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  1. BigSkyBrad

    Stuff to watch over the winter.

    Everyone seen jet-boat sprinting before? The jet-boat was a New Zealand invention back in the 50's, originally used by pleasure boaters and hunters to navigate up shallow NZ rivers - once on the plane, they'll traverse water as shallow as 6" through braided sections of river. Nowadays the technology is used from jet-skis to fast-ferries. It didn't take very long for the Kiwi's to start racing them, later joined by Yanks, Canadians, Aussies and Mexicans, who all have similar rivers and the same V8 petrol-head ethos. There's still the pleasure side of it, with regional clubs that do runs up rivers like we do a Westie run-out. There's two sorts of racing... Marathons, which are like long rally stages, with the fastest boats nowadays running jet engines to power the water pumps. Jet-Sprints, which are on a tight closed course like a autotest/gymkhana. These boats are super-quick, with 1000+hp V8's in 13ft boats. See below..
  2. BigSkyBrad

    Cam cover polishing

    Has anyone home-polished their silvertop cam cover. I have the drill-attached mops and soap that I've used previously for small jobs - but a cam cover, how long is that going to take? Don't know that I can be arsed, given my garage is like an icebox at the moment!
  3. @Davep1 Something like this Dave?! There's fuel stops along the way but they're slightly off-piste. There is a fuel station in Tighnabruaich - worthy of a look on streetview We spent a long weekend doing this in the camper earlier this year, and said at the time we need to come back with the Westfield. www.plotaroute.com/route/730211
  4. If you're looking for ideas for the Saturday run-out, how about down to Tighnabruaich/Kames for lunch? Sweet Argyle roads and the route there and back can be as round-about as you like.
  5. BigSkyBrad

    2019 WSCC Calendar

    Yes, indeed, but not just kits. Our factory-built type-approval car is not the truest either. Ooo, that must have hurt! Which reminds me of a story, an urban legend of sorts that I read in a workplace safety magazine... There's this guy who worked in a factory, one of those old-school factories where everything is belt-driven from a central electric motor. He was a bit of a loner, so never joined the rest of the crew at lunch breaks, and the rest of them thought he was a bit weird so didn't bother about it. What he was actually doing on his own was getting his jollys by 'applying' his nether regions to a running belt down the back of the factory each day. One day he loses concentration, and gets his sac whipped around between the belt and a pulley! Well, he isn't going to rock up to the receptionist who has the first-aid kit with the bleeding mess now is he, so he decides to stitch it closed with a paper stapler. Of course, all this comes to light three weeks later when he has to go to hospital, after the staples have gone rusty and his testes are oozing pus and the size of grapefruits. There is definitely more than one moral to this story, for sure!
  6. BigSkyBrad

    2019 WSCC Calendar

    Mine arrived yesterday, but it must have been assembled at 4:30pm the previous Friday - one of the staples is off the mark and the pages won't fold over right to hang evenly. Anyone else get a crook one?
  7. We've just called them, and pencilled in the Firewater lodge for us - the rest of you's had better bl**** turn up! The Argyle roads are fantastic fun and dead quiet.
  8. BigSkyBrad

    The Three-Word, Never-Ending Westfield Story

    for my giraffe
  9. BigSkyBrad

    MX-5 (the whole car) experts?

    Yeah, defo check all along the sills. The internal drain for the soft top (behind the seats, corners of parcel shelf) clogs with leaves, moss etc and the water overflows down into the sills along with muck that then blocks the sill drains. If the car is regularly parked nose down the front of the sills rot out too. I've had two NAs and an NB, and all needed sill work because previous owners didn't keep the drains clear. With all three cars, I pulled out all the soft top canvas/frame as soon as I got them and just ran with a hardtop full-time - negates the drain issue, gives more luggage space for touring, and frankly I think they look better with hardtops. Whatever rollbar/cage you go for, make sure that the back-stays go through the parcel shelf to the chassis rails below, and not just bolted to the floor of the parcel shelf. I had a 1997 1.8 NA Classic, then went to a 1998 1.8 NB but just couldn't warm to the jelly-mould exterior and modern interior so only had it for six months. Went back to an 1997 NA 1.8 Harvard, and changed it around a bit - brakes, shocks, JDM BR minilites, swapped out the leather for all-black interior (the way old-school JDMs should be) and early NB seats (with the adjustable headrests - very comfy). . Had a 2.0 Mk3 after that, but that was just 'a car' - nowhere near the charisma of a Mk1. So started looking around for a Westfield, and I'm hooked!
  10. BigSkyBrad

    Throttle cable

    I’ve got a Venhill outer in a speedy-looking racing-red colour, but with an Oxford Repair kit inner because the ferrule on the Venhill inner wasn’t right (there’s pics in another thread). The Venhill inner is quite coarse, the Oxford much smoother/finer so hopefully won’t wear through the Teflon liner. That’s what happened to my previous cable – the liner came adrift from the outer and jammed the throttle open on a long twisty downhill – very exciting. That was on my first run with the McWesties - luckily someone had a spare cable kit and everyone got stuck in and got us running for the rest of the day, such is the calibre of WSCC members.
  11. BigSkyBrad

    That was a bit fresh....

    Could you fit a heater? With a half tonneau cover over the passenger side, it'd be toastie round your legs and waftie up your front. We couldn't be without our heater.
  12. BigSkyBrad

    So..............Tyres again..................

    I've got Rainsport 3's too, and they've been really good, especially on soggy Scottish roads. They'll never be a track tyre, but for a sporty road tyre, they are reasonably soft and I'm guessing that is partly why they do so well in the wet. I've got 205s on 7", but I feel they would sit better on 6.5" rims.
  13. BigSkyBrad

    automatic gearbox

    Does anyone remember the Honda Odyssey FL350 quad/kart? They had a steering wheel shaped like an older F1 car, with bike clutch/brake style levers that did the throttle and brakes (CV gearbox). If you had a BEC with a quick rack steering (so that your arms don’t pretzel), you could have the brakes at the foot, the throttle in the right hand and the clutch in the left hand with gear-change buttons on the yoke near the thumbs and solenoid gear-change at the ‘box (like dragbikes).
  14. BigSkyBrad

    Removing exhaust manifold

    As you manipulate the headers out, stick your tongue out the left corner of your mouth, sometimes that helps.
  15. BigSkyBrad

    Perfect end to a nice holiday

    There we were just a couple of hours ago, relaxing by the pool of our Lanzarote villa-let just out of town, when I heard a hot car idling. Poked my head up to see a Porsche tarmac rally car about 100 metres away. Hmmm, what's he up to? Looked to the left to see the start of a special stage start line! He's waiting before the end control of the touring stage so that he doesn't clock in too early. From the villa we could see about the first km of the special stage before the cars disappeared over the brow. The field was the usual mix of Spanish tarmac cars - Porsche, Meganes, 106s and Saxos etc. A lowered RAV4! Several old-school M3's - I've never been a fan of BMWs, but the raucous sound of a racing straight 6 is blood-curdling! If you want a nice villa to let in Lanzarote, you couldn't go wrong with this one! Three bedrooms, just out of town on it's own rural plot, great heated pool with enough privacy for no tan lines, and all for £500/wk, two people self catering (£50 per extra person). Owned by an English couple, let out when they aren't using it. www.lanzarotevilladavella.com

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