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  1. Yes its BHPerformance on the same estate as Westfield, they also have a Facebook page.
  2. Have you got the correct map on your new ECU? & have you had it connected up to the laptop to check setup? If not I'd start there.
  3. I use one of these https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F192046255738
  4. The foil was stuck on the inside of the carbon but I believe they now have a new supplier so maybe different. Mine started rattling soon after it was fitted & has been apart many times trying to stop it, the build quality is poor so I hope they have improved.
  5. I would check packing inside the can, mine started to do this last year & on inspection found the van needed repacking. It should have a foil coating around the inside of the carbon which had started to degrade in mine, but it has done a lot more miles.
  6. I’m also up this as long as I can get a working engine back in, but time is at a premium at the moment & the car hasn’t been touched for mouths.
  7. Yep exactly my thoughts, checking bottom nipples will confirm this.
  8. Yep something doesn’t sound right! Is there fluid coming out the bottom?
  9. Best do both just to check there’s no bubbles, I start with the outside ones.
  10. Don’t know why you wouldn’t get anything out off them unless there’s air in them. i just start from the furthest calliper bleeding the top bleed nipples one at a time, move round the car & finish on the closest. I also use Eezibled there’s no special technique with the callipers. ps: I put a ring spanner on the bleed nipple before I fit the bleed hose.
  11. What Chris said. As for Mallory I manage 120 mile round there last year & had a good day despite the track being on short side. But I've heard that they now charge if you damaged anything or mo the grass.
  12. A lowered floor will give you about 50mm You could also try removing runners & lifting just the front of the seat to give you a more layed back position which the jk’s do.
  13. Have you got lowered floors? I have lowered floors & JK’s without runners & I can just about see over the aero screen & I’m 6. At a guess I’ve got 30-40mm under the seat, if you want lower then Tillett’s more or less touch the floor pan at the lowest point.
  14. How about covering your trailer, mines removable!
  15. The fixings will be under the crash pad around the top which is usually held on with velcro.
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