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  1. pistonbroke

    Exhaust Acousti-fil stuff

    cured an annoying rattle on my Techcraft can too !
  2. pistonbroke

    Exhaust Acousti-fil stuff

    Probably sold you twice as much as you need , as they did with me , but hey ho it wont rot or degrade and it keeps for next time you need a refill Dont try packing it in too tight, you only need a loose (ish) roll around the inner pipe , seem to remember wrapping mine with two turns using 2 pieces to get the required length iyswim
  3. pistonbroke

    Exhaust Acousti-fil stuff

    Re packed my can but I used this stuff , its identical to acoustifil but a heck of a lot cheaper , been on the car about 4 years now and still good can't remember how much I used but sure 1 1/2 mtrs should be plenty https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Motorcycle-Exhaust-Can-Silencer-Re-Packing-Wadding-Sheet-450mm-x-1m-High-Quality/181633559294?epid=1388631078&hash=item2a4a342afe:g:1HsAAOxyg7xSW-~t
  4. pistonbroke

    Ridiculous sportspeople.

    sadly cycling , like so many other pursuits these days is nothing to do with sport , It has become a huge money making business , with untold thousands at stake there will always be the temptation to cheat
  5. pistonbroke

    Tin Top - Major Fuel Leak

    Looks good enough to me Perhaps the little critters who did the damage were petrol heads
  6. pistonbroke

    Bonding metal to plastic. Glue recommendations?

    Assuming this is a cosmetic job and not load bearing , Epoxy doesn't bond well with plastic but should be fine if you scour the surface first to key it in
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome chaps , I enjoyed the run out and meeting both new & some old familiar faces . The chippy stop was worth the run on its own , loved the spanner trick ! managed to get as far as the A580 East Lancs Rd turn off before the rain came along , not too heavy at first so only got a bit damp Brought back happy memories when anything up to 20 Westies turned up regularly to run amok around the Pennine roads . Happy days
  8. pistonbroke

    Happy Cake Day Julie

    Happy Birthday from sunny Wigan
  9. pistonbroke

    Ford Zetec Blacktop - Exhaust Mount Trouble

    Try holding your breath for 20 mins or so
  10. pistonbroke

    Type 9 upgrade

    have you removed the roll pin from the selector thingy , not obvious but needs drifting out ?
  11. pistonbroke

    Sunset tonight

    Sailors delight
  12. pistonbroke

    Throttle Bodies

    I have this, does exactly what it says on the tin . http://www.dunnellengines.com/zetec_components.php?partno=RMP1590
  13. pistonbroke

    The joys of owning a Westfield.

    I recon Its that rabbit that pulls 'em plus the carrot red
  14. pistonbroke

    DA polisher

    Careful with faster speeds , heat build should be avoided , I would try it with slow speeds first . Doesn't it recommend using a spray can of water on the surface to keep the polish liquid ?
  15. pistonbroke

    Tips on swapping type 9’s

    Well they did when I got mine some years back , might be worth a call to Brian , They do make swapping cogs a lot better from the shorter travel required from the lever , the other real advantage for me , apart from being great at snicking the gears in, was that it extends the lever to a position where it falls right under the hand . I understand they can make one up to your requirements . I know Paul Hurdsfield ( ex Mancs AO) had his extended so he could reach it better with his short arms . I would deffo talk to them if you are interested
  16. pistonbroke

    A bit of woodwork

    That sander is more than man enough for the job !
  17. pistonbroke

    Tips on swapping type 9’s

    Good advice from jonjh its all pretty straightforward , just take your time . I found getting the engine / box out and back into the car was the hardest part of the operation , apart from needing a different clutch release bearing ( will be the same one for you ) the prop shaft was abit of a pita to do . make sure to check no cables get trapped or snagged anywhere or it could become a bigger job for you . mine was swapped out from an MT75 to BGH type 9 so quite few things were different. good luck with the upgrade you will certainly know the difference when the BGH is in there . are you fitting there quickshift as well ?
  18. pistonbroke

    A bit of woodwork

    For joining the boards my choice would be an epoxy resin glue like West or SP systems thickened with coloidal silica . No joints to make or worry about , gap filling so no need to be dead accurate , just use light clamping pressure West Systems S,P,
  19. pistonbroke

    New MOT rules any one thought of doing this?

    as I understand it , If for any reason you think the MOT station is making false or inacurate claims to take advantage , you can report them to the MOT ombudsman . If they find the dealer is at fault they can impose massive fines or even revoke there licence .
  20. pistonbroke

    Spotted A30

  21. pistonbroke

    Spotted A30

    Bet you didnt know , it was James Hunts favourite weapon on the road
  22. pistonbroke

    May the 24th: National Drive your Westfield to work day

    Has anyone unemployed driven there Wessy to the Labour Exchange
  23. pistonbroke

    Doors, again?

    The other issue with polycarbonate can be static electricity charge . Its a known fact that voltages in excess of 60KV have been known to be induced ,especially in hot weather So be very careful , always wear rubber ( you cant see the stuff but you will certainly feel it )
  24. pistonbroke

    Spotted A30

    I once owned an A40 van will that do
  25. pistonbroke

    How to get rid of birds ?

    Just admiring a lovely pair of tits feeding the family

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