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    And now for something completely different........ I'm a fan of the US magazine "Grassroots Motorsports" and almost always like their take on car stuff. Late last year they sponsored a "Show us your shop contest" with three categories - small, large, and commercial. One of the prizes was a welding machine and I would love to be able to weld car projects so I cleaned my place up, took a few photos, wrote a description and sent the whole mess in. I was surprised and pleased to learn that I won the small category and a new welding machine, along with some other cool stuff, is on its way to Bozeman. I look forward to the print article coming out in a few months so I can send a copy to my mom! If you'd like to see the online article you check it out here - https://grassrootsmotorsports.com/ar...ers-announced/ Now it's time to go back into the shop and make it dirty....dirtier maybe? Dave
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    One of the members on the UK Cobra Club Forums post copied as below Hi AllI emailed the Department of Transport to try and get some indication of when the proposed legislation with regard to kit cars would come into force if it was passed. The response I received is below:"The proposal was to bring this into force at the same time as the rest of the regulation, likely to be 1 September 2018. However due to the volumes of comments received, many of which advocate a postponement of say 2 years, we will need to re-consider this. In fact the whole element of the proposal which affects kit cars is likely to come under scrutiny given the vast volumes of negative comment, so it may be removed altogether."It would appear from this comment that they are taking notice of all the responses that have been made. Things may be looking up.
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    My new baby!!! Hopefully it will up North and ready for the Windmill drive on the 10th
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    Out of the garage under it's own steam! Wanted to get far enough away to see if the front wing looked 'right' Couldn't resist popping the hub caps on. If I can get both front wings drilled tonight, the GRP bits are pretty much ready to go for painting.
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    I then spent about an hour fighting with the front 2 engine mounts to get them off the car, bl**** difficult on the LH side for access along with the gearbox mounting which was a bit of a sod again to get at because I had foolishly fitted the tunnel side on the driver’s side. At the end of it all, the engine slid onto the prop shaft, the engine mounts were fitted and after a bit of a fight the holes for the rear mounting were made to fit, all bolted and torqued up and finally marked with my nice bright red lock paint. I finished off the bottom bolts with a bit of small fuel-line just as a safety measure, as the RH bolt was a b******* to tighten, and I ended up puttying a screwdriver slot into to get the nyloc nut done up tight and torqued/marked with paint. Then went through the same process on the front to engine mountings. At this point the garage was sealed back up as the snow had just stared falling, and TBH my body was complaining and we stopped for a meal. I then started looking around the car after all the work, tried the exhaust header for clearance from the brake master cylinder which looks OK, took a few pictures of all the odd connectors on the engine and gearbox to send to WF to queries what goes where. Have to say I’m very pleased it’s in and opens up a load of other work around electrical connections, and plumbing and rad/inter-cooler. Sitting here I’ve just swallowed some pain killers and started typing.
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    Hello Folks, So we have looked at this in some more detail and have now crafted some words to send via email to all members. I'm hopeful this will happen this weekend. I appreciate this may be an invasive step for many as a) not everyone likes being emailed and b) it might not concern some folks. However, noting the importance of this should the legislation get through, we have listened to all arguments, checked our constitution and other applicable process and believe it is in the best interest of members so will now take the unusual step of emailing en masse. I don't believe we have done this before and certainly not with the new backend system, so bear with us if we end up hitting any technical glitches. To everyone involved in raising and debating this, thanks, to everyone who is reading this, I hope you will act accordingly, to everyone about to receive an email from your Club, apologies in advance if you feel it is not appropriate, however we do it for all members and the industry as a whole so please show your support. FYI: The email wording can be found in the attached. IVA - Emissions Consultation 2018 ACTION REQUIRED.pdf
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    Bling, polished cam covers
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    Must be time for a pupdate.
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    Mine were purpose built at the last minute for a very wet Coast to Coast run about 10 years ago . they have 3" ground clearance , they don't flap around , they dont catch on speed humps or MOT rollers , they work fine and are still as good as the day they were fitted They were made from one of these Forgot to add they way nothing and cost the same apart from a few screws .
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    It’s not like I didn’t take a picture in the garage last night!
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    Today was more of the same, carpets fitted to the passenger side and hole drilled for the seat, more trimming of the rear clam to allow the passenger seat to be fitted. I got a message for the carb supplier advising that they had shipped a replacement and it would be with me tomorrow, then Robin called and offered to come over today. At 2pm I heard the sound of Robin in his Seven negotiating the ramp on to the drive and went out to meet him, his car was looking much better than the last time I saw it as he's recently had all the GRP resprayed. First task was to fit Robin's HIF44 to the manifold and then on to the car, at the first attempt the engine attempted to start so much more promising that with my carb. We then played with the timing and chased our tails with adding advance not seeming to make any difference. Once again we confirmed that the timing marks were accurate and the we could get sparks on all the plugs etc - a bit like Monday night with Malcolm and Dale but with the engine making an effort to start. Eventually we leaned of the carb and tried again and the engine started......................... After a bit of playing with the carb it was running reasonably well given that it was in the EDIS4 10 deg fixed advance, Robin suggested increasing the idle speed to 2,000 RPM to run in the Cam and we then had a major cooling leak out of the expansion tank overflow so switch everything off. Having dumped £20 worth of Evans waterless coolant on the garage floor we removed the highest cooling pipe and refilled the system hoping to avoid any airlocks - we then went around various joints and opened the to ensure there was no trapped air. Confident that we'd done as much as we could to expel any airlocks we restarted the engine and finished the cam run in without anymore coolant escaping. At the end of the run we lowered the idle and played with the mixture screw to improve the running. At switch off the engine ran on so still some more to do once I've got the Megajolt connected. 5 secs of video at this link Many thanks to Malcolm and Dave for the help sorting out the timing and Robin for the loan of his HIF44 and help fitting it today, very relieved to have overcome this hurled
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    Wednesday, 07 February 2018 OK so after a lot of advice from the forum (thanks to all), the next job is to get the chassis off the tressel build stands, as I can’t think of any other jobs I can do with what I currently have left from my first ½ delivery. Lots of conflicting opinions like fitting the engine to the chassis up on tressels, or fitting on the floor. I can’t imagine how anybody would fit the engine in tressels, I don’t have the head room to lift the engine that high, and TBH it scares the crap out of my having something that heavy, that high up and I don’t think my lift would reach that high, so down she must come. First thing was to get a load of crap out, trip to the local dump, all the odds and ends cluttering up the space removed. The crane was then put roughly in the middle, and the first tentative lift tested. To far forward. Re-positioned, lifted to far backward. Rope strung around the back of the car, bit better, but still not happy. Rope replaced by ratchet straps which allowed me to change the enter of gravity, and the car was floating – this was a very scary moment, so the tressels were removed and the car very very slowly lowered to the floor, followed by me finally taking a breath. A big milestone for me personally.
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    Just sent this: Dear Sir or Madam, I write to express my concerns about the proposed measures for kit cars contained in the current DfT consultation ‘Road vehicles; Improving air quality and safety’. My main concern is that the proposals could damage and possibly severely damage the kit car industry. The consequences of this could be job losses and small business closures; not only affecting kit car manufacturers but also the small industry that serves to provide materials and services to kit car builders and to assist the enthusiasts in this sector in keeping their niche vehicles on the road. The number of vehicles in this sector is very small, they are predominantly very lightweight and, in general, they cover very low mileages per annum (on limited mileage specialist insurance policies). A large percentage of them are already built to meet modern emission standards. It therefore seems very heavy handed to risk such potentially damaging effects on this very small sector when it will have infinitesimal effect on the overall aims of the legislation. There is an even larger risk to the classic kit car and replicas market. This niche industry is a small fraction of the already small kit car market and attempts to manufacture replica vehicles that are as closely as possible to the original in both form and design. This obviously includes (and needs to continue to include) the use of period engines; both for aesthetic reasons and also because many modern engines and environmental aids just would not fit. Another concern is the proposed time scales of this legislation. Some kit car builds are complex and can take up to three to five years. There should therefore be an exceptional transition period of at least 36 months for this sector. Once again, the damage to this small industry which provides to a niche, but thriving enthusiasts sector is likely to be totally incommensurate with the infinitesimal effect such measures will have on the overall aims of the legislation. A blanket strategy is simply not appropriate here. I would therefore respectfully suggest that the kit car proposals in section 4 of the consultation document should be seriously reconsidered. At the very least, a Regulatory Impact Assessment should be carried out before any changes are made to kit car legislation. This should seek to ensure that any such changes and consequent commercial damage are commensurate with the (detailed) environmental benefits. Finally, I would appreciate your acknowledgement that my response has been received and will be duly considered.
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    I finally got my Engine ready for hibernation. Then off to pick up my kit! Cant wait to get started. I
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    Looks good Paul. I've used the 3m carbon wrap and looks pretty decent. I have fitted the reflectors. I blutak'd them to the lower arches and didnt like them, so stuck them here. Seem fine and thats where they are staying.I couldnt go further under the lights due to the curvature of the panel. Yes, it needs a clean with all the grinding of brake pads the other week.
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    Throttle reponse not too good either.
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    I got the chassis off the build trolley and onto its side tonight ready to spray the underside with a final coat. Then it will be brake and fuel lines time
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    That didn't look out of place, so I'd not commented on it. I'm suprised he's not got a perspex end cover on his diff, so you can see his blue and orange crown wheel
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    After somehow coming across a video on YouTube of a chap who had made himself a Harley Davidson sign out of wood with not much more than a router and a gas torch I thought how difficult could it be so I set about trying to recreate one of our company logos that is already in use throughout our showroom in wood! I was really pleased with the results and cost £10 for a used scaffold board, a few quid for the gas I used - obviousely excluding any tools I had to invest in I did take some pics of the process so if you are interested I will pop them up later
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    I got started on the header tank today, the filler neck and mountings are tacked in place. Now i can position where the inlet and outlet pipes best positioning will be.
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    Thanks Cleggy So yesterday I asked fellow member David to get CAD drawing done for me so I can 3D print a couple of parts Printing on the 3D printer With the centre fitted how it will look on the steering wheel
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    Happy to pass on some more positive feedback for NMS. I took my 2litre Duratec Westie for some fast road cams, then a RR setup by the master Troy. Excellent service, Chris did a great job fitting the cams, despite me watching him out of interest. Tried not to put him of focus by asking too many questions! Troy worked his magic, mapping! Very happy, can’t wait to get her back on road. Come on the sun! v lucky today, arrived after a 3 hour journey dry! Again dry for return! Incredible. Andy
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    This car was built by my father in law with some help from me (lifting heavy bits as Tony had MS) It's build was the last thing Tony was able to do before his MS took hold. At his funeral last week pictures of him building it featured in the slide show, we were wondering where it was, now we know! Good luck with the sale All the best Kenton
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    Ok so you know I've been playing around with my instrument lighting, sorry about the quality of this image Well I fitted LED's into the 5" gauges then LED bulbs into the 2" gauges but the balance was not right plus the tacho was different to the Speedo, this I knew previously but it meant striping down the Tacho and reducing the facia by 2mm across the dia to allow more light onto the reflector ring I made a turntable with a Hot chocolate jar to enable me to rotate the dial whilst I ground it down, the lid is double sided to the rear of the facia and the thread has been removed from the lid to allow full 360 degree rotation In the mean time I got some LED strip lights for the 2" gauges to try, tight fit but they just fit, if you are intending to do similar then make sure you dab hot melt glue around the edge of the led strip to hold it in place Now the light level is even and IMHO looks great
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    When I collected the kit, the front dampers and springs were seperate Sometime last week I was having a bit of a tidy up and thought "I might as well put those springs onto the dampers". So when I extended the damper and tried to put the spring on I realised why they were not on, the springs were longer than the damper when extended by around an inch or so. I had no way or facility to compress them to get them on, and was not sure if they should be compressed anyway. BUT WHAT A GREAT CLUB WE ARE! A pm exchange with @DamperMan confirmed that preload on the springs happens a lot. He very kindly offered to fit the springs for me, which he has done and I collected them tonight Many thanks Tony @DamperMan, very much appreciated
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    Hi cheers everyone for suggestions, especially Dave Eastwood for the link for oddefied racing, who fixed my ecu ( mba ) which had a problem with one of the ignition drivers, ( very cheap) going sweet now cheers. Dave
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    It's off. It's all about having the right tool for the job Thanks to @CL290005 for the loan of the bearing puller
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    So the reason I mentioned the roller door was because my wife thinks it’s a good idea as it will make getting trailer in and out much easier. She even offered to go halfers on it. Result. So I mentioned that “one of the lads” recently fitted the type we were looking at for his Cobra build. “What’s a Cobra” she says. So I show her a pic and now she wants me to build one! Sadly spare cash and garage space dictate this can’t be done unless I sell the Westy. So maybe when I retire - maybe...
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    Picked module 3 up last Friday and Ian loaded the van and answered a lot of questions from me. I need to find the centre line of my car. Can i just measure the centre of the front and rear chassis cross members and that will give me the centre line or is this not accurate? Just a couple of pictures of module 3 bits.
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    Yesterday I downloaded a CAD programme then drew up my collar ring for the fuel filler. Took me ages to work out how to save as a STL, Then transferred to 3D printer Finished results are good for the IVA test
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    Car now found and being delivered tomorrow! Thank you to those that did respond. What a lovely bunch of people on here. Let the tinkering commence!
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    My new roof with full cage from soft bits. Very pleased with how it turned out.
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    Thankfully was able to fit the gearbox speed sensor without moving anything, although it's pretty tight in the tunnel! However also found my crank sensor in my box of engine bits checked behind the water pump and indeed, there was a piece of tissue blocking up the hole where the sensor in my hand should be. So, spent an hour stripping back the ancillaries to be able to fit it.
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    Hi all, Likely the newest member for the time being. The names Alan and in Pembrokeshire, West Wales with a newly aquired MegaS2000. Come on Spring Time
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    Pffft, garages! I built this one on the drive. Here we are, a Christmas holidays a couple of years back, riveting in the cold. Brightened up, but you can see where the drive is still damp from rain earlier.
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    Fuel pressure is set at 3.5 psi, float set at 1mm below the bottom of the chamber - my carb is almost vertical rather that the normal Metro angle, I'll have a look at that tomorrow with my old carb that I used to ensure that the carb and manifold cleared the bonnet. The carb has been dispatched back to the supplier who's going check it over and look at possible causes for over fuelling. I'd offered the Midget gearbox to a local Lotus 7 owner - his has an A series with a midget gearbox and is planning to get the gearbox overhauled and then do a straight swap - he drives the 7 throughout the year and is planning to do this year's Le Mans Classic with the Historic Lotus Club. It also turns out that he has a spare HIF44 carb so is going to bring it over on Friday to give it a try, having owned the 7 for ~50 years he's reasonable well versed in A series engines and SU Carbs so hopefully will be able to pitch in with a few ideas. With no progress on the engine start I've decided to focus on finishing off the rest of the car by the end of the week. This morning was spent fettling the rear body, Myles and I fitted it last night for the first time with all the inner arches and IVA trim and found we couldn't do up the DZEUS fasteners. To achieve a good fit I had to remove material from both n/s and o/s inner arches, around the drivers side of the cockpit to clear the Sports Turbo seat and then lots of adjustments and trimming to the n/s lower clam where it meets the alloy pontoon. I've left this joint clamped up with a G-clamp and applied some heat with a heat gun to try and get the fibre glass to 'learn' a better match the pontoon. I then moved on to test all the electrics - success - everything works and I even did a trial run setting up the speedo based on a rough calculation (13+(2x.8x6)x 3.14) = 71" per revolution, 63390/71 = 892 revolutions/mile, 892x4 (studs on prop) x 3.9 (diff ratio) = 13,915 pulses/mile - I set to 13,500 to ensure that it over reads and I will confirm everything once I'm able to get the car out of the garage under it's own steam. I fitted the rear view mirrors to the scuttle, using one of screen mounts and then drilling a new hole on each side that will be covered by the screen when it's fitted. The final task of the day was to fit the steering rack stops, having previously done a check of the clearances there was minimal of any contact but there's no point taking a chance for the IVA especially as the steering rack is so easily accessible. I used jubilee clips and silicone hoses 15mm on n/s and 42mm on the o/s - tested once fitted and the tyres don't get anywhere close to the bodywork so plenty of room for optimisation post IVA to get as good a turning circle as possible. The "To Do" list is now down to passengers cockpit (carpets/seat/harness), suspension setup and final torque up - and get the carb refitted and the engine running.... Nearly there.......
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    Just for @DonPeffers - I’ll get me coat...
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    Evening all, Well, it's been a few months, but Good News! Westfield ended up taking the car back early December to try to sort the engine issue, and as of this week, it's back and fixed! Due to all the trouble we've had they have kindly done a full IVA prep on it, so the paperwork is now well underway to get the IVA sorted, and us all on the road. Apparently the engine problems were caused by a combination of a duff battery, and grounding issues. That more or less explains why it wouldn't work even when being jumped, as the grounding issues were stopping it from working still. They had suggested redoing the grounds, which we had, though after that we had only tried to start it off the b*******ed battery. If we'd jumped it again it might have worked. Ah well - a simple fix at least. So now, with a nice new battery, and re-redone grounding, it fires up nicely. I may have taken it for a quick trip up and down the close, just to prove that it actually works... It sounds great (even in first gear...). Pops and bangs from the exhaust, and a whole variety of whistles, flutters and hisses from the intake and the turbo. It's certainly characterful. It feels fast too, though not had it above about 20 yet...
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    I use one of these @Thrustyjust, makes rattle can work much nicer/easier http://www.halfords.com/workshop-tools/garage-workshop/welding-metal-work/can-gun-1-spray-can-tool?_br_psugg_q=spray+cans
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    All fairly straight forward but quite rewarding
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    Congrats on the new car Andy, folks should I be getting worried!!! If your names Andrew you get a V8 Mr Clarke has one , now Andy R has one ! Should I tell Becky or just get one so I don’t feel left out. As quoted by Syman it’s easier to seek forgiveness than ask for permission!! I’m walking a thin line as it’s is so might leave it a while , hope to see you at the windmill Andy.
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    Well, the weather was 'supposed' to be car friendly this weekend. How wrong I was in the south. Yesterday was just rain all day and today seems to be drizzle and rain as well. Yes, it was warmer, but , I cant say I fancied going out. So, I set about some more tinkering. I had to take the back wheels off and seal them, to match the fronts , so they were duly removed, washed, dried , panel wiped and a coat of C5 in every nook and cranny. It maybe a sealant, but it does give an added shine. I also washed off the calipers, and disc hub ( OCD in action here) . I also decided that the rear discs , they arent located onto the hub and looking at a screwless disc, to locate it, decided to drill and tap them both into location. I had actually put the handbrake on, before removing the wheels , so it kept the location on the disc to the hub. The countersunk hole in the disc is 6mm, so to tap it M5, you start drilling 6mm ! . This then centralises the drill bit in the disc hole centre. Then, when a mark is made, change to an 5mm drill and keep drilling until you go through the drive flange. Use an M6 tap to tap the hole. Then clean up any swarf , which went everywhere, but on the n/s I didnt want to undo the handbrake, so had a bit to clean and refresh the coppaslip before replacing the sealed wheels. Splodge of coppaslip on an M6 X 20mm countersunk screw and its all done While under the N/S , I checked the shock that was previously rubbing on the spring and it all seems fine, as the Protec stickers are still there and no signs of spring grinding swarf anywhere. An easy job to sort out today, but one thats bugged me since I built the car originally.
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    Now the tricky one as this has more profile changes and different widths along its length so again first job was to stick the foam onto the gap mould trying to decide where to start gluing next was to mask edge to apply glue to edge then start gluing the leather into place then pull over the leather and fix ok there was a lot more to it but you may have fallen asleep by now so in good old Blue Peter fashion this is one I made earlier And the two pieces trial fitted on the car, the triangle is not final fitted with its finishing screws which will pull it back onto its fitting correctly Overall for my first attempt at trimming I am pleased with the results and looking at it in the car does make the cockpit area inviting
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    My rear wheels arrived from compomotive today. Hopefully will get the tyres mounted and fitted tomorrow.
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    Last nights challenge was to remove the hub from the half shaft so I can renew the bearings. One shaft/hub had already been seperated by whoever broke the donor car, so just one to do for me. On with the hub puller A big heave on the hub puller lever did not budge anything. So I removed the lever, fetched the breaker bar and a suitable socket and tried again - No luck. It simply would not budge. So the next port of call was the Impact Wrench. 450Nm of torque and it moved about 3mm Over the weekend I had sprayed a load of penetrating oil around the hub and half shaft, So I was pretty surprised that it would not budge. I decided to spray it all again with a cocktail of penetrating oil and WD40. I then wound in the hub puller again with the Impact wrench, and whilst keeping the trigger pulled I whacked the hub a few times around the perimter to try and shock it. Still no joy. So I walked away for 10 minutes and had a cup of tea thinking I am probably beaten here. After a while I returned and after 3 or 4 spirited goes with the shock treatment described above, I finally broke the joint All in all it took me nearly 2 hours to do!!
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    Current classic car prices are just crazy. I never thought my little cars could be thought of as being in this category as they were intended to be individual pieces of “fun”motoring. They were fun then and I am sure now. i still remember driving number 1 and thinking great FUN!! Enjoy!