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    Checked my reg. no. (Yep being a poser. Kids said I had to do it!) on DVLA website. Details all correct, "Next tax due 1st Oct 2018", good enough for me . Quick call to the ever helpful APlan, insurance cert. sent by email. Open road awaits. Weather forecast was for sunny spells and rain later, looking outside, breezy, grey clouds, what sun? So grab a fleece each (financial controller was as keen I was!), and off we set. Wasn't sure what to expect never having a car like this before, so gently out of the village, over old airfield, b----r, few drops of "moisture" on the screen, never mind on we go, and sure enough it soon stopped. Heading west, looked murky over the Quantocks and definitely raining over the Blackdowns and Taunton! So we got to Walford Cross, looked at each other and decided to whimp out and head for home rather than head into the rain and visit our friends. Promise we'll be more adventurous when we've got a lid! Suggested it might be good to stop in a scenic layby so the boss could take some quick photos of car on its "maiden voyage". Polite version of reply was no, I'm down here now, not leaping out till we're home! So have to make do with some in car shots for now. Made it home before the rain, just! Nearly home! So first trip of 20 miles completed, car ran faultlessly. Initial thoughts, impressed and a little suprised at the way it handles pretty average road surfaces. Took it gently so can't comment on handling. Easy to drive with responsive steering, no sign of wander on patched surfaces, comparatively light steering once rolling. Did a bit of brake bedding, and found they were quite efficient once i'd recalibrated myself back to non-assisted brakes. I've fitted wind deflectors, but we were both a bit suprised at how much wind buffeting we encountered around our heads, mind you it was quite breezy. Definitely need warm hats down over our ears and well nailed on in future. Think we'll be digging out the thermals in the near future. Think a neck buff will be a must in the cooler weather. Guess sidescreens would provide more comfort, but wanted to try the car in its "near raw state" if that makes sense. The engine pulls like a train, even driving gently, certainly got oddles of torque. Followed a car doing 50ish, straight clear road, gentle press of the throttle in 5th, and we were passed and up to motorway speeds in no time! Oops, running in honest guv. Checked the car over back at home, all well, very small weep from heater inlet, not suprised, 19mm hose onto 16mm stub has concerned me! First impressions, this is going to be a fun car, characterful car! Even better, I assembled it (sorry does that sound big headed?). Role on a dry sunny day. Apologies for droning on, been a great day!
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    Thanks for all the hard work crunching numbers and gravel traps this year Tigger! As has been said, couldn't have a championship without dedicated members such as yourself Congratulations to John on securing his second over all championship! 0.06s on the penultimate run of the year, fair play for getting the job done under that pressure, but what a git! Happy it has gone to someone who has scored decent points by beating many of their own target times from previous seasons. Congratulations to AdamR for securing the mini championship again, this time in a relatively standard car and at best on 1B tyres, sometimes on 1A 'Eco' tyres, and with the minimum of stress possible! A brave man to trust me with his car at an event where points were required. Just be grateful those corner markers are polystyrene, not the concrete I thought they were for the first few events when I started sprinting! As for Steve, well, I am quite sure he has put in more hours and effort rectifying bad luck than any other competitor in the championship! To get the car turned around at such short notice and with such major repairs (new engines, new front end of a chassis (!!!!)) but still have the enthusiasm and energy to get out and keep chasing and beating target times...blimey. True grit and determination! Congratulations to all the class winners but also to those who beat PBs, achieved personal goals or just generally had fun and enjoyed the Speed Series! It's genuinely hard to imagine competing in sprints and hillclimbs being as much fun if I wasn't part of the WSCC. If people weren't as friendly and helpful I'd have probably b*******ed off and bought a single seater by now, the cheating way to go faster!
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    I'm very pleased to report that by providing both the tach and speedo with a direct-to-battery power source that the 'needle dipping' is a thing of the past. After messing with it for so long I'd gotten to the point where I was just going to live with it but felt one last attempt to fix was in order....and you guys set me up. Thanks for the feedback and help. As a slight aside during my test drive today to check the electronics I rolled past the 10,000 mile point on the car. Not bad....never broke down, never left me stranded and raced week after week for years now. What a great car! dave
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    Haven't put many miles on the car this week due to various things, prime one being I've trapped a nerve in my back, b----y nuisance, and painful. Anyway woke to gorgeous sunshine this morning. So after looking after my grandson for a couple of hours, went for a run. Headed west along the northwest Somerset coast, then back inland over the Brendon Hills. Headed homewards and popped in to see my friend who helped with the build, for a cup of coffee, and took him out for a quick spin. Total of 75 miles in all. Most enjoyable, particularly when I got off the busy A39, and headed for the hills. Car ran faultlessly, and I'm getting used to it. Certainly a different driving experience, great fun even just pottling about, getting used to the "whooshing" (best way I can describe it) of the waste gate every time I lift off . As you would expect given the torque it produces, it pulled like a train up a 17% (about 1 in 6 in my speak!) hill. Still got a smile on my face now! Couple of photos of car posing up on the Brendon's. Now clocked some 115 miles, time for a check over methinks. Only thing dropped off so far is an M5 dome head bolt holding the ECU plate onto the dash hoop, refitted with star washer, repeated on the second bolt just in case. I'd checked the cycle wing bolts before going out, nipped up a little, seem to remember reading they can loosen in service. Mind you not suprised, seeing how they flap about as you drive along! Role on the next sunny day.
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    My new Revolution 4 spokes at home in Montana. dave
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    Today was a day where you wanted to own a red Westfield, do you like the ivy growing on the side of this Hall? Your car would look good in front of it Not bad More later, but we go to McDonalds first, where Scott is doing some squats at the side of his Honda powered car, building up for the cake-eating session that followed. There were Ian, Dave, Martyn and Sue, Andrew and Clare, Robin, Scott and Charlie, Chris and Paul, making 8 Westfields and a VX220. We arrived at GBS and just managed to squeeze in. Nigel Curry was not far behind us in his red Westfield, just peeking through in the background. Let's have a cake moment shall we? Robin and Chris deciding if they could eat more cake We got a factory tour from Richard, the owner, who took lots of time to explain to us how they make all the parts they need. The new car is being released next year and he told us what improvements they have made, wow it will be quite a car. No worries on the parking, if your car is in the way, someone will just wheel it into position. Is it Halloween just yet? Ian left us Followed by Dave We were hungry and went in search of lunch........ Chris, Andrew and Clare and Martyn and Sue followed us to Thoresby Hall, where we drove straight into a photo opportunity Before parking properly We went for lunch Then we went into the World War 1 trenches in the small adjoining museum A great day out with excellent company, thank you to everyone for coming along, I hope that you enjoyed it too
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    So having sold the Haynes an unfinished westy was advertised and duly a purchase was agreed soooo my mate and me borrowed a trailer and off we went left at 3.30 this morning down south and back home at 3.30 this afternoon and now have a Mazda sdv sitting in the garage and parts everywhere so tommorow I'll go over everything and sort out jobs to do , what else is required, what all I have or don't have and no doubt be asking loads of questions, please don't be shy if you see anything that needs attention or is wrong ( Geoffrey that does not include the colour) a couple of pics from today to start off with, wish me luck
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    Today was a very very good day...
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    A BlinkStop kit with 10% WSCC discount makes a nice Christmas present I've heard
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    Not quite but should be! A huge thank you to Siltech who have fitted a whole new front end, steering arms, roll bar, radiator, nose, engine mounts, repaired the sump and replaced rear lugs on gear box which had broken clean off. Steve bought it back at midnight last night and has a few things to finish off, but should be there with the car. Steve is harder to repair and has a very pretty yellow neck but has spent 2 days and a night helping at Siltech to get it ready. I am fitting a brick under the throttle to stop him doing it again! See you all there with or without the car!
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    Great pictures Trevor, thank you. I thought it was going to be a goooood day and it was, after all FLAG GATE was born today. Julie forget her flag so Mr Warwickshire Area had to stand there and rub it in didn't he, and do you think everyone else joined in? it goes without saying really But first, we picked this Motley Crue up at Halfords, which Ali thinks is McDonalds, but actually is a Marks and Spencers cafe, confused???? it's allowed. Trevor, Martyn and Sue, Paul VX, Billy, Ali and Gail and us, making a 6 car convoy We got free entry into the Steam Party, parked in show position and put the singular flag up. We had a good look around at the steam engines, both in motion around the parade ring and the ones on stand. There were classic cars and a 90 year old Crossley Engine which was running as smooth as it's first day I had a route planned, but it seemed daft to go North, when most people were from the South, so we went to Fradley Junction on the canal instead. It must be hard work driving a VX because Paul looks like he is having an afternoon power nap. The eagle-eyed will be able to spot our cars in the background. We scattered off in various directions from here, but, there had been NO CAKE TODAY, so, on the way home we called in Willersley Castle for jammy tea cakes We just got home before it went dark.
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    Tel’s Tales Curborough Figure of 8 Oct 2017 This event was run by MAC and the figure of 8 has become a popular layout compared to the single or double lap options. There were 12 speed series competitors (including 3 in class J2) present and a few Westfield supporters visited to watch the runs. At the briefing we were told that the event was oversubscribed and a few of us wondered why that had happened! The result was that special arrangements had been put on place to make sure we got 2 practice and 2 timed runs before 6pm. For me, I had a frantic early morning start due firstly having to do a one mile walk at 0500hrs to free off my sciatic nerve pain and then when I set off the trailer lights decided to have a mind of their own and switch on and off at random. A swift kick sorted that problem out! It had rained overnight and the track was still damp but a cloudy dry day was promised and that is what we got despite some threatening dark clouds. P1 was marginal and entertaining for the slick shod car drivers and Matthew Haynes spun off whilst Derek Hodder and Adam Phelps put in quick runs. I then helped Martin to soften off his shock absorbers to try and get more grip. P2 the sun actually began to warm the track and the tyres (not had much of that this year) so times tumbled. I watch Garry Bunn on his very aggressive run and was amazed he made it through 2 of the corners but clearly the car is handling brilliantly including speeds of around 115mph through the finish. Derek Hodder posted 57.00 secs ( target of 58.09secs) and Adam was not far behind in the Busa with on 57.31 secs which he could not reproduce in the timed runs as the track got colder. T1 This started after lunch and saw Del and Garry tightening up the paddle shift which had worked loose ( Garry is a bit of an animal!). Mark Schlanker in the OMS broke a halfshaft so that put him out. Due to the clouds reappearing and Stephen Herbert telling us that rain was forecast after 2pm we all needed to get a good run in the bank. Luckily the rain never arrived. T2 was definitely a colder track so improving on times was hard. As I queued up for my run Charlotte Phelps approached holding a wheel wrench in her hand. I had previously commented on her sitting on top of the busa’s roll cage and I thought she was going to get her own back. It turned out that the starter solenoid on the busa was on the blink so she had a suitable tool to give it a friendly tap and get it working. I am sure that if I was her and Adam I would have a word with their travelling mechanic/sponsor/dad as I am sure they had this problem at a previous event and it should have been fixed! In the end Derek, Garry, Adam and Matthew Haynes all beat the target times and banked some good points. All cars looked undamaged and ready for the final Anglesey weekend despite John Loudon trying a new line straight across the top of the molehill which certainly tested out his ground clearance and suspension but did not improve his time. ( he still beat me!) See you there and bring some good weather Terry Everall Class G Competitor
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    Wiring progressing, the first job was to identify each of the 4 looms then work out from wire colour coding which each connection is designed for. Next was to layout the engine loom starting at the alternator and working back to the bulkhead, here I made a alloy plate to route the cables through allowing me to be able to seal this onto the transmission cover when its fitted Next job was to route the lighting cable across the bonnet
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    I was not pleased with the look of the Iook of the filler on the rear tub of the C type but also I was not keen on the realm solution of riveting the dish on to the tub decided I would let this into the body work pleased now with the overall look
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    A good run out into Wales today
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    An excellent day...stuff ' in your backyard' you didn't know about.. a few miles from me and I didn't know it was there Some pics 7& oh..and we only had one wscc flag and Glen mentioned there were procurement activities on going Some nice little toys..but I can hear the ' what have you bought now' ringing in my ears Thanks for a great day out
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    Grabbed a couple of hours in the garage with Trina, result brakes all filled and bled, no leaks and clutch filled and bled positioned the clamshells and attached the bighead bolts don’t worry they will be white !!! You can just spot Trina in the drivers seat
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    It's been a few weeks since I last posted as I haven't had much garage time through a combination of University runs and work. With the Classic Vehicle Restoration Show now only 3 weeks away I need to get the car to the point where it can be trailered safety there and I'm away in the US next week so I needed to get some hours in the garage this weekend. Rather than fit the IVA 'frogeyes' I fitted the standard head light covers. First I measured up and marked up the bonnet and fitted the countersunk M6 aluminium rivnuts. Once these were fitted I offered up each of the covers and marked up the holes on one side trying to get the best fit on that side. After drilling the holes I screwed on the lens and then marked out the edges with masking tape that I then cut down to with a combination of flap disc and sanding paper. Once I was happy with the fit I marked up the holes for the opposite side, drilled them then polished the lens and fitted them Near side lens Offside lens The manual has the fuse boxes fitted by cutting clearance holes through the passenger footwell and then mounting them with the fuse box covers accessible. Having looked at other build blogs I decided that I'd mount them on a bracket accessible through the padded dash quarter close out panel. I've bought 25mm offsets but couldn't find them so will fit them later. Next I fitted the exhaust, there's a noise reduction cone for the IVA that needs to be fitted between the link and exhaust box and it took a couple of goes before I worked out how to mount the anti-vibration 'bobbin' on the band at the rear of the exhaust. The final job I completed was connecting up the alternator, temperature sender and Megajolt EDIS and coil pack
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    It happened without fanfare, but @Mark (smokey mow) has retired as Joint AO for the Essex Area. By the time I joined the clan, Mark was busy with various projects that took up enough time to limit his appearances at meets, so our paths haven't crossed that often. However, on the occasions I have met him, he has always been interesting and engaging company. When I was looking for some help with information on the mighty crossflow, Mark was front and centre with exactly what I needed. He certainly "knows his stuff" when it comes to all things Westfield, reflected in the quality and detail when he responds to various questions on the Forum. Mark assures me he will continue to meet up with us as and when he can. I am sure that there are members of longer standing than me that would like to take the opportunity to thank Mark for his input and effort during his tenure. Thanks Mark.
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    Thanks Kevin, it's been a pleasure serving the Essex Area as an AO and also the Club I'm certainly not planning on leaving the club anytime soon or for the forseeable future. I've got a few projects in the pipeline which include finishing a house refurb and also the restoration of two JW4's. I'm also halfway through putting a book together on the history of Johnny Walker's Racing Cars so I'm struggling to find the same time to give to the club that I have in the past. I consider many of the people on this forum to be my friends so I'll still be wasting my spare evenings on here and helping others as best I can.
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    I spent a few days in late May/June in the Norwegian fjords on this:
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    @IanK (Bagpuss) is the reason I try to save the spillage, its on back order for the whole UK because of him and his shenanigans
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    See photos. Basically I made up the ducting panels in carbon (of course ) and pop riveted them together using some small steel brackets The panels sit inside the intercooler tight to the sides and rest on the bottom panel. There is a slight recess from the front of the perimeter panels to the cooling fins, so the panels are held conveniently held in place. I then made up an ally bracket to hold the top panel in position which connects to the Radtec bracket on the top of the rad which holds the intercooler Towards the bottom of the side panels I used a small strip of carbon pop riveted to the side panels. I then used a kitchen bracket which is just wedged between the intercooler and the radiator. @Tim (TimDave25) - Joint Thames Valley AO @darve- FYI
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    I finally found them on RS of all places. Very proud to announce all four have been replaced and they look SO much better. I know it's a little thing but when you roll with the vehicle of @Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO then you need to make sure your bling is looking good
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    Looks mint Glad you've landed at least one nice October day for a good drive. Myself and @CraigHew clocked up 140 miles today around some very nice south Shropshire roads,really good drive. Downside is Craig always forces me to join in with his unhealthy eating habits Forced me into a Full English again..........
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    Thanks John, Siltech are doing their best and are hopeful they will get it done and have made 70% of the front chassis already, carbon fibre has been ordered, sump repaired so as long as nothing else is found to be broken we should be there. Steve is feeling worse today but he is not getting much sympathy! We have decided that even if the car is not ready we will still come as it is the end of the season and I am sure someone will need some help over the weekend!
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    I am hoping to come along! Will know nearer Currytime
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    So diff setup... given we're going to be anywhere from 700bhp-1000bhp it was/is a bit of a quandary. Dan's MegaWatt is running around 500-600bhp and about 1000ftlbs but that's through one fixed gear. His little Quaife ATB in the Sierra 7" has held up remarkably well. No signs of issues with it at all yet - despite drag launches, driving like a lunatic, 100% slick use, etc. etc. However, that is just one gear, no shock loadings from flatshifts/dogboxes, the roads here are pretty slippy and the track isn't prepped... this new car is six gears and I do plan to send it regionally and to prepped surface tracks. So what options? Subaru? Passed over. Looked at the older BMW LSDs (those without all the electronic rubbish) which while an M5 one might have done the job, just can't get the ratio - need a CWP of 5.something to get the gearing right. Looked at the S2000 diff, but forums seems to say they're not up to much over the standard bhp from the car - the forced inductions ones go to the Ford 8.8 diff (heavy, cumbersome and seemingly quite expensive if you don't know how to cherry pick the parts), others look at the 300ZX diff. Kits were $3500 for them! Didn't feel 100% with any of those, so, what next. Well, bright suggestion from a friend was the Toyota Supra. Looking into it, they are well spec'd, well documented and have a good track record putting down insanely large figures. A bit of searching later (thanks US eBay) and I now have a fresh Mk3 LSD winging it's way from the US to County Durham all for under 500quid including postage. Not bad... Liking the many mounting points on the back... Will obviously require some rather special fabrication from Plays-Kool and some custom driveshafts but feeling a bit more confident with this one's ability to handle the power, torque, launches and abuse. Weir Performance (http://www.weirperformance.com) do a 5.7 CWP along with an uprated shim/clutch/spring kit, so will be ordering that on Monday. A bonus is looking at the vids and examples around the diff doesn't need any fancy, specialised tools to work on it (unlike the Sierra) so *hopefully* maintenance will be a lot simpler. The gearing charts, well, at 12,000rpm in 6th it'll be good for 160mph. Don't really plan on getting there though, car would likely take off airbourne long before that figure is reached! 6th is an overdrive anyway, 1:1 is 5th and it's geared for ~145mph 1/4 mile and most medium straight length circuits with this setup so pretty happy. Now will require some magic from Luke to package this setup up...
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    Been trying new materials and blades for my vynil cutter, so decieded to do it with a funny design, so as soon as the result was acceptable, I could offer them for free to you guys. That will happen every now and then, as to find the parameters every time I change the blade or the vynil supplier, I have to waste a few inches of material finding the parameters. This time, testing has been done as "from ape to kit car" Darwin style evolution stickers. There is 5 of them in chrome yellow. Yes, I only have 5 No, there is no more colors available right now. You pay the stamp via paypal, I pay the envelope and I take the hassle to go to the post office. They are about 18cm long *Terms and conditions: You must be a paying member. You must stick it to your kit car, and post a picture... so, we create a bit of a contest. Yo must not have a yellow car... for obvious reasons. @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary hope I´m not doing anything wrong... I tag you so you find it straightforward, and if you wish move it or delete it.
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    ... well that ended with a very close thing dind't it, who'd of thought eh? I'd like to congratulate John Hoyle for winning the Speed Series (Expert) for the 2nd time, and to Steve Carpenter for the Novice Championship, well done both, and to David, really sorry, nothing more you could have done, it was soooo close. I myself came in at a Strong 18th place (that's where it's at I've heard) but hope to do much better next year so Mr Skidmorre, watch out The final results are linked below - Please note: If you have any queries/questions or challenges, please can you register them within the next 48 hours. After that these scores will be final. Thanks for your time, see you at the awards :-) Anglesey R36 (Expert) - Sat Results Anglesey R36 (Expert) - Sun Results Anglesey R36 (Novice) - Sat Results Anglesey R36 (Novice - Sun Results Tiggs ........ over and out
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    Found this cat on my bonnet today, can't think what to do with it
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    How do you make a cat bark?............................one gallon of unleaded and wooof
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    Winter is long where I live and that gives lots of time to obsess about stuff like this. Last winter a talented engineer friend of mine ran very in depth numbers to try to predict how much a change of gearing from 3.9 to 3.6 would change the acceleration from 0 - 60 mph. The best we could figure was that it would hurt less than .08 seconds but with the added benefit of having more head room in any given gear. I certainly can't feel a difference. One thing I do know for sure is that each year our autocross club has an annual event that uses an identical course so that times can be compared from one year to another. In 2016 my best time with the 3.9 gearing was a 48.74 seconds and in 2017, using a 3.6 gear, I was able to put down a 48.20 second run.....a large improvement. I no doubt lost just a bit of time due to the slower acceleration with the taller gear but I gained much more because I was not hitting the limiter and had a higher speed in 2nd gear. I realize my usage is a bit unique but I feel confident in saying that any decrease in acceleration is very, very small and for many the benefits of the taller gear will no doubt outweigh the small downside. dave
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    I hear a lot of 3 cylinder engines every day at work
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    New radiator arrived from WSC under warranty- still waiting on report from manufacturer as to why it's failed. Exhaust manifold back from being welded and alloy rack mounts arrived too. Let's get busy!
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    I thought I would treat myself and ordered one of these lovely steering wheels.
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    Hut 8 booked, 4 huts remaining. 256 sleeps to go and now after nearly 7 years and 2 cracked sumps, my Westy at last has a shortened sump fitted
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    And many thanks to you Kevin for organising it. Great fun and oh-so close to a trophy...... of course, they did have to pay £150 each for that 6 seconds!
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    Can I say something weird? You need a propper race Wet tyre to get better performance in wet than a Toyo 888 in wet or damp condition... And @AdamR and myself, prooved that last season with our wet performance with semislick over than people trying to swap to road tyres, R1R's and some ones with propper wets... For a road tyre being more effective on water over a Toyo 888, the ammount of water has to be that hughe that you shouldn't be on track... What i mean is that probably, you will put something with more groove on it, and you may feel dissapointed as grip in wet/damp will not improve, and probably will decrease.
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    For road use, in a 600kg car, realistically speaking, you don't need more than the cheapest thing you find in the petrol station. Renewed periodically and correctly bleeded, will have more than enough performance to stop your car... and is likely to stop it on track also with no hughe problems... As a former user of Castrol RBF600/660 and Motul SRF... and since few years "downgraded" to the ATE fluid (power blue or Type200, isn't really important as they are the same thing) I couldn't justify pay the extra cost of the "posh" ones. If on road runs with our sort of cars, you are having lack of performance, brake fluid, if new, will not make any difference and your problems are somewhwere else... Problem with the posh brake fluids (name a few again Castrol RBF, Motul SRF, even ATE) is that they are highly hygroscopic. All the brake fluids are... but when higher dry boiling point grater hygroscopic capacity. That means basically that they absorve a lot more of moisture than the road focused ones and they degrade faster than the road (change once a year) ones. Select your stuff by the use you are going to have. Road and occasional track... use a road focused fluid and put special attention in the bleeding. that's it.
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    I got my tires mounted up yesterday (Toyo RA1's) and took the first drive this morning. Smoother, better damped and better in every way. And I love the way they look. dave
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    Mmmmm cake @Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO
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    I'm blaming you lot for all the winter weather you've induced by starting tinkering early. Put your tools away, get driving and hopefully we'll have some better weather
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    I have had my carbon fetish suitably resolved 'for now' Fitted these the last couple of nights and very happy with them, thanks to @carbon-nv Have got my S2000 handbrake lever and is a quality item . Luckily the breakers had the reg number on the ticket on fleabay, so I checked the MOT history and last one was at 39 k miles a few months ago, so knew the lever was going to be a 'low mileage' one I need to made the rod between the handbrake and the stirrup holding the cables, as that is missing, but the switch is there. I have an idea brewing, which has created a bit of ridicule @IanK (Bagpuss) So, I am shopping this weekend in the ironmongery department