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Scottish Lowlands Mystery/Navigation Run - August 25th Saturday - POSTPONED 'til 2019

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7 hours ago, BigSkyBrad said:

No GPS-enabled device is to be used, just the re-settable trip meter on your speedo.

‘re-settable trip meter’ Hmm, don’t have one of these :oops:

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@H.7 There is only three trip resets in the route - one at the start, and two during the run, The mid-route ones are there because everyone's speedo reads slightly different - the resetting is there to stop the error getting out of hand. However, a none-trip speedo can still be used because the distance between each instruction/intersection is also given, so simple maths (addition) is used. If your mileometer is at 15678.4 and the next intersection is 1.3 miles away, you turn at 15679.7 - simples! A passenger to second-guess the maths will be handy for sure. When I was doing the bike nav runs back home, there were guys on old Bonnies etc that didn't have resetting tripmeters.

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Yesterday we were back out to do the route again, in the Westfield this time, following the route book as if we were on the day, and tweek it if necessary. Lovely warm day, roads were near empty, and some of the roads are sublime so we gave the car a good wringing! And we got some 'air' - a hump-back bridge snuck up on us!

So that's the route book sorted, the master ready for printing off the copies...


So far the starters are...

Yes (?)




Hornet 600

Maybe (?)



Gary Taylor


The run is just seven weekends away, it would be really great to see a decent number of cars take part on a fun, challenging and definitely different sort of run on some cool roads.

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Hi Brad ,

unfortunately I can't make that weekend, I have emailed the details to clan McWesty and will let you know of responses, it really sounds like fun and am gutted I can't pop down, good luck  with it and if you can let me have a few pictures and report , I'd be grateful

all the best Gary

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Looks like my plans are changing, and I should be able to make it now, so can you put me down for this please.

After all the effort you have put in to this, hopefully there will be a good turnout.



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Just five weekends away now - any more takers for a fun and challenging day out?

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Met up with a few of our lads tonight and most are off on a Scottish tour and others are, like me, on holiday the week prior to the event.

Pity as it does sound like fun, so good luck for all of you taking part. 

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16 sleeps to go ‘til the run-with-a-difference! Are we going to get some ‘softie south of the border’ folk to show us skirt-wearing heathens how it’s done?!


For those who are up for the challenge, here’s a checklist of things to bring…

1.       Cheery enthusiasm.

2.       Full tank of fuel.

3.       Pen.

4.       Hydration, it's a long day.

… and could also bring…

1.       A clip-board -  and an extra (bulldog?) clip at the bottom would stop the book flapping, especially if you’re one-up.

2.       Half/full hood – the weather can be hit-and-miss.

3.       A navigator makes it a bit easier (provided they know their right from left (no, the other left!)



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