buy a complete car instead and hopefully break what I don't need and recover some cash (to spend on more upgrades!) So here it is, it's a 2003 Cat D write off with 52550 miles on it. I bought it in an online auction without seeing it which was somewhat of a risk. Once the car was delivered, I put some fuel in it and charged the battery and to my great relief it fired up and ran really nicely. Once I'd removed some of the bent bits, I was able to take it for a quick drive on the "private" road near where I work. It drove very well, all the gears work and it also does pretty good donuts! The strip down to follow...
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    This latest and the law that meant they could go after the registered keeper regardless closes off all loop holes and hope. Before the registered keep change came in you could just tell them it wasn't you and there was nothing they could do. Now they can do what they like and this case has set a precedent at the highest level on the extortionate charges. It is so wrong.
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    You can buy one for £17.00 http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=flying+scotsman+model&tag=googhydr-21&index=aps&hvadid=25090671366&hvpos=1t1&hvexid=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=11369841941610324067&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=b&hvdev=c&ref=pd_sl_636gsk459o_b
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    Take a look at the Kent cams website (useful data on the cams and engine mods required) or try Burtons who are one of their main agents. I think looking at it with a duration of 280 or so degrees you're going to need deeper pocketed pistons.
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    discs will almost fall off when you remove the carriers !! (I wish the Cortina fronts did the same )
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    Yeah, they're a great concept, a great piece of design, (all be it not to everyone's taste, but that's fine) and really solve a lighting/indication problem neatly in cars like ours. They're just let down by one or two poor materials, some slightly questionable production engineering and poor manufacturing standards. I half expect to find Citroen badges when I open them up. [/bitter XM owner]
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    you should try just a simple bar craig, same effect but easier on the teeth
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    Steve Brehaut in Guernsey has one I believe but is not a member if you pm me your email address I can forward your details to him if he wants to put it on your register
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