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  1. AndrewBClarke

    GBS German Sausage Time, Sat 8th Dec, Ollerton

    On calendar. Pray for good weather - the last 2 years have been dry for this event!!
  2. AndrewBClarke

    GBS Cars and Coffee, Ollerton, Notts, Sat 22nd Sept

  3. AndrewBClarke

    Curborough Breakfast Meet, Sat 11th August, lunch in Ashbourne

    Have to settle for a virtual hug then:)
  4. AndrewBClarke

    Peak District, Sunday 5th August

    @IanK (Bagpuss) is either very brave or off his trolly. Did you see his FB comment saying he thought @Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO was a dragon? Sparks will fly! Have a good day one and all. Only slightly jealous.
  5. AndrewBClarke

    Peak District, Sunday 5th August

    Sorry can’t. Wedding Nr 2. :(
  6. AndrewBClarke

    Chesterfield meet and Ashover Car Show followed by Tagg Lane Ice Cream Farm, Sun 22 July

    Would love to but can’t. Christening in Alton on Sunday followed by wedding celebrations in Ellastone. Have a good time. Xx
  7. AndrewBClarke

    Peak District, Sunday 1st July

    Sorry @Scotty72 Will do that at another time. Julie’s trips are always brill.
  8. AndrewBClarke

    Peak District, Sunday 1st July

    Thought you had left us. Love to come. C U there probably with Mad Dog Pete. Last chance for a while to get out with you
  9. POSTPONED TILL ANOTHER DAY Start at McD Ollerton (NG22 9DT) at 10.30am. Travel to the new Bomber Command Memorial in Lincoln to have a look around and lunch. Back to McD Newark (NG24 2DB) to go our separate ways. The route from Ollerton to Lincoln is approx. 50 minutes and goes via the 40p toll bridge at Dunham. Parking at the Memorial is £3 per car but entry is free including the guided tour if you want to have one (about 30 minutes and well worth it) Entry to the exhibition is an extra £8.20 but again worth it. Travel back to Newark via Daisy Maid Ice Creams. This is as East Midlands as it gets so come along @Seven of Nine, @Scotty72, @si_salisbury, @Weekend Warrior!! Unfortunately @MattV is away. Also anyone else is more than welcome. Please drop me a note to say if you are coming as I know this is a late post and I don't want to be Billy No Mates. Andrew
  10. AndrewBClarke

    East Midlands?

    A lot nearer Matlock than we are!! Keep a look out for Julie Hall posts on the Out and About section. More the merrier. Don't think she has organised anything this weekend as something else was organised but most weekends have activities.
  11. AndrewBClarke

    East Midlands?

    Hello. I'm in Lincolnshire just north of Woodhall. Matt Vernon is based in Bourne. We try and join in the trips organised by Julie which are normally Peak District based but great. Some are our side starting in Matlock. Sometimes we go to 'Horsepower at the Hall' which is now renamed 'Gearheads at the Ground' which is at Newark Showground a couple of times a year. Other events our side of the country is the GBS Coffee mornings which Julie will also put up on the out and about section. Where are you??
  12. AndrewBClarke

    Peak District's Finest, Sun 17th June

    Would love to come but sadly not able. Used up my brownie points to come out last week!
  13. AndrewBClarke

    Happy Cake Day Julie

    From the above posts it would appear that you have a certain reputation to uphold. Go for it. Have a cake day.
  14. AndrewBClarke

    Railway Run in the Peak District, Saturday 9th June

    And we thought you came back off holiday especially to come out with us today!! Have a good day. Will miss your company.

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