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  1. No problem with a PM. The instructions for mine suggested a 10amp fuse to each seat (red).
  2. Hello. I have the Intertrim heated seats. The electrical draw on these is surprisingly small. Having removed the cigarette lighter point and swapped it for a USB point, I shared this power supply via 10 amp fuses to the seats. All works well and was simply done. Check the draw for whatever you are installing before going to too much trouble
  3. Two things - Is it possible to purchase a membership for someone as a present? I have tried but seem to only be able to renew my own membership. Don't really want to log out and log back in again with new details as it would spoil the surprise as I would have to ask the recipient for his details to be able to make an account. Only a little thing - I came 3rd in Julies Battle of the Odos but the prize credit has not appeared!
  4. Sorry nope. Busy. Getting youngest son off our hands and celebrating passing on all responsibilities to his new wife!!
  5. Hello Geoffrey. Would have loved a trip out - especially as you are in our County and relatively near but unfortunately we are not going to be around - funeral of a dear friend on Friday in the SE so we are going to be away. Age appears to be catching up and friends are beginning to fall off their perches.
  6. Ask @Rednop1. You never know what he has in stock!
  7. 7.45 and setting off from the snow fields of Lincolnshire!Posted this as I got in the car this morning but it didn’t go through so bit late but here it is!
  8. Was that Keely? If it was Glen watching he might have been distracted and not listened properly!
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