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    Well after 8 months with no westy in the garage I'm now the proud (Well ish) owner of a lot of parts that may well, one day, end up drivable A cheeky eBay bid later (not expecting to win mind) and an 800 mile round trip I now have this: An early 2000's seiw that has been sat part built for over 15 years No idea what I'm going to do with it yet, a build thread to follow once I've dug through everything. At least @Thrustyjust can't diss my empty garage any more
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    What I think is a massive update, as massive step for me anyway. I've spent a fair bit on the car this week, and after a couple of hours work. IT RUNS! https://youtu.be/Zf2jffzkSGQ Not much more to go now and its ready to book the IVA. Mike
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    We all love a happy end... and here is mine! Just a few tweaks, MOT and a rolling road session at NMS next month... Bring on Spring!
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    She lives! We (Mrs H and I) plan to do a little tour of mid- and north Derbyshire on Friday as the forecast looks good. Going to a garden near Brailsford in the morning, then probably up to Bakewell, then over the top to Moneyash, and carry on down past Ipstones to Froghall, and back via Cheadle and Alton. Yes I know that is partly in Staffordshire, but that's where we live. If anyone spots us, give us a wave.
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    SInce the winter lay-up my Mega S2000 has cut out a couple of times while coasting the last few inches up to a junction on idle. Cold and warm start are fine and the car seems to idle well enough but the double cut out was niggling away in the back of my mind. On the way to Oulton Park with @CosKev last week, he suggested the problem could lie with the idle air control valve. Perhaps he was correct.... Upon removal and inspection the mechanism was stuck fast so I'm really grateful for his suggestion and it was actually an easy thing to check and remedy. Here it is on the side of the S2000 throttle body: black electrical connector housing attached to the right, two coolant hoses connected above and secured to the throttle body by two diagonal (gold coloured) 10mm bolts. The connector is removed by pressing the release catch underneath Then with a towel located underneath the throttle body to catch any coolant (only a few drips really) the two (gold) 10mm bolts can be removed. To aid cleaning, I removed the two upper collant hoses from the IACV too. ALso for ease I lifted the throttle cable out of it's guide housing. Upon removal it was clear that the insides of the valve were pretty gunked up with carbon deposits. Removal of the actuator (accesed by removing the two T20 tamper-proof torx bolts) showed that the valve was "stuck" and not free to rotate within the valve chamber. The torx bolts are a little strange, being 5 sided and not the normal hex, which meant purchasing a different torx bit set. A liberal spray with Carb-cleaner and a few Q-tips later the spindle rotated freely again. Actuator re-attached and rubber gasket refitted and ready to go back onto the car. Once back in situ the car was started and warmed to check for coolant leaks. Only time will tell is the problem is completely cured but the sticking valve couldn't have been helping.
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    Well I've got the starter motor off, not without having to resort to some brute force with my "gentle persuader", as having removed both mounting bolts and locking nuts it was still jammed in tight. Guess what, the engine turns over now! Now what to do with the starter motor? Put it back, or find a replacement? One guess might be right! Quite apart from the dent in one of the places where my persuader was driving a steel drift to loosen the motor. Jon, thanks for your heads up on the WASP starter range, but not far from where I live is a big autoelectrical wholesale firm. Mainly trade, but they are happy to supply members of the public. (H Bowers in Stoke on Trent (Fenton really) is the firm.) My garage owner friend says they will almost certainly be able to supply a good replacement. And a new competition type replacement is likely to have the solenoid mounted on the starter body, which might be a tight fit, and all my wiring is trimmed and installed to go to the remote solenoid supplied as part of the Westfield kit, which I mounted on the bulkhead as shown in the build manual.
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    Starting to look better, front indicators to update later in the month, loving the carbon wings
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    Can’t believe it’s been on the road just shy of three years, it’s gone so fast. But it’s first MoT was successfully done this afternoon.
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    Siltech's ultra wide front end being put together... Front end in place along with the Titan rack. This is one of the things I'm really looking forward to - the SIltech micro adjustable rear end. We could never get the exact geo we needed for drag and changing a setup for road/race/drag each time was a pain. We've all been there, you change toe, and camber changes, etc. Hopefully that will now be a thing of the past. The front is a little wider than usual! Will need some custom offsets to sort it all out.
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    Dont panic, I am here. Just having a break from the lack of techwiki and repetative writing on brake pipes here and panels there. My sons been in hospital and back out . Also have a very sick family member currently , so fingers crossed there. Car is still in the garage, wife is still the wife ( I think, we dont speak, which means we dont fall out) . Decoratiing to increase spendability on bits. Still tweaking and sorting the car for Stoneleigh. Also been working on Martins westie , with new rack and balljoints in the last couple of weeks. Other than that, it nice you find my scribblings comedic and helpful in the same way. Oh.............................. and no coolant on the garage floor for 2 weeks now. Either its fixed or its all drained out
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    So I had the car a little over a year and whilst I was happy with the looks I thought it could be modernised a bit over winter as it was a bit classic looking. I wanted to make it a bit more aggressive. Chuffed to bits on how it turned out. 2017 2018 Wheels powder coated in speedine gold (nod to my JDM roots) Carbon nv arches and doors Stripes off eBay.
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    Good run out to Llyn Brenig today, just the two of us but lots of snow on the hills
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    Firstly, to the people that couldn't make today, I hope everything works out ok. We met at McD's, that is Ian in his Honda and Ian in his Honda - it was going to be one of those days, Martyn and Sue, Andrew and Clare, Matt and us. Paul came in his GT86 and the very cute mini cake muncher came too, namely Charlotte. The 'power shot' 2 Honda's and a V8 But the Fords look the best, well I might be biased here! After a quick brew we went the whole 2 miles to GBS and parked up The Honda boys, the two Ian's, well they have a lot to smile about don't they? Martyn, well trained, cleaning his windows. Note Ian's VX in the background. Martyn, I am still laughing, visualising your french student who is living in the North East of England, Bonjour Pet! Let the cake munching begin. I had the Victoria Sponge, the fruity cake at the back and one of the eggy chocolatey buns, all homemade by the lovely GBS ladies. More and more cars turned up, and people too, BugMan Steve, Barry and Andrew, Ian and Rosie and Johnno. It got really busy and it was great, I was glad we went but we had to leave early as we had a holiday to go on. But we will be home next Saturday and hope to be out on Easter Sunday or Bank Holiday Monday, depending on the weather, it is a bit scary that the Malton Big Breakfast is cancelled, just how much snow is on our way? Note the drone in this photo Thank you to everyone for coming along today.
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    Sorry for keeping this going beyond winter; it was not my intention! It is taking longer than expected but that always seems to be the case. Anyway, as of yesterday, the engine is now in. Still plenty of work to do though. Better get back to it.
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    All my winter tinkering is done and it’s ready to go...
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    I'm sure I was thinking.......I wish I could work in the sales office.
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    Tel’s Tales Anglesey Sat/Sun 7th and 8th April 2018 After a very disappointing Easter Monday event at Croft which was wet, freezing cold and probably should never have started about 10 drivers were entered for this LDMC extravaganza attended by approx. 70 cars. The Croft event was abandoned before any timed runs had been offered, so we all scored a miserable 75 points (I will be discarding that score). We all arrived on Friday to find plenty of room in an almost empty paddock and plenty of space to get an electric hook up for our campervans and motorhomes. This was a bonus as it was quite cold and heating was essential as we had to leave the onsite café/bar due to too many staff and not enough business. Saturday Saturday morning saw a wet, gloomy start and the rain continued all day until 1700hrs when we finished sprinting! The day saw some great battles between all classes as well as individual personal targets irrespective of which class you were in. This would become the first event in 19 years that I have used wets all day rather than slicks and the competition was close and hard fought on a track that was wet but perfectly driveable and created a bit a level playingfield between cars of different specs/engines etc. During practice the pace was set by Richard Kerr and myself running around 10secs slower than the target time. It was good to see Mick Dent out again after his broken ankle caused a premature end to his 2017 season and his busa was going well. He also had his son as a secret weapon cleaning tyres and checking the car was going ok after the Friday trackday sessions. Their car would not start despite charging the battery and I quickly diagnosed a seized starter motor. Luckily they found a local supplier who had a secondhand one and they did not miss a run !. There was a lot of slipping and sliding mainly on the black stuff as well as a few spins but I did not witness any damage to Westfields. Mike West was enjoying the conditions and during the day he reduced his time down to 78.10secs from 82.74secs. John Loudon kept changing front springs for stiffer ones to improve grip and handling and it seemed to be working as the two of us were having a close battle in class G. Derek Hodder, Garry Bunn and Richard Kerr were after the class H points chasing Mick Dent. Steve Everall and Mick Skidmore were close in terms of times but running in different classes ( D and F respectively) We had 5 times runs and in the end Richard was quickest banging in a last run of 63.23 to better my time of 63.98secs and Mick Dent’s 64.10secs. We were 3rd,4th and 6th overall fastest with John Loudon 9th. Sunday Well it was a cloudless night and there had not been any rain but it was a cloudy start but it stayed dry all day and the afternoon was very good and we had a drying track to play on. Mark Anson had arrived at 0230hrs and was joining us in the Jedi. He had a few jobs to do fixing the front wing brackets and softening the trickshifter. During practice 2 Mark came back to the pits on a tow rope as it turned out he had fried some wires in his harness. This took him around 3 hours to trace the 12v power issues (or lack of power) but eventually he sorted it. I helped a bit by making him a nice cuppa tea. It really was a dream to be able to drive a dry track and push on a bit. We now saw Del and Garry showing the pace of their car whilst Rich K was trying to repeat his Sat performance. Unluckily for Rich when he came in after T1 the engine bay was full of oil and it looked like a blanking plate on the block had come adrift and ended his weekend. My weekend nearly ended too as I was way too quick into the left hander at the end of the garages and as I ran off the end of the outside rumble strip I hit the soft wet grass and soil to do a 360deg spin. I ripped off part of my carbon fibre floor but back in the paddock Steve, Mick Skidmore and John Loudon did a quick and great repair job to keep me running. The car looked like it had been used for grass tracking and the amount of soil and mud under the bonnet was ridiculous and took some cleaning up. Later in T3 Mick Skidmore ran over a rumble strip coming out of corkscrew and split part of his tub. In the end we had 5 timed runs and were well pleased with the day. Garry just beat Del and was 2nd fastest overall with Del being 4th, me in 5th and John Loudon 6th. Mark Anson with only 2 runs was 3rd overall so an impressive performance by him. That made 5 Westfield speed series drivers in the top 6. A newcomer was Chris Griffiths in his class H car and he was 9th overall behind Rich Kerr 8th. (7 cars in top 10!) We return in 4 weeks time to do the MGCC weekend. Terry Everall Class G Competitor
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    I had my Knackers snipped in 1975 and it didnt do much to slow me down. Although I must add that at 76 years young It is having an effect on me now.
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    We are getting there. My son had a few teeth removed that were buried (compacted) in his gums so needed to be put under. Coming to the end , tomorrow of 3 years of dental work, which is great, although you always worry when your kids get put under. He was fine and cocky within ten mins of waking up . Not sure who's gene he inherited there then ! . Family member was found collapsed in her home. She had fallen on Monday night in her bathroom and didnt know much. Was found 4 days later after managing to crawl out to the lounge and call for help. She has a broken ankle, a cut on her forehead from eyebrow to hairline and no much finger nails from dragging herself across the house. So, although we had spoken to her on Sunday, please be wary of our older family members. They maybe 100% the day before. Currently she has a cyst in her stomach which is going to be removed, which was the start of it all, after they get her blood to stabilise. Apparently, the house is a war zone with blood everywhere. All hands on deck coming up, be she wont be out for ages. On a better note, the car is looking good. I have some new dash lights to go in. Also a horn button to get rid of one toggle. I have also re-lacquered the carbon wing covers this weekend just gone and happier with them, although not perfect. Paint seems to react and worm, even though I had flatted right back. Left it to dry and then wet and dried them both. Still waiting my carbon rear wheel arch covers , so hope to get them for Stoneleigh. Not saying what day I am going to Stoneleigh, so I have less chance of assassination . I was spotted though leaving a car meet recently at about 9 mins , if you get bored of other cars
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    Not everyone keeps all there receipts and stores them in a file with a matching photo album. Some of us actively chose to avoid having such a bulk of divorce promoting evidence. Our biggest fear when we die is our partners sell the car for what we say it has cost!
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    Had a brilliant day today. Weather was glorious and it was nice to leave home not wearing a coat. Met with Dave and we headed for coffee at Hornsea Mere. I thought my luck was in again, as outside the shop there was a sign that said Beaver. Took a few minutes for me to realise it was the name of the boat. Next step was over to Malc's for coffee and we where made to feel most welcome. Di, sorry for the mess and damage but Malc said he would clean it up for us . Next stop was Spurn Point. Spotted sneaky policemen hiding on a long bend near the gas plants but we where good lads so no need to stop us. It was amazing how many wind turbines there are on the land but also in the sea. We wanted to drive right to the tip of Spurn but they have now stopped vehicles driving to the end as the road is washed away in parts. Dinner was at the local pub where we had magnificent views across the Humber and the Humber Forts. Thanks for the day Dave and also to Malc for the great hospitality.
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    Because of my marshalling duties, I was not using my car to the full. Plus the fact that my wife, Rosie was reluctant to be with me in the car (not sure if it was my driving or the fact it wasn't the easiest vehicle to get in and out of!), we also have a VX220 which I've supercharged and thats also not easy to get in and out of. Yes 14 years may be a long time, and I am sure that many of heard the same thing from bystanders "How long did you take to build your Westfield?" Answer: "I'm still building it!" Much enjoyment was found by changing something or other, taking a long look at other Westfields and thinking "That's a good idea!" Yes I intend to still be around, come and say hello when I marshall at Blyton Trackdays and sprints.
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    Headers and CATs back from ceramic coating. Great finish.
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    @CraigHew looking at those speeds in each gear I presume you never go above second gear when we are out for a drive?
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    Just perfect.
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    Good spot with Simon Westwood - but I didn't realise that Bob Carolgees also worked there. Presumably Spit the Dog was in his basket behind the Parts Counter!
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    John I'm in agreement with what you say. I also meant to add, what a star Mrs H. has been, not least this morning. The car was on my trailer, but I couldn't get to the underside of the car without getting it off the trailer, and preferably into the garage. That in turn meant pushing the car up the sloping drive. Well Mrs H just pushed and pushed, no chance of me doing it without her help. Just wanted to say that, really. Otherwise, ti would have been tomorrow evening before I could have started, whereas now I should have the car back on the road before then.
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    There was a chap who lived opposite my parents' house and his car jammed its starter one evening while I was visiting home. I said to him that he should put it in gear, release the handbrake and rock it. To my amazement he got hold of the gutter and pushed and pulled - rocking it sideways! Eventually he twigged and succeeded in freeing it.
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    Hey guys, not a massive amount of progress to report, but managed to bleed all the brakes which went nice & smoothly:0) Then put the wheels on & starting to look like a car at last lol Next was to get it onto the ground, so employed the engine crane & gently lowered it to the floor. And then placed onto some wheel dollies so can manover it easily infront of crane ready for engine install All being well, will get the engine in the next week or so woop woop been looking forward to this bit lol
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    Glen and I have made this change to our car and I thought that I would share it with you, just in case you fancy a change yourself. Strip out the old thermostat and cooling system. Remove the nose cone and bonnet. Empty the coolant out. Remove the hockey stick including the hose onto the radiator and the hose onto the thermostat housing. Remove the hose leading from the engine to the header tank, and the bottom and top heater hose on the bulk head. Unplug the O2 temperature sensor and remove it. To remove the thermostat housing, unplug the live and earth wires on the VDO temperature gauge sender and then remove the 3 bolts that hold it all in place. The new system can now be fitted. At the bottom of the radiator a S shaped hose connects to a metal pipe with several stabbings on. This metal pipe connects to the water pump using a wide elbow 32-44 mm hose and they only just reach one another. The stabbings connect to the bottom of the heater and the bottom of the header tank, using 16mm and 16-22mm hoses respectively. On the O2 temperature sensor, put some new PTFE tape on the thread and screw it into position. Fit the water rail in place of the old thermostat housing, putting gasket sealant on the gasket, using 3 bolts, torque to 15 lb/ft to secure it in position. Secure the oil dipstick in position and torque its bolt to 25lb/ft. Fit the 16mm hose that connects the water rail to the top of the heater at the bulk head. Put the thermostat in the water rail, secure it using the gasket and sealant and tighten the 2 bolts to 15lb/ft. Run a 10 mm hose from the top of the header tank to the top of the new thermostat housing, I have chosen to use a piece of stainless steel pipe here for some of the distance. Run a 32mm hose from the top of the radiator to the top of the thermostat housing, again I have chosen to use a length of 32mm aluminium pipe for some of the distance. Wire up the fan switch that fits in the thermostat housing. Replace the coolant and run the engine up to temperature, checking for leaks and burping any unwanted air out of the system. Replace nose cone and bonnet. Clean the car because you and it are now covered in a sticky yet slippy, sugar solution otherwise known as antifreeze. All hoses sizes are internal diameter.
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    Well I've spent part of the morning carrying out preliminary visual checks. Coolant level normal, and reasonably clean. Oil level mid-way between full and low, and oil is clean. Plugs out and all normal, identical and no sign of damage. Engine still locked solid with plugs out. Rocker cover off, and all valve gear looks normal and in place, and covered in a thin layer of clean oil. Next job must be to look at the starter, but I cannot access the bottom bolt with the car on the trailer, and if I get the car off the trailer, because of the slope of the drive it would be a b***er to get it back on again with a defunct engine. However, the starter looks secure, and the top mounting bolt is secure. I can't feel any movement in the starter. Favourite looks to be a jammed stater pinion, but although there is an inspection hole in the top of the bell housing because the engine and transmission is mounted so far back in the chassis I cannot look down it. So I've spoken to the boss of my local independent garage, who is an ace mechanic himself as well as having two excellent experienced mechanics who work for him, and he will help me take the engine and 'box out if needs be, although he is heavily booked up with work this week, so cannot spare any space in his workshop until next week. So he has lent me his scope, so I'll have a look at the flywheel starter ring and the starter pinion with that, and see what that reveals, and for good measure I'll take the plugs out again and have a look down the bores. If I knew it was just the starter pinion jammed with the starter ring gear, I'd happily run the car off the trailer to jack the car up and take off the starter, but we'll see what the scope reveals first. Fingers crossed!
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    Well the scores are in. 17 cars weighed today! So for all those that ask - what does an XXXX weigh - your answer might be here. But no BECs today, no V8's, just good old Essex pig-iron and Japanese alloys. Name Car Car Weight Kev Turner Pre-lit, Crossflow, aeroscreen, half tank, oil coated 538.5 Kev Baldwin 2.0 zetec, aeroscreen, half tank, no frills 563 Tim Essex Wide, Sigma, aeroscreen 574.5 Rob Thomas 1.6 mazda SDV, windscreen 581 Matt Skilling Wide 2.0 zetec, windscreen, 2/3 tank, hood frame, JK seats 595.5 Bernie Holdgate Wide, XE Redtop, windscreen, just over half tank 597.5 Paul Carey Wide 2.0 Zetec, aeroscreen, tunnel carpet, 3/4 tank fuel 601.5 Andy Banks Wide Zetec 2.0, Full cage, no screen, carpet, half tank 610.5 Mike Rowland Wide 2.0 Zetec, Full Cage, Tonneau, Aeroscreen, half doors, 3/4 tank 612.5 Rob Bannister Wide, 1800 Zetec, windscreen, heater, carpets, half tank 612.5 Dean Savill FW rear, 2.0 Zetec, Full cage, windscreen, heater, half tank, 2 fire ext 618 Mark Wendon Mazda 1.6, windscreen, tonneau, full boot (!), doors, full tank 618 Rich Fossey Wide, 2.0 Zetec, 1/4 tank, windscreen, Nox bottle 619 Paul Khan-Allen Wide, Crossflow, windscreen, spare wheel 623.5 Kev Pullen 2.1 pinto, flared arches, spare wheel, heater, carpet, windscreen 626.5 Paul Demitriou Wide FW, Zetec, windscreen, heater, half hood, side doors, full tank 640.5 Barry O'Grady Wide, Turbo Mazda, windscreen,half hood, wind deflectors 650.5
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    Couldn’t resist the lure of the MSV buy it now...
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    Lucky you. In my house it goes: Wife. Kids x 3. Dog. Guinea pigs. Bearded dragon (animal not a pet name for the mrs) then Me, just above the goldfish.
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    Excuse me, but have I just read that correctly? At the Anglesey event last weekend, in Tels Tales 'That made 5 Westfield Speed Series drivers in the top 6' out of 70 cars? Really? If that is true and I have read it correctly then RUDDY WELL DONE GUYS...WELL DONE... from someone very proud to drive a Westfield because of your success.
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    Julie The Westfield guys all performed very well over the weekend On the Sunday we took 2nd, 3rd ,4th, 5th and 6th ( Mark Anson was 3rd in his Jedi) and we were only beaten by a Force single seater powered by a turbo Busa ! Pretty impressive
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    Measured mine ( sort of ) at 70mm by 105mm high. The bolts are inside the car and I can 'just' fit the pipe though with the clamps. But its tight. Best image I have currently
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    Looks like you had a banging day, Honda boys We went straight to Chatsworth Farm Shop and Cafe And proceeded to have a full English, we got a window seat and enjoyed the lovely views over Edensor Church (if you can see it over Glen's belly that is) (I'll get me coat) The till is strategically placed next to the cake stand and Martyn and I both agreed, as we were paying, that we needed an appointment in the future with the bread and butter pudding. So that is +1 to the Duke of Devonshire, your sales tactics work. We set off on our land slipped road, it is very much a 'recreational' road, nobody actually needs to go on it, they just do it for pleasure. We had a rolling car show from the MG club, who were coming in the opposite direction. We had a little drink at The Millstone Country Inn Before taking to more great roads, and finishing at Tagg Lane Diary, where we went all the way from one end of the cow.... ...to the udder Great roads and great company, what more can you ask for from your car club. Just knowing Martyn and Sue alone has put me in a life long debt to WSCC, £27.50 per year does not come into it.
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    A great documentary on James Hunt and Barry Sheene and their lives. Favourite quote "it was a time when racing was dangerous and sex was safe"
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    Haha yeah and he's gone quiet as he's selling the westy to fund the divorce
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    I think, like many hobbies and activities, you get out what you want or put in. If you're interested in meeting lots of people and joining in runs then you need to actively seek that kind of thing out. Can't see why you dont run out with the guy at the end of the street? As for membership fees. If you can't justify £27 you've got the wrong hobby or the club scene simply isn't for you. FWIW my £27 gets me a good discount on my insurance (Westfield and otherwise) which as said above is almost offsets the £27: no brainer. I personally get lots of ideas, solutions and advice for issues with my car from the forum which, whilst being hard to quantify in hard cash terms is enough for me to want to continue my membership. The magazine I can take or leave. I've been on a few runs with my local group, my AO does a sterling job and keeps banging away especially over the colder months. I feel quite guilty that I dont put more in. I'm not particularly a "people" person and much much prefer a solo run out but having said that over the last couple of years I've been meeting up with @CosKev and had some great runs chats and laughs. I fully understand that we're all different so if membership isn't for you then the choice is obvious. £27 buys me a few beers and a decent curry. Once you've bought a couple of Chris Rea CDs what else is there to spend money on in Teeside?
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    Some great feedback for which many thanks. I can only echo what folks are saying; for and against. Events We have a shows and events coordinator role on the committee plus AOs and we have said countless times in the mag, on-line and at the AGM that members should come and use this facility for their own agendas (events, shows, etc.), some already do, more should - there is a not insignificant investment in show kit available for all to use, it will be shipped to you and return expenses covered. We have Blyton (about as North as we get), Stoneleigh and Silverstone as national events. Talk to your AO, get some numbers and talk to us and we will do whatever we can to make your event happen. Local Area As for getting about locally, that really is in the realm of those local to you and your nearest AO to, well, organise. Discounts On insurance, track days, professional services... The not so good side.. Folk are generally very busy, goes for all us. We can't all be in the same place at the same nor do we have the ability or wherewithal to go everywhere and do everything. Apathy happens, saw it in spades during my time as AO. Bottom line This Club is good value for money and whilst I'm around, we (the committee) supported by the AOs will ensure it remains that way. We will listen to what you want and if it sits within the art of the possible, we will help you achieve it; example, the 21st Celebrations this year at Shelsley. Very happy to discuss more and my expectation is that this thread promotes further thought and engagement and we get more activity on the books across the country in 2018 and beyond.
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    Few more jobs completed.Replaced the old carbon effect front wings with 100% full carbon fibre items from Carbon NV, fabulous quality at sensible prices. Decided on the CSR style wings because the extra moulding lines at the top of the wing provide a slight but noticeable increase in rigidity.Really wanted to save the old wings as I could have sold them on but they were bonded to the brackets and the one thing I can say about Tiger seal is that once its set nothing is coming free too easily.The bracket is mounted to the front suspension by three bolts but cannot be entirely freed from the car unless the wing is removed from the bracket - after a while of attempted and failed efforts to remove the wing from the bracket with no damage being done to the wing I gave up and cut the wing across its width, thus enabling me to remove the bracket / wing from the car and getting good purchase on the wing to break it free.Once separated it was a laborious job to remove all the existing sealant from the bracket, rub down and re-paint (so much more satisfying and so much cheaper than replacing them)Position the new wings was relatively straightforward, couple of key measurements taken to ensure that each side was identical then a single run of Tiger seal on each "leg" of the bracket was enough to hold each wing in position.24 hours to allow the sealant to harden off and then more seal applied to fill in any gaps and job doneOnly downside to the new wings is that they fit so closely that to remove the front wheel now requires the wing bracket to be undone and moved slightly up and across - fortunately access is good and only tales a couple of mins per side BeforeAfterSecond job was to balance the Jenvey throttle bodies, I had a feeling that they were out of balance side to side and despite reading up on the matter I was slightly concerned I might make things worse.Having acquired a synchrometer to measure the pressure it was a case of winding down the main idle bleed screw, measuring across all 8 trumpets and then adjusting each pair in sequence, once equalised the main idle could be adjusted.I may have been lucky but it was not a difficult job and the car responds to the throttle much more sharply and has got the V8 burble it was missing, they were definitely out of balance before and whilst maybe not 100% balanced now they are not far away
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    Newman cams fitted, part of the upgrade, hopefully adding a bit more oomph.
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    What service and quality, my rad arrived today and it's almost to nice to hide away in the nose cone .not only did did they fit brackets to attach the fan I found a bag in the bottom of the box with small plates with rivnuts fitted in them which slide onto the side of the fan allowing it to be bolted to the rad.

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