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    Well I did it. 5mm Makralon AR anti-scratch coated polycarbonate, plus a couple of lighting rig nylon clamps. Just a few minutes to fit/remove, works with the Westfield Caged half hood and actually means I can use a longer windscreen wiper arm too. Shape needs a bit of fiddling to look less awkward, but I think I like it- no rattles or shakes at 70mph ish either. Probably I shouldn't have ever sold my windscreen, but there you go If a stone hits it and it breaks into shards and decapitates me, it was nice knowing you all.
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    In the words of Neville Chamberlain (I think it was) I have in my hand a piece of paper..... It is headed Individual vehicle certificate, which as far as I know means I can now apply to Swansea for first registration and pay some tax. Nice chap at Derby, Roy, he was friendly and helpful, but quite thorough. I was so excited and nervous, both at the same time, that for the first time in my life I locked my car keys in the boot of my car. Fortunately, the driver's door was still unlocked, and as it is an estate car it wasn't a major problem.
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    Thought I'd post a few pics from our Highland Tour. So far the weather has been great with a bit of rain today which was totally at odds with the dire forecast! happy days!
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    Finally Westie called Hyacinth is at her new home. All we need now is warm summer days to enjoy . Thanks to Adrian, I found my car few months ago from Warwickshire. It took some time to modified it to fullfill all requirement of local registration inspector.
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    After two long years of kidding myself that I was ever going to be able to get him back on the road myself, I faced reality and called Grizlee and had the following conversation... "Whose fault is it that I have a 75% road worthy Westie in the garage, OK I accept the fact he's in a terrible state is my fault, but whose fault is it I even have a Westie..? The answer is, its yours. So like it or not it is your duty as a decent human being to help me sort this out..." Grizlee was a little bit taken aback, not by the responsibility but by the fact he'd been called a "decent human being", I don't think he'd ever heard those words before. "Let me get back to you" he said. A few days later it turns out that BollockyBill was now an accomplice and they would do the spannering I wasn't able to do any more. And if I could get Mr Grumpy up to them, they would fix him up. Apart from the fact we now have evidence of there being two certifiable lunatics in the North West, operation 'Find a Trailer' sprung into action. A few phone calls to mates who knew mates who knew people and two spiffing lads turned up with the most offroady Disco I've ever seen and a trailer to take Mr Grumpy away for fettling. So after pushing him onto the trailer, something the chaps said they had never seen done before - All the cars they normally move tend to weigh more than a packet of potatoes - he was strapped down. The boxes of bits (including a gearbox) was thrown into the Disco he and taken away to be cared for. I'll update this thread now and again with news on his recovery. So a massive thanks to Grizlee and BollockyBill for helping me out and it goes to prove "It's not what you know, but who you know" Their help is so typical of the members on this forum...
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    Yer Tiz - Hopefully link to video of first start. Enjoy, thanks for all your help and support so far
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    Can I remind everyone that this is a for sale advert you're trampling all over, and certainly not the place for some of the discussion that's going on. The thread has now been moderated to remove the drift.
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    Just got back. Starts "on the button" and runs fine now. All the jets checked and where necessary changed, adjustments fine tuned for smooth fast tickover, and the ignition timing tweeked. The chap doing it didn't do a power run, or any running above about 3,000 rpm, because the engine is effectively brand new, with no miles on the clock, so it needs a bit of running in first. We agreed that when I've got it through IVA, and with a few miles ion the clock, I'll take it back to them, and they will do some power runs, and see what further changes might be beneficial to the carburetion and ignition timing. It was good to be able to drive the car onto the trailer instead of pushing it on and off!
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    Well thanks to Cameron I found a nice 3d replacement part sitting in my doormat. Trial for us perfect first time and appears really stiff. Initial for was only loose and it flexed a bit. But took it off this morning for photos and refitted properly and it's really rigid. Very pleased, will now be able to finish off and get it started. Thanks once again to Cameron who has gone well beyond what I was expecting when I first posted this info request.
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    Our nemesis has been defeated!!!! Finally in the battle between man and the oil plug, man has won (you can tell we're excited by this) So tonight we drilled another access hole lined up with the filler plug. I then hammered in a 10mm Allen socket, connected up the wrench, got in position and heaved. Finally the wife shouts "YESSS it's moving" followed swiftly by "STOP - you're tightening it!!!!" A small flick of the switch on the socket wrench and we were back in business! It was stiff but finally it moved and come out. The next problem was getting the plug off the socket!! The new filler plug is on its way and will be fitted over the weekend. Thanks for the advice guys!
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    So on Friday I finally had everything lines up at home with the “Finical controller” to be able to place my order for the Sport 250, made the call and placed my deposit with Simon from Westfield. Was one of the scary moments, committing to this after all the planning over the last 3 months, and all the reading of posts on here, as well as the great support from the local WSCC team run by Robin at the last breakfast meeting at the Red Kite pub. A big thanks to all the guys at breakfast for helping me check in my head what options were the logical choice. Target for the car is really focused on road use, at least to start with, but I really didn’t want to not pick something I later on very much wanted, so the only think that was up for debate was front/rear anti-roll bars, which I think could be fit later on if ever needed. On the options list I have selected: - Powder coated frame - want it to last after all (Standard) Limited slip Diff - seems like a good choice (Yes) Wide Track wishbones - better of grip I assume (Yes) Upgraded to Westfield Race front and Rear callipers - it must stop best it can (Yes) Upgrade to 205 width T1R tyres Upgrade to 8" rear - lot of debate but think the expense worth it (Yes and looks great) Digital Dash - take you comment on being better with modern engines (Yes) Heater kit - wife would kill me and needed with screen for test etc. (Yes) Upgraded FW rear diffuser (Yes) Upgrade to FW rear body (Yes) Carbon effect stone guards (Yes) Sport turbo seats (Yes) Hood and side screen kit for FW Sport 250 body (Yes) The comments in brackets are from Simon to see if these were the better, more common choices. Simon has told me I’m chassis number 24, so this will hopefully be my new lucky number. Now just have to sit and wait for 12 weeks before its ready for pickup, along with 2 more stage payments. Have to say I think I came away with a pretty good deal, so thanks to Westfield and Simon for sticking with me during negotiations back and forth. So next I need to assemble a few odd tools from my Ex father-in law, and some bits from Amazon. Planning to do a build log, is this just posted as a new thread as I can’t see any specific place for it? 14 weeks is going to go so very slow
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    What a fantastic day. Met up with friends old and new and everyone is really getting on. The sun has shone all day and we have all caught the sun. Roads where empty all the way and we got here at 7.00pm and then went for tea and a walk. I took a couple of wrong turns which was my own fault but its been a really good trip. The B&B is really lovely and the hosts are very welcoming. Its really clean and this bed is so comfortable. Food at the local hotel that I moved about last year has vastly improved as they got rid of the manager from last year and it was well priced, clean and tasty. Its 10.10pm and its still daylight and the sky is a beautiful pink. Looking forward to tomorrow already and we will also be meeting up with Bob and Lorna.
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    Yep made it there and home Nae issues would have been great if you could have joined us Ok so just home from clan mcwesty's annual pilgrimage to applecross Arrived teatime on Friday and booked into the campsite, got the tent pitched , kettle on and opened a cider. The troops arrived and with all settled in the Barbi was lit and the gazebo put up, a great evening of BBQ bevy and craic to the wee hours Up Saturday morning and off to the walled garden for brekkie and then a day of great driving roads up over the pass and up to the viewpoint on the glenelg road ( ferry not running , high winds) so back via Kyle of lochalsh to plockton up to sheidig and back to applecross. The roads were fantastic and even the torrential downpours couldn't dampen anyone's spirit, one downside was Brian's clutch breaking but he limped her back to the campsite and arranged recovery for this morning Saturday night we had some excellent food at the applecross inn and some great banter, stories and company Sunday dawned .... wet again but forecast to be better so after packing we all headed for breakfast before going over the pass to strath carron where we went our separate ways So a great weekend if you weren't there you missed a good'un a big thanks tae bob for organising it and the lads on the bbq and all that came for making a great weekend this IS what the clubs about , having a good time with friends old and new, haste ye back
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    So I've got the windscreen on the scuttle, and today with Mrs H's help I got the front clamshell off the car and onto the portable work bench, and fitted the front lights the way they are supposed to be. I need to chop the surplus off the seat mounting bolts, and fit the period style fog and reversing lights in place of the existing number plate and bracketery at the back of the car. Also look at the hand brake adjustment as it only scraped past the IVA test ( the handbrake that is), so I've got it well jacked up and back on 4 axle stands. After that, I think it is just the doors to fit. Then I can start thinking about upgrades.
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    Took the car for its geo set up today. Ended up at Andrew Lamont motorsport over in Cardenden. It was a bit of a stab in the dark as couldn't find too many reviews but the guy sounded very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and looks after a few caterhams and other 7s. Also the race cars they run all seem to be doing well in their series' The main issues I was after sorting were turn in, ie lack of. The rear right tyre was rubbing the arch on the outer edge so either camber was off or arch needed trimming. And the rear was a bit lairy under full compression. Now when I set my car with a top calibrated string box it must have been well off or the dog kept bumping into it. That's all I'm saying and getting my excuses in early....... So after moving a few mini and bmw compact race cars out of the way I pulled In and up onto the ramp. Now this is not one of those laboratory style laser guided places. It's a workshop, a bit messy and all old school methods used. The front end was miles out!! I had around 4-5 degrees neg camber per side and around 8mm of toe in across the axle. The back had 1.5 mm toe in on the right and 0.5mm toe out on the left. Camber was -1.5 on the left and -0.5 On the right. The ride heights were only a couple of mm out so least I got something right! So all was adjusted up and rechecked with me sat in the car. Ended up with -2 degrees on the front and -1.5 camber on the rear. After a bit of discussion went for 1mm toe in on the front and 3.75mm toe in across the axle on the back. We were aiming for 2mm in per side but the adjustment was quite coarse. 140mm front ride and 25mm rake to 165mm on the back. Up onto the scales and it came in at a lardy 680 kgs. More than at IVA so unless it's put on the beef somebody's scales are lying. I'm a bit of a nugget where corner weighting is concerned so left them to do it and explained what they were up to whilst I was sat in the car. The pics below show what we ended up with. The cross diagonals were spot on with a slight difference front to rear and left to right because of my lardy A***. I had my shocks set way too soft so these were clicked up to 6 front and 8 rear from 4 and 6. This was the explanation for the strange wallowy skipping in high speed bends. So on the way home car was tons better. At the first roundabout the car just dived in to it rather than being reluctant to turn in. So much more responsive, unsurprising with my ropey setup. The rear arch was now not rubbing either. I did however back off the shocks 1 click at a fuel stop as they were a bit firm for my liking. Now feel compliant but not wallowy in the twisties. So all in all money well spent and I'm a happy bunny.
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    had a lovely day today and unfortunately its our last day as we go home tomorrow. Had a drive down the "rural" side of Loch Tay looking for red squirrels then it was time to stop in Aberfeldy to pick up cakes as a treat for later on. Then headed over to Pitlochry which is a one stop, shopping mecca for rich tourists. On we went to Tummel Bridge which has the most lovely power station at the side of the road, and is in the middle of no-where. We had an Indiana Jones moment at a suspension bridge where we stopped to look for salmon. From here we headed over on some of my favourite roads to Ben Lawers Dam via Bridge of Balgie. If you like views and twisty roads at 20mph then this is the road for you. We stopped at the dam for our cakes and then headed over to the Mc-Nab burial ground where the clan chiefs are buried. The magic has gone from the place now and the landscapers have really opened up the island and it does not have the same aire of mystery about it. As I type this, my bedroom window is open, the sun is shining and I am sat listening and looking at the waterfalls. I really don't want to go home.
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    It looks worth the starting bid to me. what I don't understand though is why forum members always talk down the price of other cars for sale yet then when the time comes they complain that their own cars wont sell for half the cost of their investment or make the price they want Unfortunately all this type of topic does is devalue the brand
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    So, spent last week on Exmoor in the motorhome, relaxing time. Home on Friday (before all the grockles come out!), back to work now! Finally completed the scuttle after a few more trial fits, bit of a lump to wield about, but happy with end result. Then back to my favourite pastime, knitting "electrical pipework" and connecting up the dash. Tried to apply some logic to it, not sure I succeeded but all connected up in the end, I think!! With the Aim digital dash, a number of the connections on the standard dash loom are not required, leaving them all on and will tape them all up as tidily as I can. Any suggestions how I can do this neatly gratefully received. This was the end result. The ECU wiring looks neat to my eyes compared to the rest of the dash wiring. Quite a bit of tidying and cable mounting to to do! Dash connections completed, checked round all unconnected plugs and wiring around the car (can I call it that yet?), then bit the bullet and dropped the battery in. Connected positive terminal, touched negative terminal briefly, no bang or smoke! So clamped negative cable on with molegrips (just in case quick disconnection required!), still no smoke anywhere, nothing getting hot! Trial press of the horn, it works! Hazard flasher switched on, switch flashes and unit clicks, success. Next step, tentative turn on of ignition (being wary of turning it too far! made sure it was in neutral just in case!). A few clicks from various places, and the the Aim dash sprang into life! Another success. Tried the switches, all seem to work when checked with a meter. Switches illuminate apart from fog light, presume this only illuminates when headlights are on? Its live!! Brake fluid level/handbrake warning light was on, and stayed on even with handbrake off. Much furkeling about, tunnel cover off, handbrake switch removed, seemed to operate correctly, pressed plunger down, light goes off, refit it, light on all the time no matter what position plunger was in, b----r! Switch removed, and carefully prised apart. Found one of the pair of contacts is connected to the the metal spring clip which holds the switch in place (thus acting as an earth!), along with a plastic lug. Eventually realised the mating twin wire plug was connected such that the black and white "signal" wire was aligned with what is effectively a permanent earth, thus keeping the warning light on! Bit more tinkering, and managed to remove the pins in the plug, and reverse them. Quick test, and hey presto, warning light operates correctly. Will speak to Mark, and confirm my logic is correct, and the plug on the chassis loom was incorrectly assembled! Pain in the butt, but sorted, on the face of it now. Offending item shown below (white plug), after wires swapped. Another milestone achieved in my mind. Thanks for reading.
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    This thread doesn't start with a trip to the Westfield factory, or a picture of a shiney floored empty garage, it starts with a long neglected unfinished machine, that looks like this As you can see it's as much a restoration as it is a build. It's a 1991 Pinto Seiw that has never been near a road. Bought by a friend as an unfinished project in 1993 and never progressed further than this. Aiming to Get it road legal eventually if at all possible, maybe, well we can always just do a few track days in it, let's see how far we get
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    First off I cloned the Config file on Racestudio, to keep the original. In the new Config I then I set up a new expansion device with the serial no. Of my unit. With the invaluable help from Steve @sdh2903 I changed the oil press. Sensor to the correct one (Aim 0-10bar) having checked mine with a mirror. This was then imported into the dash, and hey presto it works for oil pressure. I'll worry about the speedo another day, If you want more info, give a shout and I'll open Racestudio and take some photos to show it clearer. Interesting your engine sounds to be "tight" as well, slave battery sorted for me! Just got it running (video to come!) and restarted just on its own battery, guess it's loosening up a bit. Bestof luck Adge
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    Some of the locals were a bit wild! Thanks to everyone involved for a great weekend!
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    Shakedown run at 4pm. Quick blat of 5miles. 1mile from home, battery warning lamp comes on. Fanbelt burst / missing when I get home ..... Bummer. Visit to Halfors ... Don't stock fan belts anymore, can get one for next day .... Visit Smaller car shop Overdrive in Airdrie, same response, can get it next day. Need belt today as run to Applecross is first thing tomorrow morning. Guy at Overdrive then phones his supplier, ask for urgent delivery of belt. Supplier agrees and after 30mins, belt arrives at Overdrive shop. 10 out of 10 for customer support ... Shop stayed open extra 30 mins waiting for belt Then follows 3 hours to get belt on. Belt I purchased is marginally to small and won't go over the pulley rims. Had to unbolt the alternator and add the belt then bolt the alternator bracket back up again. 9pm back together ... Run it for 10 mins to get up to temp. looking good ..... Roll on the weekend run .....
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    After the north easts trip to scotland i realised is just how rubbish the standard westfield lights are so i thought an upgrade was due. I chose to replace the front bulbs from standard filament H4 fittings to LED ones. Easy to fit just a bit of a pain to fit everything into the housing but happy with the results. One fitted Both I also purchased some LED ones for the rear lights. Half way through fitting them and witha holiday tomorrow they can now wait until after
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    Cracking run yesterday we covered just over three hundred miles, we did the coast road down to the Gleneig ferry over to Skye then over to Applecross, the coast road out of Applecross back to the hotel. Fantastic days driving.
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    Not sure, Geoffrey, it came out near the Altahanarra Hotel. Noticed the oil pressure dropping, switched it off as it hit zero and coasted into a layby. Luckily no engine damsge. Local garage fixed it in a day.
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    An eventful day in more ways then one
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    Just had a quick alignment check on the drive. Light output seems impressive although clearly a night-time drive is needed. Dipped Full Beanz So far so good...
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    He he. Back to play and dish out jelly
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    Having an aero screen and being to big (read wide) for half doors in an SE, I find in the wet the car starts to fill up with water even with holes drilled. After opening the holes up I found surface water was coming in from underneath. I am not sure if there is an off the shelf solution for this but to justify my 3d printer purchase I came up with this. I am going to try firstly to bond it with PU and if they come off then PU and 4 small rivets.
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    As a non-Scot, married to a Scot, and living in Scotland, I've seen more of Scotland than most Scots! We've toured every corner of Scotland, mainland and the Isles, on motorbike, car and camper, and there's not many single-track dead-ends we haven't stuck our nose up for a look-see. Of the big chunks, there's only Shetland we haven't visited. But that's always the way - as a New Zealander, who has done plenty of motorbike touring in NZ, I'd never been further south than Christchurch 'til I started taking my wife back home on holidays every couple of years. Two day trips out from Fort William may interest you - the shorter is the road out to Mallaig, the longer is the road out to the remote Ardnamurchan Point, the most westerly point of mainland Britain. Or, once you've got to Mallaig, catch the ferry to the bottom of Skye for a loop of the island, then carry on north via Applecross and Ullapool to Dunnet Head, the most northernly point of the mainland (John o' Groats is just for the tourists). Just remember, Westfield tanks are small, and gas stations can be scarce and not always open on the weekend or after 7pm - if you're on a 1/4 tank and you see a station, fill up. Never mind the east side of Scotland, you'll not have the time in just a week to take it all in - that's a whole trip on it's own, with whisky trails etc, and there's a neat car museum in Alford, out from Aberdeen too. From Inverness, come back down through the Great Glen, on the west side of Loch Ness which although pretty you'll curse all the trucks and coaches, or on the little known east side, single track some of the way. At the top of Loch Lomond, stop or stay at the Drovers Inn (UK Pub of the Year - 1705) - other than electricity, not much has changed much since then, except lean over a bit more. The walls of the bar are black with open fire soot, and they make the best haggis and cheese baked potatoes! They say it's also haunted...woooooooo! Just remembered - on the way up from Glasgow, grab the Gourock to Dunoon ferry and do the stunning Argyle coast road then onto Fort William via Oban. Or, forget the ferry and go via the Rest-and-be-Thankful summit. We did the Argyle loop last weekend in our self-built camper for an overnight wild camp just out of Kames/Tighnabruaich. (as an aside, and a merciless plug to keep me at the top of the youtube search list, see my camper build here... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SweT1DuQbqA Have a great trip.
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    Well, a nice man came and took my BMW away this afternoon. So I replaced it with this...
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    tartan applecross stickers done and Mr and Mrs wee dov have offered to sort the Barbie out as fort this years run if no one has any objections its back across the ferry and a lunch stop at Plocton then back to the Inn . Bob
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    Rops has now been fitted to the car by MJS Fabrications of Maldon in Essex. Also got them to weld a fuel return fitting to the tank and a prop tunnel cross brace, as this had not been done, so a bit safer now if the prop lets go. They made a really good job, highly recommended.
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    That's a selfie? I though it'd been borrowed from the Police report...
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    I sent off my postal vote earlier in the week. I can't ever remember feeling so uninspired and negative about the calibre of our leading politicians. UK politics is in a very very sad state with no vision or leadership at all. It is just populist, short term soundbite driven and with social and mainstream media scrutiny and distortion I can't see it attracting anyone decent. David
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    Yes, mad - but great guys (and girl). Just don't share a bag of chips with them (nudge nudge, wink wink)! But if you do, we want to see the photos!
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    I don't know what you two have been up to but Ali looks worryingly pleased with himself, and Geoffrey looks like he's hoping that you haven't got more photographs!
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    Today has been another great adventure. After the mammoth breakfast we headed out and the first stop was the Italian Chapel. We drove over three of the Churchill barriers and past some of the visible blockade ships that we placed there in the war. We arrived at the chapel just as a coach load of visitors arrived so we quickly ran in and took pictures before the place became full. The quality and standard of the place is unbelievable and you really cannot believe the walls are totally flat. From there we had a mooch around the island. We went to another graveyard and found two graves that had skull and crossbones on them and a shield. We cleaned them off but could not make out the writing. Then as we where leaving we spoke with a group of people and I ended up taking one daughter for a ride in Buttercup whilst Gail ended up taking the other daughter and also their mother for a ride....no need to guess weather they liked it or not. We continued exploring and went to a number of WW1 and WW2 gun emplacements and that was so interesting. As I now sit here I am trying to think of everything else but my mind has gone totally blank as we have done and seen so much.....we don't just drive round you know.....well we do but we cram so much in from morning until night. We went to the supermarket and as I type we are eating a seeded crusty loaf and tiger bread with best butter, Italian meats, cheese, salad, pate and a bottle of wine and we are watching the seals in the bay at our 1.0 clock, with a Churchill barrier and a blockade ship at our 10 o clock and at our 11 o clock is the Italian Chapel. The sun is on our backs and everything is just perfect.
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    Nice to read a pro Westie article in my local rag (Stoke Sentinel). @Simon Westwood - Westfield Sportscars Ltd Who's let's him drive their car? Interesting that the digital edition shows a different car? http://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/less-is-more-approach-to-finding-motoring-fun-on-today-s-roads-says-critic/story-30348481-detail/story.html
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    There's already a move to postpone the general election on the chattersphere. This would be admitting defeat IMHO, and life should carry on unchanged. In fact I deplore the 24 hour emotional feeding frenzy that the broadcast media churn out. Please don't think I am callous, I am certainly not and I have nothing but sympathy for the victims, but the bigger thing you make of it, the more hand rubbing glee is aroused in these evil people. Report it factually and that's it.
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    After 19 months this weekend the westy is down off the build stands. Benny Hill style coming down ceremony with sound track added by my 11 year old..... First drive also completed - on the drive.... And a few other pics.... And back in the garage with its face on....
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    No, we also have the nut that holds the steering wheel. He's called John.
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    Well bit of an inservice update. I'm up over 800 miles now. No major issues just a few teething problems. 1. My cycle wings and brackets are doing their best to liberate themselves from the car. Firstly the brackets from the uprights which have now been refitted with stronger thread lock and spring washers. The nylocks holding the arches to the brackets have all been replaced and spring washers added to try and keep everything tight. 2. 1 headlight refuses to stay in place no matter how tight I nip it. Again a shakeproof washer has been added. 3. The "uprated" Philips headlight and sidelight bulbs I fitted are crap. 1 of each has blown already. I had a couple of cree led sidelight bulbs so swapped them in and have jumped on the bandwagon and ordered some led headlight bulbs which should arrive next week. One of each fitted. Drivers side much whiter with the led one fitted. 4. I got caught in a shower last week which without the doors on (still away being repaired) and just a T shirt on meant I was soaked. But still had a grin on my face! However one thing noticed is the wipers are a bl**** disgrace. So over the past few days I've trialed a few different options to try and simply get a blade to clear the screen (or am I asking too much) First option was a landrover arm which I cut down and fitted a modern flat blade to. It did all fit but looked very clunky and chunky. But the main prob was it was just too heavy duty for the wiper motor to cope with. I then tried an alternative to the tex cantilever blade. http://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/10-Cantilever-Frame-Bayonet-Fit-Stainless-Steel-Wiper-Blade.html This was the best at clearing the screen, 100% better than the tex blade but it was a smidgen too big and trimming would be a bit tricky. I may revisit this one. I then tried one of the old flat style wiper blades. Supplied in 10" and can be trimmed to whatever suits easy peasy. This was actually sent by mistake as I'd ordered the black version. I was hugely surprised as I wasn't hopefull but it was very close to the above cantilever in performance. Worked very well. Whilst giving the car a wash to remove yet more cow poo. I tried to show the difference in screen clearing ability. It's so much better. And the blades are only a fiver each too. A couple of wee mods looked at aswell. The engine has always sounds a bit tappity. It's not the engine but the cam driven high pressure fuel pump. So I managed to track down the part number of the foam cover that's supplied with the crate engines and got one ordered and fitted. Was only 6 pound odd and doesn't half quiet it down. After being continually bullied by the pretty honda boys especially @Stuart Faulkner - Shows & Events Coordinator I had started to look at masking the ecoboost's "beauty" with some sort of engine cover. I had thought of making an alloy plate then using that as a template to cut one from carbon fibre. I then found out there was a RWD mustang engine cover available so ordered one from the states as it was 5x the cost in the UK. Only problem is it doesn't fit under the bonnet. It will need cutting and shutting a bit to make it fit or I might go back to plan A with the carbon sheet. In other news the car is still averaging 34mpg with mixed driving. The geo doesn't feel quite right and as such I'm booked in on Thursday for a setup and corner weight at that point i will also clock over the first 1000 miles. Oh and the cooling system has been flawless in various levels of thrashing and cruising. Steve.
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    Hi Everyone Thanks very much for thr overwhelming support for the 2017 Gluten Free Dinner, absolutely superb! I am in the process of sorting the mini bus transport again for this year but I do need to know rhe numbers who like to use the service for a very reasonable small charge. To make it easy and simple would those of you who have booked for the meal but DO NOT need a mini bus ride please either put a post on this thread or email me on g.frankland@btinternet.com and I will do the rest! Many thanks and look forward to seeing you all at Blyton very soon! BR Glutey
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    I managed to get a few minutes running on a private industrial estate road earlier today. Only 2 or 3 miles, because of speed bumps, and I didn't want to upset the natives! The engine ran beautifully, except that it was (according to the temp. gauge) overheating after a while. So that is something I'll have to look at, but shouldn't stop me going to the IVA on Wednesday morning, as I intend to trailer it there anyway. I suspect I need to invest in a bit more pink antifreeze, and flush out the block and radiator, and refill, after IVA. More serious, I've got a knock from a rocker, brushing the inside of the rocker cover. At least that is what the chap at Aldon reckoned it was. I have an alloy rocker cover which is quite thick walled, and he told me that it does sometimes happen, and because of the thickness of the wall of the cover, it can usually be cure with a bit of fileing/grinding. I suspect my 1:1.5 roller rocker set may also project out a bit more than a standard rocker set. I'll have a go at that tomorrow morning. Also, I wasn't very impressed with the brakes, so I'll have another look all round to make sure I haven't got any weeping line unions now, and I'll enlist Mrs H's help to bleed the system again. Other than that, I think it is a case of "roll on Wednesday morning"!
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    What a lovely way to wake up. Slept in a super comfortable four poster bed and this is the view a couple of minutes ago from my bedroom window. The waterfalls are magnificent.
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    Good to have you out again Tiggs Eventually and with more practice you will remember to put fuel in the car so you don't run out on track and also to fill your air bottle so you can change gear
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    Sorry, John; went to my friends at TFD in Uttoxeter this morning. They are dealers in both Bosch and Makita. Ended up spending much more money than I first had in mind. Bought a combi set, ie 2 drivers, one is a drill/screwdriver/hammer driver, and the other is an impact driver (so I can now change wheels on an F1 car!!), all in a box, with 2 battery packs and a charger. I went for the Makita rather than the Bosch simply on feel and looks, coupled with my experience of the mains drill which I purchased early in my XI build programme. The chap I spoke to at TFD assured me there was nothing to choose between them so far as he was concerned, and the prices were, on a like for like basis, similar. So now I''m about £125 poorer than I thought I was going to be, all because of you chaps urging me to spend more than I had in mind!