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  1. Do you have a classic car storage facility near you? They can be as little as $25/week for dry, secure storage with a battery optimiser connected.
  2. We are coming down from Glasgow in the Westie - will be there for the just the Sunday with a b&b either side. First time to the show so will be good to take it all in, and nice to put faces to names/handles of those I have forumed (is that a word) with... ...and a wee bit to show that the same distance is possible to travel up over the border for an equally interesting event on the August long weekend, for the Scottish Lowland navigational Mystery Run on Aug 24th Saturday! (shameless plug and passive bullying)
  3. Just a thought - wouldn't that say to criminals 'steal my trailer, there's a Westfield inside'?!
  4. I've got 15x7 rims with 35et, but the rears have 15mm hubcentric spacers so that they now sit at 20et. Although 15mm desn't sound like much, the wheels no longer look 'lost' inside the arches. I had the spacers made by www.superforma.co.uk - reasonable price and they took only 4-5 days to make and deliver.
  5. Somewhere I've got another pic saved of it from another angle. At least the driver is displaying a safety triangle at the rear!
  6. Even if I possessed the skills, my eyesight's just not up for it anymore! As for the ABARP (African Backyard Aeronautical Research Programme) - keep at it lads, you will soar with the eagles. Bless.
  7. Back in NZ, my mate and I used to go to alot of weekend motorcycle rallies. One particular one, I didn't go to for some reason but he did, and came back with this story. This was the in the days before porta-loos were common-sight, they had a series of long-drops dotted around the campsite. For those not familiar, a long drop is a wee shed with a wooden seat over a very deep hole/pit and 1000 flies upon lifting the seat - the classy ones have a quarter-moon window cut in the door for light. There was a girl using one when the seat collapsed and she fell in! There was also a portable hot-water shower trailer there which cost ?/5mins - the organisers said for her it was free and she could stay in one for as long as she liked. At the prize-giving that night, she got a special prize for being a good sport about it (probably in the hope she didn't sue them).
  8. Gunt (moderators delete as necessary) Males, however, can suffer from Dick-do disease – that’s where your gut sticks out more than your dick do!
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