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  1. judder

    Clan McWesty lead hills run

    This run out used to be on my doorstep. Great roads and well worth attending.
  2. FuuuuCCCC it !, company fishing trip ditched - so I'll make Friday as well now :-)
  3. judder


    Orkney to Strathpeffer is a fair drive - would be great to meet you guys, the strath is a stones throw away from me. What time you expected there ?
  4. car back on the road after 2yrs off. Still to test properly, but all going well I'll be able to come on the Saturday.
  5. judder

    Fitting a Raceline water rail to a Zetec

    I'd like to fit one of these, but apart from removing the vulnerable plastic thermostat housing, I thought part of the appeal was the removal of the header tank.
  6. judder

    Steering Rack Lock Stops

    I am also in the market for a pair. Bought the 2.4 QR from RD as well. Currently looking at these - https://www.bearingboys.co.uk/Double-Split-/CADB18Z--18mm-Shaft-Collar-Double-Split-40381-p I believe you need 2 different sizes. Cheers, Stephen
  7. judder

    Steering rack mounts

    Yes, same as supplied as standard from Westfield - all fitted now, just had to slit them on one side. The originals were sliced at the bottom but that meant the clamping pressure didn’t tighten the rubbers.
  8. judder

    Steering rack mounts

    Answered my own question Upton removal of the old rack. Interestingly the factory cut the rubbers at the bottom - yours are to the side which I would’ve said was correct.
  9. judder

    Steering rack mounts

    Just the standard rubber to suit metal brackets
  10. judder

    Steering rack mounts

  11. judder

    Steering rack mounts

    Hi folks, Bought a new rack from rally design and rubber mounts to replace my old ones. I assumed these rubbers would be split for fitting. I haven't removed the old rack yet but am I being stupid and I should just cut and fit them ? Cheers, Stephen.
  12. judder

    Cambelt tensioner woes

    ok, looks like it might be proper ******* :-( think I've put the bolt too far in and into the water jacket :-(
  13. judder

    Cambelt tensioner woes

    Hi Folks, hopefully someone can help me out with this - engine is a Ford ST170 and i'm trying to fit a new tensioner to the timing belt. I bought a new genuine ford part and right away I noticed that the new bolt length was about 5mm shorter than the original. Anyway my main problem is that I cannot seem to get the tensioner to tighten up to correct torque. It goes reasonable tight, then loosens off again. I tried both the original and the new bolts but they both do the same. I'm not entirely confident that iv'e been supplied the correct part - when I put the bolt in by itself, without the tensioner, it goes in very deep before it goes tight - It's as though I need a longer bolt ! Wish I could post pictures, but don't know how to transfer them from my iPhone to photobucket Cheers Stephen
  14. judder

    Stripped Thread

    Thanks for the replies, it's an ST170 engine - managed to check the bolt with a gauge and it's an M8 x 1.25mm pitch
  15. judder

    Stripped Thread

    went to fit the new cam belt tonight, but when i fitted the new tensioner, the bolt didn't tighten up properly and when i took it out, along came the thread. So--- I guess its a helicoil I need, assuming it can go into aluminium ok ? Can anyone confirm that the bolt is M6 1mm pitch ? Any advice, gratefully received, cheers Stephen.

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