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  1. I think they need a smidge trimming off the fins under cxr’s and need to avoid balance weights! edit: whilst I have different uprights, theoretically the radius should be pretty close as the calipers will be matched to the disc size and that’s the same on mine as others - ie escort fronts. On mine the golf calipers and cxr’s just fit with a room for a thin piece of card between!
  2. I think when the dipped beam is on. My DRLs go off when the main lights come on. Production vehicles dim them. I guess it’s so they don’t dazzle at night.
  3. No they are not I’m afraid. Sidelights are nowhere near as bright. If you use DRLs as sidelights then they must auto dim.
  4. I have to miss Oulton. Dawned on me that I have a large project deployment planned for end of the month, so first week in April is the roll-out and firefighting week.
  5. It will depend on the wheels - I don't have the same calipers, but I tried some revolutions and they fouled the caliper, whereas CXRs just fit. So much of the time, unless someone has the exact same setup, it's a trial fit exercise.
  6. But @Plays-Kool know the car well and may have info for you?
  7. Dean has let his membership lapse so won’t be able to reply I’m afraid.
  8. Haha indeed they did - I have a hankering for one and suggested to the wife it might be on my Xmas list if I can wait that long. She said if we bought one as a present for us both we could afford a better model - result! I now just need to bring the timescale forward seeing that I already have “permission” so to speak.
  9. Up here everything for the Westy is £30 - but the wife was shocked when at Xmas I pointed her to a couple of pressie ideas that genuinely cost £30 - “see, told you” I said
  10. It’s a really nice circuit. Things are looking positive for me on this one - will probably decide next week.
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