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  1. Mad Dog Pete is coming so Michael will be in Crossfire. At least that means we do not need a circular route!!
  2. Count Michael in as well - taking my spare seat if Mad Dog Pete bails, otherwise he will be in that slow old Supercharged Crossfire thing
  3. Busiest gardening weekend of the year and what do I do - make wooden garden things. What the hell - OF COURSE I’M COMING!!!!
  4. Your personal opinion. I think they look more up to date and are much better at their job. They are also e marked and legal.
  5. These are a version of the Harley Daymaker. Much, much better than the original lens. Lots of options on eBay so be careful and choose wisely. Mine are straight replacements which simply plugged in. Used the DLR bit as sidelights. Slightly thicker than the old lens so you have to ‘ease’ the springs. Approx £35 each.
  6. I knew it was going to be a good day. Music on. I have over 170 albums on my phone so probably well over 2000 tracks. First one Bohemian Rhapsody - what a start. Sorry neighbours for the bad singing if you could hear me over the engine at 7.30 on a Sunday morning! Then came Stairway to Heaven, Hotel California, Comfortaby Numb, and then Come with Me by Jimmy Page /Puff Diddy. Five of the best tracks all in a row on a random play. Fantastic.
  7. Good to meet you @Snappy Brilliant day out again. Thanks @Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO
  8. The temptation is simply too great. Coming!!! Food, cake, good company, driving Little Beast - what could be better? Ohh. Good weather would cap it all off nicely please.
  9. Welcome to the mad house !
  10. Only 4? Thought @Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AOwanted 10!
  11. Any update? Hope it’s sorted.
  12. Martyn Vann to the rescue! We all need our superheroes! Good luck and we all hope you find the problem and get back on the road.
  13. Brilliant day thanks. Hopefully letting Andy drive my car was a little compensation for his being broken.
  14. It would have to be a storm of biblical proportions to stop me coming. Looking forward to seeing you all - on Sunday!
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