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  1. Have a great day lads hope the weather is kind. It’s 34C and sunny here and the only available car left at the hire place was this - honest 🙄
  2. Previously has cost me £350 and then swapped mapper who charges £200 for half a day. Will depend on time spent I guess?
  3. Early version of how I held them in place. Two pop rivets in the door with p-clips to connect bungee chord. Later on I used chord without hooks. At the front I had a press stud that would easily pop off or act as a pivot. Initially I had the back pointy end hooked in place with a small bungee - now I have a cage and that holds the doors in place! don’t think I used this added fixing too much in the end - as I said been through a few incarnations and doors never fell off when not hooked in at the back. Also I repositioned them so they ended up flush (ish) with bodywork rather than early version where they kind of clipped in at the back. Can’t find any more useful pics though and as mentioned now have a cage so they fit differently
  4. That was DropBox - the swines changed their hosting rules a couple of years ago. I’ll add a few more pics as I mounted them better a few months after this post!
  5. Correct - we got 10% off that (then I had to bail 😭)
  6. I think I was chuffin VERY lucky! But not getting a Luk one to replace it that’s for sure! I keep saying this, but that has to be the LAST used bit that is left to replace with new or upgraded parts! Was on my original silvertop and was only supposed to have done a few thou miles.
  7. Managed to sneak into garage for an hour. Got the clutch apart - anyone spot the issue?
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