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  1. BigSkyBrad

    Chapman would have loved this

    @Blatman Eight spannies would be better (assuming it's paired pistons per head)! Multi-into-one expansion chambers just don't scavenge well enough and confusing back pressures make for a narrow power band - it's better with the drainpipes. I've been there, done that...nice try but a 750rpm power band with a four speed just didn't work! The car is my 1974 Suzuki Fronte GX coupe - 360cc two-stroke, triple carbed, reed valved, needle roller mains. I kept it in NZ for 15 years, after pulling it out of a lean-to barn (amazingly rust-free) and restoring it - only sold it in 2016 to buy the Westfield. Not quite the speed of a Westfield, but the same go-kart handling with your bum scraping the ground!
  2. BigSkyBrad

    Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

    i got a guy in to do ours, his name is Henry. However, the missus is not impressed with his work, so she insists i show him how it's done each week.
  3. @judder Good on ya mate, I'll add you to the list. Cheers.
  4. BigSkyBrad

    Clan McWesty Braemar run 15 july

    @JimM yeah, I can meet you at Stirling services at 0930. Please confirm that time us ok?
  5. BigSkyBrad

    Clan McWesty Braemar run 15 july

    Is there a meet point for those travelling north, specifically Glasgow way? Stirling Services? Time?
  6. Yesterday we were back out to do the route again, in the Westfield this time, following the route book as if we were on the day, and tweek it if necessary. Lovely warm day, roads were near empty, and some of the roads are sublime so we gave the car a good wringing! And we got some 'air' - a hump-back bridge snuck up on us! So that's the route book sorted, the master ready for printing off the copies... So far the starters are... Yes (?) Ziplop Matta Colsum Hornet 600 Maybe (?) H.7 Judder Gary Taylor The run is just seven weekends away, it would be really great to see a decent number of cars take part on a fun, challenging and definitely different sort of run on some cool roads.
  7. BigSkyBrad

    Silencer mounting alternatives....

  8. BigSkyBrad

    Craftsmen at work

    In the 60's, my grandfather built this 28ft solid kauri-planked coastal launch in his backyard, took him 1-1/2 years to do it - and she's still on the water to this day (recent pic). When it was finished, it had to be craned over the top of his neighbour's house to the awaiting lowloader. Lots of nail-biting done that day!
  9. BigSkyBrad

    Just joined the Forum.

    Strewth! Nice to see another from my end of the big blue ball. And an SR20 to boot - the antipodean choice of 4-pot repower.
  10. @H.7 There is only three trip resets in the route - one at the start, and two during the run, The mid-route ones are there because everyone's speedo reads slightly different - the resetting is there to stop the error getting out of hand. However, a none-trip speedo can still be used because the distance between each instruction/intersection is also given, so simple maths (addition) is used. If your mileometer is at 15678.4 and the next intersection is 1.3 miles away, you turn at 15679.7 - simples! A passenger to second-guess the maths will be handy for sure. When I was doing the bike nav runs back home, there were guys on old Bonnies etc that didn't have resetting tripmeters.
  11. Well, we now have a route book in principle. We spent eight hours behind the wheel yesterday, ripping around the Lowlands in our Suzuki Swift (air-con) converting my squiggles on OS maps into tulip instructions for the route book - pretty much bang-on 200 miles of almost all B-roads and single track lanes, with some absolute gems of secluded twistology. It starts at Cairn Lodge (Happendon) Services on the M74 and ends on the outskirts of Peebles - 25 miles as the crow flies, so 200 miles is sure to please! It will be a long day, and you are sure to be a bit frazzled at the end of it ( maybe even starting divorce proceedings with your navigator/wife!). My next step is to drive it again, but in the Westfield, and using GPS to exact the distances in the route book. To make this event really count, there needs to be at least 15-20 cars starting. It would be really great if we could get some cars from south of the border, Lancs, Yorks Newcastle etc to add to the mix - your travelling distance would be no more than a McWesty coming down from the Highlands. The run in a nut-shell... 09:00 - meet at Cairn Lodge 09:30 - drivers & navigators briefing/route map instruction 10:00 - first car leaves, the rest in 1 or 2 minute intervals (depending on numbers) No GPS-enabled device is to be used, just the re-settable trip meter on your speedo. There is a 30-min lunch break (compulsory), with parking, food and fuel. There is five fuel stations on the route, includes the start. There will be no sweeper car - I will be at the start and the finish, and possibly at the lunch break if I think I can get to the finish before the first car. There will be an emergency envelope should you get really lost. Breakdowns, crashes and/or injury are your own responsibility. Though as I have learnt from this club, those about you are very helpful if you need it. This is not a race or competition. It is a fun mystery run, using tulips as route instruction. Some of the single-tracks will be daunting at Westfield height and line of sight, you need to keep your wits about you and your speed in check. There is a range of accommodation in Peebles for the Saturday night, and for those travelling some distance to the start, the nearest accommodation is the Days Inn at Abington Services 10 miles south on the M74, and there are plenty more at Moffat/Gretna etc. All accommodation is to be sorted by yourselves. Saturday, we can meet at a pub/restaurant - I can look into this once I know numbers of people. Please PM me with any questions you have It's at this point that I need a number of committed names/cars, to continue sorting the event. Thanks, Brad
  12. Well. the route was penciled on OS maps on the weekend - and it's a very full day of driving by the looks of it! Plenty of B roads and single track lanes, with a smattering of A roads to link things up. Looks to be six petrol stations on the route for the gas-guzzlers. This weekend we are driving the route to see if it works and to populate the route book. I'll update early next week on how we got on.
  13. Mind the midges! And Gilly the Gorilla (he comes in every bottle - he's the one who smacks you on your head, sh*ts in your mouth and steals your money)! We're taking the camper down to Mennock Pass for the weekend - with the peace and quiet and a map, I'll pencil out a route for the mystery nav run.
  14. Initially this is to gauge the level of interest, as it takes a fair bit of preparation/organisation for such an event and quite frankly not worth putting on for 5-6 cars. Ideally, at least 15-20 cars would make it worthwhile, and if successful, encouraging to run it again next year. It would take 3-4 weekends of my own time, and about 6-800 miles to map and test the route, so I need to feel confident that would be well-subscribed. Similar to the old-school night (road) rallies, regularity rallies and historic rallies, it would be run with 'tulip navigation' but in a non-competitive way with questions asked along the route to make it a bit more fun and ensure the full route has been covered. The route will cover the Borders/Lanarkshire/Dumfries area - ideal for both Clan McWesty and the north of England (provided you have a valid passport! - and keep your eyes off our cattle). It's easier done two-up (driver and navigator) and have chosen a Saturday for the run so that you can shout your navigator (wife/girlfriend/mistress...) a nice night in a hotel and make the most of the bank holiday weekend. There's nothing stopping anyone doing it solo though - just need to multi-task. At this initial stage, I plan the finish to be near Peebles, where there is a range of hotels/accommodation, and we can crash one of the pubs on the Saturday night.. The start would be around mid-late morning and covering around 150-200 miles, with a lunch/fuel stop midway. Cars depart the start, one or two minutes apart, start positions pulled from a hat. The route can on occasion cross over itself, so it's not unusual to see cars coming the other way, making you second-guess your navigation. In the spirit of the event, and it's old-school nature, GPS etc is discouraged - just the route book and your speedo/tripmeter is all you need. Included is a sealed envelope with the destination if you get horribly lost. I thought such an event might add something a bit different to the usual Sunday run-out and Stoneleigh-once-a-year calendar. Back home in New Zealand in the '90's, there was an event run in the same format for motorcyclists that I entered called the Egmont 300 (300kms) which attracted well over 100 road bikes each year. It ran for five years, of which I attended four of - I missed the last one as I was in plaster with a broken foot from a crash, absolutely gutted as I would have been one of just a dozen to have done all five. After the first event, myself and many others made DIY map scrollers like on the Dakar bikes. We'd be given our route books about 1-1/2 hour before the start, and then madly cut up and tape the instructions into a long scroll before the start. Those green to the event (or couldn't be arsed) just duct-taped the pages (in the supplied poly-pocket) to their fuel tank. The finish was always at the start - a horse racecourse, where there was plenty of room for camping and a hall for a party/prize-giving. When that event stopped running (I think the routes were starting to repeat itself), my best mate and I ran the same format but smaller event in our own county for three years, which up to 40 bikes attended each time, called the Most Excellent Adventure. It covered around 200kms, and always finished in a different remote spot somewhere, where we all pitched our tents and wild-camped around a fire, got sozzled and told lies! So, who's up for it?!

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