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  1. You can indeed buy blanks - I have bought one and had it cut by my local key cutter. Work perfect ! http://www.minispares.com/product/Classic/Electrics/AAU8276A.aspx?09&ReturnUrl=/search/classic/Key.aspx|Back to search
  2. Whilst I would not like to say this is really “normal” it appears they all seem to do it. I added a hose from the top n/s of the rad and T into the thermostat housing and onto the expansion bottle but this made absolutely no difference so I removed it and just ran the standard setup. I am unable to comment on how long it takes for the gauge to move as I have a AIM dash that tracks it all the way from stone cold.
  3. Puraflex 40 Couple of good blobs to seat them on then seal them round the seams.
  4. Fresh pictures added and I am willing to listen to sensible offers.
  5. Unfortunately the car is now for sale as I’ve been offered my ideal 997 911 and I can’t let it go ! Thanks to everyone who has helped during and after the build it’s been a truly enjoyable process.
  6. After wanting to build and run a Westfield for over 20 years this past year I finally got chance to realise my dream but it is with a heavy heart I have to consider selling my freshly build Westfield. I have been offered a very nice 997 at a price I just can't resist and having known the car for sometime I cannot let this pass by if this sells. For anyone who is interested here is a link to the build thread : Build Thread All purchased new from Westfield June 2018 and the car has now covered 1000 miles with very very little in the way of teething problems. The car has completed one trackday at Blyton Spec : Registered 1/3/19 Electric Blue bodywork 2.0 Blacktop Zetec on Omex throttle bodies and fitted with a raceline sump. New style FW bodywork with no rear plate recess Sport turbo seats black with blue piping Mazda LSD Pro race 1.2 wheels 7" fronts, 8 " rears fitted with Nankang NS-2R's Westfield Hi-spec brake upgrade new front pads just replaced as the EBC's were not to my liking All LED lights front and rear AIM MXS Strada 1.2 Dash with AIM VIM kit Carbon - Dash, front wings, mirror covers, rear arch stone chip covers, diffuser and cage hole covers Genuine Aerocatch bonnet catches OMP Trecento wheel with quick release column TRS 4 point harnesses 8 channel Freewheel setup with wheel backplate (although I am only using 4 of the channels MSA safety devices cage Only ever seen Vpower fuel through its very short life ! Protech Trackday adjustable dampers Perpsex side wind deflectors Full silicone hoses. Full Geo and corner weight setup at Playskool motorsport less than a month ago. The only addition I was going to consider is some stiffer rear springs as if your lardy like me when two up the car feels way to soft at the rear. Oil changed for Quality 5/30 fully Synthetic ester oil around 600 miles. I have another 5 litres of 5/40 and a few oil filters that will come with the sale All bodywork and wheels were machine polished and had a Gyeon ceramic coating applied at the end of the build making it very hydrophobic. This kit was built with the intention of me keeping it many years (or until I could afford a 997 911!) so everything has been done to the greatest of my ability and with no corners cut on the spec I wanted, It really saddens me to even post this up but the wife has signed off on a 911 and knowing her mood swings I need to grab this by the balls. Any inspection welcome - viewing can be arranged most days or evenings - You can contact via phone or via PM on here.
  7. The rear of my FW on standard springs is way too soft. I fear I’m going to destroy the seat mounts when two up as it’s hit the floor 5 or 6 times now ! I have done a little research and it looks like either Faulkner or Protech for sourcing springs and I’ve seen the 225 rears mentioned a few times. The protech shocks from WF are 1.9” springs aren’t they ? So with this in mind can anyone offer some advice about what weight and length front and rear springs for a FW Zetec with a wide track front and no rollbars. Thanks in advance Mark
  8. Sounds like you were all having fun !! Value for money the NS-2R’s in my opinion are unbeatable. Once warm they grip really well on track and have acceptable wet performance if you get caught out ! They also apepear to be wearing well over the 600 road and about 100 track miles I have covered. This is where I purchased mine and they arrived within a week. Linky
  9. If someone can print one of these AIM dash holders I’m willing to pay !
  10. tc3nitro


    Blockage in the tank or it’s sucking air in somewhere ?
  11. I be sure to come over and say hi ! Oh and give you some feedback on the pads !
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