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7 hours ago, Paul Hurdsfield said:

We are coming, don’t leave Matlock without us.

That'll be a good shake down run out. Have a good one... unfortunately not be able to join you.

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We briefly met at Matlock where Andrew did the 'panorama dance' that we are eternally grateful to Trevor for teaching it to us. He was running up an appetite for later. Disaster struck, the toilets were shut, 'not to worry, the mens are open' said Paul. Oh great I thought, I will use the mens when they have finished, huff, Paul went off to the nearest bush didn't he!


We took the short journey to the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway, a largely unknown heritage line. Andrew, Matt, Paul and Margaret, and Ali and Gail. Matts yellow stripe contrasted great with the yellow cars in my rear view mirror.








After a snack, a brew and a look at the steam engine, which is better viewed arriving than leaving, we went for our drive through the Peak District. We wiggled all the way up, down and round to come back to a point about 10 miles down the road at The Peak Rail. The first fix was Paul's indicator followed by Gails idle speed.



The steam train arrived on time


We had lunch, where Glen and Ali got naughty, some derogatory comment about women, followed by looks over to Gail and I, lots of oooo's, then ruddy Ali finished his sentence with 'and there were 5 of them strapped together' and laughed. Goodness only knows what they were talking about, the male of the kind will probably get an answer to that one :d


Then Andrew treated us all to cake, what a wonderful guy, thank you very much Andrew. Needless to say nobody refused.


We all cooked nicely in the hot sun until it was time for everyone to make their 1.5 - 2 hours journey home. You all are so brilliant for travelling the distance to make today happen and I really cannot thank you enough, you are all great.






Actually you all probably got home before us, because it was such lovely weather we went to check out a pub with a view, up on the tops. It was very nice and we must all go there, perhaps next time, we will see.





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Looks like I've missed a fab day. Glad it stayed dry for you!

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What can we say but another lovely day seeing old friends and meeting new. It was great to meet @AndrewBClarke who took second place in Julie's "Battle of the Ods" last year. Better luck this year as we can't enter :(. Also @MattV who only got his first Westy last October ish. 

Slighty more bizarrely when chatting with @Paul Hurdsfield and Margret the fact that we had both been in Luang Prabang this year, it's the former French capital in The Laos People's Democratic Republic. Also that we had visited the exact same goldsmith in Mandalay as @MattV parents this year as well. Talk about small world. Indeed we compared pictures.

There was the usual banter and a close shave for Glen with his quick wit and me being pulled up for a bit of naughty language, we just love it when Julie's in charge! 

Thanks for a lovely day and see you all soon.

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Is anybody going to mention the suicidal cyclist who nearly made himself useful as an organ donor?

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I'll look forwards to a Sunday run. Saturday's are a bit hit and miss for me as work tends to get in the way.

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2 hours ago, Paul Hurdsfield said:

It really was a great day, Julie had sorted out a fantastic route.

@Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO usually does, & very cakefull :P

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