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  1. The route is sorted, we will have a wee stop half way, then head to the back roads of Buxton, have lunch before enjoying more high roads to finish 5 miles North of Leek for a cake stop. The table is booked at the lunch stop for 1.30pm and I have included for you @BillyPee in the hope that you get sorted, no pressure then.
  2. Golly, you are a busy lot, thank you for your replies. The weather is looking good for Saturday and it's a 3 car convoy so far, goody, goody, I had better sort a route out then.
  3. Meet at Sainsbury's Matlock at 10.30am for a route around the Peak District lanes. We will stop off for lunch before continuing a route to an obligatory cake stop. Weather dependent, who is coming?
  4. @jeff the joiner just exactly how did you get that last picture? very good.
  5. Can someone please explain to me why I bothered sorting a route out last night. I thought we would go a whack round and finish up at Willersley Castle, until there was 4-way traffic lights at Cromford, so we just made it up today and it was no less of a day for it, just a bit of a strange route. We met at Sainsbury's, Andrew, Nigel and a newcomer, Mike. 3 Zetecs so guess what was the main topic of the day. We set off on a circular route, at one time doing 40mph in a 50mph zone behind some motorbikes, slower round the bends, que? thankfully they were going straight on as we turned off along some more twisties. Eventually we hit the traffic jam and after a couple of minutes it became apparent that we were in for a long wait, there simply is no other way to get to Willersley Castle, so we abandoned that for another day, did a 3 point turn and went to the Stone Centre for lunch instead. The great thing about the road to nowhere is that it can turn into the road to anywhere that suits the moment. Bonnets Off at the Stone Centre Nigel makes me laugh, a very straight talking bloke, he sorted us out with a great suggestion on a route for the afternoon. It's a good job he did because as I didn't think anyone was coming, I hadn't set a route for the afternoon. So with the plan sorted we set off on some lovely, scenic roads, nice and twisty and much better when you are not following yet another slow motorbike. What is it with the motorbikes today? Twist the throttle pleeeease. In the sun And in the lush green shades. Mike was the rear car and had his lights on, now there is a good idea! made my job so much easier We arrived at Wetton, it was a first for everyone and I think it is safe to say they were all impressed with the choice of cakes, homemade by the lady that served you. The car park was full when we arrived, so we parked on the lane. You know by now what comes next, a monkeys tea party, but just a minute, there seems to be 6 cakes. Yes, 6 cakes and 5 people, but the best is yet to come. Mike underestimated the size of the portions and found that he couldn't finish the second piece, oh what a shame, but he was in good company as Andrew and I shared the scraps. Bakewell cake, almond flavoured with cherries plus Victoria sponge cake. Even a tea cosy on the tea pot, how very quaint. Mike2cakes, fitting in very, very well. That carrot cake was delicious too. The car park had emptied and a beautiful, black Morgan adorned our view. We later found out that it housed a V6 engine, it was eerily quiet. I called Nigel over to show me how to take a better photograph and he took time out to teach me, of which I am grateful for. What do you think, it is a much better photo than I had taken. Next minute I am sat on the floor for this one, well worth it though. As we went to pay our bills the lady informed us that Mike had already paid. What an amazing guy, fun, friendly and generous too. There has been a lovely crew out today, full of knowledge, good drivers in good cars, what a great car club to bring us all together, I can't wait to see you all again.
  6. Good weather is forecast, so I ought to sort a route out didn't I? Avoid Chatsworth is the first rule because it's the horse trials. ABC, we will see you at ours 10am and @NigelO, see you at Sainsbury's? 10.30am
  7. Despite a beautiful morning it pinged it down all afternoon in Matlock, making my car dirty and we all know the best time to wash a car is when it is already wet, so that was my afternoon sorted
  8. calling all members - has anyone got a Kevlar vest that @Greenstreak-Andy D can borrow? Happy birthday to whoever has a birthday and enjoy the cake
  9. Meet at Sainsbury's Matlock at 10.30am for a run around somewhere that I will make up very soon. There will be lunch along the way and some sooper dooper roads to be had. Weather is forecast DRY DRY DRY so who is coming?
  10. The bad news is that the weather is forecast rainy for Saturday but the good news is that it is going to be dry on Sunday, so it makes sense to me to go for a drive out on Sunday and I will post up a separate event accordingly. It will be a meet at Matlock 10.30am SUNDAY. Of course there is still the breakfast meet taking place at Curborough on Saturday, but we won't be there, if you do go, have yourselves a great day and feel free to post any photo's on here.
  11. yes remember that, Glen has the group howling with laughter when I refer to 'my' car, especially when we move on to talk about the MX5, which also seems to be 'my' car but at least I do all the cleaning on the MX5 Good idea @marcusb. Your words are very kind.
  12. At Stoneleigh somebody asked me how I keep my car so clean, my answer was 'the first thing to do' ''is to marry Glen' they were a bit disappointed with that answer The real answer is, lots of time and lots of elbow grease, once you get it clean it is easy to keep it clean on a 'little and often' basis
  13. Thinking of buying a new Westfield/Kit? not sure if the money that you are investing in it will be protected? well have no fear, these cars live on. My Westfield has been up on the ramps at my local garage today for the MOT, so I took the rare opportunity to photograph the underneath of it and I was very impressed. My car is 16 years old and has travelled over 50,000 miles, in all seasons including on salty roads. Glen wipes it clean with a cloth soaked in WD40 and follows it up with by wiping it over with a cloth soaked in ACF50. Any rust spots that appear are treated with De-Rust and painted in Hammerite. With no rusting wheel arches to worry about and a modern engine under the bonnet you can own an unusual car without the issues that a classic car may bring. I believe the value of my car is slightly more than what I paid for it 5 years ago and apart from an initial set up spend at Northampton Motor Sport it runs economically. The MOT was passed with no advisories and the certificate shows this years mileage to be 7271 miles. Buy with confidence, these are just the best and most amazing cars.
  14. Make friends and have fun Spend your pennies on branded clothing like Andrew did But beware, the Cheshire crew have melted the cat over Ian's roll bar
  15. Something is so important the glasses have come off Wake up these pesky volunteers The serious face Are the volunteers keeping warm in here? Will all that bbq food fit in this belly Lots of love from your favourite fan, Julie 6th Gear, Hotel Navigator and Mr Passenger Hall's other arf Thank you for a fantastic weekend
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