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  1. @IanK (Bagpuss) Sterling work as always you should make t-shirts out of these ! Mind if I get one made using this image can you send me the original ?
  2. Thanks that’s perfect ! I will get some order up thanks.
  3. I’d like to replace the wheel nuts on my car with black items but could anyone tell me what length, thread and pitch I need ? Std Westfield hubs and pro race 1.2 wheels.
  4. One of the final few pieces fitted ! Next job is the oil catch tank.
  5. You got any ideas how you are going to create the template for the holes mentioned in point 2. ?
  6. Maybe you could try leaving the car image complete and making the wording just an outline ? Oh and change the car image to a FW with a MSA cage
  7. I am not going to lie to you the MSA cage was by far the hardest task on my build ! Absolute pig of a job, really hard to find reference points. I did make some templates out of cardboard - a couple one for the angle of the uprights and one outlining the baseplates and where the rear section would go through the bodywork. All in all I think this task took me about a week of measuring, marking, checking and finally cutting. Why WF can't supply the cage with the appropriate holes is beyond me. Another thing to take into account is that mine is no where near even each side ! Good Luck !
  8. Yes ive done this twice with the rear as high as I can get it on the jack.
  9. I am still experiencing the original issues and I am certain I have air stuck in the system but dispute multiple attempts I simply can’t get it go. If you squeeze the L shaped hose that comes off the water pump you can feel that it’s not full of water. Luke at playskool also commented how my fan was on when I pulled up at his unit and he wouldn’t expect this given how cold it was. Can anyone offer any suggestions on how to remove the air ? I have tried running it with the cap off and massaging the hoses, I have tried it the the cap on too. But it’s just the same. The system has been drained and refilled 3 times now. When the level in the header tank increases when revved this comes from the bottom hose not the top.
  10. I purchased Virgins top package when I moved into my house just under 2 years ago. Had them back 3 or 4 times to sort out the internet dropping out and the TV going off. They could never sort it and neighbours who still have Virgin are experiencing the same issues with no sign of a fix. I got out within 3 months as they couldn't provide what I had signed up for. Just my 10p's worth!
  11. What’s the chance of a standard FW with MSA cage ?
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