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  1. A day of three parts, so feel free to join us at any point of the day. 1. Meet at McDonalds, Derby Road, Chesterfield, S40 2ED, for breakfast. If you are coming to the next section please be ready to leave at 9.30am. 2. Leaving McD's at 9.30am we need to be in position for 10am at Ashover Car Show, Milken Lane, Ashover, S45 0BA. Entry for a car and 2 passengers is 5 pounds. Come with us or meet us there, it's up to you. The Burton Car Club are going too, they are a lovely bunch of folk, lead by Michael in his Dino. 3. At 1.30pm we will leave the car show, give our tongues a rest and exercise the right foot, for the journey to Tagg Lane Dairy, Bakewell, DE45 1JP for 2.30pm. This is where a disgraceful amount of ice cream will be consumed in an attempt to cool us down. How about it then? are you joining us?
  2. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    Zetec oil consumption

    I use 5w40 in my 1.8 silvertop Zetec and I have had no problems.
  3. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    Peak District, Sunday 1st July

    I could, but you will have to travel up to North Yorkshire this Sunday to catch me. We will be going to Blyton the Sunday after though if you want to tag along?
  4. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    Peak District, Sunday 1st July

    Busy? you missed the best bit from Tideswell, we had a free run up the twisties, that was before the tractor
  5. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    Westfield SEiW 2 litre Zetec SOLD

    With all this lovely weather I can't believe this car has not sold yet. It has no on-going problems to sort out, it is just a case of jump in and off you go. I cannot stress enough that just prior to Ian's death he and Pat toured France and joined us in the Peak District with no breakdowns or problems. The car is in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, what are you waiting for?
  6. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    Peak District, Sunday 1st July

    Thanks Simon, good job you said. Mortimer Road is an amazing road, it goes past The Strines, we take it when we go to the Oil Can Cafe. Lots of fun. It's a shame the Oil Can Cafe has closed and Robin Red Spider tells me that the new one is not very good. I think we could do that road on our next meet, well done Andy for reminding me of it.
  7. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    Peak District, Sunday 1st July

    It's the 1st July, have you flipped your calendar over yet? That photo was taken at an outdoor centre in the Lake District and the kids were great 'my daddy's got a R8' yes maybe, but does he welly it round the Peak District? I bet not. Well, we have Westfield's and today they were wellied around the Peak District. First we met in Matlock, there were Andy, Andrew and Mad Dog Pete, Rob, Scott, Nigel and his eldest Lee, and a Kinder Surprise. Your display in Sainsbury's was rubbish, but it did get better, in fact professional photographer Lee even organised the parking later, so we will look forward to some less 'snappy' photo's. Matlock A hot Bag Puss Lined up at the lights ready for the off Straight up Winnats Pass, only it's not very straight. My engine temperature was just touching 100 at the top of there and when we got on the level it was not coming down, I was ready to switch off I can tell you. There is a hairpin left and up hill straight after, I was thinking 'come on get down'. Winnats Pass Winnats Pass facing back To arrive at The Rambler Inn for lunch in the shade. Paul joined us here for lunch, he was overjoyed to see Maverick back in action. Apparently Paul used to go on runs out with Andy's car, Maverick, and it sounds like there are lots of juicy stories to be told. Lee has lots of real photo's to add later, but for now you will have to put up with my snaps Lunch arrived and the feasting began, it was just too hot today for a Sunday lunch Then it was time for 'Bonnet's Off' every engine has a story and it needs to be told We all set off together up Mam Nick with it's wide open views Paul and Andy were heading back North, I am not sure where Ian and Rob went but they were heading back South, leaving just the 4 of us to seek out some cake. The roads were fantastic and we had a good run, until we followed a tractor all the way up the Elton Essess, unable to overtake until the top. Chaps, we will do them again, slightly faster. Arriving at the Stone Centre back near Matlock, and our naughty little parking area. The cake arrived as we cooked in the sun. Home time. That just left Andrew and Pete to follow us on a back route, avoiding any queue's in Matlock Bath, with Scott heading South and Nigel and Lee heading for petrol. Another fantastic day out with great company, lots of different engines and their quirks, thank you for coming everyone. It's Blyton Park next weekend, so there won't be any action in the Peak District until the weekend after.
  8. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    Peak District, Sunday 1st July

    PM sent Paul Dave
  9. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    Peak District, Sunday 1st July

    Crikey, what a turn out!!! I am so, so pleased. The route has now been set and I can tell you that it is nowhere near Buxton, but it is on high ground and the views are amazing, as are the roads. The lunch stop is sorted at a nice pub with lots of tables outside. It's not often that I get to do this.... There is a petrol station before you enter Sainsbury's car park. The cafe and toilets are just in the entrance to the shop. See you all there in the morning.
  10. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    Peak District, Sunday 1st July

    Meet at Sainsbury's, Matlock, DE4 3SP 10.30am for the big circular road to nowhere. Actually I have only just got back off holiday and I need to have a think about where we are going, it's got to be the high ground, possibly Buxton, while the weather is favourable. Anyone joining us?
  11. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    East Midlands?

    Hi Scott, We are not going to Shelsley Walsh because we will be on holiday, sorry, Julie
  12. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    East Midlands?

    Hi from the Peak District, it is Shelsley Walsh this weekend but normal service will resume next weekend and you are welcome to join us. We will probably be meeting at 10.30 at Matlock Sainsburys on the Sunday, unless it rains. Julie
  13. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    Peak District's Finest, Sun 17th June

    I must pride myself today on finding NO COW POO, let's hope it lasts hey! We met at Matlock where the blinking toilets were shut, so it was a quick scoot to the shopping outlet. In future we will meet at Sainsbury's where there is petrol and a pee. Andy and Sue, Martyn and Sue with Paul and Pat in the VX. At Matlock Paul let me have a little drive around the car park in his VX, for which I feel very honoured, it is harder than a Westfield to get in and out of and you see nothing out of the rear view mirror, it felt a positive drive, it was lovely . It certainly looks the biz too. We sliced a route through the centre of the Peak District, meeting the Spire Classic Car Run coming in the opposite direction, so lots of waving there then. Up the very fine Winnats Pass, just look at that empty tarmac begging for my 4 new tyres, of which I am exceptionally pleased with, exceptionally. Then it was a slow run down Mam Nick to take in the scenery Arriving at the Rambler Inn at 11.55am, just before it opened, meaning an empty car park and pub, simples. A table for 8 soon became a table for 10 when Chris and Mo arrived. The feasting began The view of the Great Mam Tor Ridge from the car park. Bonnets Off - the view of the great 2 litre Zetec in Andy's car, complete with a gold rocker cover. We could have another caption competition with this photo! Paul went next with his turbo 2 l which he has just changed the cam belt and water pump on, it's service day tomorrow, he keeps a nice car there. Andy and Sue ready for the off We set off for more of those views over Mam Nick, those hills, those twisty roads, all lacking cow poo. We were now a 5 car convoy, with Chris and Mo. We arrived at the cake stop and parked in our designated area To the grand finale, the cake, but someone couldn't wait, so we had an empty plate on the table didn't we Paul? All the ingredients for a great day out - driving, bonnets off, eating, scenery and great company, thank you to everyone for making it happen. It's Shelsley Walsh next weekend so we hope to see you all back in the Peak District the weekend after.
  14. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    Peak District's Finest, Sun 17th June

    Hi Andy and Sue, Of course you are very welcome and the good news is that I have not invited Daisy. Sorry to hear about Gail, wish her a speedy recovery. See you all soon, Julie
  15. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    Peak District's Finest, Sun 17th June

    ooh, nearly, Paul, enjoy your grandchildren and we will catch you next time. I am very pleased Ali and Gail are coming too because I have just been out arranging our cake for tomorrow afternoon and we have a special 'Westfield Parking Area' that the lady is sorting for us, it would look a bit daft with only 2 cars in it.

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