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Found 8 results

  1. Chris Broster - Bristol & Bath AO

    Fuel Starvation/Failure

    Hello collective brain, Having just had my Ford Zetec Blacktop 1.8L on Jenvey ITB and MBE9A tuned at InterPro by the very capable Dave I head off to Castle Coombe for the PJ's Track Day on Mon 29th April. A great morning was had with speed, spins and serious grins all round...... ...Then it all stopped with a splutter and choking run down just out of the chicane! Cue embarrassing red flag and tow back to the paddock. Many brains and hands make light work, running a permanent live to the pump and the car was pumping and running again for a session after lunch. However, this was not to last and after a few splutters out on track i decided to call it a day. A quick check back in the paddock and it was working as such, packed up and set off home....didn't even make it out of the track! Even more embarrassing AA recovery home on a tilt bed and I have a unidentified fueling issue that I need to resolve before Saturday! So I have removed the pump unit from the tank and the filter is NOT blocked and there is minimal sediment/dirt in the tank, very fine. Having spoken to Westfield Tech Dept, they recommend checking flow from pump into forward pipe and if a trickle then it is the pump (one ordered overnight delivery JIC) if flow ok then move forward to ITB fuel rail and check there, if ok the onto pressure regulator (Currently 3.5 bar) and finally, if ok there check return flow into tank. 3 issues identified: 1. There does not appear to be a breather on the fuel tank and there is a definite release of pressure when I remove the filler cap? 2. There is no in-line fuel filter after the fuel pump? 3. There is no roll over/inertia fuel cut off switch in and around the fuel tank or engine bay - more investigation require. Of note, the Fuel tank is baffled and has a rubber flap into the fuel pick up area? So my question is.... Help any ideas? Many thanks to @SXRORY, @RobP, @simon, @HappyDave
  2. Ross (Rosshbar)

    Should I

    Ok so have a fuel leak, and as I have removed roll bar, boot box etc and found that flexible hose pipes are shredded is there any other general maintenance I should do in the back, ie change fuel pump check oil in diff give good clean any other thoughts ? Ross
  3. BugMan

    Break and fuel lines

    Ok team, been on holiday for 8 of 14 days, and spent most of it reading stuff ready for my Sport 250, which should arrive in about 25 days. One thing on my mind, and I'm sure I'm not the first, are the fuel and break lines running under the main body of the car, to me it just seems wrong, on many front's. So has anybody used any form of 90 deg fitting to get around the exit of the tunnel? I know that adding in joints is probably a bad idea, but was also looking at the current 250 builds, and am also aware of the master cylinder front pipe is very close to the turbo, and I was thinking of a 90 Deg bend, on the front union port would effectively point the pipe away from the heat? in an ideal world I was thinking of running both fuel and break down the tunnel, than 90 Deg turn to exit into the engine bay. Any thoughts?
  4. LiveTheDream84

    Fuel Sender Unit Seal

    Hi everyone, I have a pre-litigation Westfield and have been struggling with a strong fuel smell when in the garage for a couple of months now. I have now identified the leak around a screw on the fuel sender unit which I have removed and found the seal needs replacing, I believe the sender unit is a MTU115 moprod from a MK2 escort. Westfield, Demontweeks and Rally Design have all been unable to help me find a suitable seal as a replacement so I am hoping you will be able to point me in the right direction. Could any of you tell me whether a newer sender unit from westfield would be suitable or where I could obtain a replacement seal from? Cheers Andy
  5. BrianBas

    Rubber fuel line replacement

    Fuel leaking from my 2005 SEiW 1800 Zeetec - almost certainly the line between the fuel pump outlet and filter inlet - the protective pipe filled with petrol and ran out the end. On taking apart, the rubber is cracked near the jubilee ends especially on the sharper bend near the filter and looks rather tired/soft. Cut of the worst bit at that ends (3") and re-fitted but end immediately damaged by jubilee clip tightening and leaks badly. Clearly needs a new pipe, approx 8mm bore and 16mm external. The pipe doesn't feel very strong and poorer quality than my gas barbecue type pipe. Can anyone recommend a replacement source or are the Westfield parts bin store lines OK for this replacement? Thanks Brian
  6. Widget1984

    Bike carbs leaking

    Hi guys, Really need some help. I have stripped the fuel tank out to fit a new roll bar. Also had the engine out to fix a gearbox leak. Put it all back together and when I turned the fuel pump on fuel was squirting out everywhere around the carbs. Thought it was some loose jubilees etc. checked them and all ok. Turned the fuel pump on again and managed to pin point where the fuel is leaking from, pic below. Could it be fuel pressure? The carbs weren't leaking before. There's a regulator prior to the carbs, looks pretty old as does the fuel pump. Just a bit lost as it was all fine prior to being taken apart. Cheers
  7. bigron

    Engine not starting after rebuild

    Hi All, I'm a bit stuck and need some help. Finally put my engine back together after spinning a bearing last May and I got it in the car over the weekend. After a few fuel pipe replacements, 3 goes at sealing the cooling system and an over night charge of the battery I was ready to fire it up. I cranked it over on the starter with fuel pump off and plugs out to get the oil round the system, all good so far. Plugs in, fuel pump on, tried starting, cranked (with what sounded like compression) but no firing at all. After a few more short tries I got pops/bangs from the exhaust, since then i've also had a few pops (and some slight smoke) from the carb side too. I've removed all 4 spark plugs (which are new) and tested for spark on crank, that looked good. I've also tried the old ones back in too. Am I ok to assume that fuel is getting through the carbs because of the popping on the exhaust side? I've got a new battery coming tomorrow also as i'm not sure this one is all that great, after just a few cranks the voltage drop is down to 12.7v from 13.7v when off the charger. Any thing else I can check?
  8. Greenstreak-Andy D

    Lucky escape

    With the westie laid up for winter, (not moved for a few months now). I was surprised when there was a strong petrol smell coming from our integral garage into the kitchen, the other morning. The fuel return pipe had split and a steady drip to the carpet tile on the garage floor beneath! The family were not impressed! After a temporary repair, a closer inspection. The other hoses in the system were cracked too. I knew the Bioethanol in petrol eats rubber hoses, here's the evidence! Westie is 10 years old, so i would advise anyone else with hoses of a similar age to take a close look and check! A big thanks to Dave Eastwood aka Gadgetman, who had some Gates 5/16 fuel injection hose (Barricade)....Bioethanol compatible. Just the job. Will be replacing the whole system.... (and replenishing your stock Dave!) Andy
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