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  1. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    South East Meet

    Oh brill, Roary is a truly lovely car, my husband pestered me for us to buy it, like we needed another car!!! It's great to hear you are back enjoying such a great car.
  2. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    GBS Cars and Coffee, Ollerton, Notts, Sat 22nd Sept

    It's a good job that PaulVX is coming then or we would have a lot of cake to get through on our own. I might be able to manage it though, just
  3. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    GBS Cars and Coffee, Ollerton, Notts, Sat 22nd Sept

    As usual, meet at McDonalds, Ollerton, NG22 9DT 9.30am, Saturday 22nd September for the short drive to the GBS factory, or meet us there at 10am. Lashings of free tea, coffee, cake and biscuits are on offer by the factory for a small donation to charity, normally the air ambulance. There are lots of interesting cars and people kicking around to have a look at and chat to. Afterwards, if anyone has the time, we will be going for lunch at an interesting new venue, only a few miles away, I expect to go there about 11/11.30am. The weather is forecast good at the moment, but should that change check this page to see if we are still going before you set off. Just a side note, if it is your impending 50th birthday you might be expected to wear old granny's clothes, complete with nail varnish and pop socks, it's not compulsory though Anyone joining us for fun, frolics and cake?
  4. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    South East Meet

    Welcome from the Peak District, another Northern area, may I ask is it Roary that you have purchased?
  5. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    membership Renewal

    I had that happen to a local member just recently. He was concerned that his membership had run out in January although everything worked as normal. I told Mark and presumed it was a one off.
  6. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    Peak District Rudyard Run, Saturday 1st Sept

    So @Alfascozzesi, you want photo's do you? well prepare yourself. I have legs in black stockings, holding Westfield car keys with pink painted nails, are you ready...open your eyes NOW Today is Ian's 50th birthday, and his family set him up good and proper. He was to come out on a run through the Peak District and then we were to finish near his home so his wife and 2 daughters could come and join us all for lunch. The car was trimmed up with '50' banners and Ian was.........well I will let you decide what Ian was - a ruddy good sport for being brave enough to entertain us all with it, I think. It's the hairy chest in the dress that disturbs me the most A mad granny making a run for it Hilarious, I haven't laughed this much since.....since we all dressed as Santa in the cars last December....it was so funny and really set the party atmosphere going It's a good job that Marks and Spencer are up to date with their gender neutral facilities because Ian was not sure which toilet to use, ladies or gents. Dry your eyes and stop laughing for a minute while I get on with my story. We met at Ashbourne - Ian and Charlotte, Jon, Dave, Stuart, Paul (VX220) and Pat, Rob, Luke and Lucy, Andy, Scott and Emma, and Stephen in the XI. That made for a 10 car convoy, we set off through Ashbourne to very soon leave the main road and onto the finest of Peak District routes, especially found for Ian's birthday treat. They were empty, twisty, there were fast bits and there were scenic slow bits. It was a thoroughly good run and we arrived in good time at The Rudyard Hotel. Leaving Ashbourne Cars as far as the eye can see Through Ashbourne. We picked up Jordan and his father at Hulme End, which is where we regrouped. At this point we had lost Jon, who was a little bit over hot and went home to sort it out. And to The Hotel Rudyard Ian's wife and other daughter arrived soon after, then the Manchester Mob arrived Richard Paul and Margaret Jim and Julie Graham and a couple in a Tiger were there too, but I did not get a photo, sorry. Thank you to Paul for adding to our day by bringing everyone down with him. I had booked a table for 18 and there was actually 27 of us, credit to the hotel though, they coped very well with it. Ian and his daughters with the 50 candles blazing on his cake The Hotel is on a lake so we went down to have a sea-side moment. It certainly was a day to remember, we will laugh about this for a long time to come, it's a good job that Ian takes it all so well, he is brilliant like that, always up for a mad moment, happy birthday Ian and enjoy the rest of your day. Next weekend Ian is back in his normal attire, I hope so anyway, he did seem to get quite comfortable as the day went on, with his Dyno Day in Warrington. We hope to see you all the weekend after. Jon, you looked great, it's the first time I have seen your Westfield, I need a peek under that bonnet though. Hope you get everything fixed ready for next time.
  7. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    Happy Birthday Bagpuss

    Happy 50th birthday darling, we are very honoured to put a run out on for your big day, and I can't believe we got the weather, we were doing it, rain or shine. It's a great turn out today and it will be a day for you to remember. Lots of love, hugs and kisses from Glen and Julie
  8. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    Motorpoint, anyone bought from them before?

    No, no it's true, honestly, she even left her driving licence in with the car paperwork. Does make me laugh though, I bought my mark 1 specifically for taking on the track, and then sold it smiling sweetly as though butter wouldn't melt, I don't look like a boy racer though do I? Got a coffee, no biscuits, no cake, umph. Lots of cake tomorrow though, eh, Mr BP
  9. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    Motorpoint, anyone bought from them before?

    I bought from the main dealer in the end. Motorpoint were nice to deal with, had a good choice of cars, priced competitively, but they do need to leave the hard sell on GAP, coatings and warranties until you actually decide to buy a car. Perry's Mazda at Barnsley were the polar opposite regarding a hard sell, they were nice guys. The car sold itself really, it was purchased new 2 years ago from them by one careful lady owner, and she traded it back in for an anniversary MX5 a few weeks ago. With 6000miles on the clock it was the best value and in the best condition. At Motorpoint the cars history seems to get lost as they haul them around the country. I got a full tank of fuel, a years warranty, a service and because I was buying in August I will be sent a dashcam from head office, don't think MP offer that. Interestingly the salesman at Perry's asked me if I was aware of the very active and local MX5 Owners Club. It would be nice if the Westfield Factory and Toybox could do the same for our club. It was a nice drive home back through the Peak District!!
  10. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    Peak District Rudyard Run, Saturday 1st Sept

    @Ali and Gail I have some nice shiny nails for your Harley tyres, just need to knock them in and you can come out in the Westfield instead . BTW, 'End of Season' ???? you will have to interpret that one for me. Header??? don't know, I thought you were bringing yours for me, Dave.
  11. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    Peak District Rudyard Run, Saturday 1st Sept

    Brill, thanks @Paul Hurdsfield. I have booked a table for 1pm, although we might sit outside if the weather is as good as today, it is booked under my name with the manager, Jade. I had better get a route sorted then
  12. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    Motorpoint, anyone bought from them before?

    Thank you for the advice everyone. It is between a main dealer one and a Motorpoint one at the mo. The Motorpoint one is cheaper, but I prefer the colour of the main dealer one, so that is very interesting @BCF At least I feel a bit more confident on the Motorpoint one too. It's decision day tomorrow, when I get to actually see the main dealer one, if I like it, if it is as good as they say, I will bring it home. Fingers crossed and at least its not going to rain.
  13. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    Motorpoint, anyone bought from them before?

    I have managed to sell all the cars in the household, with the exception of the Westfield. It all happened a bit quick and it has left us without a daily driver. Not to worry, I have found a few cars that match our requirements, one of these cars is from a company called Motorpoint. Has anyone got any experience of them? Thanks, Julie
  14. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    Curborough Speed Series Spectating, Sat 25th Aug, 12.00

    Curborough greeted us with light showers, but the Speed Series were well prepared with their car anoraks We just missed PaulVX, although we managed to wave at him as he left and we arrived. We briefly saw Ian as he had to leave early too. Had we worn the wrong deodrant? Scott came in his Honda powered car with it's now new stage 2 clutch, after Donington ate his standard one. It was a quick hello to Jeff as he ran off to eat his bacon sandwich and we bumped into the newbies, Martyn and Sue, well they are oldies really but we haven't seen them for ages. We had met up with Michael and Martin from the Burton Car Club, gathered Scott and went down into the paddocks where Martyn and Sue already were. Scott was quickly introduced to Matt Haynes who soon whisked him off to meet Garry Bunn, a future speed series competitor in the making. Chris arrived with his daughter, Leah, and son-in-law Steve in their new to them, Honda S2000. Steve is a big fan of the Honda engine. Well he was in good company there then. We showed him Scotts car, also Honda powered. Next minute, off they went for a little test drive. Same engine, car now weighs 700kg instead of 1300kg. It just goes and goes, I don't think Steve stopped smiling all day, he clearly enjoyed it and a big thank you goes to @Scotty72 for the ride. I was parked with Michaels Maserati, which is real, they all seem to drive replica Ferraris in the Burton Car Club and he normally brings the Dino. Suddenly there was a lot of shouting STOP STOP and 'clatter' an idiot marshall drove his car into Martyns rear wing. He then nearly hit the Jag as he parked up, almost hitting the fence behind him too. So, my Speed Series friends, if you get it wrong on track, you are relying on this guy to call the air ambulance and not let you bleed to death, good luck with that one. After saying our goodbye's to Nigel, who had bought one of his super dooper cameras, and to Scott, we set off on my route. What else could possibly go wrong? Well I was quite pleased that I didn't get lost, as I didn't know the area at all, but after a short while the 3 red cars in my mirror disappeared. I had driven over the large, potato looking rock in the road by lining up my wheels and going straight over it. Martyn did the same, only, BANG. He had stopped just to check everything was ok, thankfully it was, his car must be lower than the others. Hey, ho, on we went, over Blithfield Reservoir Into the National Speed Limit bit and a long straight road, suddenly my mirror empties again. My roof bag and come undone at one end and the non-slip mat had flown off, Leah managed to pick it up for me, thank you. We arrived at Denstone Hall Cafe, in one piece, and alive for which we were amazed at. We all enjoyed a nice relaxing lunch, no dramas, many Lemon Meringues, and desserts. Chris and Steve followed us back through the Peak District, which was bathed in the most clear air and lovely sunshine. The roads were nice and dry so when everybody turned off into Ca**ington Water, just as we got to the twisties, we had lots of buzzy fun. Steve will soon be working out how to write the Honda S2000 off without damaging the engine and gear box, it's got DONOR CAR written all over it, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TOO! Steve's car and Chris's car parked at Curborough, but can you see what is wrong with Chris's car, wink, wink
  15. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    Curborough Speed Series Spectating, Sat 25th Aug, 12.00

    Thanks @John, thought you might have invited Steve and Roz, we could have raided their tin for cake @NigelO I do have a bit of a plan but I am always interested in new places to eat cake go. The plan is this, and beware, I am off my Peak District patch so I have taken recent advice and made a bit of a route up, I don't actually have a clue where I am going. Left out of Curborough and left at the end of the road to take the 1st right. A short section of the A51 and then head over Blithfield Reservoir. Left and right to Uttoxeter Past the JCB factory at Rocester, runs us straight into the Denstone Hall Farm Shop and Cafe, known locally on here as 'The Lemon Meringue Cafe' Any good? It's got to better than the A515 and it's speed camera mania

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