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  1. I had an issue with stiff throttle when we bought our car, which ultimately ended in a downhill run with the throttle stuck open - yeehah! The root of the problem was that the coarse inner cable was sawing it's way through the Teflon liner inside the outer cable even though the cable has no tight turns. In the end the teflon liner separated and worked its way out and jammed the pedal. The solution was a Venhill cable (keep the outer, chuck the coarse wire) with an Oxford motorcycle repair kit wire (fine windings, super slinky, stronger than a mountain bike inner) and now the throttle runs like hot butter. Also, the Venhill cables come in several colours to suit your engine bay. I'm also suspicious that the likes of WD40/3in1 eventually softens the liner, so I've lubed this new setup with silicon spray.
  2. I have a mapping question that probably doesn't warrant a whole new thread, I'll piggyback on this one... I have a silvertop 1800 with original single throttle body and original Ford ecu. Since changing from the factory mile-long underslung exhaust to a sidie, the car has had a splutter at about 2000rpm on a heavy foot out a corner or overtake. It's barely momentary, but it annoys me that it is there. Is the Ford ecu adjustable? I'm not chasing horsepower (it will always be 115hp), I just want to clean up the delivery. If doable, who in Central Scotland is recommended to sort it?
  3. Meet at Happendon Services M74 (Cairn Lodge) at 9.30. Heading westward, with a lunch break at a pub/cafe and back to the M74.
  4. Back home in NZ, trailers have their own registration, number plate and yearly MOT. My trailer there was an 8x5 decked single axle with 225/50r12.5C-98L (750kg each) tyres/wheels from a Toyota Liteace lowdeck 1-tonne truck. A good thing I added was grease nipples to the hub dust covers to give them a yearly grease injection. The number of trailers I've seen in the UK that shouldn't be on the road has astonished me, also the number on the side of the road with rusted off/seized axle stubs. Also the number of boat trailers with what looks like wheel barrow wheels doing 60+ on the motorway with the axles at a 15deg angle under the weight - a bit of negative camber is good on a racecar, but that's ridiculous!
  5. I bought three watches on an Asian airforce exercise in 1995 - two Rolex Oyster fakes in Malaysia for my dad and brother, both of which stopped within a month, and a knock-off Tag Heuer in Indonesia which was 195,000 rhubarbs but beat the guy down to 125,000, and it's still going to this day, 24 years later!!
  6. The old calipers didn't have them, but I was none the wiser. Had EBC pads (with some sort of adhesive pad on the back) that squealed, and then M1144's that didn't. I've left the shims out - couldn't get my head round the idea that they only covered half the piston.
  7. Shouted the old girl new calipers, which came with anti-squeal shims. Who uses the shims and who doesn't bother? How do they work when they only cover half the piston (or is that the point) - surely they would make the piston go ___k-eyed in the bore when pressure is applied?
  8. Used them getting to Stoneleigh last weekend. Initially they wanted to recover us back to Glasgow from Manchester but gave us some time to sort a few things and get back to them. They were happy to recover us to our onward destination where we could do repairs (cheaper for them anyway). Only hassles we had, and this could be with any recovery/roadside repair company, was a) even though the V5 says Westfield, their system said 'Other British Make' which was too vague for them, and b) we had registered it the day before and their system showed it still as sorned (they wouldn't uplift), luckily we reg'd it online so there was an email confirmation we could forward as proof. Sorting these two in a busy M6 services chewed up time.
  9. and here's me thinking it was the result of really annoying someone on a certain dating app!
  10. Sorry Jim, it's a no-go for us. The calipers didn't show up - I ordered them on Tuesday with a next day courier service so should have got them on Thursday. Grrr.
  11. As at Sat 10am, only half my brake parts have turned up. F-ing furious😡 I'll update later in the day.
  12. Is Killing happening this Sunday? I've ordered my brake parts, and if they turn up in time I'll fit them Saturday for the next day.
  13. Booked at Barony too. Cheapest price was from their own website - stick that up your bum Trivago!
  14. Sorry, we won't be there today - it's a long way back to sunny Glasgow, so we'll be going straight home in the daylight just in case our brakes play up again. You'll just have to come up for the Mystery Run in August (and bring a couple of area pals with you) - I may even have a hood made by then! 😉
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