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  1. BigSkyBrad

    Avon ZZS 245/50/R13 tyres

    I've got the Uniroyal Rainsport 3's mentioned above (205/50-15). I bought them after lots of review reading online. The reviews were for tin-tops of course, but I'm pleased that they have worked out as a good all-rounder at a wallet friendly price for a non-track Westie, and have lived up to their wet-weather claim - which is why I was swayed to them, soggy Scotland an' all. They do look a little anemic width-wise on a 7" rim though - 6.5" would be better.
  2. BigSkyBrad

    Clan McWesty dates / events

    Brad and Diane for Glover Arms
  3. BigSkyBrad

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    ...and the full length mirror is a bit dodgy!
  4. BigSkyBrad

    Half Hood Vs Full Hood

    Another job for the winter is to stop the water coming up under the sidescreens (doors). Despite having mudflaps, bubble-doors and adjusting the door strap to bring the door edge tightly against the body, I’m still getting a wet elbow in decent rain. I’ve seen a rubber weather-strip used on Rab (McWestie)’s car so will experiment with that. It’ll stick to the body just off the edge of the door and hopefully prevent water being wind-forced under it. The trick is going to be putting a curve in the strip to match the shape of the leading-to-under edge of the door, and making it all look like a factory option. We always use the doors when roof-less, so the strip shouldn’t be too obvious.
  5. BigSkyBrad

    Half Hood Vs Full Hood

    That hood is really nicely taut and smooth, are you sure you want to lose it (and the bows)? I've seen some baggy and ill-fitting ones - this one's a good'un. Has anyone had a half-hood made to suit the full-hood bows - that was going to be one of my winter projects, so that I can still swap-about with the full hood? We use the full hood quite a bit, the heater demister vent keep the screen clear and have got quite slick at entering and exiting the car. I'm also thinking that using the bows would lessen the flapping of a half-hood. I'm also seen someone use a single bow that was a three piece slot-together affair (two uprights and a horizontal) that was slightly higher than the lowish RAC-type bar and a few inches forward, which shortens the distance from the screen to that point - lessening the flapping. That was my other option - make a half-top and full top using one bow, or better still a full-top that unzips to a half-top. As an aside, I have a couple of stiff plastic window blind battens kicking around that I reckon would make good stiffeners for a half-hood, especially slipped into sleeves like a boat sail - pull them out to roll up the top.
  6. Frustrating - the one vehicle there I'd sell my wife for, you didn't show a full photo of, just in the background! When I win Lotto, I'm going to buy a (Legacy/Icon) Dodge Power Wagon, with a Cummins BT4 conversion.
  7. A nice wee jaunt in lovely weather, would have been a magic day for the mystery run. The best road of the day was the stretch alongside Megget Reservoir - nice smooth twisty ribbon of tarmac. Pic is of Talla Dam at the start of the pass.
  8. Check the flux capacitor. Being a carbed car, it'll be an analog one. It's probably why you can't get to 88mph. You can get a new one online from the U.S. https://www.oreillyauto.com/flux-capacitor
  9. Aren't cyclists oncoming on a single track just like playing Space Invaders? - destroy or avoid?
  10. We all did Mennock & Dalveen the other month. Also, I was trying to avoid down that way as that 'could' be around where the mystery run is/will be I had thought Abington, Talla, Peebles (lunch), Biggar (home-made ice cream) and back to Abington/Happington. That way you and Brian are heading home in the right direction.
  11. BigSkyBrad

    John Wayne and some cyclists..

    Chuck Norris doesn't discriminate - he shoots anyone!
  12. Yeah Brian (and anyone else), Saturday is still on, and looking the best weather day of the weekend. See you at Abington for 10:30, for the Not-the-Navigation run!
  13. BigSkyBrad

    Wildlife Advice

    @Man On The Clapham Omnibus Wallabies are pretty hardy – we’ve got wild (introduced) wallabies in New Zealand too, which is a similar climate to the UK. There’s a huge pine forest out the back of the town where I grew up (incidently it’s the largest man-made exotic forest in the southern hemisphere). There’s a huge grass airstrip in the middle of it for fire-fighting planes, and the wallabies come out onto it at dusk for a nibble. When my brother was much younger, he and his mates used to go wallaby-wrangling for light relief. They had a 4x4 pickup, and they’d split one off from the mob at speed, and one of the guys would leap off the 4x4 on the move and grab it by the tail. The winner of the evening was the guy who held onto a wallaby the longest while it was leaping about trying to get away! Probably not so PC nowadays.
  14. BigSkyBrad

    Wildlife Advice

    Entirely possible! Did you know there is an island on Loch Lomond that has wild wallabies?!

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