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    As today is officially the Scottish summer (it isn't raining), it seemed like a perfect excuse to take the Westie to the office!
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    So today went pretty smoothly, left home at 6.15 and got to Chadderton just after 7 for the 8 o'clock appointment. It was good to be there early as there was plenty of space in the car park to unload the trailer. Arriving just after us were some guys from Bowler Motorsport to IVA a £135k+vat Defender race truck. Range Rover sport underpinnings with a Jag 3ltr super charged engine and 8 speed auto apparently. Sounded fantastic, but they failed on emissions My test started with emissions which were fine, then on to the ramp to check lights and have a poke about underneath. The headlights needed a small tweek, but absolutely no comment on the front indicator pods and no measuring of anything. Brake testing took a while, standard mot type test and then further tests with a pressure sensor under my foot. Tests at different pedal pressures to ensure that at no point there was greater braking force on the rear axle than the front. On the scales it weighed in at 684KG with a full tank. 322KG front and 362KG rear. Recon there's about 100KG of convoluted tubing in that! My examiner then caused some amusement shoehorning himself in for a drive round the car park. No problems reported, but then there was virtually no commentary throughout, all very serious. Mirrors were checked with me confirming that I could see the markers from the driving seat - I could see the markers but could have said anything. My tester suggested that max power rpm for the engine would be about 6000rpm, who was I to argue, so the sound level test was carried out just over 5000 rpm. 91dB, so well in. Back inside for the last but as it turned out slightly hairy moment. Having gone to the trouble of using the S2000 gearbox speed sensor rather than the standard front wheel speed sensor I confidently stated that the speedo could be tested on the rollers, rather than just handing over Westfield's calibration certificate that I had with me! Again I was at the controls. I had to get the speed to 35mph and tell him when it was there and then repeat for 50 60 and 70 I think. Helpfully he nodded at each point. 35 and 50 were fine but then as the speed went over 50, the display went to 0mph!! "Oh bother" I thought, or something like that, and did some kind of nervous twitch. Luckily I didn't give it away and just said yes each time he nodded as the speed went up! That's fine he said My tester then went off to do the brake calcs and as it had started chucking it down suggested I bring the trailer into one of the lanes to load up under cover, top bloke He got a bit more chatty as time went on and started telling me that they have lots of measuring equipment for if they don't think something looks right. But absolutely none of this was used as he didn't think anything looked like it needed checking. A few minutes later he returned with my certificate, hooray! So a beer or two tonight and then have a look at the registration paper work tomorrow! A big thank you to everyone on here for your input over the last couple of years, it's been a great help.
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    Oh go on then! I have waited this long as it was only yesterday i purchased the car, being a sceptic i didn't want to tempt fate!!! I have ended up with a 2009 built Westfield FW Sport, running a 2.0L Zetec in standard tune. It seen a few owners over the years but only covered ~6000 miles. I have wanted a Westy since i was a teenager and to say im happy with my first one would be a bit of an understatement! Even the ~200 mile journey home in showers with R888's couldn't dampen my spirits! there isa few bits to don the car to get it where i want it, but for now, i'll have fun driving it and wait for the winter. I have added a picture below taken this morning in a cloudy yorkshire. Hopefully next time it sees the light of day, the sun will be shinning!
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    After getting caught out in a hail storm yesterday, the Westy needed a good clean. Hailstones are quite painful when they hit your forehead at 70mph! Here she is ready for the next outing.
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    Hi guys, I am a new member who has purchased a 1989 sei and loving it. I have gone from two wheels on a vintage 1967 vespa to 4 wheels of fun. good luck and safe driving to all
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    Your individual times could be bad, but you might win on aggregate...
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    Good meeting tonight, 18 cars, don't know how many people but no sandwiches left. First to leave and cars all put away for 10.
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    Most WSCC Members would prefer to sponsor @Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO and @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary to stay in the bar, rather than allow them to get horizontal given their snoring expertise!
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    Hi All, We (The Committee) obviously take any mention of Member's accounts being tampered with extremely seriously as well as any negative information about WSC Ltd. In this instance, I hid this post this morning whilst we did some background digging which was in my opinion the right thing to do at the time. The result is that the OP is correct, the WSC Ltd website was and is in a bit of a state to say the least, especially the shop. I have spoken to Simon at WSC Ltd this morning and he tells me it is being dealt with as I type this and may take a couple of days to sort. Further, measures are afoot to change things for the better (performance and security) in the coming months. Thank you Mike, for raising the issue with the WSC Ltd website and thank you John, for highlighting the potential tampering of a member account. Please do continue to highlight any future website issues directly to WSC Ltd and if you feel you are not getting an adequate response, let me know.
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    @Stuart Faulkner - Shows & Events Coordinator has collected his new high performance vehicle...
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    Hello Just to let you all know that I have taken over the role of South West AO from @Darrell O'Neill who has held the position for a fair few years now. I'm sure you will all join me in saying a big thank you for his time in the role. This is the first time for me doing a role like this so I need to find my feet and get an idea of our members' locations so we can arrange a convenient place for meets or blats out (I'm in Camborne). I'm open to all suggestions that you might have for days out, meeting places etc. I'm also in touch with a couple of other local clubs to maybe arrange a joint meet up with other enthusiasts. I will keep you updated. So don't be shy come and say hello or feel free to PM me! I'm looking forward to meeting as many local members as I can , so let's see what we can make happen. Martin
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    Repaired radiator received back from Westfield last week. Advised to use blue glycol coolant which meets BS6580 (1992). I've decided to move away from the factory top mounting method. Here's my own designed kit to fit it. Ready to mount: Adapter bush fitted in top mount: Slight sag on bushes to be expected. Fellow EWP S2000 builder @SteH, questioned the amount of flow(i.e. was it good or too much) on his system from the radiator bleed nipple back to the coolant tank. I've had this 8mm restrictor made, fitted with a 2mm hole. Fitted into the hose here: The restrictor didn't appear to cause any issues bleeding air out of the system after refilling and a quick test drive has proved the coolant circuit to be in good working order. @Stuart Faulkner - Shows & Events Coordinator needs to get one fitted now! The car's easier to reverse now too:
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    OK, first off, unlike some, as a club, we have no specific policy, (currently) on what can and can't be posted specifically in a For Sale thread, outside of the normal rules for all posting, or the restriction of non-member sales being in their own section. So it's very much a case of courtesy and discretion. Recently though, and with no wish to single any individuals out, there have been a few sales threads with some very, very off topic discussions kicking off, or discussions about price. First and foremost can I remind everyone of one key point. - In order to post an advert, you have to be a paid up member of the club. Please understand that this means some members will even pay to join the club in order to sell items, and now consider the Fro Sale posts once more in this light. It is essentially a Classified Sales section, that is free to use for members, or that you can buy the use of in as little as 60 day chunks. Would you scrawl extra messages all over some ones sales advert in the Newsagents window? Would you book advertising space in the local paper to comment on the advert immediately above yours? Normal good manners would suggest no, unless there was something factually wrong/misleading about the advert, in which case you'd report it. Our For Sale section is essentially the same. Except that, potential buyers have the luxury of asking questions, getting clarification about features etc, Even a certain amount of good natured "bumping-up" is accepted. (Posting some trivial comment to move the post back to the top of the un-read list). Prices are always a contentious topic, and while no one wants to censor their discussion, there is a time and place. If you have comments you feel would benefit the seller, you can either use the PM system to discuss them privately, OR, start a fresh thread (ideally in the Members Only section), and invite the poster of the sales thread to discuss it there. There may be very good and logical reasons why something is priced the way it is, but crashing the adverts themselves benefits no one in the long run, and ultimately discourages people from using them in the first place. If on the other hand, you believe an advert contains a deliberate or even malicious falsehood, please do not hesitate to use the report button on that post, and the moderators will look into it.
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    Looks very smiliar to when i bought mine. The upgrades will keep coming. Mine went from looking like this to this in 2 and half years
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    Ordered one of these yesterday - just the small matter of an 11-12 mointh wait now but should be an interesting drive mate for the V8
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    Trend setter @Stuart Faulkner - Shows & Events Coordinator has even got Mike Brewer copying his shoes!
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    Or this if times get hard
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    First and most importantly Happy Birthday to Rebecca and thank you for sharing your day with us, it has been wonderful. We parked up at the Ashover Car Show. Paul and Pat in the VX, Andy and Rebecca in their newly painted Porsche Grey Westfield. This car was red last time we saw it, what a transformation, it looks fantastic, so eye catching. Alan came too And so did Simon and Archie After a few hours looking around the cars and the stalls we all met back up at 12.30, ready to leave at 1pm. It takes us half a hour to stop talking and get ready! We posed through Matlock Bath, which was thronging with motorbikes, and up the Via Gellia road to Ilam Hall. The National Trust lady knew immediately who we were and directed us to park in front of the Hall. We were bang on time, so thank you to everyone for being organised. You know that you are in the company of people who love their cars when they dress for the occasion After some photo's with the Chinese tourists it was time for the usual monkeys tea party. In anticipation of cake, Andy had bought a candle, so we borrowed Alan's lighter and all sang Happy Birthday to Rebecca. It was Raspberry Cheesecake Cake, which I for one have never had before. The View from the Manifold Tea Room, which is at the back of the Hall. The Hall is used as a Youth Hostel, it also has a Visitor Centre, a gift shop and is in the grounds of the Ilam Country Park. Now it was the turn of the tourists from The Netherlands to have their photos with the car. They had set off from Holland at 5.30am yesterday and arrived for their first ever Peak District holiday at 5pm last night. While this was happening Simon was refuelling the crossflow, now he has fixed the gear linkage. Andy and Rebecca, and Paul and Pat headed south from here, while Alan, Simon and Archie headed back east with us, but not before calling in at Willersley Castle. Simon and Archie looking good. So is Alan Well it has been yet another successful day. A car show, some nice roads to drive, a photo shoot and cake too. With only one downpour, we stayed largely dry, thank you to everyone who came. Only 5 sleeps to Silverstone, see you all there.
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    For those of you that may be interested, the latest issue features an article on my car, Part one of a two part story. I am pleased to see that they have included my comments about what a great club we have here
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    Daft clucker. There's no room on a burger for cole slaw - that's not food, it's what food eats.
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    Well good news I managed to get it straightened. They quoted 45 quid as they thought they would need to heat it as they are a tough wheel. Picked it up earlier and they managed to get the buckle out without trashing the powder coat, showed me on the balancer and it's straight as a die. As it wasn't a big job only charged me 30 quid. Result. Can highly recommend powdertec in Glasgow if anyone is after any wheel work doing in the area, they were mega busy which is always a good sign but some of the work they were doing looked flawless.
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    In the 1980s, rallying was more popular than Formula 1. 'Group B' machines had taken the world by storm, and were among the most exciting cars to ever hit the motorsport scene. Manufacturers scrambled to build more powerful cars to be driven by fearless mavericks who could handle the extreme power. However, the unregulated mayhem would end abruptly in 1986 after a series of horrific tragedies. On now , Yesterday Repeats Mon 14th 3 - 4 pm and 12.20 = 01.20
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    My understanding is that owners of kit cars are legally required to avoid the direct route home from the grocery store.
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    Hi all Had a great day Friday and did manage to say hello to a few of you Westfielders Took loads of pictures (sorry none of the Westies) - you should be able to see them on the link below and you shouldnt need a Facebook account to be able to view them https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1660813100609321.1073742215.100000419413756&type=1&l=620e3cc597
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    ...but not always for your English
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    oh, ok then. This was trial fitting day.
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    So this week I've been a bit sad and purchased some bits on eBay! My first purchase was a drinks holder ... which of course had to be in matching colours and comes with some storage space! I know it's really sad but I use the car in the winter and to have a warm drink available will make up for looking sad in the car park. The other purchase was due to me wanting to take some window cleaner, polish, etc., to Silverstone. I'd ran out of room in the boot so decided to buy some small spray bottles. Only cost a couple of quid but the space saving is huge. My wife keeps saying I should be banned from using eBay
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    Thankyou very much @Andy Banks - Chairman it's the way we roll, but the welcome and friendship we have received since joining has been incredible, I think we are lifers with the club.
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    Thank you Paul, welcome again and thank you @Ali and Gail - your energy and Club spirit is infectious..
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    Drove the 165 miles yesterday to collect my kit. All went well apart from the holiday traffic on the way back and the horrendous rain when unloading the van. Had to put the body panels into the lounge which the wife was not happy about. Today I have been allowed to store them in the spare bedroom. Ian at Westfield was fantastic, areal credit to the company. A few things missing (windscreen and exhaust silencer) these will be sent to me at the end of August. On inspection at Westfield I found the quality of the rear wings was not good due to chipped and crazed gel coat, these are going to be remade. I have taken the usual pictures of the kit which I will post on here when I work out to do it.
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    Cracking run out today, Llyn Brenig for breakfast then some fantastic roads around N/Wales and no rain Jeff
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    Yeah, but in that car and wearing those shoes, you're visible a mile off!
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    Morning all, a very quick update here. The bodywork is finally back repaired. They've done a reasonable job of repairing/reinforcing the rear tub, though the colour of the repair isn't exactly the same. Most of the repair will be covered by the roll cage mount covers anyway. So Dad is now in the process of reattaching the bodywork. We're going to fit each piece separately this time and bolt them together on the car. Apparently with a bit of fettling it is already going on much better. Once that is complete we can then finish off a whole variety of little jobs. We have still got nowhere however with the fact that it won't turn on. We've now completed several hundred (it feels like!) continuity and wiring checks, and as far as we can tell everything is correct. Westfield are now sending us out a new ECU, as its getting to the point that that's the only thing we haven't checked. Fingers crossed that does it. Assuming that a new ECU sorts the problems, we will be getting pretty close to having it drivable...
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    Thanks Dave! Didn't think of that, but yes. Always going to make it tricky for people to come into the 'lower' classes and feel like they have a chance of competing. Anyway, onto more fun stuff - the slide / drift / save / scandi flick at the end of this video is probably the most fun thing I've done in a car for a while. Was still laughing when I got back to the paddock
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    Fantastic day out. It was certainly a day that we appeared never to be far away from the rain, but never under it (at least for the meeting and run - not sure about the return legs for the guys heading south!) as you can maybe tell from the two photies attached ... one of a slightly more sedate means of west coast transport. Route and roads were fantastic - I've never even been on the Oban - Lochgilphead road before. Good to meet you all and thanks especially for popping up at the roadside for the photos, Dave! Iain
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    Precisely because they're trying to find the simplest (in terms of parts/wiring) and cheapest way round exactly the same start issues that many modern cars, like the BMW's you mention, hide behind modern CanBus linked ecus's all round the car and complex programming. Strictly speaking the Ford ecu set up with the engine is designed to be used with a fly by wire throttle and a clutch pedal that also sends status signals, courtesy of two switches. Westfield have chosen to try and avoid having the clutch switches actually operated by the clutch pedal, for I suppose, obvious reasons. But the solution used does seem to be neither fish nor fowl.
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    Steve, when I enquired with our Volvo, they said they could do it paintless repairs. We had 3 wheels to do , thankfully left by the previous owner. It actually cost me 20 grand in the end, as we passed a Volvo garage on the way home and PX'd it for a newer one
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    I was Westy-less for a while, but had a couple of MX-5s to play around with. I wondered if they might be able to fill the void but, they didn't really get close. As you know I ended up with a simpler, cheaper, slower Westy and I'm absolutely loving it Everyone is different I guess, but I can't see any car with a screen and doors ticking the enjoyment (broad term, I know) box enough for me. That's why I came back. I say any car because I have driven / been in a few nice things in the past and they were a proper snoozefest in comparison with a wet right elbow, a cold forehead, a set of ITBs in the right ear and an shouty exhaust note in the left! Maybe something like a GT3 RS might be different, though... Where's that lottery ticket?
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    Some pictures as promised I can fit the locking bootlid now and get the side screens on ready to hit the road!
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    I'm not sure how it works but we are giving it a good go.
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    Its on telly..... ITV4 20:00 Thursday 10th August. Hosted by Tiff Needell. Next years date is provisionally the 20th-22nd July 2018. If I hear anything else I'll be sure to tell you.
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    Thanks to everyone for making this another great weekend at Silverstone. We made it to Bristol before we hit the rain and it stayed wi us nearly all the way back to Cornwall Westy has been aquavaxed out and the carpets are now covered in Rice .thanks for the tip @Ali and Gail hope you have a good trip home tomorrow And enjoy the Jaffa cakes ...
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    Absolutely fantastic couple of days at the Classic, shame about the rain last night!! A few photos from me
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    Did anyone see them together?
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    get an old un.... The best relationships are made up of unreasonable behaviour and long sullen silences, exactly what xflows give you... And the 'make up blats' are worth waiting for
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    Never. Ever. Will we tire of this
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    I know this will be a controversial point of view but there is an 'enough is enough' rule that I would take into account. It is said 180bhp is enough for a Westfield and I would agree. I worry about going too fast 'just because I can'. I'll just get to the accident quicker and it will be a bigger accident too. I feel the same about tyres. For normal dry road use, the R888s have more grip than I need (and in the wet a bit less). If all I wanted to do is lower my lap times at Caldwell in the dry then R888s would be my choice - but I don't. My T1Rs do not grip anything like as well as hot R888s in the dry but they are predictable and fun! Same is true in the wet and they are about £45 a corner as against £120+ and are showing very little wear. The choice is yours!