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  1. We regularly see the bright green Lambo, if it's the same one, I can't see there being many kicking around, reg is 444CA. The driving was definitely better for you as the journey to GBS is not exciting and views are somewhat plain too. A rally driver in a Westfield, jeez, I bet the Lambo guy was surprised! Hope to catch up with you and Tash soon
  2. Glen and I would like to come to this, as we said yesterday. If anyone wants to meet at The Wheatsheaf, Baslow, I can lead an early morning run up through the Peak District. Says she who does not know where the new place is!
  3. The Westfields met up at McDonalds with the Burton Car Club. Martyn and Sue, Andrew and Clare, Scott and Charlie, Simon, Robin, Andy and us. We took the unremarkable journey to GBS where the car park was already fairly full and it was only 10am, so we parked where we could basically. We met Luke, Des and Debs, Bugman Steve and Barry making 16 club members in total, impressive. We looked around the factory Kicked some tyres I marvelled at a Marcos that arrived. Before I ever knew Glen he used to have one of these as a daily driver and I rather like them, but you never see them. Fibreglass body, wooden floor and a 1.6GT engine in Glen's not a V8 as this one is. Glen's was black until he had it sprayed the same colour as this one. After helping the GBS crew demolish some cake we decided we were hungry and went for lunch at Thaymar Ice Cream farm, just next to the A1 and Gamston airport. Thaymar Ice Cream Farm Like vultures circling we were After a hearty lunch Robin set the ball rolling with his banana split Others soon followed I had the 2 scoop dream, brandy and orange flavour and coconut flavour ice cream Clare had the Eton Mess Then Andrew decided it was exercise time, as everyone joined in the panorama dance, that I am getting quite good at. Everyone is glad about that as it means less running around because I get the photo on the first take. All too soon it was time to make the lengthy journeys home. Glen and I had found a hall on the way home so decided to have one cheeky last photo, as you do. Thank you all for coming along today, it has been very enjoyable and as always GBS got the weather right. We are heading up to Northumberland tomorrow for a little holiday to see if Hadrian has finished that Wall . We are back down next Saturday and will be desperate to get in the Westfield BUT it is Mothering Sunday, so I think we will be on our own unless someone shouts up and wants to join us. Whatever you do have fun and we will see you soooooon
  4. Weather report at the moment is 9 degrees, sunny intervals and a moderate breeze. You never know, Sir might even let me leave the MX5 at home and come out in the Westfield. Nom, nom, nom I hope they do a Jaffa cake ice cream, ha, my mouth is watering writing this
  5. I think you know that my car went into Troy at NMS and just out of interest my 1.8 Zetec on TB's is 141 bhp and 125 lb/ft torque, she is a little fatty though, weighing in at 680kg.
  6. And afterwards everyone is welcome to join us for lunch at Thaymar Ice Cream Farm, DN22 8DB, which is half a mile from the A1 and only 5 miles from GBS.
  7. The Burton Car Club are meeting us at McDonalds, so it should be another interesting convoy of tin tops and kit cars.
  8. @HappyDave and I have been talking recently and I have suggested that he generates a bit of activity, puts an article in the magazine and then if both he and the committee are ok with the result he would form a new area and become an AO. I am delighted to read this first post and ask that anyone local to Dave tries their very best to support him, even if you turn up in a tin top. I mean, he has mentioned cake, that's got to pull you in surely. Well done Dave and good luck.
  9. My advice would be to live with both cars for a while and see how your life pans out. You will only get to know what the right thing is to do by living that life and then make decisions from there. I would follow Dave's advice and just store it on the drive covered up, if there is no rush to make a decision that is. In, say, a years time you will know what you want to do, right now you are just speculating. You are always welcome in the Peak District with your new Cobra as well as in Maverick.
  10. We British people love to talk about the weather and today was definitely a day of 'changeable' weather as shown by Dave and his Westfield Blue skies at times And big black clouds, full of showers at other times Hope you got home in the dry Dave and you made progress with your kitchen, thank you for taking the time out and bringing your Westfield, don't forget Sylvia next time. At Curborough were Dave(above), Dave Eastwood, Ian, Stephen, Martyn and Sue, Luke and Lucy, Trevor and new comers Richard and Tash. As previously mentioned, the Westfield crew were all next to the food van, plus we were hiding out of that cold wind and rain. I parked in my favourite spot, next to Dave's Big Foot, who has an amazing ability to dwarf any car that I turn up in. That being a sore subject as I arrived to a torrent of abuse about not being in the Westfield. You just sit there, laugh, and take what's coming to you, it is afterall, expected. As I drove down to the parking area my eyes were peeled, looking for my Kinder surprise, and, yes, I spotted him straight away. BagPuss/SoggPuss sat on the bonnet, purring. Luke and Lucy arrived, err, a little wet shall we say. You have a good un there Luke, not many wives would let you get away with it. Now go and drill some holes in your floor and seats so the poor girl doesn't get so wet next time! Luke and Lucy's car, making mine look a half decent size. Martyn and Sue arrived with their good friend in the Marlin. Stephen came in the Jaaag Richard and Tash came in their Mazda powered Westfield which they had just bought from Toybox. Second journey and second drowning, it can only get better then eh. Luke and Lucy leaving Curborough While the others lined up ready for the off. I had a skeleto-maniac in my rear view mirror, coming at me like a Honda powered steam train, drifting and squealing merrily around the roundabouts. Even if you are in a MX5 you can have fun travelling with the Westfields. We had a delightful run up into the Peak District, that was thankfully mostly dry, just spits of rain here and there. We went to Wetton for lunch, followed by the inevitable sugar laden treats. Coconut and cherry, lemon drizzle, fruit, and chocolate cake with hazelnut cream, and that was just us and Dave! Outside the inevitable happened and Richard let us have a peek under his bonnet. everyone was clucking like mother hens, offering helpful advice to a new owner. Stephen left us in his Jag, although the Eleven is still for sale. The car park at Wetton Thanks everyone for a good laugh and a great day out.
  11. It's been proper chucking it down for the last 40 minutes or so, the boss says we are going in the MX5, see you later
  12. Thank you for all your replies. Although I am bearer of bad news I also have a remedy. The bad news is that there will be no action on the track, so it is a bit strange that the tea wagon is still there and the breakfast meet is still on, hopefully it won't put too many people off and there may still be some static cars to look at from visitors like us. The other bad news is that the current forecast is for showers so that may mean that we will be coming in the MX5 rather than the Westfield BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS that we can still have a little run up to our favorite cafe in Wetton afterwards, which of course means that cake is on! It will be interesting to compare a Mazda engine in both kinds of cars if Richard does come in his new Westfield and we do come in the MX5 though. I have changed the meeting time to 10.30am, otherwise we are likely to miss each other and it fits in with us Stephen. So it's meet up at Curborough as normal and have a chat and a brew/bacon butty, then for those that want to we can have a strange tin/rag top convoy up to Wetton. See you all there on Saturday
  13. We will be there on Sunday and Monday with a Premier Inn slotted in between.
  14. Frightening, I only took this picture 2 weeks ago for a similar reason, so you can have the image if it helps at all. it's not for me but for a friend and I am sworn to secrecy until their birthday has passed, so unfortunately I cannot explain myself just yet.
  15. The first breakfast meeting at Curborough is on Saturday 9th March, 10.30am. Come along in any car that suits the weather that day and have a good old catch up on how your car is running with fellow Westfield experts. The van sells bacon butties and lashings of tea, there will be something interesting wizzing around the track too. For anyone who is coming for the first time the address is Curborough Sprint Course, Netherstowe Lane, Lichfield, WS13 8EJ, follow the brown signs. Toilets are at the entrance as well as down in the paddocks. The Westfield crew are normally near the food wagon. If the weather is ok I will be doing an optional run out up into the Southern part of the Peak District, finishing with a cake stop. Anyone free next Saturday morning?
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