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  1. AndrewBClarke

    Julie's Battle of the Odo's 2018

    Now you can afford a replacement front upright instead of welding!
  2. AndrewBClarke

    Julie's Battle of the Odo's 2018

    That’s because in Lincolnshire you are miles away from anything. Everything is at least 30 minutes away!
  3. AndrewBClarke

    Julie's Battle of the Odo's 2018

    Well done to the two people who beat me! Every year the competition gets less by one as the winner can’t enter again so by logic I will eventually win it! Every mile brings a smile so everyone is a winner really. Thanks @Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AOfor organising it.
  4. AndrewBClarke

    Peak District, Sat 10th OR Sun 11th Nov

    Sorry no. At the Cenotaph in London as part of the people’s march. Won tickets on a national lottery! Only 10,000 and we are two of them. Hope weather is kind. :)
  5. AndrewBClarke

    EBC brake pads

    Well that appears quite clear!
  6. AndrewBClarke

    EBC brake pads

    Has anyone tried out EBC brake pads? At their stand at Autosport last year they recommended that I should instal ‘yellowstuff’ pads for better braking capacity. Appreciate your thoughts!
  7. AndrewBClarke

    Ashbourne, Peak District, Sun 28th Oct

    Well worth it. My drive is about 2 hours if start is in Matlock and 2.5 hours to Ashbourne. Brilliant company, food and driving. I went last weekend and don’t have the pass to get out this coming weekend but defo would if I could. How about the GBS event on the 8th December? Little bit nearer!
  8. AndrewBClarke

    Rear Suspension Rod Ends - which ones are best??

    Thanks - I will take a look at their site. I was referred to autosport-bearings.co.uk. Prices vary from £38 to £90 and when you have 4 it is getting an expensive rattle.
  9. The time has come to replace the rod ends in the rear suspension. Any thoughts about which are best?? Westfield parts are non-descriptive and not available. Should I go for heat treated steel ones or Stainless Steel? Are they right handed thread?? Appreciate your thoughts
  10. AndrewBClarke

    Peak District Sun 21st October

    It is brilliant that you like the size of my engine and the noise I make out of my rear end Whilst compliments are flying about, I love Rita's photogenic British Racing Green sleek, highly polished lines and when Dave is behind, the roar and the sight of the front end approaching wheelie status is awesome!!
  11. AndrewBClarke

    Peak District Sun 21st October

    Thanks Julie and Glen for another brilliant day out. Great company, good food and several Westies. Even the weather held for me to get home in the dry.
  12. AndrewBClarke

    Peak District Sun 21st October

    Yep but only me. Spare (heated) seat if anybody needs a ride!
  13. AndrewBClarke

    Peak District Autumn Action, Sun 7th Oct

    Couldn’t resist posting this pick!
  14. AndrewBClarke

    GBS German Sausage Time, Sat 8th Dec, Ollerton

    On calendar. Pray for good weather - the last 2 years have been dry for this event!!
  15. AndrewBClarke

    GBS Cars and Coffee, Ollerton, Notts, Sat 22nd Sept


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