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Newby - DIY new build - some questions !


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Morning all !


I have had an interest in building and owning a Westfield for around 15 years but life has now provided me with the opportunity to carry out a build.


Looking for a little advice really ! I will be buying a new kit from the factory and cannot decide wether to go for a mega 2000 or Classic special edition.... 

What are the tuning options available if I go down the zetec route with the Classic ? Where do people source good quality S2000 engines and gearboxes ?

The Westy will be replacing some two wheeled fun so it needs to be fast and capable on some longer adventures. 


If you have any suggestions as options I should spec when placing my order that would be really helpful.





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Just a little update.... I am visiting the factory in a couple of weeks to order my kit. I think it’ll be a FW special edition kit - with throttle bodies, brake upgrade and LSD. I am also wa

Don't westfield just leave the flywheel off altogether on their fw specials? 

Your right Dave just checked my notes & it was 7 not 17kg, wishful thinking



Can of worms this one....i think a lot of us on here came from motorbikes to Westfields so i was kean on building a BEC, however they have some foibles so i passed on that one. Simply answer is it depends on budget.

As for BHP, you dont need more than 200 for a mentally fast car IMHO. If the engines weren't going through the roof price wise i would probably go S2000, lots of revs, power and a fab noise :-)

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The S2000 is a fabulous engine choice for our cars.  The challenge is to find a decent engine for sensible money as they're getting harder and harder to come by.

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Ian Kinder (Bagpuss) - Joint Peak District AO
7 minutes ago, CraigHew said:

The S2000 is a fabulous engine choice for our cars.  The challenge is to find a decent engine for sensible money as they're getting harder and harder to come by.

Not made any easier by some current mega S2000 owner buying engines to keep as spares too!

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:ww: from Yorkshire

I'd also echo the comment of a lot of us coming from the 2 wheeled world.  S2000 is a great looking/performing car, and there are lots of great build you can look through on here, and a wealth of experience.  The only problem is the provision of your own power plant and gearbox, which seem to becoming a harder to find one in good condition.

As an alternative the Sport 250 I am building makes use of a new crate engine FORD 2.0L turbo power plant, which can be sourced from a 2nd hand ST.  If you have a look through Steve's build you can see what was involved.

Alternatively you could consider the FORD Ecoboost 1600 as a power plant, and again there are a few people going down that route.

Most of these choices are really dependant on what you want to use the car for and your budget, and I would highly recommend getting in touch with your local WF group, and go along to there next meeting and have a chat with people.  If you get anything like my experience it's probably the very best thing you could do.

Don't forget the extra costs you will come across on silly things like tools you might need that you don't have and consumable like paint and sealer etc.  In the grand scheme of things only a small cost, but you will be surprised on how they mount.


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Andy (Sycho)

For 20k you can get an S2000 as long as you can source a decent engine for reasonable money. Also if you source your own parts you can save fair few pounds on a factory supplied kit.   

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Chris King - Webmaster

Welcome and good choice to go Westfield from bike - it's what I did after 30+ years of hooning on two wheels and don't regret it. I also wanted a build, so definitely know where you are coming from.

I originally wanted a BEC - something like a Busa or 1000cc Blade engine would have suited - but for various reasons I ended up building a 2.0 Zetec engined car. This puts out a smidge under 185bhp on throttle bodies and is an absolute hoot (especially when mated to a decent ratio gearbox).

In a recent thread (will post a link later when I get a mo) the engine choice topic was discussed at length - and really budget vs power vs use are the deciding factors.

Many people argue (and I tend to agree) that for a road going car 180-ish bhp is pretty 'optimal' as it's difficult to safely use any more on public roads and yet still gives you a real sharp car. Of course this is very subjective and many others can't live without the huge kick in the rear of a big boosted/tuned engine on the odd bit of road you can try and use it - so each to their own (popcorn required for the debate as always)

But £20k is a healthy build budget, but just shy of what it might cost for a fully new Sport 250 build if that tickled your fancy.

You might be able to do a 1600 EcoBoost - but bear in mind the big cost of the ECU and mapping needs to be done by someone who really knows them (I believe) - that will depend on your location too.

You will do a Zetec engined build with all new parts for under £20k - but bear in mind if you end up with a hunger for power, then the Zetec isn't the most cost effective engine to tune. Also note that the 'usual' gearbox will be one with horrid ratios, so allow £2k for a decent one (less the cost of the one on offer)

The s2000 is a cracking engine and well suited to our cars - but it is very heavy, so the added power does get offset a little and as mentioned, prices are steep, so you may struggle to keep under budget. If you can afford it though - the noise as it comes onto the cam is lovely!

The Duratec HE engine is a good option, it should do 190bhp with throttle bodies as standard and is easier to tune than the Zetec if you need more later. Engines can be bought new too. £20k is about right I think.

The 'budget' option is the Mazda - and I only say budget because the engines are cheap, plentiful and available. In standard trim they don't put out a great deal, but they are very easy to boost and thus deliver way more BHP per £ than most other options available. It can be a budget build by going the full SDV (single donor vehicle) route which means you save a lot on the parts used and get the 'age related' plate - but nothing stopping you getting a full 'mega' chassis and fitting a used fully recon engine to get a new plate if you want one. IVA it without the turbo, then fit that later for sh**s n giggles. Should be within the £20k here including the turbo later.

There's also bike engines - but as you don't mention this I'll leave it for now.


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WOW Chris thanks for the comprehensive answer !


The Mega S2000 looks like my ideal build but I am little put off by the lack and price of used engines and boxes.

After a quick discussion with Simon @ Westfield I am swayed slightly towards the FW special Edition - This comes in within budget just ! 

Can anyone offer some advise onto furthering the power of a Zetec and what kind of power is available without silly money ?

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Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

The S2000 engine is a superb one for a Westfield, but, they are already £1500/2000 more than when I purchased mine, for the engine and 'box package.

If £20K is a hard budget limit, you might struggle a little bit, to build an S2000, unless you are very, very strict with the upgrades and spending, or, you use a lot of second hand parts in the build.

On the other hand £20K on a Zetec/Duratec car will but a very nice spec Westfield!

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56 minutes ago, tc3nitro said:

Thanks for the advice but the chance to build one is a major attraction for me ! 

i totally understand that. when I took early retirement at 50 I had an abundance of spare time, spare cash and spare space. I was totally committed to a new build kit, until I popped into the Westfield factory and had a test drive in their S2000 demo car.

on returning to the factory I was told that the car was for sale.

the rest is history.

don't underestimate the instant satisfaction of parting with some cash, putting petrol in and driving. 

There are ample opportunities to tinker, improve, Service and take stuff apart.

Each to their own really, just my experience.... :-)


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Chris King - Webmaster

I'd still say go Duratec over Zetec with that budget - and I have a nice new Zetec engine in mine, really like it and very happy, so I'm not biased :d

But for more power later on - and for better resale value in future, a Duratec is the better bet.

  • It is a newer engine design with more power as standard.
  • It is a bit lighter as it has an alloy block
  • To get say 210 ish bhp, you fit cams, remap and (maybe) a better exhaust as WF supplied one is not regarded as the best flowing above 190bhp (I am led believe - happy to be corrected)
  • a Zetec will need head work, maybe bigger valves, cams, possibly piston pockets, better exhaust (WF manifold is only good for 190 as above). So much more work and money (an alternative is £3500 ish on a supercharger kit for a Zetec from TTS - should do 230bhp on std internals.)
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A FW Special Edition with LSD, Brake upgrade, Sport Turbo seats and MSA cage comes in right on budget.

If I was to go down the Duratec route how would I go about this as Westfield don't supply kits with Duratecs anymore.


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